9 Jewelry Layering Tips That Will Help You Express Yourself in Style

Jewelry Layering

We are going through a delightful time where nobody wants to stick to fixed rules or pigeonhole ourselves into narrow categories of existence.

And why should we when our unique souls have so many different shades to offer? 

Learning how to layer jewelry will help you express your unique and contradictory essence without conforming to one way of being.

If you are intrigued by this creative way to wear your accessories but don't quite know how to implement it, don't worry. Your intuition and connection to your sacred being are an excellent first step to getting you there.

how to layer jewelry

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Why is Jewelry Layering All the Rage?

Our jewelry is not only meant to make us look better, but also to tell a story. Our story. The story of our magical soul walking the earth to fulfill a unique and transcendental mission.

Jewelry layering is the perfect way to use our favorite pieces at once so we can better assert our unique essence.

Here are some of the reasons why this trend is so popular…

It’s a Great Way to Express Yourself

If fashion is not there to support the expression of our inner selves, then we are doing something wrong. We are not here to fit in but to create a style that reflects our individuality.

Bracelet layering or necklace stacking helps us break out of the traditional ways of wearing jewelry and allows us to play with our choices.

We can be sentimental and bold at the same time or eclectic and vulnerable without any of these qualities contradicting each other.

It Allows You to Wear More of Your Favorite Pieces at Once

Have you arrived at an event fashionably late because you didn't know what jewelry to wear? Jewelry layering is the perfect trend for those who are indecisive and have complex ways of approaching emotions.

Why choose just one necklace or bracelet if you can wear them all in a unique and stylish way?

necklace stacking

It Goes Along With the Recent Trend of Individuality & Creativity in Style

Have you noticed that it’s much more accepted and expected now to be unique with what you wear? Society is changing, and fashion is an expression of it.

In the past, we strived so hard to fit a practically unattainable stereotype of beauty. But why? We are inherently unique! The beauty of being human lies in diversity, and jewelry layering is living proof of it. 

How boring it used to be when we all dressed alike, chasing the illusion that there was only one right way to wear jewelry.

How to Layer Jewelry

Although there are not many rules to jewelry layering, some guidelines should be followed to avoid tangles and make this style as seamless as possible.

Here are our best tips…

Mix Different Weights & Styles of Chains

If we use the same type of chains when necklace stacking, or if their weights are similar, they will end up twisting into each other.

Try using different weights and sizes to keep your pieces from getting tangled. The more delicate and lighter ones should always go on top with the heavier and longer ones underneath.

Turquoise Necklace Stack

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Mix Gemstones & Colors

There’s no point in jewelry layering if you use the same gemstones and colors! Be creative and switch it up to infuse authenticity and deeper meaning into your style.

Mixing gemstones and colors is a great way to create a unique look. Plus, in addition to offering more possibilities of style combinations, we can benefit from the healing properties of each gemstone, surrounding ourselves with good karma on-the-go.

Mix Metals

Mixing metals is another way to add a bold and creative touch to your jewelry layering. It also offers more styling possibilities as it can be paired it with any outfit. 

You can mix gold and silver on your necklaces, although we particularly love how it looks when bracelet layering.

Mix Plain Pieces With Statement Pieces 

Another way to approach jewelry layering is to combine more eye-catching pieces with simpler ones for support. This technique creates a nice visual and fun effect with our jewelry.

bracelet layering

Be Asymmetrical

Forget symmetry when it comes to jewelry layering! You can wear four bracelets on one arm, two on the other, a large hoop as a left earring, and an ear chain on the right. The important factor is balancing each piece of jewelry's weight and length. Then, it's all up to you!

It Doesn’t Have to be a Perfect Match

You don't need identical pieces to create an ideal match, especially with earrings or bracelet layering. Be authentic, and don't be afraid to stand out from the crowd.

Purchase Pre-Curated Stacks

As we learn about jewelry layering, an easy solution is to use the following carefully pre-curated stacks, each meaningfully designed to help us express our essence and release good energy into the world.

Each piece is crafted with traditional techniques used for generations that form an enticing alternative to mass-produced items.

”Soothing Warmth” Triple Bracelet Stack

This beautiful stack is made for the dreamy and sensitive souls wandering around the world. These delicate layering bracelets awaken our life's purpose and enhance our optimism, deflecting negative energy that surrounds our vibrational field.

Bracelet Stack

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”Absolute Devotion” Triple Layer Necklace 

This layered necklace releases positive energies that transmit peace, harmony, and unconditional love to our surroundings. The evil eye symbol deflects harmful vibes from the environment, while Clear Quartz transfers clarity and patience to make our relationships more meaningful.

”Absolute Devotion” Triple Layer Necklace

”Aligned In Serenity” Triple Layer Necklace 

This one is not only stylish and thoughtful, but it also fosters our inner peace during our daily activities. When our seven chakras are balanced, opportunities to expand our consciousness naturally appear in our path.

”Aligned In Serenity” Triple Layer Necklace

There Are No Rules

Beyond knowing how to balance the size and weight of each piece, the fun of jewelry layering is that there are no rules! Follow your intuition to express your style as you see fit. 

Have Fun & Play

Jewelry layering is about exploring your options and experimenting with your tastes. Let your inner child come out and allow him or her to play with the beautiful pieces that make up your unique style.

Final Thoughts

Take the above guidelines as suggestions and inspiration to create your own jewelry layering technique. Our meaningful collection is varied and eclectic enough to start sampling your style.

In addition, it is made up of healing gemstones and sacred symbols that will fill you with vitality to make your daily life more meaningful. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Women’s Jewelry


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