Best Powerful Crystals to Wear Daily as Necklaces, Bracelets or Rings

How to Wear Crystals

It’s impossible to overlook the beauty of precious gemstones and crystals, but we don’t want to forget the even more stunning role they play as healing stones.

Amplifying our style with gorgeous crystal jewelry is one thing. Knowing how to wear healing crystals to intensify their value in our lives is another.

Figuring out where to wear crystals on the body in various combinations – like full jewelry sets and chakra balancing stones – provides protection and enhances our vibrations throughout the day, wherever we venture.

How to Wear Crystals: Where to Place Crystals on Your Body to Access Their Full Power

Is it more effective to wear crystals on the wrist or neck, or does it not matter? What about the ears, fingers, or ankles?

These are questions that our audience asks all the time on our social media channels. So, we want to clear it up right now and shed some light on where to place crystals on the body to get the benefits you are seeking.

best crystals to wear as men's jewelry

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Good Crystals to Wear: Where to Place Chakra Stones & Crystals on Body

Lets answer this question that seems to be on everyones minds by looking at how crystal jewelry affects the energy points on the body…

Best Crystals to Wear as Bracelets

Our wrists are perhaps the most visible part of our body. Think about it – from typing, using a phone, driving, cooking – we look at our hands a lot during the day. Wearing crystal bracelets places a light reminder before our eyes. Every time we glance at our bracelet, we are reminded to live for our intentions. 

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Prosperidad imán Jade Mal Eye Pulsera
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More pointedly to chakra healing, the wrist enables us to move the energetic frequencies from crystal jewelry to every point on our body. Wearing healing bracelets that unite powerful crystals with spiritual symbols from our expansive bracelet collection can supercharge a healthy habit.

By resting a hand on our stomach, heart, or head for a few moments when we wear a crystal bracelet, we send healing vibes to the chakra we need to align. Bracelets also rest on an important pressure point that circulates energy from the wrist throughout the body.

Best Crystals to Wear as Necklaces

Necklaces resonate with the throat chakra, heart chakra, and solar plexus chakras. Whether with charms and pendant crystals or beaded mala strands, our necklace jewelry collection features myriad styles that enable us to connect with ever-changing intentions and to join forces with other spiritual jewelry.

The contact that necklaces make around our neck and at certain points along our chest empowers our heart chakra to share balance between the upper and lower chakras. A stone like Lapis Lazuli charges the throat and heart chakras in a way that directs energy up and down our chakra nodes.

Knowing how to wear jewelry with crystals can be as simple as stylishly incorporating different layers and lengths of necklaces.

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Powerful Crystals to Wear as Earrings

To treat our upper chakras, earrings lend constant support to the third eye and crown nodes. The delicate yet intricate designs in our earrings facilitate the transfer of important spiritual messages from divine realms.

A pair of earrings can simply come as crystal studs or longer drop strands. Though small, they pack a mighty dose of health and wellbeing by guiding our thoughts towards positivity and intention.

What Are Good Crystals to Wear as Rings

Rings work particularly well on the base chakras – the root chakra and sacral chakras – because resting our hands in our lap or hanging our hands puts them next to these points. Our last selection of rings feature different shapes and stones to complement each other and the spiritual bracelets and necklaces you choose to pair with them.

We can be even more intentional with our healing targets. Loading your right hand with rings directs energy out of your system to influence how you relate to and love others. On your left hand, the crystals will attract energy towards you to promote self-love and motivation.

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Best Crystals to Wear as Anklets

Although our root chakra rests in our pelvis, anklets help energize the root chakra to truly make ties to the earth. When we ground into the earth, we gain stability and protection no matter where our feet carry us.

Anklets draw the Earth’s nourishment into our bodies. Our anklets feature light strands of powerful stones, making them comfortable to layer during the summer or tuck into boots in the winter.

What Crystals Should I Wear & How to Wear Healing Crystals to Master Your Intentions

Now, lets look at some of the most common intentions people have for wearing crystal jewelry…

Crystals to Wear Daily for Happiness & Confidence

good crystals to wear for Happiness & Confidence
Wise Guidance - Lapis September Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Wise Guidance - Lapis September Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
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These intentions go hand in hand. To feel true happiness, we need to feel confident and comfortable in the person we spend the most time with every day – ourselves!

Part of confidence comes through our ability to articulate our truth. By activating our throat chakra, especially with a mystical crystal like Lapis Lazuli, we access communication that truly rises from the heart.

We have a range of jewelry to shine brightness into your aura and inspire you to openly express and show your spiritual purpose. 

What are the Best Crystals to Wear for Protection & Peace

Experimenting with how to wear crystals for chakra activation can expand your aura. This means it may absorb even more energy than it could before. The only problem is that you also become more susceptible to negative energy. That’s not a reason to give up this wonderful healing tool, though.

Wearing jewelry made with the intention to offer protection and peace means that we encircle ourselves with a powerful spiritual fortress to protect our full chakra system while ensuring a calm, tranquil mindset.

Powerful Crystals to Wear Daily for Health & Balance

The whole name of the game here is balance and wellbeing. Intentionally wearing crystals to promote personal health and serenity contributes to open, free-flowing chakras. 

Understanding how to wear crystals that unite the points along the chakra system allows us to find equilibrium between our grounded root chakra and our ethereal crown chakra. Our collection for health and balance features jewelry laced with stones for gentle vibrations in each chakra.

Best Crystals to Wear Everyday for Love & Loyalty

We mentioned the important differences of jewelry placement between the left and right sides of the body when it comes to being able to give and receive love. To find energizing love, we need to attract others who will be loyal and true to us.

The heart chakra crystals

The heart chakra invites us to explore our ability to love, our third eye chakra gives us clear thinking about true spiritual relationships, and our root chakra keeps us firmly standing in our intention. We’ve tailored a beautiful collection of jewelry that targets these crucial points for love and loyalty in your life.

Best Crystals to Wear Daily for Luck & Success

No matter what success means to a person, we do all really want it. We’re told over and over about the hard work it takes to succeed, and that’s true whether you want wealth, love, or enlightenment. Adding a sprinkle of luck to the mix can’t hurt either. 

crystals to wear everyday for Luck and Success

We need to feel ignited by our passions and gather our resilience to stay the course. By concentrating on our upper chakras, as well as the heart and solar plexus chakras, we train our spirit to recognize the opportunities and moments we need to embrace for success.

Our luck and success collection will help clarify how to wear crystals that cultivate a clear pathway to your dreams.

What are Powerful Crystals to Wear Every Day for Strength & Stability

One of the greatest gifts of a healthy chakra system is the strength and stability to traverse the highs and lows that are inevitable in human life. By empowering all the chakras with steady powerful energy, we promote a whole body healing practice.

Find colorful pieces from our collection that protect, charge, and balance your full chakra system.

Crystals to Wear Everyday: How to Wear Jewelry for Full Body Balance

Even though the tips above can certainly help you amplify your intentions and live your best life, ultimately, there is no right or wrong way to wear crystal jewelry. Wearing crystals that are close to each chakra will help you maintain balance in your energetic field, and therefore, your life.

Play around to gain a sense of how to wear crystals for a holistic healing experience. Combine various pieces together to see how your chakras communicate and help each other for optimal spiritual wellbeing and start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Women's Best Sellers

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