Green Gemstones & Crystals: Increase Your Luck, Love & Abundance

Green Gemstones

In these modern times, when we are exposed to a multitude of stressful factors affecting our daily life, there’s nothing we need more than peace and serenity. One of the best ways to do that is to reconnect with our personal power, so that we can create an abundant life and live peacefully and wholeheartedly.

Green gemstones are spiritual tools that can help with that. Symbolizing peace, unconditional love, and prosperity, their healing powers are exactly what we need.

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The Color Green & Its Ties to Luck, Love & Abundance 

Every color has its spiritual power, frequency, and meaning. The symbolism of green has always been associated with well-being, riches, and the healing power of nature. Let’s take a deeper look into what green stone meaning can mean for us.

It Symbolizes Good Luck & Wealth

A symbol of money, wealth, and riches, green is often used to help manifest material goods and success. It is a color of good fortune, helping to transform our personal relationship with the material realm so that we can attract good luck. 

Green protects us from ill will and promotes the release of negative energies that make us feel unfortunate or stuck.  

It symbolizes Love & Peace

Green is a color of love and peace. As the heart chakra color, its effect on the human psyche is incredibly soothing, promoting self-love, inner balance, and clarity.

Green gemstones encourage deep healing on all levels, bringing harmony into both our personal space and our inner world. Its therapeutic nature is often associated with harmony and renewal, helping release tension and stress.

It Symbolizes Abundance & Prosperity

Green is a potent abundance attractor. Being closely tied to the power of nature emphasizes and amplifies our connection with the creator, or the Divine. It helps us flow with ease and grace, set intentions, ground ourselves, and become open to receiving the prosperity and blessings we desire.Green is also a color of growth and fertility, promoting the birth of exciting, soul-awakening ideas.

Green Aventurine

6 Green Gemstones & Crystals to Wear & Adore

Green crystals are a healing presence that can bring light, love, and endless joy into every aspect of our reality. They can be used to amplify abundance, love, and luck in your environment and throughout your body.

Here are 6 green beauties from Mother Gaia herself… 

Green Aventurine 

Green Aventurine is a calming, soothing presence that symbolizes balance and restores harmony on all fronts of life. Being a stone of serenity, it tranquilizes, relieves tension, and promotes the healthy release of anything that disrupts the flow of positive, nourishing energy.

Green Aventurine has been used throughout history for energetic assistance during tumultuous times, especially helping to soothe a broken heart and relieve emotional pain.

If stressed, let the calming essence of Green Aventurine support every step you take. Let its nourishing energy whisk away stress and tension from your energy field. Use our Manifester Feng Shui Tree to invite calmness into your space, raise the vibration, and protect your personal well-being. 

To assist you on a spiritual and emotional healing journey, try our Luck & Success Intention Box, which inspires clarity and aims to purify the emotional body from heavy frequencies. 

Cheerful Spirit - Aventurine Silver Heishi Evil Eye Bracelet


Precious Jade symbolizes eternity, virtue, and harmony. As one of our favorite green gemstones, it is associated with creativity, prosperity, and abundance, helping to bring balance in the physical and spiritual realms.

A mighty wealth attractor, and an immensely soothing gemstone, Jade helps us actualize and manifest our most heartfelt desires and wishes; this allows us to genuinely enjoy our blessings.

By helping us get in touch with the spiritual realm, jade offers Divine protection on our personal journey to abundance and fulfillment. By encouraging gratitude, mindfulness, and positive thinking, it inspires us to gear our thoughts and actions towards living a fulfilling and joyous life.

To find balance and to magnify the power of your prayers, try our Blessings of Success Mala Necklace for women, or our Harmonious Unity Ring for men. 

To become a magnet for blessings, and good fortune, wear an Abundant Energy Jade Necklace or a Prosperous Promise Bracelet.

You can also bless your interior with positive, healing energy and attract endless abundance and opulence with our Success Feng Shui Tree, which contains an abundance of green crystals for its leaves.

Green Jade Stones


Peridot is associated with well-being, nurturing, and internal peace. A gemstone of renewal, it will help you feel inspired, replenished, and at peace with yourself and the world around you. By charging your whole being with light and uplifting energy, it can help you release darkness, worry, and hopelessness.

Gentle yet reviving, Peridot can offer powerful assistance in helping you regain mental clarity, find fulfillment in little things, and design an abundant life with optimism and hope. It can magnify your connection with your guides and the Divine, lighting up the path forward on your spiritual journey.

Jewelry that contains green gemstones, such as our Abundant Light Bracelet, will help you immerse yourself in positive energies, bringing clarity and peace into your day.

A potent magnet for blessings and abundance, our Positive Manifestation Necklace with Peridot will raise your vibration and make you a genuine match for opulence and joy.

Browse our Men’s Peridot Bracelets so you can live in exuberance and manifest prosperity and wealth.

Green Crystals


Boost your mood naturally and embark on a journey to self-discovery and healing with Turquoise by your side. A potent yet calming, healing force, Turquoise helps banish the weight off your shoulders, bringing wisdom and clarity when it’s been hard to come by.

This stone is often used to promote inner balance and for chakra alignment, and it amplifies the power of the mind as much as it does the power of the heart. 

Through promoting a healthy merging of the mental and emotional aspects of self, Turquoise brings hope and optimism to its user, helping us co-create with the Divine and manifest the life we have imagined. It can help you find your true purpose, embark on your authentic path, embrace your calling, and act upon your goals and desires. 

To live a balanced, prosperous life, and to clear your mental space, wear jewelry that contains green gemstones like our Iridescent Equilibrium Bracelet or the Mindful Perspective Necklace with Turquoise and spiritual symbols. These will help strengthen your mind, opening you to wisdom, knowledge, and illumination, while cultivating inner peace.

Some other Turquoise favorites include the Browse Healing Substance Bracelet and the Tranquil Light Necklace.



Let Emerald help you open your heart and welcome Divine love and gratitude into your life. Deeply nourishing and rejuvenating, this stone brings peace and loving energy into the aura, healing the heart space and promoting unconditional love. It inspires acts of kindness and helps us connect with our emotional self.

Emerald is a powerful green gemstone for wealth and abundance, helping us manifest our truest desires into physical reality. A gemstone of good luck and Divine protection, it can help you find the path to self-actualization and prosperity as you define it.

To help you embrace your emotional self, attract endless abundance, and realize your fullest potential, try some jewelry from our Emerald collection, such as the Focused Serenity Bracelet, the Blooming Vitality Rosary, and the Spiritual Rejuvenation Necklace.

Green gemstone


Malachite inspires deep transformation and liberation. This healing and refreshingly empowering stone stimulates personal growth and propels us to seek the path of joy. It can help you find real meaning in your life and the things that make your heart sing, and then bravely go after them. 

When life gives you lemons, green gemstones like Malachite can help you choose yourself, turn to self-love, and ditch self-rejection; this will allow you to change the narrative of your life to benefit your well-being on all levels. It absorbs heavy energy, pain, and sorrow, leaving space for light and laughter to come your way. 

For inner growth, awakening and spiritual ascension try our Malachite Spiritual Transformation Bracelet. If you want to bravely march forward with optimism and faith, try our Spiritual Strength Necklace.

Divine Companion - Malachite Agarwood Buddha Charm Bracelet

Final Thoughts

Green crystals are powerful amplifiers of blessings, peace, and good fortune. With their help, we can elevate our spiritual, emotional, and physical reality so that it works for us instead of against us. These stones are also stunning and magical in appearance, so they are really fun to wear.

Green gemstone

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