Magnificent Full Moon To Full Moon Money Manifestation & Mantras

Moon Money Manifestation & Mantras

For as crazy as the world seems right now, get ready for some wild and magnificent days ahead, where you can go a bit crazy in creating and manifesting.

Why? Because a super rare occurrence of two Moons in Aquarius is upon us. The first Full Moon was a few days ago, on July 23rd, and the upcoming second Moon will be here on August 22nd.

During both of these Full Moons, a feeling of transformation can be felt profoundly and the question you'll want to ask is "Am I sitting in my highest vibrational truth and life's passions?" Then, they should be answered.

But do not fear this work, because the vibrant Aquarian energy is all about "manifestation," and the calling to transform ourselves and take advantage of these Moon cycles so we may tap into our "authentic" selves, gives us an advantage.

If that's not awesome enough, we will also be experiencing a New Moon in Leo on August 8th during the Lion's Gate Portal (full article live August 3rd), which starts today, July 26th, to August 12th.

New energies will be surrounding us, unlike any other time this year. All 12 signs of the zodiac make up a 360-degree circle, which means that each zodiac sign includes 30 degrees.

This first Full Moon occurs at 1 degree, and the second one occurs at 29 degrees—making the second Full Moon quite pivotal. And, we are in alignment with Pluto, the planet of transformation too. Keeps getting better and better.

These two Aquarius (air sign) Full Moon energies are working in harmony for the next month. They are represented by the water bearer, signifying the emotions (positive and negative) of us all and transforming them using the air's power. This brings about a shift of conscious enlightenment to those who are open to receiving. Chariklo, the Asteroid of Spirit Medicine, is also active at this time.

Chariklo is the largest confirmed Centaur asteroid and is comprised mainly of rock and ice.

This asteroid is rare in that it has rings and possibly at least one small Moon. Chariklo orbits between Saturn and Uranus but closer to Uranus, never actually crossing the path of Saturn.

Why is this important? Because Chariklo represents the spiritual side of our healing journey. It allows us to venture into unseen worlds to understand the higher purpose and spiritual growth that can occur when we find ourselves unable to move forward and heal old wounds.

Because Chariklo is currently in Aquarius, healing vibrations can be felt and tapped into so we can be surrounded with a more soothing and enlightening sense. Time to tap.


Working with and wearing gemstones and crystals can accelerate the healing energies and help you channel transformative energies, mainly due to the fact that Pluto is highly functioning during these Full Moons, denoting "endings" and "change." Remember this as we're covering it more below.

Change and rebirth are two powerful keywords right now during these two Full Moon cycles and, especially, with the Lions Gate Portal being thrown smack dab in the middle of it all.

These are the questions you need to ask yourself and answer because being proactive could open doors to positive changes.

Shift your mind, shift your energy, and take full advantage of the Aquarian rebel, free-spirited, eccentric, and non-conformist attitude.

This is a revolutionary time and the time to step outside of your comfort zone, out of the proverbial box, and take a different approach and attitude toward your hopes, dreams, and desires.

Here are some questions to ask yourself in between the Full Moon cycles, and below, we will begin the 28-day money manifestation mantras.

The significance of the 26th is 2+6=8, and that is money energy. Eight is also a symbol of infinity and a constant flow of energy and power. It is often related to material wealth, money, and success in business.

If you get to this article a bit late, no worries, you can always answer the questions below and get to the money mantras and double time it. The energy is the same when you put forth the effort. Let's get started.

New Moon

Self-Care Q&A

  • What and who can I release from my life that doesn't serve my highest potential?
  • What are my biggest fears around my success?
  • Am I stuck in a rut because I'm too scared to move forward?

Write down these questions if you're so inclined, and answer them honestly. Then, during the New Moon, coming up on August 8th, go outside if you can or even find a quiet place in your home and sit still.

Take the questions and answers from above that you've answered honestly, and then write down your greatest wishes and desires below them.

When you're done, recite these powerful mantras and releases. If you miss the moon cycle, do them in the sanctity of your home when you can. The effects are just as powerful.

  • I release so and so in love and peace.
  • I release my fears around my success.
  • I release any scarcity I may have about moving forward.

These are just examples that you're welcome to use, but please feel free to put your thoughts and words to paper and then out to the Universe during this super powerful New Moon and for days after. Aquarian energy is very much centered around freedom too, so this Full Moon coming up on Aug 22nd, may inspire you to shift and let go of things that make you feel stuck or trapped in some way.

Before we get into our money and manifestation mantras below, keep in mind that doing healing work during this powerful Aquarius Full Moon to Full Moon cycle can open many of your chakra's that are closed off. You will begin to feel freer, lighter, and inspired.

Here are some ideas for self-care that can help.

  • Yoga: Beginners, this is the best time. Intermediate, have fun. Experts, well, you've got this.
  • Meditation: Is yummy. Give it a try, and the benefits will blow your mind wind open.
  • Baths: Epsom salt, lavender, or any good-smelling natural oils are fantastic. Relax, breath, and experience joy.
  • Walking: Get that headset on with your favorite music or spiritual guru on your iPod or phone and get outside.
  • Fill a room with candlelight and sit quietly with your thoughts. Listen to them and turn them into a positive experience. Feel free to put on some chanting via YouTube. It feels so good.
  • Make a cup of tea every day, take a half-hour break and savor every sip, and breath in positive mantras.
  • Cleanse all your crystals by leaving them out overnight under the New Moon on August 8th or Full Moon on August 22nd.
Money Mantras And Manifestation

28 Days Of Money Mantras and Manifestation

If you are coming into this article late, start and double time your mantras to catch up. It will be well worth it.

When you realize how powerful your thoughts are, you'll never have a negative view of yourself again. And when it comes to money, we're often conditioned to believe and behave a certain way.

Have you heard the term "money is liquid?" That means it is fluid and readily accessible.

How, you ask? 71% of the earth is covered by water, and the human body is 60%. However, your brain is composed of 73% water and your lungs 83%. What does that have to do with you and manifesting money? A lot!

Right now, we are in the Aquarius air element with water bearer energy. There is no time like the present to take these words to heart and do the work. Write and chant (use those lungs) these money mantras. Let's begin with shifting thoughts around money first.


Limited thinking brings on limiting beliefs, and that is when we create limited funds. So we're going to do something about that.


It takes between 18 to 21 days to change any habit. So, let's become money magnet overachievers and recite a positive money mantra a day for the next 28 days before the next Full Moon so that we can manifest some miracles. 


The trick to manifesting anything is to believe it, work on it, and make it come alive. So let's start with the "believing" by verbally saying each mantra out loud at least 3 times and take a deep breath in between each one.

Let's create an area of balance or "chi" in your house. It could be your home office, personal office space, or a place where you work. We focus on creating wealth and abundance, so good Chi flow brings the money energy into your environment. 


Clean the area you've chosen and get that good Chi energy flowing. If you have a plant that comfortably fits, place it in the area you've created. Plants exude oxygen. If not, no worries.

Place a couple of $1.00 bills on the table and a glass of water on the corner of the bills. We are going to replace the glass of water every day with a new one. You can use the same glass if you wish. Just refill with fresh water.

This physical practice reminds us that we can fill our glass every day, and there are no limitations.

Write that specific daily mantra below on a post-it note or piece of paper and place it by your cash and water. Then, recite the mantra 3 times, with a deep breath in between.

The next day, throw away the previous mantra and replace it with the new one, and repeat the mantra affirmations.

You may keep the previous mantras and put them somewhere in your home where you can continue to see and recite them daily as well. Power in numbers.

Let the Universe know you mean business. Let's make that 75% liquid work for us.

good Chi energy flowing



Money is an unlimited resource, and it is constantly flowing my way.


I am a money magnet.


I enjoy making money and getting paid.


My passion can make me rich.


I am open and ready to receive money now.


I am vibrationally aligned with prosperity.


Manifesting more money comes naturally to me.


I am open and ready to receive money now.


Every dollar I spent comes back to me multiplied.

DAY 10

I fully release my money blocks.

DAY 11

I am open to receiving abundance.

DAY 12

Abundance is my right, and I deserve it.

DAY 13

My money-making opportunities are limitless.

Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

DAY 14

I have put channels in place to receive money.

DAY 15

Something extraordinary is about to happen to me; I am open.

DAY 16

I am a powerfully charged money magnet.

DAY 17

My positive feelings about money is attracting it to me every day.

DAY 18

I am worthy of positive cash flow.

DAY 19

I have abundant joy and love in my life and calling in financial abundance as well.

DAY 20

I notice and am open to new money sources.

DAY 21

I release all resistance to attracting money.

DAY 22

I live each day appreciating my worth.

DAY 23

There's more than enough for everyone.

DAY 24

I receive money from all sources that are for my highest good and greatest joy.

DAY 25

I see myself living a life with financial freedom.

DAY 26

I live confidently, knowing I am worthy of prosperity.

DAY 27

There's more than enough for everyone.

Day 28: Full Moon is here

I honor money. I am open to receiving abundance on all levels. Thank you Universal energy for guiding me.

Karma and Luck


You deserve to be happy and prosper. Keep your money and abundance energy flowing every day with our Prosperity and Abundance gemstones.

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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    I just found you guys last week completely by accident….I wish I had found you sooner….just this article has answered so many questions that have come up over the last few weeks. I wish I had gotten this at the beginning of the cycle but at least the universe lat me know it was a new moon so my crystal spent the night in Salt under the new moon. Now for the mantras etc.

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