Enchanted by Emeralds - The Meaning Behind this May Birthstone

May Birthstone

This striking green gemstone is the beloved birthstone for the month of May. It is revered for its ability to bring a greater sense of clarity, rejuvenation and growth to all who wear it.

The emerald has been popular throughout centuries and is known for evoking renewal and rebirth which is embodied by its vivacious and life-giving green color.

In ancient times, Egyptian pharaohs and emperors were deeply enchanted by the beauty of the emerald, while the word itself comes from “Smaragdos” which is an Ancient Greek word for green gem. Throughout cultures and times, this gem has been adored for its immense power and unparalleled beauty.

The Roman author, Pliny the elder, stated that this enchanting gemstone is known for having therapeutic properties. He states that the soft green color is comforting and relaxing to the eyes.

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In fact, the color green is known to relieve stress, as it is the color of nature and plants. These natural forces are all ways to rejuvenate and energize the body. Emerald, the rich and sparkling green birthstone, is known to have magical and mystical powers. Many people even believe that it can be placed under the tongue as a means to see into the future.

Each gemstone has a specific meaning and significance, and emerald is no exception. As the birthstone for Taurus, its meaning is heavily tied to peace and prosperity.

It is also known as the lucky gemstone of Taurus, as it has the power to influence the entire personality and life of those born under this sign symbolized by the bull.

Emerald aids Taurus natives in transforming their energies to become a better and more invigorated version of themselves. Fascinated by emeralds? Read on to find out all about this May birthstone’s meaning!

May Birthstone

The Origin Story

Emeralds are naturally found in Colombia, and this country has been known as the primary source of the finest emeralds for over five hundred years. These stunning Colombian emeralds are the standard against which all the other emeralds are measured.

There are several mining sites in Colombia which include Muzo, Chico and Coscuez. Each of these mining sites produces a wide range of colors, however, the darker tones of green emeralds are extracted from Muzo. On the other hand, emeralds that are slightly bluish-green are extracted from Chivor and emeralds that are slightly yellowish green come from Coscuez.

In addition to this, this stunning birthstone is also found in Minas Gerais which is in the vibrant country of Brazil. Zambia is another major region where famous emerald mines are located, and it is known for producing the best quality of bluish-green and darker green emeralds. Moreover, countries such as Pakistan and Afghanistan are well-known and important producers of emeralds.

May-Emerald Necklaces

There are several ancient stories that say many Egyptian kings were buried with emeralds, due to it being a symbol of eternal life. Egypt is considered to be the most historic source for emerald extraction, and for more than 2000 years Egypt has been mining and supplying these gemstones.

In fact, King Tutankhamen was known to be buried with a magnificent emerald necklace. The emeralds extracted from ancient  Egypt are known to have especially powerful and magical healing properties. These emeralds were commonly used for protection in amulets and were also used as talismans.

May Birthstone

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Cleopatra’s Love for Emeralds

It is no mystery that royalty has been enchanted by the beauty of the emerald. For instance, the infamous Queen Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen, was enamored by emeralds, and her collection of emeralds is among the world's most famous.

The queen was enchanted with this gemstone, which could explain why mining of emeralds was said to have taken place in ancient Egypt before any other country. The queen adored emeralds so much that she bought all the emerald mines in Egypt so that only she could have access to the beauty of this gemstone.

Cleopatra was fanatical about emeralds as she and other ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds could treat several diseases. They believed that the gemstone could be used to treat eye diseases, and the green color was a representation of fertility and rebirth.

Since ancient Egyptians believed that emeralds were sacred symbols and signs of immortality, Cleopatra adorned herself with these gemstones. Her palace was also decorated and adorned with these glowing green stones, and she would give them as gifts to other foreign dignitaries.

May Birthstone

The Legend of the Curse 

There are several myths tied to emeralds. In several ancient Egyptian texts, it is written that the first emerald was found in 300 BC which was unearthed in Egypt. This emerald was found by Cleopatra and hence was known as Cleopatra's emerald, and was claimed to be 97 carats.

The queen split the emerald in half giving one half to Marc Anthony. Marc Anthony fought the Romans in a vicious battle and died, losing the emerald to history. Architects have tried to locate this missing half, but to this date it has not been found. Cleopatra's emerald, however, has been found.

It is believed to be cursed since mysterious incidents started to occur when the owner of Cleopatra's half tried to transport it. To date, there is a legend that says the emerald is cursed and the only way to remove this curse is to restore and reunite both halves.

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Emeralds & The Goddess of Beauty

The emerald is also known to be the sacred stone of the Roman goddess, Venus, who was the goddess of love and beauty. She was known to preserve and enhance love, and this gemstone was associated with this goddess. Ancient Romans commonly tied this gemstone with Venus and believed that by encouraging loyalty, it would protect lovers from being unfaithful.

They believed in the immense powers of this gemstone, and said that its purity would prevent negativity. They thought that any evil spirit would be banished in the presence of an emerald.

The gem was believed to sense and recognize any falsehood or treachery It is claimed that should an emerald detect unfaithfulness or lies, it will change in color and turn a paler shade. Romans believed that once the emerald's powers were consumed and depleted, it would fall from its setting - which was considered to be a very bad omen.

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Three Benefits of an Emerald 

#1 Wisdom

The emerald has several benefits, but one of its greatest is granting wisdom to all those who wear it. This glowing green gemstone is believed to give wisdom and intellectual power to its wearers.

The emerald is green in color and is generally associated with comforting and relaxing feelings, as well as its ability to improve mental clarity. The stunning color clears the mind and calms you down, thus allowing you to make better and wiser decisions.

As this gemstone provides mental clarity, rejuvenates the mind, re-energizes the individual, and injects a boost of energy, it allows you to gain more wisdom and make well-informed decisions. It soothes the mind, body, and soul, and aligns all chakras to work together, leading to superior wisdom and knowledge.

In ancient Vedic astrology, it is said that the emerald represents the ruling planet of intellect which is the planet, Mercury. When you wear this gemstone you can channel the powers of this planet, increasing your intellectual capability.

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By increasing your intellectual power, emerald also allows you to become more creative and innovative. Many ancient astrologers believed that this gemstone aids in imagination, allowing the creative chakra to open; thus granting creativity and a sense of innovation to all the wearers. 

This gemstone is said to be ideal for scholars, artists, entrepreneurs, and writers as it opens up the creative channels and refreshes the mind with its soothing and rejuvenating properties.

Emerald is like a breath of fresh air, and its soothing and healing properties resemble that of nature due to its green color. It is ideal for people who have important decisions to make or those working in creative fields such as technology, business, or architecture.

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#2 Growth

This gemstone is known to emit energy that stimulates wealth, leads to financial and career growth, and boosts the manifestation of financial abundance. Emerald is said to increase your wealth, due to its green, cash-colored exterior, and is often referred to as the “money stone”.

This lovely green gemstone is very powerful and has properties that increase the level of wealth, abundance, prosperity, advancement in your life, and the growth of money.

These green gemstones are a magnet for wealth and financial abundance due to their color. Many people use the emerald to manifest wealth and financial abundance in their lives. This is a gemstone that transforms you and has several life changing energies that aid in your mental growth, spiritual growth and career growth.

This stone allows you to make well informed and wiser decisions, which will aid in your career growth as well. It allows you to patiently deal with problems, which also has a positive impact on your mental growth and financial growth.

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#3 Patience

The emerald is associated with life-affirming properties, and specifically with patience. Due to its mystical and unexplainable properties, this stone has the unique ability to grant you greater patience.

It has a stunning green color which is known to provide calming and soothing feelings to all who wear it. Ancient Roman scholars believed that this gemstone was a relaxant for the eyes, and that the mere color of this gemstone would act as a calming agent.

The emerald is green in color, which is the peaceful hue of nature.Whenever you are feeling impatient or nervous, it is always recommended to sit in a park or take a walk in nature. It is also commonly advised by therapists to place plants around your home as a way to relieve stress and anxiety, heal depression, and relax the muscles.

The emerald stone has the exact same properties, effects, and benefits. Think of this stone as nature condensed into an insanely beautiful and bright gemstone. By relaxing your mind and soothing the body, this green beauty does it all.

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People who often find themselves impatient or nervous can wear this gemstone as a way to feel more at ease. The color green is known to be calming to the nerves and it reduces feelings of stress.

This stunning gemstone is believed to be ideal for impatient people and people who are always stressed by the future or impending events.

The emerald stone has a multitude of powerful healing and restorative properties, including providing peace, prosperity, and patience in your life. If you are ever feeling under the weather, overwhelmed by work, or impatient with life, slip on an emerald ring or emerald bracelet to bring you back to center. As soon as this stone makes contact with your skin, you will feel a wave of patience and peace enter your heart.

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The Most Vibrant Gemstone 

The timeless emerald is not only beloved and adored for its color and its radiance, but also for the wealth of powers it provides to those who wear it. Associated with royalty, elegance, grace, and sophistication, this stone has been worn and used throughout the ages.

This birthstone, belonging to Taurus, provides the zodiac sign with rejuvenation and transformative energies. The striking green color is a source of relaxation and incites the same feelings of peace that nature brings.

Throughout the millennia, maharajas, pharaohs, Egyptian kings, and Queen Cleopatra herself have been enchanted by the beauty of this magnificent gemstone.

May Birthstone

Looking to harness the immense healing powers, comforting color, and striking features of emerald?

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