Stretching Spiritual Roots Around the World: Why We Love Jewelry from India

Jewelry From India

If we travel halfway around the world from the United States, we can land in a place we at Karma and Luck hold dear – India. Much of our collection includes handmade jewelry from India.

We’ve worked closely alongside Indian artisans to understand its rich jewelry traditions and to find local, authentic gemstones to adorn our unique accessories.

This South Asian nation holds traditions surrounding spirituality and healing that are traced back through millennia. Its long history has seen expansive migration patterns that have led to unique influences on the religion, culture, and politics of the second most populated country in the world.

From images and principles of Hindu cosmology to the diverse tribes and societies that define distinct regions of the country, Indian jewelry designs shows the delicate balance of celebrating enlightened intention and exploring with divine purpose.


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Spiritual Healing Traditions of India

Thanks to the spread of other renowned Indian traditions – namely yoga – the world has learned about Hinduism and Ayurveda, which intersect to promote holistic wellbeing practices embedded in their symbols and systems.

Hindu Symbolism in Jewelry from India

Hinduism is a complex religion that has been in practice for eons, and ornamentation plays a central role. That’s why Indian jewelry contains vast spiritual capital. Across the world, we can find nods to elegant symbols deeply rooted in Hindu beliefs.

Within Hindu mythology, its deities rely on vehicles made of flora and fauna from India to traverse ethereal realms and at times to adopt avatars combining animal and human features, like Lord Ganesha, the elephant-headed god.

Known as the remover of obstacles, Lord Ganesha inspires meaning when we wear elephant charms. To connect to this ubiquitous figure in India, the elephant charm imparts strength and wisdom on the wearer to pursue a path of light and virtue, like in the Abundant Light Elephant Charm Bracelet.

The lotus flower is another common icon that ties to Hindu religion. A flower native to India that grows freely among its marshy waters, the lotus symbolizes the pure beauty we find when we emerge from challenges into a new frontier.

The Generous Heart Lotus Earrings, for example, reminds us to keep faith and compassion for ourselves and others as we seek to recognize our purpose.

beaded jewelry from India

Ayurvedic Principles Embedded in Jewelry 

Ayurveda is a healing system that relies on natural medicinal sources found in Indian plants to help stimulate optimal physical, mental, and spiritual wellbeing.

With loose ties to Hinduism, it combines symbolism and active physical practice to teach individuals how to tune into their bodies and foster better health. 

One of the most recognizable components derived from Ayurveda is the chakra system. On our bodies, the chakras align to seven spinal nodes from our pelvis to our crown, but many other divine chakras exist in our spiritual orbit as well. 

Ayurveda recognizes the influence that unbalanced, misaligned chakras have on our general sense of vitality and energy.

Often, crystal healing is prescribed, like wearing stones that correspond to certain chakras, and the metals worn in jewelry also work to balance the chakras. For example…

handmade jewelry from India

Ayurveda also emphasizes stimulation and pressure, demonstrating our innate ability to offer relief through our sense of touch. Hence, jewelry holds such weight as a tool for healing in Ayurveda.

  • Bracelets reflect circular energy as a continuous loop moving around our wrists.
  • Earrings ensure constant pressure on a key nerve linked to immunity and hormonal balance.
  • Necklaces rest on the neck and chest, bringing attention to the heart chakra.
  • Rings press on important energetic points that can improve certain areas of the body, depending on the finger they are worn on.

A Crown Jewel Among India's Cultural Gemstones

To come close to covering all the unique jewelry and artisanal traditions of India, we’d need a whole volume of articles to touch the myriad cultures and regions there. However, one place in particular, the city of Jaipur, has deep ties with our expansive collection of jewelry from India.

Royal Heritage

Jaipur rests in the western Indian state of Rajasthan, a quick flight or train trip south from New Delhi. Nicknamed the Pink City, Jaipur lies close to the Thar Desert, giving it a hot, sandy air. Founded by Maharaja Sawai Jai Singh II, the city still boasts an expansive City Palace replete with art and gemstones. 

While no longer a ruling family, the royal dynasty continues to occupy parts of the palace, and many monuments attest to Jaipur's resplendent royal history. 

The kings and queens of Jaipur, maharajas and maharanis, enjoyed the wealth of gemstones found in Rajasthan’s earth. Thus, Jaipur developed a market for precious gemstones and crystals and honed the art of jewelry-making.

Men’s jewelry from India, like the Essential Protection Hamsa Necklace relies on these stones and ancient ties to offer spiritual protection as they lead with a peaceful presence. 

Desert Culture

The state of Rajasthan houses many different tribal traditions that have found communion with a harsh desert land. Understanding the delicate balance we humans have with the earth, these cultures have celebrated the gorgeous gifts that spring forth from the sands and stones, namely precious gemstones, especially Emerald and Ruby.

In their jewelry-making traditions, silver has played a significant role in tribal handmade jewelry from India via Rajasthan, reflecting the connection of silver to grounding and stability. In Jaipur though, keeping with royal tradition, gold work surrounds crystals and stones for elegant designs. 

Why India Matters So Much to Us

For a country so massively diverse, there is still so much to learn about India. The artisans we work with take pride in communicating the exciting colors, the deep spirituality, and the mystical influences that have contributed to Indian culture. 

Because of these artists’ vast knowledge and skills, our women's and men’s jewelry from India is handmade in small-scale production facilities, never in factories. This ensures a personal touch and care is imbued in every piece made in India and sent home to you.

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