Gift Serenity with these 3 Aquamarine Necklaces

Gift Serenity with these 3 Aquamarine Necklaces

Have a woman in your life that means the world to you? Giving them a gift that expresses your full gratitude for all that they are and all that they mean to you is never easy. We want to solve that problem for you, though.

At Karma and Luck, we believe the most wonderful gift to give is an aquamarine necklace. Regardless of occasion, from Valentine's Day to an anniversary or a birthday, aquamarine makes a stunning statement of love. 

With its ocean-blue hues, aquamarine captivates with its beauty. However, its true power lies in the magnitude of healing abilities it holds. Resembling glimmering sea waves, this stone is like jumping into a pool of cool water - instantly refreshing and rejuvenating to the soul. Its calm vibrations fill the mind, body, and spirit with an unshakeable sense of inner peace, no matter what external events are unfolding. 

Gift Serenity with these 3 Aquamarine Necklaces

Worn ever close to the heart, an aquamarine necklace is the best way to reap the full benefits of this sea-like stone. The lucky woman who receives one of these aquamarine necklaces as a gift, will cherish it for a lifetime. Each time she places it around her neck, she feels clear, bright, and fully at ease. 

Ready to give a gift that she truly adores? Read on to discover our top 3 giftable aquamarine necklaces for women. 

Joyous Hope - Lapis Opal Aquamarine Evil Eye Mala

Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace
Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace
Never be in a hurry; do everything quietly and in a calm spirit. Our soothing "Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthston...
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3 Stunning Aquamarine Necklaces to Give as Gifts 

#1 Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine March Birthstone Necklace

    An ocean-blue aquamarine stone is the star of the show in this birthstone necklace. Made especially for all the ladies born in March, this necklace makes the most wonderful gift for that beloved Pisces or Aries lady in your life. This birthstone necklace enhances her natural-born beauty and brilliance.

    Wearing birthstone jewelry is believed to tune the wearer into her hidden talents and traits, opening her up to her full, untapped potential. Gift her this necklace and sit back in wonder as you watch her soul blossom and bloom. 

    A subtle and sleek design, this necklace showcases the guiding light of aquamarine. This captivating blue stone soothes the soul and provides a deep sense of tranquility. Any fears, doubts, or worries are swiftly washed away each time she puts it on her neck. 

    Hidden on the backside of the aquamarine charm is an evil eye symbol. This ancient talisman keeps a constant and watchful eye on your loved one, ensuring that she is kept forever safe and sound. So that even when you are apart, you can rest assured that your gift is keeping her safe from harm’s way. Negativity is deflected, while positivity is welcomed with open arms. 

    Adjustable in size, the “Nurture & Thrive” aquamarine necklace can range from 15” to 18” depending on preference. Made with 18k gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver brass, this women's necklace is a gift that can be cherished for a lifetime. 

    Nurture & Thrive - Aquamarine Evil Eye March Birthstone Necklace

    #2 Universal Peace - Aquamarine Evil Eye Mandala Necklace

      Within each of us lies a place of unshakable inner peace. Even in the most turbulent of times, you can come back to this space - a place to breathe and to pause. This aquamarine necklace will serve as your loved one’s constant reminder of that safe space within.

      She is encouraged to access it when any anxieties or worries strike. When the world becomes hectic, aquamarine slows it down. Like a jump into cool water, aquamarine rejuvenates the soul and washes away fears and doubts. 

      Featuring an evil eye, this gold plated aquamarine necklace has the added power of protection. Used for thousands of years, the evil eye has been one of the world’s most respected symbols, and for good reason. Keeping a watchful eye over the wearer, she is kept safe in its presence. Give the gift of a 24/7 spiritual bodyguard with this aquamarine necklace. 

      The mandala on this necklace provides sacred wisdom, heightened knowledge, and a path to enlightenment. Handmade following fair trade practices in Jaipur, India, this necklace is made with 18k gold plated brass and measures 24” to 26”.

      Universal Peace - Aquamarine Evil Eye Mandala Necklace

      #3 Rejuvenating Power - Aquamarine Labradorite Apatite Multi Symbol Necklace 

        Crafted for all the brave women boldly trekking on their spiritual journey, this piece is unique in design and powerful in potential. Showcasing the healing light of three different crystals: aquamarine, labradorite, and apatite, this necklace promotes enlightenment and clarity.

        Gift this aquamarine necklace to the one you love the most, and she will immediately be filled with newfound strength and wisdom. Her connection with the divine is also deepened, allowing her to tap more fully into her intuition. 

        Measuring 24” to 26” depending on preference, this medallion style necklace sits lower on the chest for a distinct look. Showcasing a black and gold multi symbol charm, this 18k gold and gunmetal plated brass piece calls in the assistance of some of the world’s most revered symbols. Handmade in India by skilled artisans, she will feel the Universal light begin surrounding her as soon as she puts it on. 

        Rejuvenating Power - Aquamarine Labradorite Apatite Multi Symbol Medallion

        Gift an Aquamarine Necklace

        Everyday is a day to celebrate the ones we love and shower them in gifts of appreciation and affection. However, holidays tend to give us the perfect opportunity to show just how much we really care.

        If you are searching for a Valentine’s Day gift, anniversary gift, birthday gift, or anything else for a beloved woman in your life, aquamarine necklaces make a wonderful choice. A stone of unparalleled beauty, its baby blue ocean hues have been captivating hearts for centuries, and is especially treasured by spiritual ladies. 

        As the birthstone of March, an aquamarine necklace is an ideal gift for any woman born in March. However, this stone can be adored by anyone, regardless of birthdate. Ready to give a gift that will be cherished and worn for a lifetime? Visit our website and browse our full collection of aquamarine necklacesStart your journey here: Karma & Luck Gift Guide

        Learn more about Aquamarine and visit this full guide: Aquamarine Stones & Crystals - Meaning, Benefits, Properties and Chakra

        Genuine Enlightenment - Lotus Peridot Aquamarine Apatite Necklace

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