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A stone of mystics, opal glimmers in other-worldly hues. This luminescent stone holds great beauty, but has even greater potential in the powers it contains. Acting as a connector between the spiritual world and the physical, opal invites you to dive into the mysteries of the universe. Growth is prioritized, encouraging you to blossom into your full potential and highest self. 

Opal is a wonderful stone for activating intuition. By opening your channels, you are able to tune into the wisdom of your guides and angels, but also trust more fully in yourself. You are guided towards truth, using your hearts’ desires as your compass. 

Bursting with creative energy, opal enhances imagination. This stone fills you with the inspiration you need to better express your emotions and feelings through the use of art. Whether you are drawn to ceramics, painting, writing, or anything else, opal assists you in developing your art form. 

Positivity flows freely in your life while wearing opal jewelry. Any doubts, worries, or fears are swept by the wayside, allowing you to find the sunshine in each situation and each day. With this stone by your side, you feel more easy, breezy, and bright. 

Ready to learn more about the meaning of opal and how it can bring more beauty into your life? Read on! 

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Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
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How Opal Can Change Your Life

Wondering what this light-bending stone can bring to your life? Read on! 

Feeling in need of a refresh? Opal’s bright energy is here to cleanse your soul. This shimmery stone is a wonderful tool for releasing pent-up energy, and letting go of the things that no longer serve you. Anything that feels heavy is swiftly released, lightening the burden that was once lying on your shoulders. While wearing opal jewelry, you may notice a shift in your energy - from sluggish and slow to energized and clear. 

Opal is a powerful gratitude booster. This stone radiates positive energy, helping you to see the bright side in every situation. The seemingly normal moments of your life are no longer mundane, but rather pure magic. Opal helps you see the miracle that is life, and it assists you in appreciating each moment of your day more fully. 

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Activating the intuition, opal brings a whole new level of spirituality into your life. Serving as a bridge between worlds and realms, opal opens up your channels of communication. Divine wisdom is able to flow not only from your guides and angels, but also the wisdom of your own inner-knowing. Each decision becomes easier to make, as you begin to trust more whole-heartedly in yourself. 

Artists are particularly benefited by opal; or anyone who is hoping to get their creative juices flowing. This imaginative stone helps you to see the world from new and fresh perspectives, filling your soul with untapped inspiration. If you have been feeling in any sort of rut, opal is ready and willing to pull you out of it. This sweet-natured stone encourages you to follow your passions, letting the things that bring you joy be your compass. Each day is more fulfilling, as you see the limitless opportunities that await. 

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The Many Benefits of Opal

Opal is packed with benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Here are some of the most notable blessings this stone presents:

  • Boosts Creativity
  • Enhances Intuition
  • Encourages Imagination
  • Increases Feelings of Gratitude
  • Allows for a More Positive Mindset
  • Improves Balance
  • Heals Traumas & Redirects Old Ways of Thinking
  • Shifts Energies
  • Assists with Stomach Issues
  • Improves Eyesight
  • Creates Happier Marriages & Relationships
  • Promotes Passion
  • Heals the Kidneys 
  • Provides Good Luck & Prosperity
  • Allows for Better Decision-Making
  • Purifies the Body & the Blood
  • Boosts Immune Function
  • Helps in Moving on from the Past

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Opal’s Spiritual Mastery

Finely tuned to the frequency of the divine, opal holds incredible spiritual powers. Keep reading to learn more about opal’s metaphysical meaning.

Just one glance at opal, and it is easy to see that this is no average stone. Its display of dancing colors, and the way it plays with the light, reminds you that magic is real. The other-worldly beauty of opal is well-matched to the spiritual properties it presents. Activating intuition, opal is wonderful for enhancing psychic skills. Mystical visions occur on a more frequent basis, allowing you to see beyond the veil of illusion.

Opal expands your consciousness, assisting you in connecting to the divine. Especially beneficial to meditation practices, opal encourages enlightenment. By wearing this stone during meditation, holding it one hand, or placing it on an altar near you, you can access new heights of awareness. Opal allows you to tap easily into the place of inner quiet and inner stillness - creating a space of pure peace within. 

Great for balancing the chakras, opal can be used to activate and cleanse the energetic systems of the body. In particular, opal is best aligned to the root chakra and the sacral chakra. The root chakra is responsible for your sense of stability in the world, and feeling of being grounded, while the sacral chakra is in charge of creativity and imagination. By balancing these two chakras, opal helps you to keep your physical and spiritual bodies functioning at an optimal state. 

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The Meaning of Each of Opal’s Rainbow Colors

Opal comes in a range of colors and hues, and each one is connected to a different meaning. Read on to learn more about each shade of opal! 

  • Pink Opal

A sweet and gentle stone, this candy-colored opal promotes love in all of its forms. Especially wonderful for promoting self-love, pink opal helps you to heal from past traumas or hurts. Pink opal encourages you to find more compassion in your heart not only for others, but also for yourself. This stone is also great for getting over break-ups, helping to mend a broken heart. 

Pink opal is connected to the heart chakra. This nurturing gemstone opens you up to the healing frequency of love. 

  • Fire Opal

Fire opal radiates with passion, creativity, and love. Named for its dance of colors resembling fire flames, fire opal provides warmth and energy to those who wear it. This stunning gemstone encourages you to follow your bliss, making time for the things that light you up. Pulling you out of any ruts, fire opal opens your eyes to the beauty and possibilities abound. This fiery opal variety is also said to attract prosperity and good luck. 

Balancing the root chakra and the sacral chakra, fire opal promotes feelings of vitality, stability, and power. Energy is directed towards the path of your dreams. 


  • Green Opal

Incredibly rejuvenating, green opal improves health and refreshes the soul. In earthy hues, this gemstone connects you to the healing energy of nature. According to feng shui, green opal exudes the energy of both wood and water, making it a powerful stone for finding balance and equilibrium within the mind, body, and soul. 

This gemstone is also believed to promote prosperity, abundance, and good luck. Wearing this stone helps you to find success in all that you do, and life begins to surprise you with more and more blessings. 

A stone of the heart chakra, the green opal improves the relationships you hold with others,  but also, and maybe more importantly, the relationship you have with yourself. This compassionate gemstone eases emotions, and helps you from feeling overwhelmed.  


  • Blue Opal

Representative of the energies of both water and sky, blue opal connects the spiritual world and the physical. You are encouraged to find more balance in your life, assisting you in reaching new heights of consciousness, while reminding you to stay grounded in the present moment. Its soothing ocean-like hues soothe the soul, relieving you of any worries, fears, or anxieties. 

Aligning the throat chakra, this blue gemstone assists you in speaking your truth and expressing yourself more fully. Any fears of confrontation or public speaking are swiftly swept away as your confidence and communication skills skyrocket. 

  • Black Opal 

As with all black gemstones, black opal is incredibly peaceful and loving. This soothing gemstone helps to remove negative energies, encouraging more positivity to flow into your life. You are assisted in seeing the world from a more optimistic perspective, which in turn, allows more blessings to unfold. Bad moods are less frequent, and you are able to see each day and each moment for the miracle that it is. 

Although it is named black opal, this gemstone actually boasts a variety of rainbow hues that seem to dance and play in the changing light. This stone is connected to the crown chakra, helping you to connect to new levels of consciousness and awareness. Physic powers are swiftly enhanced with the assistance of black opal. 


  • White Opal

Angelic in appearance and properties, white opal is a powerful purifier. Absorbing negative emotions, this opal variety encourages positivity and bliss. The mind is soothed from overwhelming thoughts and feelings, helping to keep you in a state of peaceful equilibrium. Deeply protective, white opal shields you from the toxicity of others - both spiritually and physically. 

A cosmically-tuned stone, white opal is wonderful for balancing and activating the crown chakra. This spiritual gemstone opens your mind to the wisdom of other realms and worlds. Your intuition develops and strengthens, helping you to trust more fully in yourself. 

  • Yellow Opal

Exciting and invigorating, yellow opal energizes the soul and revitalizes the spirit. Imagination is boosted to new heights, encouraging you to get in touch with your creative side. With a fresh perspective, you are able to find endless inspiration in the world around you. 

Yellow opal activates the sacral chakra, encouraging personal growth and inner power. Vitality is increased, keeping you motivated and in tune with your dreams and goals. This sunny stone assists you in finding more positivity and gratitude. 

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Welcome Opal into Your Life

Opal shines in its other-worldly radiance, reflecting light beams and dancing in an array of rainbow hues. Looking like dewdrops of sun, opal reminds you to look for the magic in each moment. This stone encourages you to see the miracle of each moment, helping you to find more gratitude in your heart for every person you meet and every experience you encounter. Opal is a wonderful balancer, as it helps you to be more grounded in the physical world, while also exploring the depths of your soul and the heights of your consciousness. 

Ready to invite an opal to join you on your spiritual journey? Visit our website to browse our full collection of this stunning, shimmery stone. Start your journey here: Opal Jewelry for Women - Karma & Luck

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