Eye of Horus Meaning: Symbolism, History & Mathematics

Eye of Horus Meaning

Today, when an accumulation of negative energy is at an all-time high, we need effective spiritual protection and tools to help keep our aura free of toxicity. 

One of the ways we can bring more healing energy into our space is to use ancient protection symbols that can elevate our vibration and eliminate what threatens to disturb our peace.

The Eye of Horus meaning is associated with precisely that – Divine protection, wellbeing, and healing. Including it in spiritual practice and daily life can bring about profound, positive changes and alleviate the effects of negativity in our lives.

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Eye of Horus Symbolism

The “Wedjat Eye” or the “Eye of Horus” is a good omen and a positive talisman used to shield against malice and attract positive energy into personal space. Let’s look more closely at what it symbolizes…

Restoration & Good Health

The Eye of Horus meaning spiritual is associated with well-being and physical and spiritual prosperity. It cleanses the body from toxicity and negative energy, helping us find harmony within and flourish. It replenishes, balances, and helps repair what is broken or weakened to enhance our wellness. It is a symbol of rejuvenation, used to enhance both physical and mental health.

Healing Strength - Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet

Spiritual Protection

The Eye of Horus meaning is deeply rooted in spiritualism. It is a powerful protection charm, used for banishing evil spirits and warding off negative energies. It shields against misfortune, and toxic energy that is sent our way, allowing prosperity and blissfulness to come in and override darkness.

Healing Through Connecting With Higher Power

Mathematically, the symbol of the Eye Horus includes six neuroanatomical elements that correspond with human senses, including the sixth sense. Together they symbolize a connection to a higher power, the wisdom, and the ability to rise above hurdles and mend wounds through connecting with the Divine.

eye of horus symbolism

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Eye of Horus Meaning Throughout History

The Ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus is one of the most important spiritual symbols that has been worshiped and adored throughout history. It had a few key meanings…

Protection for the Living and the Dead

A powerful talisman for spiritual protection, The Eye of Horus was used as a talisman to ensure good health and rejuvenation. It was also used to safely accompany the dead to the underworld and protect the souls of the deceased.


According to ancient legends, Horus had to sacrifice his left eye to resurrect his father, Osiris, from the dead. That’s why the symbol was often associated with ultimate, selfless sacrifice for the greater good.


In Ancient Egypt, the Eye of Horus was associated with royalty and divinity. It was a symbol of supreme beings, such as pharaohs and those close to them. As such, Eye of Horus meaning was associated with higher wisdom and was a symbol of Godlike power in the Universe and on Earth. 

The Victory of Good Against Malice

In the myth of Horus and Set, Horus had defeated his uncle and won against his malice. The talisman was and remains a symbol of ultimate protection against ill will and evil. It represented the power of virtue and light over darkness. 

Third Eye 

Throughout history, the Eye of Horus was associated with the sixth sense, transcendental wisdom, and third eye vision. It was believed that it could connect material reality with the spiritual realm and enhance the connection to the Divine. As such, it was regarded as a symbol of foresight, giving people the ability to elevate spirituality and increase awareness.

Omnipresent Spirit - Hamsa Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet

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3 Ways to Use the Eye of Horus in Your Everyday Life

The potent power of the Eye of Horus is frequently embedded in spiritual jewelry. The Karma and Luck Eye of Horus Collection implements the Eye of Horus meaning, blending it with other stones and symbols to further amplify its healing and protection properties. 

Here are three ways you can easily incorporate it into your life. 

Use an Eye of Horus Keychain

The blue Omniscient Path Keychain blends two potent timeless protection talismans, The Eye of Horus and the Hamsa Hand. The Eye of Horus is carefully embedded on a navy blue Hamsa Hand pendant, creating a mighty shield against evil eye and malice. The keychain also features a smaller stainless steel Hamsa Hand, creating triple protection for you to carry everywhere you go.

The Bright Perspective Keychain is a black variant of of this Hamsa Hand and Eye of Horus keychain. Besides shielding your energy field from low frequencies and ill-will, the pendant will also provide healing, allowing you to recuperate after a long, stressful day. 

Wear an Eye of Horus Red String Bracelet

A red string bracelet deflects negative energy and brings good luck to the wearer. To allow only positive vibrations to come your way and secure your aura from negative energy, choose red string bracelets that include Eye of Horus meaning for her and him.

Red String

The Healing Strength Red String Bracelet for her is a combination of blue Hamsa Hand enamel and a crimson string. The enamel is decorated with the Eye of Horus symbol to help elevate healing and prevent anything that could disturb your peace and diminish the joy of your day.

The Omnipresent Spirit Red String Bracelet for him is created to magnify protection and bring ease into his life. The black charm on the red sting blends the power of the Eye of Horus and Hamsa Hand, warding off malice and low frequencies, while inviting good vibrations and fortune his way. 

Wear an Eye of Horus Necklace 


A piece made for her, the Infinite Peace Necklace fuses aesthetic elements with the spiritual protection of the Eye of Horus meaning. It amplifies the connection with the Divine and spirit guides, while simultaneously blocking negative energy. This necklace blends blue and gold elements, featuring a blue enamel pendant with an Eye of Horus symbol for ultimate shielding against evil and bad energy. 

The Men’s Supreme Protection Necklace with protection medallions contains the Eye of Horus and the Hamsa Hand, bringing healing, rejuvenation, and increased immunity to low vibrations. The Tiger’s Eye beads included in the design will strengthen his energy, making this necklace a source of continuous protection, empowerment, and inner balance.

Final Thoughts

Ancient symbols included in jewelry designs have been cherished and adored for centuries and continue to elevate our energy and improve the quality of our lives. Being one of the oldest, most powerful ones, Eye of Horus symbolism will help create an impenetrable protection shield, guarding your energy any time you wear it.  

Universal Protection Red String Eye of Horus Bracelet

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