Ignite The Divine Feminine with these 5 Emerald Bracelets

Emerald Bracelets

Jewelry is the perfect way to add a touch of style and showcase your unique personality. By providing a greater sense of identity, our outfits can demonstrate who we are to everyone we meet.

When it comes to using jewelry as a means of expressing personal style, one can never go wrong with stunning, eye-catching bracelets. Layer them, stack them, or wear a single bracelet - the options are endless.

Gemstone bracelets are a particularly effective and popular way to not only add aesthetic appeal to any look, but also to maximize the benefits. 

The simple act of wearing a bracelet can now be a whole personalized experience, as each gemstone has its own story attached to it. One gemstone that has caught the eye of many is the sparkling beauty, green emerald. This particular stone is known as the “stone of prosperity”.

It is said to generate positive vibrations for anyone that needs help with finances, wealth accumulation, and interests in success. This stone is exceptionally suited to bankers, shareholders, and people working in the stock market. However, it can be worn by anyone looking to add more prosperity and abundance into their lives.

Emerald Bracelets

Thriving Potential - Evil Eye Bracelet
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Thriving Potential - Evil Eye Bracelet
There’s always new growth in your future. Lustrous silver beads and emerald green enamel come together to celebrate your endless potentia...
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The best part about emerald is that it not only provides a multitude of positive benefits, but it is also extraordinarily dazzling to the eye. So you can not only gain assistance with reaching your goals by wearing this stone, but also receive many compliments for its eye-catching appearance. 

At Karma & Luck, we aim to provide the most gorgeous and unique jewelry on the market, all made with authentic, high-quality stones and materials. These five bracelets listed below are no exception to the rule. They all promise durability, unmatched beauty, and unparalleled powers. 

Interested in purchasing your own emerald bracelet? Read on to discover our top five favorite choices from the Karma & Luck collection. 

Enchanting Emerald Bracelets for Women 

We, at Karma & Luck, offer a wide variety of gemstone jewelry, all created with various intentions and meanings. We believe that all stones carry with them a certain powerful and distinct energy for each aspect of life.

Different gemstones help in different ways, whether it is wealth, health, love life, or balancing emotions, there is always a stone fine-tuned for your goals. Emerald is a particularly charming gemstone that offers a wealth of positive benefits and properties to the wearer. 

Here are our top five favorite bracelets featuring this vibrant green gemstone:

#1 Focused Serenity- Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet 

    Many of us wish for a day all to ourselves - to be surrounded by beach waves, a warm breeze, the smell of saltwater, and our toes buried in the sand. It is a dreamy thought, and in this very fast-moving world, we often find ourselves not having enough time for ourselves. Whether it is the daily fatigue, the tension of getting things done, or the stress of work or school, there is always an overarching stress in our lives.

    We all seek inner peace - to feel that we have everything under control and that everything around us is aligned. Yet, we all experience moments where we feel like the world has gone a bit dull, and in those moments we just need to freshen things up a bit, like the spring rain giving life to dry earth. 

    That is exactly where this gorgeous emerald bracelet steps into the equation. Our “Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet” offers peace and rejuvenation to those who wear it. When you acknowledge the good in your life that is the first step towards having a positive attitude about yourself, your goals, and your ambitions.

    The “Focused Serenity” reminds you to constantly seek gratitude for every moment in life. This bracelet has also been blessed by a sacred singing bowl, which helps in mending any broken connection between your mind, body, and soul, making this bracelet even more effective in its powers. 

    This bracelet includes a 7mm lotus charm, which is said to call in prosperity, enlightenment, new beginnings, and fertility. All these factors can lead to a clear path to your ambitions. Any of the hurdles that might block your way will be eliminated by the energy this charm gives out.

    This product also features 4mm emerald stones, and are said to bring love, compassion, vitality, and peace. It is an 18K gold plated brass bracelet with a lobster claw closure. This product is thoughtfully and skillfully handcrafted in Jaipur, India. The sizes available for this bracelet are 6.5” to 8”. 

    Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

    Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
    Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
    Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Let your surrounding become imbued with ex...
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    #2 Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

      In today's world, there can be a lot of competition, comparison, and judgment. It is common for people to not be genuinely happy for another person’s success. We all want to win in this race called life, which can prevent us from wanting to see others ahead of us.

      Try as we might, it can be hard to fight jealousy. We cannot stop the others’ eyes from looking at us, nor can we stop the thoughts that come into their mind when they look at our success. What we can do, however, is create a protective aura around us - a certain type of energy that would enable us to shield ourselves from the evil eye. 

      The ‘Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet’ can serve as the protection you seek. In earlier times, the symbol of an eye was said to ward off any evil eyes that were looking to harm someone. This symbol has become widespread and commonly used across the globe, which is why our bracelet features it.

      This bracelet focuses on the promotion of inner peace, feeling into your deepest emotions, and uncovering your hidden aspirations. It brings out the best in you, helping you to feel positive and bright, and feeling like you have everything around you going in a positive direction. 

      This bracelet consists of a 6mm evil eye charm which takes away all the negativity from your life. It will show you the positive side of every decision you make, allowing you to feel empowered in your truth. It also features 4mm Ethiopian opal stones that are said to help foster intuition, protection, and healing.

      A stronger intuition will help you make better decisions, making you understand whether the decision you are about to make is worth it or not. It helps with protection and helps you stay away from all the negative energy that may be surrounding you. It also has 4mm ombre emerald stones, which add extraordinary beauty and power to this piece. Handcrafted with love in Jaipur, India, this bracelet is made of 18K gold plated brass. It also has sizes from 6.5” to 8”

      Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

      Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
      Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
      There is only one place to find real peace and harmony. That place is within. Sensual by nature, our unique "Soothing Oasis - Opal Emeral...
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      #3 Joyful Perspective - Taurus Hematite Emerald Bracelet 

        It is imperative to maintain a positive attitude towards whatever is going on in our lives, and to appreciate every bump and every win. Gratitude for all of life’s blessings is what leads to happiness and prosperity, thus leading to a healthy and fulfilling life.

        This bracelet helps you reconnect your soul to your mind and body by activating positive vibrations from the earth and channeling them straight to you. This particular piece is considered very effective and powerful due to it having grounding hematite stones and life-enriching emeralds. 

        This gorgeous bracelet includes hematite stones, which are said to help with calming, grounding, focusing, and centering. All of these useful benefits assist in leading a life with clear ambitions. They help you achieve your goals by channeling profound energy from within the earth.

        Hematite stones encourage you  to lead a positive life, and are especially helpful when it comes to achieving any kind of dreams or aspirations. 4mm hematite stones have been used in this product as well as vibrant emerald stones. 

        Astrology can guide the way for many of us - allowing us to understand our true nature and destiny. Every constellation has its own unique character and energy, and each one is connected to a distinct gemstone. This is why our Taurus charm is paired with the stones of hematite and emerald.

        These two beautiful stones are said to be exceptionally complementary with the star sign of Taurus, highlighting the lovely energy of this earth sign. The charm is about 8x18mm in size, and the sizes available for this bracelet are 6.5” to 8”. This bracelet is thoughtfully handmade and manufactured in Bali, Indonesia. 

        Taurus Hematite Emerald Bracelet

        #4 Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

          Are you an optimist? Do you tend to see the goodness that your future will bring, or do you often have an unsettling feeling of something going wrong? This “Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap” bracelet will settle any worries you may have, and replenish your soul with gratitude, no matter what life is throwing at you. With this bracelet, you can face every issue in your life with positivity and grace, allowing you to prepare yourself for whatever the outcome may be. 

          Our “Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap’ is versatile and distinct. With the ability to be worn multiple ways, it can be styled as a bracelet or as a necklace - whatever suits you best!

          This stunning wrap includes an evil eye talisman that will help an individual radiate with positivity and gratitude, no matter the circumstances. It reminds the wearer to thank the universe for all of the blessings it has been providing us. The evil eye talisman is 5x10mm in size and is gold plated.

          This wrap piece includes 5mm ombre emerald stones that enhance the functions of the evil eye talisman by increasing love, compassion, and vitality. This is an 18K gold plated brass wrap. It can be wrapped three times for a bracelet, or can be styled as a necklace.

          The sizes available for this product range from 6.5” to 8”. This product has also been blessed by the singing bowl, enhancing all of its positive energy and vibrations, meaning an individual can receive greater effects. This product has been artisanally crafted in Jaipur, India. The length of this wrap is 19” to 20” and is provided with a hook and chain closure.

          Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

          #5 The Harmonizer Emerald Agate Hematite Bracelet - May Birthstone 

            What is harmony to you? Is it the peace you receive from within yourself or is it the peace you receive from your surroundings? The world is moving so fast that we often forget to stop and be thankful for each moment we are presented.

            It can be all too easy to forget to enjoy the moment we are in; instead moving on to other moments so quickly that we do not appreciate where we are right now. Where does true happiness come from? It comes from holding a positive mindset, finding peace within, and stopping to enjoy every moment of life. 

            “The Harmonizer Emerald Agate Hematite Bracelet - May Birthstone” can remind us of our innate bliss within. This piece showcases emerald agate stones, which are believed to help promote harmony and stability in your life.

            It encourages you to pave a clear pathway towards your goals and ambitions. Alongside the emerald agate stones there are also hematite stones. These dark stones are said to help provide more calmness and focus in your life. They assist you in focusing so clearly on your goals that you will know exactly what you desire.

            This bracelet is made with all the May birthdays in mind, as it is made with this month’s birthstones. As mentioned earlier, each and every stone has a different effect on the varying zodiac signs or birthdates.

            For instance, this particular product was intentionally created to boost the lives and energy for those in May, as they are especially compatible with these stones. This bracelet is made with functionality in mind, and features a drawstring closure to easily make it tighter or looser. 

            The Harmonizer Emerald Agate Hematite Bracelet

            Emerald Bracelets to Spark the Soul 

            Emeralds are one of the most captivating gemstones in the world. Loved and adored for more than their aesthetic beauty, these stones are extraordinarily powerful in their benefits and properties as well.

            For anyone seeking abundance and growth in their lives, emerald can serve as a trusted companion and support system. Wear these bracelets to encourage the creation of the life of your dreams, and to embolden the wise woman within you. 

            Interested in seeing more of our stunning gemstone jewelry? Visit our website and browse the full collection! 

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