How to Balance Your Chakras With Crystals, Food & More

Balancing Chakra

In holistic practices, universal energy is described as a warm, circulating frequency, a magnetic type of energy. In reality, there are 3 types of magnetism – diamagnetic, paramagnetic, and ferromagnetic. Humans are diamagnetic, meaning our bodies react to magnetic forces, but when the force goes away, we remain physically unchanged.

Diamagnetic or otherwise, we want to embrace and maintain a cycle of magnetism spiritually to attract good and deflect evil.

You can do this by learning how to balance your chakras. From the Sanskrit word meaning wheel, chakras seek to flow with abundant, nourishing vibrations.

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What Are Chakras?

From an ancient holistic healing tradition in India, chakras refer to the energy centers located at nodes along the spine. We want our chakras open and flowing to nourish our spiritual intentions.

There are 7 main chakras in the body, and at least 5 spiritual chakras (maybe hundreds more according to some traditions) connect outside of the body to the divine realms and Mother Earth.

How to Balance Your Chakras

Our chakras should remain open when we focus on and practice our spiritual devotions, and we need to keep each chakra in balance with the others. Otherwise, we experience discomforts that indicate we aren’t paying equal attention to each part of our being.

Let’s discover what healthy chakras look like and the signs that tell us their need realignment

Root Chakra

The root chakra (Muladhara in Sanskrit) thrives on the color red and contributes to our sense of stability and grounding. At the base of the spine, the root chakra creates our natural throne where we feel strong and able to stand.

How to Tell if Your Root Chakra is Blocked

Feelings of instability define a root chakra imbalance. This can manifest in financial insecurity or as an inability to stay committed – to friends, projects, or intentions. We feel vulnerable, unsafe, alone, and aimless. 

How to Balance Your Root Chakra

One of the most effective ways to bring the root chakra back into balance is to meditate. As you sit quietly with your eyes shut, visualize a red cord growing from the earth’s core. Let the cord encircle you and secure itself in a knot.

The cord isn’t meant to ensnare you. It sits loosely, symbolic of the freedom to explore while supported by the love of nature and the divine.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Root Chakra

Radiant red, black, and brown crystals work to return the root chakra to balance. Ruby is very centering, and stones like Hematite clarify energetic frequencies that rid the chakras of negativity and sickness.

Within our chakra bracelet collection, our Red String bracelet varieties ensure a constant tie to the root chakra, which can be incredibly important as we move up into our other energy centers. 

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Root Chakra

Eating foods with bright red hues fuel the root chakra. Try eating raspberries or tomatoes to give your root chakra a boost.

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Sacral Chakra

Swadhisthana, the sacral chakra, rests in the center of the lower abdomen, a zone of reproduction and life. It drives creative individuality evoked through sexual expression and intimacy.

How to Tell if Your Sacral Chakra is Blocked

An imbalanced sacral chakra shows when a person’s sex drive disappears. Beyond sexuality, a weak sacral chakra leaves us feeling bored, lethargic, and uninspired.

How to Balance Your Sacral Chakra 

The sacral chakra needs orange light for optimal function, so visualizing orange rays circling your aura can show you how to balance your chakra in this region. Accessing your creative side by getting out the paints or musical instrument can jumpstart your drive to express.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Sacral Chakra

Stones that evoke fire, like Carnelian or Garnet, inspire the sacral chakra. Wearing a bracelet with these stones brings them close to the sacral chakra when your hands are at rest, helping to rejuvenate this energy center.

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Sacral Chakra

Oranges feed the sacral chakra. Other fiery-toned foods like ripe butternut squash and pumpkin bring soothing balance to this node. Spices such as turmeric have incredible healing properties for this chakra as well.

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Solar Plexus Chakra

Also called the ego chakra or Manipura, our solar plexus reveals our confidence. A healthy solar plexus chakra allows us to define individuality and recognize the true power we wield.

How to Tell if Your Solar Plexus is Blocked

A blocked solar plexus chakra manifests as nagging self-doubt and the inability to trust our own decisions. We feel disconnected from our purpose, unable to see what we can uniquely offer. 

How to Balance Your Solar Plexus

Fueled by yellow, imagine the solar plexus as our link to the sun because it makes us shine. Absorb Vitamin D with a Sun Salutation yoga flow near a window or outdoors.

Develop an affirmation practice, expressing “I am…” statements during the day. Even if you don’t quite feel that you are radiant, intelligent, powerful, etc. affirm that you are to manifest it!

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Solar Plexus 

Citrine drives the solar plexus chakra, as does Pyrite and Tiger’s Eye. Place these stones on your solar plexus while resting or meditating or wear jewelry that contains these stones to put yourself in resonance with their frequencies all day long.

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Solar Plexus 

When it comes to foods for the solar plexus, think yellow, such as lemons, bananas, or squash. There are so many wonderful ways to have these foods daily, such as lemon-infused water or banana bread for breakfast.

Heart Chakra

At the center, the heart chakra (Anahata) anchors and unites the lower and upper chakras. It instills tranquility in the constant flow of energy within us so we can balance the changing needs of our spirit.

How to Tell if Your Heart Chakra is Blocked

With green as its resonant color, a healthy heart chakra embodies the vibrant and vital aspects of nature. When it is blocked, we feel depressed, lost, and dull, and we may seek validation from others.

How to Balance Your Heart Chakra

Focusing on self-care should be an essential treatment plan for an ailing heart chakra. Incorporating crystals in warm baths or in meditation infuses nature’s love into your aura.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Heart Chakra

Since we think carrying crystals with you all day is an even better practice, look for jewelry lined with Peridot, Jade, or Emerald to amplify love to the heart chakra.

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Heart Chakra

Heart-healthy foods have both physical and spiritual benefits. Sweet, juicy green apples can inspire love, while other green foods like leafy greens can become a daily smoothie additive.

Throat Chakra

Visshudha, the throat chakra, allows us to express our truth and intention with others. Knowing how to balance your chakra will help you communicate spirit-centered messages to others and lovingly set boundaries in situations when its necessary.

How to Tell if Your Throat Chakra is Blocked

A blocked throat chakra shows up when we fear speaking our truth. We simply nod along to keep the peace. We let others dictate paths that don’t align with our purpose.

How to Balance Your Throat Chakra

Warm up your vocal cords. The throat chakra has a tangible manifestation through our voice, so try practices that move universal energy through this chakra, like chanting or singing.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Throat Chakra

Topaz, Sodalite, and Aquamarine are some crystals that imbue the throat chakra with the confidence and wisdom to be able to communicate.

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Throat Chakra

Blue builds up the throat chakra, so blueberries are quite a treat! Water also cleanses the throat chakra, so stay hydrated. 

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Third Eye Chakra

Located between our brows, the third eye chakra (Ajna) processes spiritual information so we can extract universal knowledge and use our intuition to think quickly and decisively.

How to Tell if Your Third Eye is Blocked

Feeling constantly in a blur, unable to make choices and lost to your calling indicates a blocked third eye chakra.

How to Balance Your Third Eye

Introspection brings healing to the third eye. Engaging in quiet practices, like journaling, can help wisdom begin to flow.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Third Eye

Placing stones that are indigo or purple on your third eye during meditation, like Amethyst, Labradorite, or Lapis Lazuli, is a powerful way to know how to balance your chakra in this area.

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Third Eye

Foods with a purplish color like eggplant or red cabbage, can fuel your third eye. Even better, so can dark chocolate!

Crown Chakra

A healthy crown chakra is a crucial point for understanding how to balance your chakras. Sahasrara in Sanskrit, the crown chakra, facilitates our connection to the divine no matter what beliefs we uphold.

How to Tell if Your Crown Chakra is Blocked

Feeling completely disconnected to an idea of faith or belief in a divine presence means that the crown chakra needs cleansing.

How to Balance Your Crown Chakra

A balanced crown chakra leads to enlightenment and spiritual consciousness. Reiki healing can guide you towards divine energy, as can meditating in nature.

Chakra Balancing Crystals for the Crown Chakra

Pearl and Clear Quartz charge the crown chakra, as do crystals that have a violet hue, such as Amethyst or Lepidolite. 

Chakra Balancing Foods for the Crown Chakra

For the crown chakra, show your physical body love with whole, nutrient-rich foods. Prioritizing your physical health signals to your spirit the willingness to nourish the chakras.

Final Thoughts 

Focusing on how to balance your chakras will help energy flow throughout your system so you can magnetize abundance and prosperity and deflect evil and negativity.

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