Feng Shui To Harness More Optimism and Abundance

Feng Shui for Abundance

There is a lot of interesting research as well as great ancient wisdom that suggests that we get more of what we expect in life. If you’re looking to manifest much more, it helps to look at all the positive aspects of situations, stay optimistic, and expect to be triumphant.

Your home and all the objects you interact with can be a key to living with more optimism and abundance. 

In Feng Shui, your environment is thought to be a mirror of you. Every object surrounding you is filled with energy, as well as messages and cues, that trigger thoughts and memories.

We naturally think about what we see all day long. The pile of clutter beside your desk catches your eye and may set off a spiral of overwhelm. Your thriving plant sends you a message that growth is happening.

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Embark on an Energy Clearing Adventure

Starting today, you can tune up your space to radiate more joy, starting with a home energy clearing.

Burn Bay Leaves

To remove heavy energy, worry and stress from your space, you can burn dry bay leaves from the spice rack, one at a time, over an ash tray for safety (*you may need to re-light them to completely burn the leaf). They release calming and purifying properties that will re-set the energy around you.

Clear Clutter

I also strongly recommend taking some time—no rush, no pressure—to clear any prominent clutter in your home.

Clearing all the clutter in your life is excellent, but when you start by clearing clutter from spaces you experience often— spaces like your bedroom, your wardrobe closet, your desk, maybe your kitchen, or possibly your car— this will immediately open doors to more flow and momentum, creating space for more wealth to flow into your life.

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Light the Way

Next, harness more sunshine by putting some water outside in the sunlight for several hours to get activated by the sun’s rays. Use your sun-infused water to mop your floors or mix it with some white vinegar (50/50 mix) to make a cleaning spray for your windows! 

Opening the curtains or blinds in the morning to stream in more sunlight and getting brighter bulbs for light fixtures in dark rooms can also help to light up your home and life. 

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Get Your Mirrors Sparkling

Cleaning your mirrors can be a sparkling way to boost the vibes at home and create a more sparkling reflection of yourself in the process! 

You can try saying affirmations, like Louise Hay’s famous affirmation, “Life loves you,” over and over in a mirror until you’re feeling waves of love wash over you in the morning.

Another favorite of mine is the affirmation, “Something amazing is going to happen today!”

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Wear Gold & Tarot Jewelry

Tarot jewelry

The Sun Tarot Card is filled with the brightest of outlooks: renewal, joy, peace, success and confidence. You can wear a Sun Tarot Card necklace on days when you want to reinforce all your most positive affirmations.

Many energetic healers feel that wearing gold is magnetic to prosperous outcomes. The Metal Element in Feng Shui helps with focus and the strength of your energy, so pile on all your golden jewels as well!

Charge a Crystal With Your Intention

Crystals are excellent for strengthening your intention and staying focused on abundance. You can program any crystal with your intention. Light incense (or your favorite cleansing smoke) and run the crystal through the smoke to clear it of any old energy.

Next, hold your crystal in your hands and think of your desire, imagining that your intention travels through your hands and into the crystal.

Place your crystal somewhere prominent like your desk or your nightstand. Hold the crystal for several minutes every day while envisioning your intention. This practice can help you to manifest quite quickly!  

Manifest With Citrine

You can use glittery and inspiring Citrine crystal to amplify your wealth intentions. By wearing Citrine in a prominent way, like the Happy Success Wrap Bracelet that I see on my left wrist all day long, you’ll be experiencing the energy, the beauty, and the happy success message of the expansive crystals all day long.

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Final Thoughts

As you tune into more great expectations and infinite possibilities, make a practice of noticing every good thing that unfolds on a daily basis. Since everything we focus on will grow and multiply, focusing on these positive happenings—big and small—will make you more magnetic!

Written by: By Dana Claudat, Feng Shui Master 

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