Karma and Luck's Dedication To India's Covid Crisis & Our Employees

At Karma and Luck, we cover and write a lot of topics for Karma Magazine. Our intention is always to bring our customers and readers articles that inspire, transform and allow them to have a great time delving into the spiritual and literal world of raising their Karma and Luck with positive, high-vibrational intentions.

The topic of India's plight and the COVID crisis that is saturating the country is heartbreaking, to say the least, and we are feeling the direct impact at Karma and Luck. 

Our CEO, Vladi Bergman, has a close tie and connection with Jaipur, India. He travels frequently and works closely with our employees in Jaipur to bring one of the most loved jewelry collections to our online customers and stores. 

We don't often get to share with the public the integrity, care, love, and hard work our employees in Jaipur put forth with literally every piece of handcrafted jewelry they create.

Every day, the smiles they have on their faces and the sheer commitment to live their happiest and best life with gratitude and appreciation resonates deeply with us at Karma and Luck.

Having these bonds over the years brings awareness to India's devastation in the pandemic crisis right into our laps. Along with our CEO, every employee at Karma and Luck is determined to raise awareness and do something to help. 

As conscious creators, we understand the power behind unity and oneness in all endeavors. In this particular case, we have the collective ability to make literal and spiritual shifts to help those most in need right now. 

The Enchantment Of India and The People

India, the land of enchantment, is the epitome of a spiritual hub, exuding pure life and energy amongst its people. The country is rich in culture and heritage, and it is steeped in tradition.

The very core of India is "unity in diversity" with their multicultural, multilingual, and multi-dimensional society. And yet, there is an interconnectedness.

A melting pot of many cultures and religions, Indian civilization is the oldest globally, with spiritual knowledge at its forefront.

Millions come each year to find peace, explore spiritual retreats, pray with the monks, and delve into the beautiful landscape and architecture. 

The divine energy is felt from the moment one steps foot in India, and some of the wisest leaders come to meet and consult with India's spiritual ambassadors. Even gurus and saints seek solace in their ancient traditions.

What most may find surprising is the three pillars of the Indian family values: loyalty, integrity, and unity. 

Family is always the prime focus, and their culture has a strong belief in the law of karma. 'As you sow, so shall you reap.' It is ingrained from a very young age that they take care of their parents as a great way to express their gratitude to them for all that they have done.

These families are in dire need of our help; each of us has the power to make a difference and join forces with those around the globe to help.

Make A Difference

We may be in different locations across the globe, but we believe in universal consciousness. The suffering of one impacts the suffering of all. 

Our MADE IN JAIPUR collection is a love letter to our India-based Karma and Luck employees, whose reliability and dedication are unparalleled. Each piece is handcrafted with intention in Jaipur, India.

Proceeds from each item sold are donated to the GlobalGiving India Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

We have donated PPE directly and made a separate donation to the GlobalGiving India Covid-19 Relief Fund. 

Vladi Bergman, our Founder and CEO, began Karma and Luck as a multinational immigrant and world-traveler. Our team is intentionally based worldwide - from Toronto to Tel Aviv - and as we grow, we commit to raising all of our international communities that face global inequity. 

“Karma and Luck was born as a love letter to the cultures around the world that embraced me. I wanted everyone to be able to celebrate and experience the rich traditions and karmic connection that I did as a traveler," said Bergman.

"Everyone is looking to live at a higher vibration and lead a more spiritual life. Karma and Luck is a space to integrate spirituality into modern life. Each piece is made with love, in fair trade partnerships with masterful artisans from Brazil to Tibet.

Our jewelry has the potential to be a talisman of good fortune. May it bless you with protective energy." 

Share this special and unique collection or your favorite MADE IN JAIPUR piece with a friend to help us raise awareness. CLICK HERE

Much love from your Karma and Luck family.

Written by: Nadine Christine Hamdan

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