Jewelry for Summer Vacation: 15 Ideas That Will Illuminate Your Escape

Jewelry for Summer Vacation

Summer has a unique flavor for each person. However, we can all agree that it is an ocean-like taste, with fleeting kisses, intense connections, and lifelong remembrances.

Summertime invites us to connect with a more spontaneous side of our spirit. We can take pride in our year-to-date accomplishments and check if our projects are still aligned with our heart's yearnings.

We invite you to browse our line of jewelry for summer vacation to decorate your colorful soul with the finest and most delicate pieces during your travels.

The items in our collection will not only create a dreamy and playful look in keeping with this time of year but will also infuse authenticity and deeper meaning into your life.

Let yourself be transported to the timeless wisdom of these pieces to manifest health and prosperity during your summer vacation.

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Jewelry for Summer Vacation: Look & Feel Your Best as You Explore & Relax 

Summer and its scenic getaways are the perfect excuses to accessorize your style with something other than your day-to-day essentials.

And what better than jewelry created with precious gemstones, healing crystals, and spiritual symbols to awaken a more profound awareness from within you?

The following summer vacation jewelry ideas are rooted in ancient concepts yet entirely modern to enrich your holiday experiences.

Accessorize in the Water

Whether in the ocean, by the pool, on a boat, or on other water-bound adventures, these stunning pieces pair beautifully with a swimsuit…

“Vivid Personality” Chakra Evil Eye Ring

summer vacation jewelry ideas

The key to grounding ourselves in the present moment and embracing experiences with greater joy lies in maintaining our inner balance.

Our “Vivid Personality” Multicolor Chakra Evil Eye Ring aligns our chakras and promotes our spiritual vibrancy's natural flow.

Once you wear this ring, you won't have to worry about the hostile energies around you. The Evil Eye symbol deflects subtle harmful intentions, promoting our inner strength and growth.

“Serene Protection” Turquoise Enamel Bracelet

jewelry for summer

It’s not easy to alter our self-talk when we have been stuck in a negative mindset for a long time. However, our “Serene Protection” Turquoise Evil Eye Bracelet wards off any thoughts that do not align with the higher self.

This potent jewelry for summer shields us from harmful energies and safeguards our inner peace. Wearing it makes us more aware of the underlying meaning of our thoughts and actions.

Its ubiquitous influence ensures that every step and interaction has a higher purpose that prepares us for our evolution.

“Splendid Fortune” Diamond Evil Eye Necklace


Manifesting our truest and most harmonious life depends on our core sense of gratitude and self-confidence.

The “Splendid Fortune” Diamond Evil Eye Necklace rescues our inner peace while preventing external distractions from pulling us away from our divine purpose.

This piece of jewelry for summer vacation brings us a sense of oneness and unity with the divine source of creativity and inspiration. 

“Divine Presence” Evil Eye Red String Bracelet 

Summer Bracelets

Awaken greater awareness and purpose each and every day this summer with our “Divine Presence” Red String Evil Eye Bracelet. Handcrafted with sacred intention, this piece pulls the veil of hopelessness from our eyes to bring inspiration and spontaneity back into our hearts.

When you wear jewelry for summer that deflects negativity and restores our sense of spiritual belonging, your actions and thoughts are free to fulfill their divine purpose.

“Boundless Love” Heart White Enamel Diamond Blue Topaz Ring

Uncover the brightest part of your aura with our “Boundless Love” Heart Diamond Blue Topaz Ring. 

This delicate piece of jewelry for summer aims to heal our inner child and help us face our challenges with compassion and gratitude. Plus, their quality craftsmanship and enduring design make this piece a one-of-a-kind creation.

The Blue Topaz is a healing crystal that promotes wisdom, communication, and cosmic connection with the Universe.

Before we can spread love and open ourselves to new experiences, we must first heal our emotional core. The heart symbol of this unique piece breaks the chains of preconceptions attached to our minds. As a result, we can live life with intention and meaning.

Jewelry for Your Afternoon Adventures

Afternoons on vacation can bring leisurely walks in new places, outdoor lunches, shopping at local markets, and many other explorations. These accessories make the perfect companion…

“Absolute Grounding” Evil Eye Globe Green String Bracelet

Green Bracelet for Summer

Our spirits are connected to a transcendental purpose. Now more than ever, we are being called to heal the course of human evolution and raise it to a higher frequency.

Our meaningfully-designed “Absolute Grounding” Evil Eye Globe Green String Bracelet helps us navigate this critical transition period with courage and strength. 

We are all connected to every inch of the Universe. The global consciousness shift is forcing us to redefine our old identities. The globe charm on this unique piece aligns us with our inner truth and empowers us to go through this process enthusiastically and purposefully.

And the evil eye charm deflects harmful energies to prevent any action or thought from bringing our spirits down.

“Aligned in Serenity” Lotus Om Chakra Triple Layer Necklace

Serenity comes from the intrinsic connection with our spirit's truth. When our mind, body, and soul are in sync, we can maintain our inner peace even during the most challenging conditions.

The Om Charm of our captivating “Aligned in Serenity” Lotus OM Chakra Triple Layer Necklace restores the inherent state of well-being of the awakened one who lies within us.

The lotus charm on this piece of jewelry for summer gives us the vision and timeless wisdom to embrace a new chapter with utmost purpose. The chakra bar aims to balance our energy and direct the flow of positive energy everywhere we go this summer.

Elephant Bracelet

“Supreme Awakening” Moonstone Chakra Rosary Necklace

The healing energies of the Universe are constantly flowing around us. But unless we are receptive enough to receive them, our soul will be unable to channel them.

Our unique “Supreme Awakening” Moonstone Chakra Rosary Necklace breaks down the invisible barriers that separate us from the inexhaustible source of Universal Wisdom.

The colorful chakra gemstones in this piece of jewelry for summer enhance our creativity so we can tap into the wide range of possibilities available in the present moment. The Moonstones creates a delicate and compassionate aura that is reminiscent of the warm center within each sentient being.

“Vibrant Life” Citrine Diamond Tree of Life Bracelet

Summer is all about the warm glow of the Sun shining brightly in our core, enticing us to pursue our inner calling with optimism and courage. Citrine is a healing crystal that promotes joy, enthusiasm, and confidence in our hearts.

Our “Vibrant Life” Citrine Diamond Tree of Life Bracelet features a spiritual symbol that cleanses stagnant energy from our spirit while fostering growth and fertility. Honor your authenticity with this quintessential piece of jewelry for summer. 

“Patient Endurance” Turtle Red String Bracelet

The wisest spiritual masters never rush their inner processes. Tolerance and patience are virtues worthy of enlightened souls, and our sacred “Patient Endurance” Turtle Red String Bracelet helps us cultivate them.

The turtle charm is a universal symbol of longevity, perseverance, and serenity. Once our goals are clear, this bracelet will remind us not to take shortcuts to get there.

Summer Nights in Style

A summer night out can include sharing drinks at a hot nightclub, walking on the beach, checking out local entertainment, or having fun experiences. Accessorizing with jewelry that makes a statement and expresses your authentic style is oh so important. These options won’t disappoint…

“Joyous Temperament” Citrine Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet

Citrine Hamsa Bracelet 

The magical charm of the Sun can linger with us even after nightfall with our unique “Joyous Temperament” Citrine Hamsa Evil Eye Bracelet.

The Hamsa Hand and evil eye charms featured in this exquisite piece of jewelry for summer vacation offer lasting protection while unlocking our distinct creativity.

This bracelet is enhanced with Citrine, a healing stone that promotes joy and optimism, so that your summer evenings awaken the spontaneity of your spirit.

“Transcendental Wisdom” Moon & Stars Red String Bracelet

Bracelet for Summer Nights

The moon and stars slip silently into the night, illuminating our path with their soothing light amidst the darkness. Likewise, our intuition emerges as a mighty but delicate lantern to guide our steps through our daily turmoil.

Our “Transcendental Wisdom” Red String Moon & Stars Bracelet helps us connect with our inner compass and guide us to the experiences that resonate with our spirit.

“Delicate Touch” Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Necklace

Aquamarine Necklace

Looking for a stylish but modern piece that will raise your spirit's vibrational frequency to reach a higher state of well-being?

Our “Delicate Touch” Aquamarine Pearl Labradorite Lotus Necklace features Aquamarine, Pearl, and Labradorite, three healing crystals that soothe our emotional turmoil and foster our mystical essence.

The delicate lotus petals interlock to illuminate our inner truth and give meaning to our spiritual journey.

“Ancient Protection” Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet

Deflect negativity and protect your soul from disruptive behavior with our “Ancient Protector” Evil Eye Hematite Bracelet.

The powerful evil eye symbol is encircled with Hematite Stones, a healing crystal that keeps us grounded as we bravely face our spiritual challenges. It’s a piece that will certainly sparkle in the summer night.

Hematite Bracelet

“Visualize Light” Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet

As long as our inner light shines brightly, no darkness can swallow up the potency of our soul.

Our “Visualize Light” Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet reminds us that good always triumphs over evil and that light casts boundless possibilities our way.

In addition, it is embellished with rich and enticing pieces of Moonstone, a healing crystal that promotes serenity, inner peace, and connection to the summer night.

Final Thoughts 

These summer vacation jewelry ideas are blessed with powerful intention to surround you with good karma during this special time of the year.

Our unique pieces translate Eastern philosophies into universal timeless traditions, ensuring you are always in tune with your essence, no matter where you go.

Enjoy the sun, the ocean, true friendships, and meaningful encounters without losing alignment with your spirit this summer.

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