Inspire the Power of Manifestation with these 5 Necklaces

Manifestation Necklaces

It is said that if you believe in something enough, the universe will work to make it happen. This simple, yet highly complex and beautiful idea, is what we now call manifestation. With many people, from celebrities to new age leaders, discussing the benefits of this practice, manifestation has captivated the minds and hearts of people around the world.

Anyone with a wish or desire for a better life can highly benefit from this universal practice. By tuning your energy to a higher frequency, getting clear on what it is you want, and sending that wish to the universe, you can turn any dream into a reality.

The universe is always conspiring to make good things happen for us, but we must put our fair share of work in too. Luckily, there are certain tools that we can take advantage of in order to put the manifestation process into motion. One such tool are manifestation necklaces.

By wearing these necklaces supercharged with manifestation friendly stones and symbols, you can signal to the universe that you are ready and open to receive every blessing. Whether you are searching for money, love, a new career, or anything else, wearing a manifestation necklace can help. 

Interested in manifesting the life of your dreams? Read on to discover our top five favorite necklaces for making your wishes come true.

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Gifting Manifestation Necklaces

Jewelry is one of the most beloved gifts we can share with each other. Not only does it make us feel beautiful and hold significance, but it also lovingly reminds us of the giver each time we put the piece on. The best part about these unique necklaces is that they allow the wearer to channel positive, flowing energy into their life - which seems to be the best gift you can give. On top of that, giving one of these necklaces as a gift would allow your loved one to fulfill all their greatest wishes, desires, and dreams. 

Giving jewelry as a gift is an excellent way to show your loved one just how much you care, especially a piece as significant as a manifestation necklace. It shows the receiver that you care about their dreams and support them on their journey.

We all have aspirations, dreams, and a path we want to follow, however, to fulfill that path we need the motivation and the right amount of energy. This gift will help your loved one to narrow in on their goals in life, while also paving a clear and direct path for them to follow.

Womens Necklaces Collections

These necklaces, and the power of manifestation, will help to remove any obstacles or blockages along the way towards achievement. They give off a positive vibration that will help your loved one to feel good and confident in their own skin. When we feel true to ourselves and can hold our heads up high, we can more easily face the world head on and without fear or hesitation. These necklaces promise to do just that and so much more.

Think manifestation necklaces are only for women? Think again! We offer a collection of manifestation necklaces for men, too! In this fast-growing and fast-moving world, there are a million and one problems that we each face. Gifting a necklace such as this, eases some of that burden for the important men and women in your life. Creating more positivity, these necklaces will help your loved ones towards a healthier, wealthier, and happier life.

While most manifestation necklaces are adorned with powerful gemstones, they do not necessarily have to be. The most important piece is the energy that went into making them. At Karma & Luck, with our lovingly handmade products, you can rest assured that each necklace has been infused with only the highest vibrations and loving energy. 

Womens New Arrivals Collection

Check Out: Our Womens New Arrivals Collection

Here Are Our Top 5 Most Mesmerizing Manifestation Necklaces From The Collection:

#1 Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace 

This “Master Healer” necklace is the perfect way to spiritually heal your soul for the better. The necklace is made with love in Bangkok, Thailand using 925 sterling silver and is 18K gold plated. It is a pointer necklace that features a beautiful clear quartz charm and a powerfully protective evil eye symbol as well. The necklace acts as a shield against all negative energies and is filled with positive vibrations to uplift you.

It serves as an emotional aid for all those who are not feeling strong enough for the battles they face. It promises to pick the wearer up from any struggles and makes them feel even better than before.

This necklace also stimulates vibrant feelings and makes sure one always sees the bright side of life. The clear quartz charm helps one to feel clear and focused, so that they can more readily manifest the life of their dreams. It also comes with an evil eye symbol that deflects and repels any negativity sent your way.

Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

Check Out: Our Master Healer - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Pointer Necklace

#2 Inner Clarity - Hematite Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace 

    Looking for a sense of inner clarity? This necklace is the perfect solution for you. Featuring a clear quartz stone along with hematite stones, it is handmade in Bali, Indonesia using 18K gold plated brass. The necklace offers clarity to one's soul and ensures them of their purpose. It helps one in elevating a negative perspective, so that they can think of the enlightened side.

    The purpose of the clear quartz stone is vast and powerful as well. It expands your consciousness and helps you to communicate openly. It also stimulates the chakras, allowing you to become a more aligned version of yourself.

    A well-focused mind is a must for anyone looking to focus on their goals, and that is exactly what this necklace will provide. By promoting clarity, this April birthstone necklace helps one focus on achieving their goals. 

    Hematite Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace

    Check Out: Our Inner Clarity - Hematite Clear Quartz April Birthstone Necklace

    #3 Innate Instinct - Scorpio Constellation Necklace 

    Born between October 23rd and November 21st? Then you have got to get your hands on this Scorpio constellation necklace. The necklace features cubic zirconia beads and is made with 18k gold plated brass. As a passionate, intense, and mysterious individual, every Scorpio can benefit from this balancing and inspiring necklace.

    This piece ignites positive transformation in your life and reminds you of the many gifts with which you are blessed. Reminding all the Scorpios out there to explore positive solutions to their problems, this necklace will ease conflict and calm any worries. It also works to promote manifestation and imagination, so that all your wildest dreams can come true.

    Scorpio Constellation Necklace

    Check Out: Our Innate Instinct - Scorpio Constellation Necklace

    #4 Harmonious Soul - Agardwood Tibetan Mala 

      Malas are a beautiful and sacred way to express yourself. Check out this “Harmonious Soul Agarwood Tibetan Mala” with a colored cloud gaze. It features 108 ceramic beads and is thoughtfully handmade in Brunei. We may not have complete control over what happens to us in life, but we can control our reaction to those things.

      Equipped with the power of agarwood, this necklace attracts positive vibrations, growth, new beginnings, good health, nourishment, as well as expansion. This piece helps to manifest positive energy into your life, along with good fortune. Assisting one in calming their fears, staying strong, and feeling secure, this necklace is a true companion in turbulent times. The beads also aid in healing, calming, and creating more harmony in one's soul. 

      Agarwood Tibetan Mala

      Our Harmonious Soul - Agarwood Tibetan Mala

      #5 Origin of the Universe - Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace 

        This gorgeous “Origin of the Universe” necklace is an antique-style piece that exudes positive energy. The necklace is handmade in Bali, Indonesia using antique bronze and has a chain length of 22 to 24 inches. Featuring a spinning wheel, this necklace balances the many energies of the universe. With this piece you will never be alone or helpless.

        In fact, the same force that is guiding the stars is the same one that is guiding you and your heart. This powerful zodiac symbol is strong in helping us to remember that our drivers, as well as motivators, are found in the secrets of the stars. It helps us in modeling our future through different archetypes, all of which are unique in their own way. Only when we start respecting and loving ourselves, can we begin to manifest our wishes, which this necklace will help you do.

        Spinning Wheel Chinese Zodiac Necklace

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        Gift Your Loved Ones the Ability to Manifest Their Dreams 

        The best gift you can give is something thoughtful and something personalized. These manifestation necklaces tick all the boxes. By showing your loved one that you are aware of their goals and supportive of their path, they can slip this necklace on and feel your love - no matter the distance between you.

        Interested in gifting more than just a necklace? Send out extra positive energy into the universe by wearing multiple jewelry pieces for manifesting. A ring is a great combination with a necklace. Both pieces remain close to the skin, allowing for loving vibrations to radiate throughout the soul and body.

        A manifestation gift pack would be an excellent gesture of love when giving it to someone. A ring is an effective manifestation piece that works in the same way the necklaces do. Wearing both would supercharge your desires with the combined energy of the two items.

        Another great idea for a more personalized gift is finding out what their birthstone is, or even just their favorite stone. When we feel a certain attachment to particular stones, there is usually a reason for it! Often these stones we are most drawn to are those that hold the greatest benefits for us.

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        For that reason, giving your loved one a necklace with their favorite gemstone would not only show that you are paying attention to their interests, but also show that you care for their ultimate well-being.

        Zodiac manifestation necklaces are also available on the market, and we have a beautiful collection at Karma & Luck. Every zodiac sign holds its own unique meaning and set of personality traits.

        By tuning into the power of your own zodiac sign, you become more true to yourself and authentic in your desires. The universe will notice and reward you with a wealth of blessings. Choose the zodiac sign necklace to match your loved one’s birthday and watch the miracles flourish in their life.

        The best part about all of our manifestation necklaces is that they are not only powerful in their ability to inspire transformation, but they are also incredibly beautiful! Regardless of the level of spirituality in your loved one’s mind and soul, they will surely fall in love with the design.

        Each time they put the piece on, unknowingly or not, they will begin to call in the manifesting energy of the universe. These unique pieces call in the loving vibrations of the universe, while also elevating any look or outfit. Now that is a win-win! 

        Mens Necklaces Collections

        Check Out: Our Mens Necklaces Collections

        The world may be a little fuzzy right now, but one thing is clear - we all need a bit of positivity in our lives. We could all use a clear idea of what we want and a paved path for how to achieve it. We all need something that keeps us focused on our ambitions, and inspired by all the dreams we want to fulfill.

        These necklaces can help us to enlighten our path and find the direction of our souls. A gift symbolizes the love you have for someone, and these manifestation necklaces are the perfect way to demonstrate that care and affection. Help your loved ones achieve their dreams with ease and grace.

        Did you find the perfect gift for that special person in your life? Visit our website and shop our full collection of manifestation jewelry! With rings, necklaces, bracelets, and more, we have something for everyone and every style.

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