Getting to know the sign of Capricorn

In astrology, Capricorn is the 10th sign of the zodiac - December 21 to January 20 and is represented by the Sea-Goat, a mythological hybrid of a goat and a fish.  It is a sign that is ruled by the Earth and is governed by its ruling planet, Saturn – the planet of structure, military, strategy and hitting targeted goals. The sea-goat has a variety of meanings, mostly, how the emotional sea alchemizes (calms and blends) the stability of land. In other words, there is a tremendous sense of balance for those born under the sign of Capricorn. 

The personality traits of a Capricorn are intense and very particular.  As an Earth sign, Capricorns are very detailed, very plan-oriented and are the most prolific goal setters – and achievers (many over achievers) in the Zodiac.  It’s the “win at all costs” zodiac sign, with a will to outdo, outsmart, out manipulate (yes, at times), and out will its opponents – much of that comes from the militant “win” mentality of its ruling planet, Saturn. 

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Business plays a big role with all Capricorns as they take a metrological approach to all relationships – whether business or personal. Capricorn is the most time-efficient and time ruled Zodiac sign in the wheel. Time is Money, and time is valuable.  If  a friend or love interest wastes Capricorn’s time, there will be hell to pay. In fact, timewasters are often banished from Capricorn’s energy space because it changes the DNA and pheromones of a Capricorn to that of agitation.  One of the many amazing traits of a Capricorn is their innate understanding of how people make them feel; if a person’s energy resonates with a Capricorn, a bond will automatically happen, and trust begins to form. If the energy is off, the Capricorn will waste no time in disconnecting.  Having said that, the congenial, loving and always business creative Capricorn turns a different cheek when someone meanders into their life and causes a negative shift.  You get one chance with a Cap to connect; second chances are a rarity. 

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Capricorns are quite patient when they feel all the ducks are in a row, and they know the outcome.  Capricorns rarely daydream, perhaps being the most methodical sign in the Zodiac, sometimes the personality of a Cap is ruthless even though being “mean” or “uncaring” is how their personalities come across, it really is byproduct of keeping their eye firmly on a goal and achieving it – more rapidly than most. 

If you ever get a flat tire in the middle of the night, call your Capricorn friend to pick you up.  Capricorn’s show of loyalty is pragmatic help more so than in lovely-dovey, making cookies and telling you how much they love you – kind of way. Yet, they are insanely loyal to those that prove they are worthy to grow with. And to these special few, Capricorn might hug, cry or even reveal some deep hidden secrets. Capricorns are the first to seek their genealogy, as they need to know where they came from to help evaluate where they are going. 

Capricorns fall in love slowly, taking each step and analyzing it well until the idea or notion is dissected.  A Capricorn is most likely the one to not put a status on social media and takes great internal pride in loving in private.  Capricorns love hard when they finally fall in love…. The Zodiac sign to NEVER fall in love at first sight or first touch, a Capricorn methodically plans out each step of a relationship and sees to it that each step is achieved. Capricorns often like surprises, which is unlike their natural characteristic traits, but if a surprise is given by someone they trust, it makes a lasting impression. 

In love, a Capricorn measures their love barometer on how responsible his/her partner acts.  A Capricorn, somewhat distinct with style and material needs, always wants the finest collectibles and fine material articles. Gifts that are lavish, especially if you have researched them and have found them to be “the best” or “unique” is a direct way to capture a Capricorn’s heart.  Gifts that are less then, or just “run of the mill” will tend to push a Capricorn away.  Capricorns are not the “huggers” of the Zodiac, and rarely give public displays of affection although sometimes that feel they want too deep inside.  If a Capricorn kisses you, or holds your hand in public, just now, he/she are pushing their personal boundaries and that you must mean a lot to them. Because of this nature, sometimes Capricorns come off as being selfish, cold or unemotional.  Sometimes the Capricorn appears to be like a hermit, withdrawn, but be forewarned:  the Capricorn is more likely diving into a inner need of learning, discovering and understanding, more so than wanting to be left out in the cold. 

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Ambitious Mind - Capricorn Card Necklace
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The depth of love and respect Capricorns have for the elderly must be highlighted.  Capricorns, old souls and deep thinkers, show a clear empathetic and connectivity to seniors. Many volunteers in senior homes, give money, food and time to those who have served our Earth for many, many lifetimes.  To a Capricorn, hearing the details of stories, and lessons learned from the elderly is an extremely happy place to be.  Capricorns appreciate lessons learned, the understanding  of the “why” behind these lessons and will often change the course of their action based upon what a senior has taught them during a long, meaningful conversation. 

Capricorns are natural born leaders – and many find themselves in fields of law, science, banking, finance, accounting a medicine.  For those that finds themselves diving into a career in politics, or entertainment, many of the Capricorns are very well-received, won numerous awards and accolades, and have pushed the proverbial envelope in their fields to try for something beyond the average.  Here’s a small list of Capricorn celebrities: 

Celebrity Capricorns: Michelle Obama, Dolly Parton, Kate Middleton Denzel Washington. Ryan Seacrest, Bradley Cooper, LeBron James, Sissy Spacek Julia Louis-Dreyfus, Sade and Betty White. 

Compatibility for Capricorns is with their fellow Earth sign Virgo – because of the details, and plan-ahead attitude, but, on the flip side, the emotional side of Pisces (two fish swimming in opposite directions) also makes for a romantic, dreamy emotional relationship where the two just converse and snuggle for hours. 

Garnet is a special gem for Capricorns – and represent friendship, vitality and tenacity.  Other stones that connect well with a Capricorn include Blue Sapphire, because of its spiritual meaning of elevating finances, money, and the stability of a home. 

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