How to Support Someone With Breast Cancer: 9 Tips to Try Today

How to Support Someone With Breast Cancer

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a time when we see pink ribbons symbolizing the triumph of survivors and our support for those who are battling the disease. According to the World Health Organization, in 2020 there were more than 2.3 million women with a breast cancer diagnosis on a global level.

In support of the women we care for, we can choose to stand by their side and give them our undivided support. If you’re struggling with how to support someone with breast cancer, it’s important to know you are not powerless and there are many things you can do to be there for them. 

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How to Support Someone With Breast Cancer 

Dealing with an illness doesn’t have to be a lone battle. While we don’t feel the symptoms of those going through it, we do feel love for them and have a genuine desire to do what we can to make things better. 

If you know someone with breast cancer, here are some things you can do for them…

Be a Good Listener 

Knowing how to support someone with breast cancer can be as simple as lifting their spirits with a heart-to-heart conversation. Sometimes, the best way to show support is to offer a listening ear and show understanding.

Even when you are not going through it yourself, being there for someone to share their deepest emotions and thoughts is a way to demonstrate to them that they are not alone. Receptivity and a willingness to offer a shoulder to lean on can go a long way. 

how to help someone with breast cancer

Keep Things Light

Some of the best remedies for hardship and worry are lighthearted conversations. Keeping things light is a way to keep the spark of optimism burning, which is immensely healing. More than anything, a dose of spontaneity will help those who are battling this illness maintain a sense of connectedness, meaning, and faith.

Sometimes, the best way to know how to help someone with breast cancer is to understand that not everything needs to revolve around their illness. Instead, chose to bring contrast to worrisome thoughts. Casual banter, light, and quality time will show that pleasant routines can and will continue to enrich their life. 

Distract Them With Humor

If you’re wondering how to support someone with breast cancer, know that humor goes a long way to change the energy and inspire positive thoughts. Laughter and joy can nourish the soul and speed up recovery on a soul level, so choose to put a smile on their face when the opportunity for jokes arises.

A good joke will distract negative thoughts and make the burden a tad bit lighter, even for a moment.

Ask Them What They Need

We often think we know what someone battling cancer needs. Although such inspiration to help always comes from a good place, assumptions can be counteractive and make them feel more disconnected.

For instance, they may feel much more empowered if instead of making the food, you go shopping for groceries. Instead of showing up at their house, they might prefer a phone call. Instead of calling them to join you for an event, join them for a walk if that’s what they find more replenishing.

If you want to know how to support someone with breast cancer, ask them how you can make their day better and show up for them. Thoughtful help that is meaningful and resonates with personal needs is always welcome and appreciated.

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Support the Cause 

Supporting the cause is a way to contribute to positive change and spread hope globally. If someone you know is battling breast cancer, or you feel inclined to make a contribution, there are many ways to support breast cancer awareness, research, and treatments. When it comes to knowing how to support someone with breast cancer, making an impact can go a long way.

At Karma and Luck, we are offering designated products, designed to spread light and love to fierce women battling breast cancer. A heart pendant with pink ribbon is a symbol of love, inspiration and bravery of women who are healing.

Choosing something from our Breast Cancer Awareness Collection supports the many fierce survivors, raises the issue of timely prevention, and makes an impact on societal breast cancer awareness.

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Send Them Happy Surprises

Energy can change everything, so why not surprise them with something that will bring hope and positive vibrations into your loved one’s life?

Crystals are soul medicine. They are known for their healing and protection properties, and they can offer immense energetic assistance. They are not just pretty gifts, but also powerhouses for shifting energy and changing things at a cellular and soul level.

Sometimes a heartfelt surprise is the best way to know how to help someone with breast cancer and show them that you care. To brighten up their day choose meaningful jewelry and high vibrational home decor from Karma & Luck’s collections, each of which was designed to bring optimism, strengthen faith, and rejuvenate the mind, body, and soul.

Here are some great choices:

  • Minerals Intention Boxes blend various potent crystals to purify the body from toxicity, align chakras, and bring healing to body and spirit.
  • Feng Shui Trees of Life merge multiple crystals to help create an ideal space for replenishment and healing. A tree of life will bring harmony, joy, and peace to their doorstep, while strengthening faith and banishing all that drags their spirits down.
  • Women’s Bracelets can become their source of happiness and light even when things are uncertain. These elegant details are soulful gifts for a friend with breast cancer that will guard their aura, connecting them with loving, supportive energy wherever they go.

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Be Open-Ended

Shifting from hope to hopelessness and fluctuating emotions are not uncommon for people with breast cancer. They never know how they will feel from day to day, so give them open-ended invitations for your help and for getting together with them. One day they may need a word of encouragement, and on another, they may need good company to shift the focus.

When you want to know how to support someone with breast cancer, the best thing you can do is be welcoming and show understanding for the uncertainty they live with and the turbulent feelings that can arise.

Go with the flow with them without frustration and judgment, and show compassion for the changing circumstances and states they are experiencing by showing up for them and letting them know they can count on you.

Help Out With Their Family

A battle with cancer brings with it shifts in family obligations and routines. If you have a friend with breast cancer, or someone you dearly love is going through it, do what you can to help them tackle practical issues. Assist them when they need to keep up with busy schedules to maintain positive family dynamics and ease the feeling of helplessness. 

Pick up kids from school and offer help with their homework or leisure activities, walk their pets, or tend to their garden to help share the load they carry. These practical gestures will give them more time to rest, recuperate, and take care of their well-being. 

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Be There for the Long Haul 

A battle with cancer has its cycles and stages. So, when you want to know how to support someone with breast cancer and show them your unconditional love, be there during and after.

Even if the storm is over and the sea has settled, be there for them in the aftermath to help them get back on their feet. Uncertainty is always present, and support matters even when the threat is gone. Having awareness and showing gestures of receptivity will help keep their hope up and help them feel supported on their journey. 

Final Thoughts

A battle with breast cancer is a real for many women around the globe and we can all offer our support. Offering undivided understanding, raising awareness, and spreading love can raise the vibration and instill hope. Sometimes, it’s the little gestures that can brighten up a day and show that we are there, no matter how rocky the path. 

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