Jewelry for Fall: 12 Trends That Are Keeping Things Hot!

Jewelry for Fall

We’ve entered the time of year in which, frankly, what we put on in the chilly morning has to be shed by the afternoon sun! Tis the season for layering because the temperature, like our moods, can be… confusing.

We harvest the growth and sustenance gained in summer even as we watch what remains die away for winter. Complex emotions mysteriously arise as we bid adieu the bright summer days while bring mesmerized by astonishing fall colors.

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Pulsera de hematita del ojo maligno del guardiane del espíritu
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Mysterious is an apt descriptor of autumn. The word itself is an etymological mystery, untraceable now but which originated from an extinct Italian language called Etruscan. Feelings teetering between melancholy and euphoria are okay, as is a seasonal style that invites new fall jewelry trends with a flair of mystery and a protective spirit.

Jewelry for Fall: 12 Trends You Won’t Want to Miss 

Let these autumn jewelry trends add some spice ‚Äď nutmeg, cinnamon, ginger, *gasp* pumpkin spice ‚Äď to your fall wardrobe.¬†

Dainty Chains

As we wrap sheer scarves around our necks, we feel the weight of fabric layers for the fall. But now is the time to balance the sweater heft with light, dainty jewelry.

Just remember, dainty doesn’t mean weak! In fact, Karma and Luck’s light chains come charged with powerful meaning.

The Vigorous Defense Bracelet lets the charm shine brightest while the protective energy of the Hamsa Hand surrounds you. With the Protection Necklace, crystal beads help manifest joy throughout the fall season.

Dainty Chains

Fun in the Sun

No one wants to let go of the idea of tropical paradise this year, and neither do the fashion trends. While we leap into piles of leaves, we can still dive into summer‚Äôs quintessential vibe ‚Äď the beach ‚Äď with our fall jewelry.

Ocean wonders ignite our curiosity and teach us to trust in ourselves. The Deep Calmness - Men's Necklace features elegant charms of sea creatures to bring tranquil energy from its depths into life above water.

While the trees shed, our own sense of abundance and prosperity doesn’t have to ebb. The Charm Necklace reminds us of the good fortune and luck that is as abundant as the fish in the sea and can harvested year round. 

Cosmic Optimism - "The Sun" Tarot Card Necklace

Cosmic Optimism - "The Sun" Tarot Card Necklace
Cosmic Optimism - "The Sun" Tarot Card Necklace
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Pearls were hot in the summer, and they aren’t cooling down for fall. A timeless style, they look chic in layered strands or, like the trend above, on dainty chains.

The Spiritual Protection Bracelets exemplifies the infinite cycle of seasons with new beginnings and beauty, so you can appreciate the fall for what it provides now. When negativity creeps up like a frosty chill, the Conscious Foresight Necklace deters toxic thoughts to hone our intuition with self-care and love.

Iridescent Grace - Pearl Diamond Heart Charm Bracelet


Fringe is now popular in all its shapes and sizes, and we’ve played with fringe in unique designs of jewelry for fall. Something about dangling wisps reflect the fluttering leaves gingerly hanging on tree branches.

For an edgy look, the Universal Protection Cuff Earrings target the third eye chakra with stones to focus our minds on the amazing mystery of autumn. With the Divine Contemplation Mala, we gain awareness as we contemplate the gifts of the universe, as if sprinkling from this mala’s delicate fringe.

Highlighting the balance in the season, exemplified by the autumn equinox, the Harmonious Soul Mala features two beaded lengths of fringe to signify the stability we need, physically and spiritually. The Earrings gives us the ability to access peace and wisdom.

Divine Contemplation - Lapis Turquoise Agarwood Mala

Cross Jewelry

The Cross symbol holds meaning across cultures and religions, so it isn’t a surprise it reigns as a style icon this fall.

The Spiritual Power Red String Cross Bracelet combines this symbol with Red String, a significant amulet in many traditions, to connect us with the protective armor given by our spiritual beliefs. In a pair of Faithful Path Cross Stud Earrings, we remember to practice our faith for soulful healing.

 Crystals & Gemstones

Crystals and gemstones are holding their popularity and taking center stage on the runway. Given their powerful auras to energize, soothe, and heal, these natural wonders offer timeless jewelry for fall, and honestly spring, summer, and winter too.

The Serene Tranquility Necklace packs the might of Amethyst in an expertly-shaped pointer crystal to root us in calm vibes. Protecting us from negativity, the Spirit Warden Bracelet showcases Hematite’s ability to dissolve away distractions and keep us focused on the positive. Wrapping gorgeous rubies around the wrist, the Abundant Vitality Bracelet fits every season, not just for Cancers and Leos, to deliver happiness and passion.

Gemstones for Fall

Charms on Everything

Not just on bracelets, this season charms are showing up on necklaces, rings, earrings, and more.¬†Don‚Äôt get us wrong, an adorable charm bracelet ‚Äď like the¬†Abundant Light Charm Bracelet suits any outfit, casual or glam. Yet finding charms studding the¬†Peaceful Life Charm Necklace demonstrates how bright and cheery jewelry for fall can be with pops of color and meaning.


Animals, Fish & Insects

It’s a time of migration and prepping to hibernate, which means we get the chance to spot amazing species all around us. Celebrate the wisdom of the animal world with these talismans of fashion.

The turtle reminds us to take our time and pace ourselves to find spiritual fulfillment, perfectly symbolized in the Steadfast Love Necklace. When we discover our purpose and intention, the Wise Heart Charm Necklace helps us intuit the divine messages we receive.

Large Rings & Double Rings

Have we mentioned layers? Bring those layers into jewelry this fall to warm up those chilly hands. The Evil Eye Hamsa bracelet makes a statement on your finger, illuminating this unique design with Moonstone’s tender glow.

Gold, Gold & More Gold

Mirror the golden fields and sky in jewelry for fall. This is a rich season, so wear gold! The Evil Eye is rendered in gold in the Omen of Positivity Hoop Earrings to keep our mind full of vibrant thoughts. The golden Lotus flower shaped with an Evil Eye in the Budding Protection Necklace guards our hearts through the autumnal transformations.

Omen of Positivity - Gold Evil Eye Hoop Earrings

Zodiac & Constellation Jewelry

Tis the season for Libras and Scorpios! When it comes to our position in the cosmos, the stars impact us all, not just the Zodiac celebs of the season. No matter your sign, look to constellation jewelry for fall to celebrate the night sky and its divine aura.

In the Revolutionary Emotion Necklace, bring compassionate energy into the world to carry not just yourself but those around you through a beautiful season. To root into autumn, the Ethereal Balance Libra Constellation Necklace echoes the equinox, bringing perfect balance between enjoying the season and preparing your soul for the winter with care.

Silver Statement Pieces

It‚Äôs not just gold ‚Äď enrich your aura with silver too. These pieces make statements with a little more heft than the dainty chains we started with.

The Peaceful Energy Silver Heishi Bracelet displays an intricate design of Heishi beads, the Evil Eye symbol, and gorgeous Blue Topaz to bring a sense of grounded calm and serenity. The tiny detailed mantra engraved on the charms of the Mindful Living Sutra Bracelet helps us stay in the present moment. 

Fall Jewelry Trends - Constellation Necklace

Final Thoughts 

The season has shifted to allow us to bask in nature’s beauty and ease into the cold months ahead. Play with these trends in jewelry for fall to find healing, balance, and vitality through your modern spiritual lifestyle.


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