How to Increase Your Luck: 11 Ways to Attract Good Fortune

How to Increase Your Luck

Sometimes, a little luck gives us a gentle push, helping us manifest our dreams. Luck has a frequency that we all want access to, but too often, it eludes us. To learn how to increase your luck, focus on aligning yourself with the high vibes around you and relishing in the divine timing of the universe.

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How to Increase Your Luck: Try These 11 Ideas to Attract Good Luck and Wealth

If we set our minds on success and fulfillment, we can find ourselves enjoying the energy of luck in our everyday lives. Here are some tips to help you do it…

Visualize Positive Outcomes and Things To Do for Good Luck

In life, there are mountains to climb, and we are told that if we just follow the correct advice that we will feel wonderful when we overcome the challenge. While it’s important to live in the moment and appreciate the present, seeing ourselves where we want to be helps us continue along our path. 

When we paint an image in our mind of the outcome we desire, we put energy towards attaining our goal. By visualizing the amazing possibilities ahead, we can move forward in the present and follow the path to abundance.

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Wear Lucky Charms & Gemstones to Increase your Luck and Good Fortune

To send well wishes and luck to our favorite teams, we rally around a mascot; turns out, this word comes packed with luck in the name, from the French mascotte, or “sorcerer’s charm.”  Lucky charms and gemstones can serve as our own personal mascot every day.

Some spiritual symbols contain powerful energy that helps us attract good luck. Animals like elephants and turtles signify patient, steady progress, and enlightened wisdom. The Evil EyeRed String, and Buddha symbols offer divine protection and inspiration to move forward. 

Certain crystals also pack powerfully lucky vibrations. Jade is a stone that has been treasured since ancient times for drawing wealth and fortune near. Pyrite and Citrine burn with an essence of light and joy to illuminate all the luck already within our midst.

Lucky Charms

How to Get Good Luck Watch Your Words

Words are a powerful force that can create or destroy. We pray with words because we recognize how important this expression is to help us connect with energy outside of ourselves. We must fill our words with positivity because they magnify their energy in return.

If we constantly complain and frame our situation with negativity, we cannot expect to attract happiness and abundance. We can mind our words in two ways:

  1. Practice mindful expression to recognize when we need to speak with love and compassion.
  2. Speak affirmations that elevate confidence and vitality to tell us the story of success.

Practice Good Feng Shui

Just like our words, the space around us emits energy that can influence our ability to manifest good fortune. The ancient Chinese art of Feng Shui is one of the most practical solutions for how to increase your luck. Implementing good Feng Shui in our homes includes decluttering what doesn’t serve our intention and inviting in things that radiate positive energy.

An important aspect of Feng Shui energy comes through the symbolic growth of plants. That’s why Karma and Luck has an entire collection of specially crafted Feng Shui trees with gemstone leaves that attune our homes to balance, harmony, success, and abundance.

Feng Shui for Luck

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How To Get Good Luck and Spread Good Karma

Generosity is paramount to luck and success. The more we give to the world, the more it blesses us in return. When we release the sense of deserving something in return, and simply spread love and karma with an open, willing heart, the world responds two-fold.

Much of the luck and abundance we realize when we work to spread good karma in the world comes from within. It allows us to reframe what we understand as success and fortune so we can find it in the joy and love shared with others. 

How To Have Good Luck and Set Daily Intentions

In the same way that daily affirmations boost our thoughts and confidence, setting daily intentions is another method for how to increase your luck. Daily intentions begin to develop a pattern to follow, and each day we reset our intentions, we take steps in our progression.

Daily intentions provide us with a routine. When we treat our routines as sacred rituals to invigorate our actions, it turns our daily intentions into supercharged beacons for the good fortune we desire.

Tap Into Your Intuition

We all have different notions of what we desire or what will fulfill our sense of abundance; it’s important to look within to determine what will make us feel accomplished. When we get what we want, we experience that “lucky feeling.”

By relying on our intuition to let us know we’re on the right track, we more easily flow with the universe, rather than resist it. Intuiting our success opens not just our eyes, but also our minds and hearts to accept opportunities for growth.

How to Attract Good Luck and View Your Mistakes as Lessons

This may seem counterintuitive when it comes to knowing how to increase your luck, but taking time to understand our mistakes can offer incredible insight to knowing how to reach our goals.

Unlucky moments, when things don’t go our way and we are pushed further from our target, may actually offer us deep lessons that can move us forward. When we comprehend these moments as crucial steps in our journey, we can feel lucky to have experienced challenges full of guiding insight.

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Practice Gratitude

An important way to invite more luck into our lives is to let lucky energy know we appreciate its presence. By practicing gratitude in our lives, we make it a habit to always feel thankful for the opportunities bestowed on us.

When accomplishments are credited to luck, we sometimes forget the hard work, the faith, and the positivity within ourselves to see something through. Therefore, giving gratitude to ourselves as well as the lucky stars sparks our personal power. 

Take Actions Every Day Toward Your Goals

Like daily intentions, this method for how to increase your luck takes it a step further. Set your intentions, yes… but don’t forget to act on your goals.

We may not receive luck in one big basket. Instead, by making sure our goals have an important place in our everyday lives, we can take actions that inch us closer to their achievement. Small steps don’t feel like we’re moving mountains, but in the end, we’ve probably made much more luck for ourselves.

Use Crystals in Your Everyday Life

Because crystals are the earth’s natural energetic nodes, we can put them to work to attract good luck towards us. Whether we place them as home décor, wear them as crystal jewelry, or more simply, hold them in our hands or in our pockets, we can catch the essence of their frequencies to draw luck our way. 

We’ve curated a special mineral box blessed with the intention of Luck and Success. Featuring five healing crystals – Aventurine, Pyrite, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, and Clear Quartz – this combination offers protection, energy, inspiration, and focus to manifest luck in what you do. 

How to get Good Luck Final Thoughts

Take these ideas for how to increase your luck and go out into the world, fulfilling your spiritual purpose and attaining the divine gifts that were meant for you. Let today be your lucky day; take the leap towards enlightenment and intention.

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