Healing Bracelets: How to Choose the Health Bracelet for You

Healing Bracelets

When our morning alarms buzz from the bedside table, we begin to make important choices: to snooze, or not to snooze, that is the question! Then, there’s what to wear? What to eat for breakfast? How late can we leave home and still get to work on time?

Mornings can get us in a frenzy. That’s when we need to take a deep breath. Pay attention and apply pressure to certain nerve points on the body, like your wrist. It’s a useful method called acupressure that provides physical and mental benefits. In this article we will tell all about healing stone bracelets ( healing beaded bracelets ).

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Stone, Crystal & Gemstone Bracelets for Healing

The wrist is a great point for healing on the body, and wearing healing bracelets can help you live a more spiritual, peaceful life.

Healing bracelets can remind you to put pressure on your wrist so that you can settle your mind and improve your circulation. Plus, you can choose different stones, crystals, and charms that radiate intentions and healing energy all day.

Let’s look at 5 ways to choose crystals bracelets for healing that will suit your needs, style, and intentions…

5 Ways to Choose Healing Bracelets for Women & for Men

There are many ways to decide which spiritual bracelet will fit your needs on any given day. Whether you opt for healing crystal bracelets that target an intention, balance your chakras, or match your outfit, there’s no wrong choice.

Choose Health Bracelets Based on What You’re Drawn To

Just like you might be drawn to wear bright orange on a cloudy day to brighten your mood, bracelets can simply attract you to the right one. You just need to listen.

Our bodies have intuitive connections to natural elements, like color (light waves) and crystals, that draw us near when we most need them. Healing bracelets work like that!

Take a look at a bowl of crystals or gemstones. If you don’t have any on hand, find a photo of crystals or even just of colors.

Is there one specific shade that your eye is drawn to?

chakra healing bracelet
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Healing Crystals Bracelets ( Spiritual Healing Bracelets )

Find a crystal that corresponds with that color. If bright, deep hues of blue instantly spark joy in your mind, try on this Peaceful Heart Lapis Lazuli Wrap Bracelet. The stone of this healing bead bracelet signals loving transformation and peace in the process – something you may not have realized you even needed.

You can also choose healing bracelets based on shapes and animals.

Love turtles? These quiet creatures of nature have strong symbolic meaning, and if you’re drawn to them, they can help you. This elegant Spiritual Wisdom - Ruby Turtle Charm Bracelet contains a tiny turtle to rest on your wrist to symbolize longevity and resilience.

Choose Chakra Healing Crystal Bracelets According to Which Chakra You Want to Balance

Other times, our bodies shout at us to let us know EXACTLY what we need. From a tinge of pain or doubtful thoughts, you can look to your chakras to find balance again.

You can choose a chakra healing bracelet that can brings all 7 chakras into alignment or you can choose one that brings one chakra in particular into focus.

Chakra healing crystal bracelets

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7 Chakra Healing Crystals Bracelets

The 7 chakras resonate at particular nodes along the spine. Moving from the pelvis up to the head, the chakras refer to the root (pelvis), sacral (navel), solar plexus (stomach), heart (well, you get it), throat (again, kind of obvious), third eye (center of brows), and the crown (brain).

One way to detect an imbalance in your chakras is through physical sensation.

Do you have achy, creaky hips after doing a Virabhadrasana (Warrior) yoga series? Maybe you endure intense menstrual pain or constipation? In these cases, you’d want to balance the root chakra.

Benefits of Real Chakra Healing Bracelets

The color red, like in the Peace Within Red String Chakra Bar Macrame Bracelet, draws attention and healing energy to the root chakra. The chakra bar nurtures the entire system at the same time, helping you achieve balance throughout your body.

chakra healing crystal bracelets

When you feel well-nourished, you feed your healthy habits rather than turn to a bag of junk food. Do that for your chakras, too! Even when they’re balanced, continue to nurture them.

The Fulfilling Future - Lapis Pyrite Tiger's Eye Dragon Charm Wrap, features a combination of beautiful gemstones in hues of red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, and violet. That’s right, the chakras align with the light spectrum, which is yet another example of the amazing synchronicity of nature.

Choose Bracelet for Healing According to Your Intention

Some days, you know exactly what you want and need. It might be part of your morning ritual to set a daily intention. Or you may have goals to accomplish that require certain action and energy.

Gems and crystals draw on elemental relationships with the earth, the water, the air, and the sun. Wearing them in a healing crystal bracelet magnetizes these properties toward you so that you intentionally co-exist in balance with nature.

healing bead bracelets

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Best Gemstone, Crystal, Stone Healing Bracelets

Here are some intentions you might have and some great healing bead bracelets to help fulfill those intention. The intentional possibilities are infinite!

  • Happiness: This Contagious Optimism Bracelet relies on Citrine stones that mirror the sun and citrus fruits to feed positivity. Now that will make you smile!
  • Prosperity: Harvest courage and self-confidence with the Defensive Trio Jade Stone Evil Eye Bracelet. Jade and Amethyst draw energy towards you, and the Evil Eye symbol creates a fortress around your growing intention.
  • Love: The Bewitched by Love Pearl Multi Charm Wrap Bracelet embraces your wrist with four lines of stunning Pearl, symbolizing love’s pure gift. It’s like two of the strands symbolize self-love, and the other two are external hugs from people in your life.
  • Focus: Distractions, be gone! The Wise Heritage - Silver Nepal Prayer Beads Bracelet displays the mantra “Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum”, a meditative reminder to channel your thoughts in the present good.
  • Passion: In your work or relationships, attract passion from the Fiery Motivation - Garnet Hematite Macrame Bracelet, with gemstones to help you realize your dreams in balance with today’s possibilities. Passion doesn’t have to surge – it’s a slow burn.
  • Grounding: The Om symbol on the Enduring Harmony Chakra Swarovski Bracelet is an essential sign of alignment with the universe. The circle of colors adds to the balancing energy in this bracelet.
  • Clarity of Mind: The Thriving Spirit - Lotus Diamond Hematite Bracelet is an elegantly subtle strand that features the lotus symbol. In nature, this gorgeous flower grows in muddy water, with delicate yet fortified roots – it can definitely fight through muddled thoughts and confusion!
  • Celebration: If it’s your birth month or Zodiac season, celebrate you! There are so many healing bracelets that incorporate birthstones and Zodiac signs to feed your natal impulses.

Choose Heal Bracelet Based on Your Symptoms

While you foster your intentions, be aware of the negative forces that try to knock you out of balance. Many bracelets incorporate protective symbols to deflect harmful thoughts and toxic energy.

The combination of Evil Eye and Hamsa Hand charms on the Move Forward Wrap Black Onyx Bracelet work as barriers to negativity. Bad intentions cannot pass through these mighty shields. An added bonus to these symbols, in combination with powerful stones like black onyx, goodness and positivity filter through to infuse your mind and spirit.

healing bracelets for men

Like in chakra balancing, sometimes you recognize symptoms creeping into your life through actions, habits, and thoughts. If you’re green with envy toward a friend, you can wear Green Jade as a way to acknowledge your envy and work to overcome it. Jade hearkens in abundance, leaving you grateful instead of envious.

Offer your body and mind healing energy, too. After times of turmoil and struggle, we need to give attention to our journey and offer gratitude for where our struggles deliver us. The Grounding Tranquility Lotus Flower Bracelet, a light, simple strand of stones, relies on turquoise’s intense healing powers to bandage wounds and light a path forward.

Choose Bracelet Healing Based on Gender

Many bracelets can cater to unisex styles, worn by women or men keen to receive positive energy and inspiration. But sometimes we need to tap into specific parts of the feminine and masculine. Luckily, artisans wielding knowledge in healing practices can tap into gender qualities in the healing bracelets they make.

Most Popular Men's & Women's Bracelets Healing

Women have an innate sense of nurture and love. The Divine Feminine Energy Moonstone Bracelet draws on the moon’s symbol of female intuition to empower women who unconditionally accept and foster the divine unknown.

A woman’s ability to feed and grow new life resonates in the Tree of Life symbol with unbreakable roots that branch to her children, found in the Amethyst Stone Tree of Life сollection.

Men might aim to harness masculine strength and courage. The Celebrate Life Skull Charm Bracelet is a healing bracelet for men that invigorates the body as the skull symbol connects a man to divine existence.

The Elusive Pursuit Mala Bracelet gives off a light wood scent from the Agarwood beads to invoke man’s strength and offer deep grounding roots like a tree. It’s versatile, too, as a wrap bracelet or a necklace strand.

healing crystals bracelets

Bracelets With Healing Stones Meaning and Final Thoughts

Your wrist seems like a delicate spot on the body, but its 8 bones and strong muscles do so much for us by allowing our hands to touch and move. It’s an important part of the body to mindfully acknowledge.

Healing bracelets are a great way to adorn the wrist and tap into portals for our mind and body. It’s impossible to go wrong with a bracelet choice, whether you set intention, invoke a chakra, or love a color. It’s a simple choice to call forth exciting possibilities. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our New Arrivals!

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