Looking for Jewelry for Mother's Day Gifts? Here Are 15 Stunning Pieces

jewelry for mother's day gifts

Mother’s Day is a time to celebrate the women who raised us, cheered for us, and taught us all that we know today. It’s a special occasion to humbly show gratitude for our mother’s irreplaceable role in our lives. 

When you shop jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts at Karma and Luck, find elegant pieces that include symbols and stones associated with motherhood, such as Moonstone, as well as stones like Pearl that represent unconditional love and tenderness.


Jewelry for Mother’s Day Gifts: 15 Top Sellers

If you’re seeking quality jewelry with powerful symbolism that is made to last, the following selection hits the mark...

“Dreamlike Love” Pearl Evil Eye Bracelet

Moms deserve only the best. Our Dreamlike Love Bracelet merges the potency of Pearl stones with the Evil Eye symbol, evoking creativity and hope. This bracelet will be her source of light amid stress and confusion, sparking her optimism and courage to dream big.

This bracelet will bring inspiration and lightheartedness to her doorstep, assisting her in attracting all the goodness the Universe has in store for her. 

Dreamlike Protection - Pearl Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

“Visualize Light” Luck Bracelet

Exuberating and enchanting, the vibration of the Visualize Light Bracelet will help mom get in touch with the Divine Feminine and fully embrace her power with grace and poise.

Jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts with the Moon charm like this one will spark her intuition and help her connect her to her Divinity. The Moonstone and Hematite crystals will help her find inner peace and balance between the physical and spiritual realms, gently centering and uplifting her spirits.

Visualize Light - Moon Hematite Moonstone Luck Bracelet

“Iridescent Light” Pearl Charm Necklace

Our Iridescent Light Necklace is an authentic piece that will serve as a constant reminder that she is unconditionally loved and supported by not only those who love her, but by the Universe as well. 

Blending two powerful symbols that grant good luck and protection from malice, the Heart Symbol of love and the Evil Eye, this necklace will be a source of guidance, illuminating her path forward. The Pearl stone will ensure that loyal hearts, kindness, and compassion will always be available.

“Iridescent Light” Pearl Charm Necklace

“Free Spirit” Evil Eye Moonstone Ring

If you hope to find a gift that will make her smile and inspire her to dance with life, look no further. The Free Spirit Ring is a piece that the will block negativity from entering her aura, leaving space only for joy, opulence, and genuine affection. With a piece like this, she’ll be ever protected with her energy balanced and her mind at peace.

“I Matter” Moonstone Bracelet Bundle

This Mother’s Day, remind her of how much she means to you. The "I Matter" Bracelet is an elegant pick among jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts that will evoke a knowing feeling that she is deeply loved and that her selflessness and motherhood haven’t gone unnoticed.

A powerful blend of the Buddha charm for serenity, and Moonstone beads for harmony, this bracelet will create a peaceful environment and make space for spiritual awakenings, enlightening her to the immense power of love she is surrounded by.

I Matter Mantra Bracelet

“Peace & Love” Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

The Peace & Love Earrings celebrate motherhood, gentleness and elegance. Moonstone beads with golden details will accentuate her natural beauty and boost her intuition, helping her immerse in the highest vibration of all… love. These earrings will help her glow, brightening up her day in an instant.

Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

“Subtle Energy” Moonstone Pearl Anklet

The warmth of a mother’s hug is priceless. She is the pillar of light in your life, and the Subtle Energy Anklet is a not-so-subtle way to show her that. The blend of gentle energies of Moonstone and Pearl will light her way forward, supporting every step she takes.

Jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts like these are timeless. This anklet will bring her a sense of calmness, liberating her from gloomy thoughts so that she can wholeheartedly enjoy and celebrate life.

“Subtle Energy” Moonstone Pearl Anklet

“Heavenly Love” Moonstone Pointer Bracelet

Our Heavenly Love Bracelet features a valuable diamond chip combined with the Evil Eye protection charm and Moonstone beads, which symbolize harmony and Divine power. It will be a daily source of blissfulness and peace, connecting her with her higher self and offering tenderness and compassion to her surroundings.

Luxury, spirituality and elegance never looked better.

“Heavenly Love” Moonstone Pointer Bracelet

“Transcending Awareness” Lotus Wrap Bracelet

As a way to express your gratitude for all that she means to you, gift her mother’s day jewelry gifts that will help her find balance and feel aligned, such as the Transcending Awareness Bracelet. The lotus flower charm, a potent symbol of higher awareness and abundance, will be her source of enlightenment and clarity. 

Thanks to the Hamsa Hand and the red string, her energy field will be shielded and her foresight enhanced, supporting all her endeavors and dreams.


“Luminous Love” Pearl Diamond Heart Necklace

To shower her with the affection she deserves, chose from jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts that will warm her heart. The Luminous Love Necklace will be a symbol of grace, compassion, and purity, cleansing her aura from what weighs her down and raising her vibration.

When thieves of joy try to dim her light, the heart symbol on this necklace will repel them with the power of unconditional love.

Luminous Love Necklace for Mom

“Spiritual Healing” Amethyst Pearl Evil Eye Mala

If your mom is into meditation and spirituality, there’s no better way to surprise her than by giving her a Mala necklace.

Featuring Amethyst and Pearl stones, the Spiritual Healing Mala is a gift that will cleanse her energy field and bring clarity into her experiences. This piece is a fine blend of grounding Rudraksha Seeds and illuminating crystals. It will help her find inner balance and peace, promoting the flow of life energy and love throughout her being.

Spiritual Healing - Amethyst Pearl Evil Eye Mala

“Intrinsic Creativity” Moonstone Tree of Life Bracelet

Moonstone is a powerful symbol of purity and gentleness, and it’s one part of the many pieces in our jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts collection. The Intrinsic Creativity Bracelet blends the calming energy of Moonstone beads with the Tree of Life, a symbol of growth and good health. 

This bracelet will be a reminder to her, showing her how important it is to pour love into herself and allow others to give love to her as freely and selflessly as she gives it out. For all the dedicated, hardworking moms, this gift will bring a spark of creativity into her life, encouraging her to let her hair down and play with life.

“Shift in Consciousness” Moonstone Moon Ring 

Luna represents mothers, feminine energy and eternity. The Shift in Consciousness Ring is a minimal, chic piece with Moon symbolism, and it’s one of our favorite pieces of jewelry for Mother’s Day gifts.

A potent intuition booster, this ring will assist her on her path, allowing her to effortlessly align with positive frequencies and tune into her higher self. A delicate piece like this will help her connect to the vibration of love in no time.

Shift In Consciousness - Moonstone Gold Moon Ring

“Divine Energy” Triple Protection Anklet

Our Divine Energy Anklet is a gentle, yet powerful spiritual jewelry piece that incorporates protection charms, the Hamsa Hand for blocking evil, and the Evil Eye for repelling malice. Blended with Labradorite and Pearl stones, this anklet will not only shield her from negative energy, but also instill a sense of calmness and harmony in her life. Mother’s day jewelry gifts like this will melt her heart.

Divine Energy - Triple Protection Pearl Labradorite Anklet

“Genuine Love” Pearl Necklace

Mothers are a gift from the divine, and we should show her that truth every day. Shower her with love, even when you are not around, with a Genuine Love Necklace. A piece that exudes affection and tenderness, it includes Pearls, which are associated with beauty, nurturing and softness. This gift will foster the same nourishing vibration for her.

Genuine Love - Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

Final Thoughts

Motherhood is an important and lifelong task. For that reason, Mother’s Day should be every day. Spiritual jewelry that symbolizes love, and is made to last, is a way to celebrate motherhood for years to come. A gift like this is the least we can do to make the woman who made us feel special. 

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