Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

Sparkling with cosmic light, white opal appears to be crafted from drops of moonbeams. Set against a white or transparent background, flashes of extraordinary colors fill this gemstone with mystery and magic. Rivaling the endless constellations of stars in the nighttime sky, white opal glimmers with otherworldly beauty.

A stone of mystics, white opal connects you to higher states of consciousness and uncharted realms. Its high-vibrational frequency makes white opal a powerhouse of spiritual energy, unleashing a flow of divine wisdom within you and around you. 

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Revealing your true self, white opal directs you towards the life of your dreams. You are urged to follow your passions, letting bliss be your compass and guide. Absorbing negative energies with its white exterior, white opal promotes a positive life. Using its unmatched sparkle and glimmer as inspiration, you are encouraged to find the light even in the darkest of times. Incredibly protective, white opal keeps you shielded from evil and dark energies. 

Connected to the crown chakra, white opal’s angelic vibration pulls you to new and expansive levels of being. The veil between the spiritual world and the physical world is thinned while wearing white opal, allowing you to see past the illusions. 

Curious to learn more about white opal? Read on to uncover the magic of this luminescent stone, including its infinite healing benefits and distinct properties. 

Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

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The Unique Physical Properties of White Opal 

White opal may be the most abundantly found of all the opals, and therefore viewed as not very valuable by the market, but in our opinion, white opal is a stone to be cherished and adored.

Shimmering with angelic white light and flashes of rainbow colors, white opal radiates with lunar energy. Its supernatural appearance makes it a stunning addition for jewelry designs, and immediately draws the eye to its play of colors. 

White opal, also called “porcelain opal” or “white milk opal”, are generally opaque or translucent stones. With their distinct light white background, they are marked by playful splashes of colors that seem to change depending on how the light hits them. A member of the mineraloid family, white opals are amorphous; meaning they have no crystal structure. Ranking in at a 5 to 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale, white opal is a delicate stone. 

Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

Where is White Opal Found?

Found in various places throughout the globe, white opal is mined in Australia, Ethiopia, Hungary, and Canada, to name a few. However, it is most commonly found in Australia, specifically in the south of the country. Coober Pedy, Andamooka, and Mintabie are the top suppliers in this southern hemisphere country. Interestingly enough, Australia is the number one supplier of all opals worldwide, with an impressive 95% of the globe’s opals being mined here. 

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How Does White Opal Affect the Chakras?

White opal, radiant with its purifying energy and angelic vibration, is wonderful for aligning and activating the crown chakra. This energetic center of the body lies at the crown of the head and is responsible for spirituality, divine connection, and self-awareness.

When the crown chakra is aligned, which the properties of white opal help to do, you discover an undeniable sense of connection with the world around you - a sense of unity with above, below, and everything in between. While wearing white opal, expect your intuition to be enhanced and amplified. Divine wisdom flows endlessly, supplying you with higher knowledge that supports you along your spiritual journey. 

Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

Activating the crown chakra, you may also notice an increase in compassion and empathy while wearing white opal. As you feel more and more united to all beings, you become more empathetic of their feelings and emotions. Use this compassionate energy to fuel you towards creating a life of purpose. With the crown chakra balanced and opened, your path is revealed to you - guiding the way towards your highest self. 

If you are looking to heighten psychic skills, white opal can surely assist. Its crown chakra-opening powers help you to swiftly tune into other realms. Communication channels between you and your angels, guides, and passed on loved ones are opened with the help of shimmering white opal. 

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The Never-Ending Healing Benefits of White Opal 

Appearing to be sent down from the heavens, white opal glimmers with hope, love, and positivity. A truly magical sight, opals are a delight to look at - staying mesmerized for hours by their dance of changing colors and lights. Aside from their supernatural beauty, white opal is full of healing benefits for the mind, body, and soul. Curious how white opal can benefit your life? Listed below are the top physical, spiritual,and emotional benefits of this angelic gemstone.

  • Spiritual Benefits

    • Increases psychic skills
    • Cleanses, aligns, & activates the crown chakra
    • Opens your intuition 
    • Connects you to divine wisdom from angels, guides, & passed on loved ones
    • Unifies the mind, body, & spirit
    • Allows you to see the oneness in all beings

Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

  • Physical Benefits

    • Regulates insulin production
    • Fights off infections & diseases
    • Acts as a purifier for the blood
    • Cleanses the kidneys
    • Eases the pain from childbirth
    • Heals vision problems
    • Stops insomnia & promotes better sleep
    • Treats symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease
  • Emotional Benefits

    • Relieves anxiety & stress
    • Creates emotional equilibrium
    • Promotes positivity while repelling negativity
    • Purifies the mind of dark thoughts
    • Helps to release traumas 
    • Balances out the nervous system
    • Instills a sense of unshakable hope & optimism

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Invite White Opal Into Your Life

Glimmering with the cosmic light of a fallen star, white opal never fails to amaze with its otherworldly beauty. As stunning as this stone may be, however, its true power arguably lies in the limitless benefits it provides. A source of angelic purity and divine love, white opal washes away any fears, doubts, or worries that may be preventing you from living your life to the fullest.

Your highest potential is just waiting to be unlocked, and white opal serves as your guiding light to get there. Activating your crown chakra, you are opened up to new levels of consciousness - expanding your awareness and propelling you towards true spiritual growth. 

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Expand Your Consciousness With White Opal

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