Fill Your Life with Abundance by Wearing these 5 Anklets


Are you looking to turn your dreams into reality? Then the practice of manifestation might just be for you. Manifestation is the art of thinking strongly and positively enough about something until it becomes the truth.

It involves tuning your vibration to the higher frequency that matches that of which you desire. The universe is always conspiring in our favor, but we have to put some of the work in too. Send your wishes out in a clear and concentrated way, and then watch as the magic unfolds.

Luckily, there are also certain tools that we can use to set the manifestation process in motion. One such tool is gemstone jewelry. Anklets, fine-tuned for manifestation purposes, are an excellent way to call this energy of receiving into your life. 

Exuding confidence and style, anklets are debatably one of the most beautiful and unique forms of jewelry. Manifestation anklets, in particular, are known for protecting one from evil, as well as encouraging prosperity and good luck. With a variety of gems and symbols inlaid into the anklets, they can call in the energy which we wish to receive. 

Interested in adding a gorgeous anklet to your jewelry box? Keep reading to discover our top 5 picks for manifestation. 

History of Anklets

As far as we know, manifestation anklets were first worn by the ancient Egyptians who mostly used them for protection. In fact, even their mummies wore anklets, as it was believed that they would guard and protect them in the afterlife. Some of the oldest anklets have been found from the Badarian period and were widely worn during Roman times as well.

These particular anklets were adorned with protective stones and symbols as well. Each symbol has its own unique meaning, and people choose to use them according to their own individualized needs.

For example, in ancient times, pregnant women would wear anklets in order to prevent themselves from having a miscarriage. Some popular symbols include the evil eye, the lotus, the Om, and the hamsa, just to name a few. All of them are highly important for religions and cultures around the world. 

Anklets can be worn by people who wish to add more luck to their lives, stay away from evil, and remain protected at all times. Supercharged anklets, such as these, are also said to bring positive and loving vibrations into the wearer’s life. Keep reading to discover our top five favorite anklets, their benefits, and the powers they hold.  


#1 Soothing Grace Amethyst Multi Symbol Anklet 

    Vibrant purple beads adorn this gorgeous manifestation anklet. Shining with the bright amethyst stone, this anklet promises to keep all darkness at bay, and to fill your life with nothing but light.

    It also features an evil eye charm that deflects negativity. The evil eye is said to keep you safe and secure at all times. Serving as a pathway towards personal development, this anklet will act as a guardian throughout each chapter of your life. While wearing the “Soothing Grace '' anklet, you will feel more confident than ever in the understanding that good things are coming your way. 

    Amethyst Multi Symbol Anklet

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    Stress Reduction & Protection

    The “Soothing Grace” anklet showcases an amethyst stone that helps anyone who is suffering from stress. Regardless of what issue you might be facing in life, this piece will relieve anxiety and stress, while also boosting your spirits.

    We all hope for lives that are full of peace, but sometimes obstacles and challenges make that far from easy to attain. The amethyst stone in this anklet will remove those obstacles and make peace your reality by surrounding you with positive energy. 

    The anklet also features a protective evil eye charm that will act as a shield against any evil that might come your way. It also has a beautiful lotus charm that represents new beginnings and reminds you of the good in life. This powerful purple and gold anklet also comes with a tree of life charm, signifying growth in each step of our lives. 

    Womens New Arrivals Collection

    Quality Craftsmanship 

    The “Soothing Grace'' anklet is made using authentic, high-quality gemstones and charms. Crafted with a lobster clasp, the anklet is easy to open and close. It also has an adjustable size from 8’’-11’’, making it versatile for a variety of ankle sizes. Created with gold plated brass, this anklet will stay shiny and bright for years to come. Be sure to keep it tucked safely away in a jewelry box, when not in use, and if it ever gets dirty, simply wash it with warm water. Enjoy the patient power of this extraordinary anklet! 

    Tranquil Contemplation Sea Life Sterling Silver Anklet

    #2 Tranquil Contemplation Sea Life Sterling Silver Anklet 

      Everybody has their own struggles in life, and all of us have our own battles to fight. To stay motivated and encouraged towards our goals, we must have some peace of mind. This is where the “Tranquil Contemplation Sea Life” anklet plays its vital role.

      The anklet symbolizes the power and beauty of the ocean that is full of crashing waves, changing tides, and amazing sea animals. Just like the ocean, our lives are filled with conflicting emotions, but we must learn to flow and float with the changes.

      It reminds us that every moment in our lives, good or bad, is simply a wave upon the ocean.  It provides us with the inner strength we need to thrive.  

      Our Sea Life Sterling Silver Anklet

      Peace & Serenity 

      The “Tranquil Contemplation” anklet is adorned with sea life charms that are meant to remind us of the ocean’s wonder. The ocean is full of ups and downs, yet it remains constant in its gentle strength.

      That goes for our lives too. No matter what storms we face, the clouds always part and the waters begin to settle. Each challenge only makes us stronger and more full of grace. This anklet will help to balance emotions, so that you can reach your goals and meet your wishes.

      Handmade With Love & Care

      This sealife anklet is handmade with love in Bali, Indonesia. The 925 sterling silver anklet features charms that include a seahorse, mermaid, clam, whale tail, and a starfish. It also showcases beautiful, sparkling CZ crystals that add to its enchanting aesthetic. Keep this anklet stored safely away, when not wearing it, to ensure it stays bright and shiny for years. 


      #3 Feminine Power Pearl and Moonstone Silver Anklet 

        Full of divine feminine power, this anklet reminds every woman of her inner strength. Lighting the flame of your imagination, it allows you to use your creativity to its full potential. It also helps in encouraging endurance, even when times get tough.

        If you are feeling low on energy, this anklet’s powers will kick in to give you the boost you need. It helps you get back on track when you fall down or are on the verge of giving up. The “Feminine Power” anklet also helps with better and quicker decision making, while also filling your life with tranquility. 

        Pearl & Moonstone Silver Anklet

        Divine & Calming 

        This feminine anklet features luminescent moonstones which are renowned for their divine essence. These stones add greater balance to your life and help you to succeed in all that you do. Moonstone also has a nurturing nature that makes the wearer feel comforted and supported.

        With the addition of mother of pearl stones, this anklet helps you prosper in life, be it personal matters or in work. They help you in making better decisions for your own good. The stones also encourage intuition and imagination.

        They assist you in becoming a much stronger person and guide you towards the path of success. With this piece, a life of calm and peaceful energy awaits you.

        feminine anklet

        High-Quality Materials

        The anklets from Karma & Luck stand out from the rest, as ours use only the highest-quality materials. Promising durability, you can wear these anklets for years to come. This anklet features moonstone and mother of pearl stones that are 100% authentic. The 18K gold plated brass anklet also comes with an adjustable drawstring closure and has a versatile size of 8’’ to 11”.

        Handle With Care 

        Be sure to handle the anklet with care. When not wearing the anklet, place it in a box with no other jewelry to avoid scratches, tangles, or any damage. If you feel like it is getting dirty, simply use some warm water to remove any dirt or dust.

        Silver Anklet

        #4 Serene Contemplation Triple Protection Pearl Larimar Anklet 

          Inner peace is the ultimate goal. However, it can be incredibly difficult to achieve that peace when things feel like they are spinning out of control. In those moments, it may even feel like you are surrounded by nothing but negative energy and bad vibrations.

          This is when the “Triple Protection Larimar Anklet'' comes to the rescue. This beautiful anklet helps you enjoy life and thrive by keeping you peaceful and protected. Ensuring to soothe your soul, this anklet will help you work towards your goals. It will constantly lead you towards personal progress and attract good fortune into your life. 

          Triple Protection Pearl Larimar Anklet

          Protective & Healing Powers

          The “Serene Contemplation” anklet comes with three charms, including the eye of Horus, the lotus charm, and the Buddha charm. Since ancient times, the eye of Horus charm has held huge importance.

          This particular chcore. This symbol is known for having deeply healing and protective powers. The lotus charm, on the other hand, encourages enlightenment. It helps the wearer to focus on new beginnings and life-giving fertility.

          Lastly, the Buddha charm is known for its ability to provide serenity. This larimar anklet also promotes inner peace and nurtures one's soul. It helps in battling the negativity that may surround you, and removes any struggles that may be messing with your mind. 

          Quality & Durability

          When purchasing a piece of jewelry, the most important thing is quality which is something you should never compromise on. This anklet is made with love and care in Bali, Indonesia using the best quality materials.

          The three potent charms, alongside the pearl and larimar stones, make this anklet a true standout piece. With its gorgeous color and shine, you can elevate any outfit and any look. Be sure to keep it safe inside a small box or pouch so that it remains as beautiful as ever! 

          Pink Tourmaline & Labradorite Anklet

          #5 Loving Energy Pink Tourmaline & Labradorite Anklet

            Love is the answer to all of life’s questions, and love is what we all seek. Be it the love of a friend, partner, family, or anyone else, our lives are incomplete without it. If you wish to add a loving and cheerful energy to your life, then be sure to wear this “Loving Energy” pink tourmaline and labradorite anklet.

            When combined together, the two stones work to provide protection and joy in the wearer’s life. It also helps with greater self-reflection, which is something that many of us struggle to face. Awakening your inner consciousness, this anklet will lead you towards success. 

            Pearl Larimar Anklet

            Strength & Support

            The “Loving Energy” anklet promises to provide you with the strength you need in order to have success and abundance in your life. It will support your soul, even when no one else is there for you and help you through the hard phases of life. The anklet also helps bring protection to your life.

            The greatest quality of this two-stone anklet is that it adds a sense of joy to your life. Providing much-needed emotional support, it will make you feel happier and more content. It ensures to keep your soul calm at all times. With a little bit of strength and support, we can do anything we put our minds to, and this bracelet will serve as your sturdy rock. 

            100% Authentic Stones

            Featuring stunning pink tourmaline and labradorite stones, this anklet will be sure to receive quite a few compliments. The stones are completely authentic, ensuring their powers and properties.

            These stones will get right to work in filling your life with love and peace. The 18K gold plated brass anklet is nothing short of beautiful, and is made using excellent quality materials. For added versatility and inclusiveness, it comes with an adjustable drawstring closure for your ease. Make this anklet your own and watch the blessings unfold. 

            Labradorite Anklet

            Add a Manifestation Anklet to your Look

            Whether you are looking to buy a new home, find the love of your life, or win a million dollars, manifestation jewelry can help. By wearing these pieces, fine-tuned to the frequency of abundance and receiving, we can show the universe that we are ready for all of its many blessings to roll in. Manifestation anklets, in particular, are a powerful and stylish way to start creating the life of your dreams. 

            Interested in more manifestation jewelry? Visit our website and browse our full collection.  Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

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