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Angel number 123

Have you ever felt like a certain number was following you around everywhere you went? From the time on the clock, to receipt totals, to telephone numbers, you just keep seeing the same one. Well, you are not crazy, and this is no mere coincidence. In fact, these repetitive numbers, also known as angel numbers, are sent as validation from your divine team. 

Vibrating at a much higher frequency than us, our angels have had to find creative solutions for connecting and communicating with us. One of these ways is through angel numbers. They send these numbers as a way to get your attention and send you an important message. If you have been seeing the number 123, you may be wondering, then, what message these divine digits have for you.

123 is a number of growth, expansion, and progression. You can look at 123 as building blocks or stepping stones, meaning that you are on the right path. You are currently making the right moves and stepping in the correct direction of your dreams. Your angels send their support, their love, and their encouragement to keep going and to keep reaching. You are being called to a higher purpose, but you must believe in yourself and put in the necessary work. 

Ready to learn more about 123’s meaning and how it impacts your life? Read on to find out the significance of 123 in love, career, health, and more!123 Angel Number

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The Message 123 is Sending You

Angel number 123 wants you to know that you are moving in the right direction. Although you have already taken big steps forward, your angels are telling you that you are capable of so much more. You may be playing small, and the Universe is urging you to start believing in yourself more fully and wholeheartedly. Now is the time to step into your power. The angels know you are ready, but do you believe it?

Your angels have sent you the number 123 to build your confidence and to let you know that more effort is needed on your end. They assure you that all of your dreams and all of your manifestations are in the works, and they are being heard, but that they need more help from you on your end. Start taking bigger, more actionable steps towards your goals. 

Manifestation requires work on your end. Unfortunately, it is not as easy as genies granting wishes. 123 reminds you that the angels will do their part of the work, doing everything they can to align the stars, but that you must be doing your end of the work too. No more laying around and waiting for a miracle to unfold - it is time to get up and get moving. It should help knowing that your angels are by your side every step of the way. 

In order to take full advantage of the number 123, it is helpful to see the breakdown of these digits according to numerology. Look at it this way: The Manifester - Aventurine Feng Shui Tree

The first part of this angel number is 1. 1 is the first step to manifesting and creating a life you love. Symbolizing the self, the number 1 it is all about you and the relationship you have with yourself. It means having self-confidence, self-love, and self-assuredness so that your foundation is strong and unshakable. Before anything else, you should prioritize your own needs, wants, goals, and desires. Afterall, the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. 

Next in the sequence is the number 2. Signifying duality and balance, two opens the doors to relationships and other people. Who can you ask for support, guidance, or help? You do not have to do everything on your own, and with the help of others, you may go even further. 

Lastly, 3 is tied to your spiritual connection. It asks you to balance your mind, body, and spirit, allowing you to align to the energy your highest potential. 3 is about opening up to the mystery and love of the divine.  

These three digits, when put together, create a powerful equation for manifestation. By harmonizing these energies and beliefs, you become an unstoppable force of creation. Spiritual Awakening - Dragonfly Sapphire Chain Earrings

Here’s What to do When You See Angel Number 123

If you are surrounded by angel number 123, the last thing to be afraid of. It may be unsettling at first, but remember that these numbers are sent with pure love and warmth. They do, however, require some action. If you see angel number 123, here are some steps you can take:

  • Meditate - Sitting in quiet solitude is a wonderful way to open up your channels to divine communication. Let the messages come through, guiding youon what to do next. 
  • Journal - Unsure of what 123 wants you to know still? Try journaling and see what comes up. Jot down each time you see the number, where it comes up, how it makes you feel, and any ideas or thoughts that arise. A journal is also a great place to write down clear manifestations. 
  • Make a Vision Board - Let your angels know exactly what it is that you wish for by creating a vision board. Not only does this get your manifestations flowing, but it also lets you use your creative power! 
  • Let Go of Things That Do Not Serve You - 123 may be a sign that you are holding on to toxic relationships, habits, or jobs, and that it is time to release them. By lightening your burden, you create more space for abundance to flourish. 
  • Open Up to Love - You have done the inner work, now it is time for love to come in. Accept love from others and be open to new possibilities. 
  • Believe in Yourself - The angels have sent you 123 as encouragement to believe more fully in yourself. They are letting you know that you are meant for amazing things, but first you have to believe in yourself to make that a reality. 
  • Take the Leap - If you have been questioning a risky move, the angels might be confirming that it’s the right choice. It can be scary, but your angels have your back. 

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What 123 Says About Your Love Life

Combining the energies of the self, other, and the divine, 123 presents a wonderful opportunity to let love in. The angels tend to send this sign to those who are ready for an expansive and healing relationship. You have done the inner work and you have focused on yourself, now it is time to share all that you have learned and grow in partnership with someone else. 

If you are currently single, get ready, your solo time may be coming to an end. 123 is a good indicator that a new relationship is on the horizon. The angels are busy trying to connect you with your new partner, but they need your help. They are asking you to open your heart and open your mind to this possibility. You are being urged to get out of the house and really put yourself out there. Get on the dating scene or at least start attending more social events - the angels will take care of the matchmaking! 

On the other hand, if you are already in a loving relationship, 123 says that things are about to get taken up a notch. Your partnership is solid, and you both feel fulfilled in what you have built together. You are now ready for a stronger commitment to one another. This will look different for everybody, but as a symbol of progression, 123 could point to an engagement, moving in together, having a child together, or anything else that steps your partnership forward. Protected by Love - Red String for Couples

Is 123 a Good Sign for Twin Flames?

Looking for your twin flame? 123 could be the sign you have been hoping for. An expansive and progressive number, 123 means that you are being called to something higher - which could just be your twin flame. 

If you have never met your twin flame, but know they are out there somewhere, seeing 123 is preparation for an impending union. Have patience, though, because you never know when they will show up. In the meantime, continue working on yourself and prioritizing your goals. You will be better prepared for this intense relationship if you feel solid and assured in yourself first. 

If you have already met your twin flame but have been separated from them, 123 is a hopeful sign that your time apart is coming to a close. This is surely good news to hear, but do not lose sight of yourself! You have worked so hard on yourself in these years apart, and learned so many lessons as an individual. When the time is right, you will be rejoined and you will find your relationship to be stronger than ever. As long as you both remain secure in your individualism, the relationship will be blissful and everlasting. 

Maybe you are currently in a relationship with your twin flame? This may not be what you want to hear, but 123 could symbolize that your separation is near. As heartbreaking as this news is, stay strong and remember that a disconnection is a normal part of any twin flame journey. You both love each other so much, but you have individual lessons to learn and growth to experience. Let one another free for a time to experience life as distinct souls, before you reconnect. This time of separation, as difficult as it may be right now, will end up being the greatest blessing for your relationship. Spirit Of Love Garnet Stone Wrap Bracelet

How 123 Impacts Your Career & Finances

If you have been praying for a greater flow of cash in your life, 123 is a good omen. This angel number signifies that wealth and success is in your plan and is a real possibility for you. Your divine team wants that for you, and are doing everything they can to make it happen, but you need to put in work too. 

Have an idea to make some money? Take that first step. Put the effort in and listen to your gut, and your angels will surely reward you. The thing is, you cannot expect money to miraculously fall into your lap. Your angels know you have incredible gifts to share and they want you to use them. By following your bliss and using your innate skills, you will find the success you seek. 

It may not be clear yet what your purpose is or what career you should be doing, but trust in the process. Your angels have called upon you to take stock on your life - what energizes you and what drains you? Make more time for the things that energize you, that light you up, that make you feel alive - those are all keys to your divine path. 

If you are unhappy in your current job, 123 is a big sign to make a change. By spending your days doing something that drains you, you are using up your energy sources that could otherwise be used to create something beautiful and more aligned with your soul. Take a leap of faith!Sparkling Faith - "The Star" Tarot Card Necklace

The Connection Between Angel Number 123 & Your Health

If you have been dealing with long-term or serious health issues, 123 is letting you know that everything will be okay. You may have felt letdown or abandoned by your angels during this difficult time, but they want you to know that they have never left your side. Your angels are holding your hand throughout this entire experience and are doing everything they can to help you heal. 

123 is a beautiful sign that your time of struggle and sickness is coming to a close. Your recovery is near, so keep the faith! You will soon be feeling like yourself once again. Health & Balance - Mineral Intention Box

What Message Does 123 Have for Your Spiritual Journey?

The number 123 is a profoundly spiritual number. This numerical sequence is all about growth, progression, and expansion, which can all be applied to your spiritual journey. Your angels have sent you this number to encourage you on your path, and to please have more confidence in yourself. Rid yourself of the self-doubts and self-limiting beliefs, replacing it with total faith in your powers and capabilities. 

123 is also telling you to trust that you are on the right path. Everything is aligned, and everything is as it should be, so stop worrying so much! Knowing this now, your angels do ask of you to take bolder actions. Listen to your intuition and trust the guidance that you receive. 

Transformation is most certainly coming your way. 123 signifies big chances and big shifts - so get ready to be pushed and pulled in new and expansive ways. The insecurities of your old self will soon be washed away, replaced by confidence, self-worth, and determination. The Universe has big plans for you - are you ready?Benevolent Spirit - Tourmaline Evil Eye Hamsa Lariat Necklace

Does 123 Have Biblical Ties?

An important piece of the Christian faith is the holy trinity - the father, the son, and the holy spirit. This trinity can be represented by the number 123. A sign of divine balance and heavenly support, if you are a follower of the Christian faith or not, you can look at this numerical sequence as a symbol of unwavering support and encouragement. No matter what you believe in, 123 assures you that a higher power is at work, helping you along your path and your journey. 

Final Thoughts

Angel numbers are constantly changing, and depending on where you are in life, you may see a different sequence. Whatever numbers you see, be sure to pay attention to them and tune into their deeper meaning. These numbers hold profound wisdom, pointing the way towards meeting your highest self. If you are seeing 123, trust that your angels are by your side and cheering you on. 

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