Harness The Power Of Lion's Gate Portal on 8/8

Harness the Power of Lion's Gate Portal

Welcome to the Lion's Gate Portal

Talk about bringing good Karma and Luck into your life. While many of you do not know what the Lions Gate Portal is, you definitely will by the end of this article and, hopefully, with an excitement of what it means and how it can positively impact and affect your life.

Most importantly, it happens every year on August 8. Still, this year it falls on the mighty sign of Leo, which is very rare, bringing in infinite abundance, incredible potential for manifestation, and heightened sensitivity to making significant life shifts and bringing increased energy of newness.

What Does This Mean? 

Sirius, one of the brightest stars and the star of creativity, love, and abundance, will align perfectly with Orion's Belt. When they align with the blazing sun being in Leo (the very reason for the name), the high vibrational energy will manifest, bring balance, and intensify true transformation during this time.

While the Lionsgate Portal is open from July 26 to August 12, where you will feel forceful vibrational energy occur, the peak of its cosmic and spiritual energy will happen on 8/8. However, this portal will stay open for several weeks, giving you time to connect with this energy ultimately, and we have some incredible ways for you to do just that below.

The number 8 is significant during this time because it is about power, balance, and harmony. During the Lionsgate Portal, you will have the opportunity to work on your self-care and well-being and rid yourself of the negativity and weight keeping you down. Renewed hope will prevail so that intentions can be put in place and goals set and activated.

Celebration and increasing popularity of the lion's gate portal is considered more "new age" in its spiritual practices over the past few decades. Still, the number 8/8 has been a "spiritual" date for many ancient cultures for thousands of years.

The trinity of alignment being Sirius's alignment with Earth coinciding with Orion constellation's perfect alignment with the Pyramids of Giza have been tracked well before any technology was even introduced.

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On 8/8, the Sun & Stars Will Align!

The cosmos on this date will light up beautifully and help us illuminate our ambition and goals and, with Leo's solid and noble lioness energy and experience, more vitality and shifts happen.

Because 8/8 also blends astrology with numerology, Leo's fire sign's synergies are associated with riches, wealth, and passion. It is like combining a new moon with the full moon while the sun is still up and can unleash all of the confidence and self-expression you've held back.

While August 8 is considered the peak date for harnessing this auspicious and mystical energy, it is a sparkling spiritual window of opportunity for you to set your intentions, practice rituals (which we will set below), and take full advantage of the lion's gate portal energy

The perfect time to recognize your personal power and allow it to grow from this day and well into 2022

OH! And the numerological power of 8/8 offers you another spiritual boost. On its side, the number 8 becomes the symbol of infinity, symbolizing infinite manifestation and linking to the Divine inside you and the Universe as a whole.

Is that as beautiful as it sounds? It most definitely is, and it's all yours for the taking.

What Does The Lion's Gate Portal Do?
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What Does the Lion's Gate Portal Do?

The Lion's Gate Portal is a massive influx of energy from the cosmos. What exactly does that energy do, and meanwhile, it's open? Can I utilize the practices I set forth past this date.

Love Energy

Amplifies Love Energy: Is there anything more extraordinary than the power of love? There isn't, and during the portal, you will be able to dive into your divine truth and light and accept the reality of your true power of understanding, courage, and hidden strength you've not realized exist.

Higher levels of consciousness can be reached, and a more enlightened state felt to bring about a new beginning for you, provided you are open to doing the work. More on that below.

Chakra Alignment

The Lions Gate Portal energy aligns with the emerald-green Heart and Solar Plexus Chakras, boosting and heightening your self-confidence, willpower, inner strength, balance, and self-love.

This is the true epitome of yin and yang, light and dark within oneself and finding the balance. As if all of this isn't enough to prompt you to take action, here is something that will give you all the feels.

With the sun's energy smack dab in Leo, it will also activate soulmate energies, and you will feel it right down to your toes. So whether you're in love, falling in love, or looking for love, feel the comfort and warmth of the sun's alignment and let it radiate in you and through you.

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Manifest Money & More

What a glorious day to get focused on meditating and manifesting your intentions toward what you are genuinely passionate about and want in your life. If money is one of them, then it's time to take action and make it happen.

Tap into that stream of abundance energy by opening your third-eye chakra and tapping into your source energy, your core, your heart. The high-vibrational, high-frequency of the Lion's Gate Portal can help you set your intentions right now, so you can pursue them with a sense of ease and less struggle. So get that pen and paper out.

Purge & Cleanse

Sometimes the most challenging things in life are the easiest to achieve, and the overwhelming thoughts stop us. But, not during the portal; this is the time, if ever, where you are openly releasing the very things weighing you down, relationships, bad habits, negative thinking of oneself.

Our souls don't evolve because we sit still. The evolutions come through pain and pleasure, and life. So take this day to channel your love and release your fears.

You've got this in more ways than you know, and the only way you'll honestly figure it out is to trust yourself implicitly. Tap into Leos and Aquarius's energy right now with the understanding that you are a divine force to be reckoned with in all ways, and "fear" will be replaced with "love."

Time To Transform
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Time to Transform

This is one of the luckiest times of the year for transformation and manifestation; it's time to put the personal power ritual in place on 8/8. As the Earth is bathed in this magnificent energy, it's time to harness its power and expedite the changes you so fervently desire and shine like the superstar you were born to be without an ounce of hesitation.

Embrace the Power of the Portal Meditation & Rituals

The Universe is swinging the doors wide open for you beginning on July 26 through to August 12, with the most important day being 8/8, the day of balance and infinite possibilities, and the very day you are going to take time out for yourself to find the balance you are so desperately seeking and manifest everything we discussed above: Love, money, peace, health and so much more.

Let's Get Ready for 8/8 With Some Pre-Ritual Journaling of Our Goals

List 8 attainable goals you can go after right away and 8 steps to achieving them. Don't hold back either; this isn't the time to be conservative in your wishes. It is the time to be unabashedly bold.

Now that you've written those down let's get to some releasing thoughts and journal them as well. Here are a few that may help you get started by answering them honestly. Start with a new page.

  • I forgive myself for…
  • I am growing strong in…
  • I can show myself more love by…
  • I love it when...
  • I release my deepest fear here because...
  • I am aligned with my...
  • I am most powerful when...
  • I am getting better at…
  • I am releasing...

Now that you've accomplished that let's do some meditation and mantras to affirm your place in the Universe and claim what is deservedly yours.

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Your Transformation is Just a Meditation & Mantra Away

🙏🏽 Meditation and Intention: Keep your journal close to you. If you can be outside for this, make it happen; if you cannot, then find a comfortable and quiet place in your home. Next, cleanse your area (if you have smudge sticks or crystals, that will help, if not, use the palm of your hand as it has a lot of energy as well) and repeat this mantra 3 times. "My space is cleansed, and I am protected; only light and love may reside here."

🙏🏽 Make sure to set time aside on 8/8 to either meditate or mantra chant for 8 minutes. Set the timer on your phone and forget about it. Focus solely on your meditation and prayers. Don't worry if your mind strays; bring it back and clear your mind. Wear or hold your favorite gemstones and crystals as they help tremendously in keeping you grounded and focused. If you don't have any, click here to see what manifestation energy you're seeking.

🙏🏽 Dedicate "Make It Happen" Mantras: Now that you have put forth positive energy stay put, and let's do some power positive affirmations and mantras to bring it home. First, reset your phone for 8 minutes. Next, put your left hand over your heart chakra in the middle of your chest and take a few deep breaths. Finally, wear your gemstone bracelets on the left hand and let them soak up the energies and emit positive ones back into your heart. 

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Here are 8 mantras to chant. Write these on a large piece of paper in a large, bold font and put them in front of you. You don't need to close your eyes for this. Instead, make sure to keep moving your hand around your heart chakra, as stated above. Repeat these for the 8 minutes on your timer and if you're so inclined, do it 8 more times for good measure of the blessings the number 8/8 brings us.

  • I reclaim my power and embrace new beginnings
  • I am manifesting all that aligns with my highest potential.
  • I invite all forms of abundance into my life.
  • I forgive myself for the past and am open to the good ahead.
  • I allow love to fill me.
  • I have the power to shape my reality.
  • I am gentle with myself and compassionate with others.
  • I am open to all that serves my soul purpose.

🙏🏽 Once you've completed your meditation and mantra chanting, make sure you say "thank you" to the Universe and be genuinely grateful for having this time and space. Then, open your journal and write whatever is on your mind or that may have come to you during your meditation.

🙏🏽 Drink a glass of water or herbal tea to replenish your body and keep yourself in a peaceful state of being.

🙏🏽 Take a bath or shower if you feel up to it and keep that mantra energy around you while you're cleansing and keep the gratitude going too.

🙏🏽 Take your gemstones/crystals off and put them by your bedside when you're ready to go to sleep. Before you fade into bliss, repeat, "I am so grateful and thankful for all that I have and all that is being brought to me for my highest and happiest self." Then have sweet dreams while the Universe goes to work.

The heart chakra is a wellspring of love. It's the place within you that holds the vibration of warmth, altruism, compassion, and joy. It creates connections and deeply enriching bonds with other beings.

Right now, the Lions Gate energy gives us the opportunity to radiant an auric glow of pure magnetism. So take full advantage of this time to consciously embody the highest version of you and your innate power.

It's time to show up and live the life you're meant for and never forget to express your deepest desires with the clearest of declarations and intentions. Keep the positive energy in your life and harness the power of gemstones to empower your goals every day.

Harness The Power Of Lion's Gate Portal On 8/8

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