8 Simple Methods for How to Cleanse Gemstones, Plus Why You Should in the First Place

How to Cleanse Gemstones

Gemstones have been incredibly loved in the spiritual and holistic community for ages and generations before us. After all, they have the power to change our frequency, heal us, guide us, and provide us with exactly what we need energetically at any moment in time. 

Cleansing crystals is an essential step to using them for healing and elevating our vibration. Every time we use one for our healing stones and set an intention, it absorbs and transmutes energy to work in our favor.

Because of that, knowing how to cleanse gemstones and take good care of our crystal collection and jewelry helps us get the most out of them.


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Why Should I Cleanse My Crystals?

Crystals help us elevate and change our vibration. They easily pick up energies around them and are incredibly sensitive to changes in frequency. In order to keep their healing potential at its maximum, it is essential that we take good care of them.

That’s why we cleanse all of our products before we ship them out in a special cleansing process to ensure that when they reach our customers, they are free from old energies. But more on that later.


They Absorb Negativity

Gemstones continually absorb and transmute negative energy into positive energy for us. So, when we use them without cleansing them, it weakens their ability to work at their maximum healing potential.

Exposing a gemstone to a source of negativity for a prolonged period of time doesn’t deny its healing ability; but it can tone down its full capacity to heal and transform, so knowing how to cleanse gemstones is a critical aspect of crystal healing and collection.

Cleansing Crystal Jewelry

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A Cleansed Crystal is a Potent Crystal

The act of cleansing brings crystals back into their natural state and strengthens their healing ability. Crystals are formed under the influence of powerful forces of nature. When a gemstone is in touch with a natural source of high vibration it releases the old and prepares for fresh, beneficial energy.

How to Cleanse Gemstones: 8 Simple Methods 

Using crystals requires knowledge about how to cleanse new crystals and how to replenish and maximize their healing potential.

Mindfully performed cleansing rituals and blessings have an incredible impact on crystals and gemstones, as these practices are healing in and of themselves, and they can be used to refresh crystals and eliminate low vibrations within them.

Selected sacred objects, nature, spiritual tools, and the power of our own positive vibration are incredible sources of positive energy and can help us in this cleansing process.



Every sound has a vibration of its own, and singing bowls are designed to produce high-vibration sound that has a profound impact on gemstones.

Our crystal singing bowl collection offers a way to use the power of vibration sound therapy to improve our lives and the beneficial qualities of our crystals. Being made of healing gemstones themselves, they combine the frequency of sound with crystal qualities to help bring other crystals into balance.

Thanks to sound purification and using this method for how to cleanse gemstones, singing bowls help prepare crystals for a new cycle of healing, restoring their healing capacity.

Every one of our products receives a Sacred Blessing via a huge crystal singing bowl before leaving our plant. That way, when you unwrap your delivery, you can start enjoying the healing nature of your jewelry or home décor right away.

Cleansing With Sound

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There is nothing that the power of intention can’t transform. Everything is composed of energy, which is nothing more than consciousness. That means, your crystals are energy and so are your thoughts. And that means that your thoughts alone have the power to cleanse your crystals.

Gemstones are incredibly resonant with positive vibrations. Setting a clear intention that comes from a place of peace, positivity, and serenity, and sending that energy into your crystals, allows that positivity to overpower the negative vibrations the crystal has absorbed for us.


Singing bowl

Other Crystals

Some crystals have the ability to act as energy batteries for others. Clear Quartz is not only known for its healing properties, but also for its ability to amplify the power of other crystals. Large pieces of Amethyst and Citrine are some of the best stones for cleansing other stones.

To know how to cleanse gemstones using other crystals, start by placing one of these crystals next to a crystal that needs to be cleansed and let their energies entwine. This will help balance the energy, clear away energetic residue, and prepare your favorite gemstone for new use. 

Ametyst crystal

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Sage, Palo Santo, and incense have been used for cleansing purposes and spiritual protection rituals for centuries and have the power to clear and transmute the energy for us. Using them to cleanse crystals will eliminate energetic blockages, remove absorbed negativity, and energetically strengthen gemstones, so that they can offer us their highest level of healing.


One of the basic elemental forces, water, is a powerful purifying force that generates fresh energy and helps crystals connect to it. Through deep cleansing, it rinses away collected negativity, raises the vibration, invites serenity, and helps bring a crystal back into its natural state.

Not all crystals can be cleansed in water as some break down in water, so make sure your crystal can be safely cleansed in water first.


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Salt has incredible absorbent abilities and is a powerful catalyst for energy exchange. Using it in a cleansing practice helps clear away anything that hinders the power of crystals, as it soaks up all the heaviness the crystal has been absorbing.

Like water, not all crystals react well to salt, which is why it is crucial to know how to cleanse gemstones in a way that is in sync with their nature and to check whether your crystal reacts with salt before proceeding.


The moon has magical abilities. It symbolizes intuition and the quiet divine feminine power, and its light can help restore its natural healing abilities. Exposing the crystal to moon light overnight, especially during the Full Moon or a New Moon, increases its potential to heal and transform our reality.


A symbol of light and life, Sun is a powerful natural force that can heal, uplift, and cleanse.

If you are wondering how to cleanse gemstones with sunlight, simply expose your crystal to direct sunlight for a period of time and let it soak in the Sun’s rays.

However, some crystals, such as Amethyst, Rose Quartz, and Citrine, fade when exposed to direct sunlight and work better in moonlight. 

How Often Should You Cleanse Your Crystals?

The more a crystal is exposed to various influences, the more energy it absorbs. To keep its vibration at an all-time high, it is essential to cleanse your piece periodically.

Cleanse it Every 10 to 15 Days

Every crystal should be cleansed at least every 10 to 15 days, even when you don’t actively use it for meditation and healing. Ritually purifying your crystals twice a month invites fresh, positive energy into your life and supports the flow of beneficial energy.

You can choose any method for how to cleanse gemstones that resonates with your crystal or mix it up every now and then.

Cleanse it After Every Other Use

Although not necessary, cleansing a crystal after every other use is a good way to ensure it is always vibrating at a desirable frequency. This helps strengthen its healing properties, especially during turbulent times. 

Cleanse After Big Energy Shifts

To enjoy its full benefits, cleanse your crystal every time it comes in contact with overpowering negative energies or with another person. Also, if you are wearing your gemstones while you undergo a healing or energetic shift, a cleanse will be necessary.

Final Thoughts

Take good care of your crystals and your crystals will take good care of you. Cleansing and charging crystals allows their positive, healing energy to flow uninhibited and free from old energies that don’t serve us. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Crystal Singing Bowls

Cleanse After Big Energy Shifts

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