Protection Anklets for Women: Evil Eye, Red String, Gemstones

Evil Eye Anklet

As we are all exposed to various influences every day, spiritual protection is something that should always be welcomed. There are many ways we can shield our aura from unwanted vibrations, and using spiritual tools is one of them.

Originating from Kabala and known for its protective abilities, an Evil Eye anklet is much more than a fashion detail. More than anything else, it is a powerful protection talisman that can shift our reality and change the type of energy we attract and receive.


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How to Turn Your Anklet Into a Protection Amulet

With a little knowledge and the use of spiritual protection symbols, even the simplest piece of jewelry can become a powerful tool for creating a protective energetic shield.

Wear an Evil Eye Anklet

Evil Eye Anklet

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Precious Destiny - Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet
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The Evil Eye talisman symbolizes the all-seeing watchful eye that penetrates deep into the truth of the matter. It sees all energy and movement that we may miss, especially targeting negative forces and harmful vibrations.

Usually depicted wide open, it works as a repellant for malice and curses, and has the power to detect evil and harmful vibrations from miles away.

Wear a Red String Anklet

Red string or crimson string has a centuries old reputation of being an incredibly protective piece of jewelry. When we wear it, it seals in beneficial energy, keeping it near us and raising our vibration while shielding us from negativity.

In an energetic sense, crimson string forms a protective aura around us and absorbs every negative influence so that it never reaches our body and soul.

Wear Gemstones

Gemstones are high-vibration gifts from nature, and they have an incredible ability to transform the energy around us. Because of that, they are used in healing practice and are a potent protective accessory.

Although each is equally powerful, every crystal has healing properties that are unique to it, and similar to an anklet evil eye, each provides energetic protection that differs depending on the unique vibration of the crystal.

Evil Eye Red String Anklet

Wear Gold & Silver

Gold and silver jewelry is not only about quality, looks, or status, but also an incredible way to protect our energy field from various harmful influences. Gold is often associated with Divine protection and guidance, especially angelic protection, while silver is known to bring strength, and serenity, helping us endure difficult times.

Mix & Match for Summer Fun: Our Favorite Protection Anklets for Women

When healing elements are combined with authentic design, the results are always impressive. From Evil Eye to red string and carefully selected gemstones, well-designed jewelry can be both an eye-catching asset and a mighty energy protection tool.

Red String, Gold, Evil Eye Anklet

Red String Anklet

A blend of gold chain and red string, the Watchful Gaze Anklet combines aesthetics with the protective powers of two symbols, the Evil Eye and the red string.

The white and blue Evil Eye charm is a contrasting detail that will illuminate your path. It will help you see through people and things with crystal clarity, while the red string will absorb malicious energies that come your way. Together, they work to strengthen your aura, warding off anything that threatens to harm you or throw you off balance.

Blue Gemstones & Evil Eye

Anklets for Women

Calmingly blue, the Unprecedented Protection Anklet is here to bring serenity and peace your way. Various blue gemstones help enhance intuition, guiding us to dive deeper into the sea of spirituality, raising our awareness.

Through such enlightenment and with the help of the Evil Eye enamel charm, this anklet improves foresight and will help you become more aware of everything that’s not in your highest good. With this Evil Eye anklet, you will be able to move away confidently and calmly from such influences into tranquil waters.

Red String, Gold & Pearls

Pearls and Red String

When our frequency is high, we naturally attract more positive energy our way and repel negativity. The Uplifting Protection Anklet is a captivating anklet for women that helps us become a true energetic match for blessings, keeping our faith untouched while helping us see things from a higher, enlightened perspective.

The combination of gold and red string serves to bring us closer to our spirit guides, while the three pearls serve to amplify the positivity, beauty, and virtue that are present in our lives.

Chakra Gemstones & Red String

Colorful and balancing, the energy of the Keeper of Positivity Anklet can help you anchor yourself even when the whole world is shaking. It helps us ground our energy and balance our chakras, freeing us from fear, doubt, and negativity.

The symbolism of the seven chakras represented by colorful stones symbolizes the flow of life force through the body, starting from the ankles and moving upwards to the Crown Chakra. The red string provides protection, filtering through vibrations coming your way.

Chakra Gemstones

Tourmaline, Evil Eye, Tree of Life & Lotus

When Tourmaline stones and powerful protection charms come together in a unique design, we get a mighty positivity magnet. The Supreme Trinity Anklet includes three charms, which together make for a powerful trinity of protection.

The Tree of Life, which symbolizes growth, is a powerful grounding force, and together with the Lotus charm, it will help you stay centered, even in times of adversity.

This Evil Eye anklet deflects anything that threatens to steal your peace of mind, and the Tourmaline stones will inspire deep introspection, bringing clarity and enlightenment in times of uncertainty.

Chakra Gemstones & Gold

The Unity Connection Anklet is a shiny colorful piece that will take breaths away. The gold chain is decorated with multiple healing gemstones, representing chakras and the flow of prana.

As one of the anklets for women that naturally uplift and transmute energy, it helps unblock chakras so that we can unleash our true potential.

It activates powerful growth and transformation within, preparing us to release the old and embrace the new so that much better things are yet to come.

Zodiac Symbols & Gold

Zodiac Anklet

Our zodiac signs symbolize our vitality, our ego, and how we show up in the world. They say so much about our personality, our temper, and how we like to do things.

No matter if you are most drawn to your Sun, Moon, or Rising sign, our Women Anklets Collection with Zodiac signs is a perfect way of embodying all the positive traits of your sign, helping you truly own all those amazing qualities you possess.

Just like an Evil Eye anklet can protect you from harm, a zodiac anklet can help you vibrate so high so that your energy simply starts repelling low vibrations by default. Gold will naturally elevate your vibration, helping you spoil yourself, expand consciousness, and confidently embrace your authentic self.

Final Thoughts

Protection jewelry, and particularly the Evil Eye symbol, have gained an impressive reputation for a reason. The high-vibration and the healing properties of these pieces offer us genuine protection, strengthening our connection with the Divine every day.

Evil eye anklets add a touch of elegance and protection to any outfit. Explore the wide range of evil eye anklets and the mystical meaning of wearing evil eye jewelry in our guide.


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