Hunters Full Moon: Love, Money, Spiritual Enlightenment & Growth

Love, Money, Spiritual Enlightenment & Growth

Goodbye Mercury Retrograde. We won't miss you. Hello Mercury in Jupiter going direct on the 18th. Woo hoo. 

Full Moon in Aries arrives on the 20th, and Scorpio Season (don't miss our article coming up on Oct. 22) begins on Oct. 23. Brace yourself, peeps, it's going to get pretty intense, but there's nothing you can't handle and a lot of good in the mix.

So many of us felt the chaotic energy and frustrations of Mercury Retrograde in Libra, which is all about relationships, after all. Well, say buh-bye bad energy and get your cleanse on this Full Moon, and let's regroup and leave the past in the past, where it belongs.

Dole out any apologies and throw in a few hugs and kisses while you're at it, and take on the mantra "forgive and forget" because a new horizon is upon us, and it is all yours for the taking.

With Jupiter in Aquarius, lust, love, and romance are in the air. It's time to remove the blinders. So whether you're in love, falling in love, looking for love, or ready to build a relationship with yourself, between Oct. 20 Full Moon and Dec. 28 is the perfect time to put yourself out there (safely) and take a few risks concerning your heart.

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The Question Begs

Relationships are the focus for sure, but the question begs, what are you on the hunt for as this year comes to an end and a new one begins? The Hunters Full Moon energy is asking you to suss it out. 

  • Love
  • Money
  • Spiritual Enlightenment
  • Growth

The "Hunter's Moon" will peak at 10:57 A.M. EST on Wednesday but will still appear full from Monday, Oct. 18 through Thursday night (Oct. 21).

The moon became known as the Hunter's Moon because it signaled the men to go hunting in preparation for the cold winter months ahead and stock up.

Octobers Hunter Full moon is super solid and breathtaking. This is one of the best times to take advantage of this high energy and get your crystal healing rituals on with gusto. Not just on the Full Moon, by the way, but throughout the month coming up to November's Full Moon on the 19th.

Junters Full Moon

While the Native Americans relied on the Hunters Moon to prepare for the winter, we're a bit more spoiled, but rest assured, you can still hunt for the things you so ardently desire and get those goals in order and hunt them down one by one well before 2022 comes about. 

What may come to mind is journaling or putting together your goals, and that is great; definitely take that on, but Hunters Full Moon is all about physical action.

  • Want to get healthier?¬†Workout.
  • Desire a different job? Get that resume in order and get online.
  • Looking for a relationship? Get on a dating site or let your friends and family know you're ready to rock and roll.
  • Thinking of starting a business? Start.
  • Friends weighing you down? Cut the cords.

Now, while you're taking physical action toward manifestation, remember to use your crystals and gemstones to help guide you and put them to work to activate your purpose, during and after your Full Moon cleanse. We've listed the best ones below. But first, let's get into action.

  • Meditation: Start with a few minutes a day and grow from there.
  • Affirmations and Healing: Same as above and so powerful.
  • Mantras: This should become a daily practice.
  • Prayers: Not just when you need something, but when you're putting things in motion too.
Full Moon

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Hunters relied on this Full Moon for hundreds of years in order to survive the winters. They were ready and focused. Their survival depended on it. But, of course, you don't have to run out and forge for your food unless downloading all the food apps counts.

There is a lot to be said about embracing those exact principles as the hunters did eons ago. Getting focused and carving out times is essential in being spiritually proactive from this full moon to the next. Because no matter what your goals, you can reach them, just like a hunter.

Full Moon rituals are so cleansing and revitalizing. This Hunters Moon in Aries gives you the perfect opportunity to convey gratitude for all you have while working for more. Aries energy is about growth, communication, and, as stated above, taking action.

Miracles do happen, and whether you believe in magic or not, setting your intention and reflecting on these spiritual principles below will set a course of action that the Universal energy can provide.

Ways to Prevent Breast Cancer.

Raise Your Good Karma & Luck Full Moon Rituals:

  • A wonderful ritual during a Full Moon is to create a quiet space, light a white candle and sit in meditation/prayer. This allows you to connect with my Spirit and get centered with your intentions, so you'll know what actions to take in the coming weeks. What can you focus on: Gratitude, Balance, Intuitive messages, Dreamwork
  • Take a hot bath with natural sea salt, baking soda, and fresh lemon to cleanse your Aura and reconnect with the core of who you are.
  • Go outside and put your palms up toward the moon. Say "thank you" to the Universe for all of your¬†blessings¬†and chant your mantras.
  • Another great ritual is to put your crystals outside, overnight, under the Full Moon. If you can't, put them on a window sill that captures the moonlight. This will cleanse and recharge your crystals so they continue to work at their highest vibrational frequency. If that doesn't work, check out our guide to taking care of your crystals.

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What Are the Best Full Moon Crystals?

Moonstone, Amethyst. Evil Eye. These gemstones/crystals are the strongest when synchronizing with the powerful moon energy.


Moonstone represents divinity, balance, and tenderness and harmonizes and aligns with the moon's powerful energy. Because of the luminescent colors of Moonstone, it will light the way down the path your should be venturing toward and will continue to illuminate your way every day, especially when you've allowed the Full Moon to cleanse and energize both you and your gemstones.

    Rose Quartz

    One of the most recognized gemstones. Known for unconditional love, friendship and romance, this vibrant pink stone renews your positivity toward opening yourself to new ways of thinking and feeling.

    In a word: Enlightenment. It's like a daily rainbow that opens up when you put on your healing bracelets and necklaces, and you're ready to call in all the love that is out there and ready to be consumed. This is one of the most famous and fabulous of all Full Moon rituals and mantras. Call in that LOVE.

    Divine Emotion - Gold Plated Moonstone Heart Rosary

      Evil Eye & Moonstone

      Most are well aware of the Evil Eye's power in deflecting negativity. It's been around for thousands of years. Karma and Luck just happened to turn it into gorgeous spiritual jewelry that has the same effect.

      When coupled with Moonstone, an ethereal stone, you will feel the magnetic energy of positivity and blessings that you can bestow upon yourself, thereby ridding yourself of unnecessary things in your life that are hindering you.

          This Hunters Full Moon is Also Aspected by a Planetary Heavy Hitter, Pluto!

          During this transition, you may feel like the need to make significant, life-altering decisions about relationships and finances. While feelings are certainly heightened during this time, the rituals mentioned above, mantras, and affirmations will help guide you toward making the tough decisions that lay ahead. Or perhaps, you may feel the need to rip off the band-aid sooner than later. 

          Scorpio season is right around the corner and starts on Oct. 23 until Nov. 21. We will have much more in the upcoming article about the intensity of this season and the dynamic relationship you can build with money.

          Right now, you can choose to break out of bad habits and replace them with life-affirming ways of living positively every day. Restrictions can become a thing of the past as you navigate your way through the Full Moon and into Scorpio Season. So do the work and reap the results.

          Full Moon Mantra

          Full Moon Mantra Release:

          • I release my self-doubt.
          • I release my limiting beliefs.
          • I release my fear of failure
          • I release my fear of the unknown.
          • I release my fear of the future and create my future here and now.
          • I release all that doesn't serve my higher purpose.

          If you miss this Full Moon, don't fret. You can prepare for the upcoming New Moon and Full Moon in November. In the meantime, power up with Rose Quartz and Moonstone, so you manifest your every desire, every day and in every way.

          Karma and Luck Breast Cancer Awareness Month

          Karma and Luck believes in giving back to move forward. So this October, in recognition of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we’re proud to support the American Cancer Society with a curated collection of our elegant Rose Quartz.

          Rose Quartz is known as a symbol of pure love, emanating emotional healing and peaceful calm. Proceeds from the collection will be donated to the Making Strides Against Breast Cancer Walk in our Las Vegas community.


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