Emeralds: A Direct Link to Clairvoyancy and Psychic Ability


Emeralds are bright green precious gemstones that connect are mind and soul to our nervous system while enriching our thoughts and intuition. Because it links all our central points of feelings, it is said to be a stone that from ancient times ties our human condition with intuition and clairvoyancy.

Emeralds date back to 2000 BC and hail from Egypt, where Cleopatra donned the rare precious gemstone as a symbol of wealth and riches. The Egyptian pyramids, known as ultimate place for divination, spiritual enlightenment, and a quest to connect humankind with outer beings, has often been cited as a key birthplace for this precious stone, along with the Nile River that hosted raw material that might have helped formulate its vivid pageantry.

Emeralds are made from beryllium aluminum silicate. The rare and precious gemstone are hard and easily breakable because of the intricate imperfections in the crystals such as trapped water, gas, small fractures and inclusions of other minerals. Most are glittering due to a six-point growth pattern often seen in top shelves stones.Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

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Emeralds are rarer than diamonds, sometimes 30 times more extraordinary. Emeralds are from Brazil, Russia and Zambia, but can also be found in Madagascar or Ethiopia. One of the only places where Emeralds might be found in the US is in North Carolina, deposits in micro land mines were in the 1800s.

The main healing properties of the Emerald includes the heart and kidneys, while it promote good circulation and oxgynization through the central nervous system.

It is said that the Emerald rules the heart chakra (Anahata) for this very reason. Anahata in Sanskrit means unbroken, and it is this very strong sentiment that the Heart Chaka is our direct connection to empathy, compassion, love and gratitude. The Emerald calms emotions, mainly because of the circulation of oxygen in the blood stream it balances the spikes of adrenalin, and we find ourselves being calm and serene when an Emerald touches our skin. Many feel that the Emerald also protects the eyes, and balances vantage points and depth perception.Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

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Because we can breathe with an equal intake and outtake, it is said to regulate the heartbeat which enables the heart chakra to open and “receive.” When our heart chakra opens, in correlation with our eyes, we see things quite vividly; colors are brighter, hues are crisp.

On an internal mental side, we can see things as it is and to find the love and imagination within people that sometimes live in pretense or have a hard shell around their emotions. When our heart chakra is open, we also find the greater good within ourselves, and tend to beat up on ourselves less.

The heart chakra opens a direct portal to the understanding of gratitude. The way we feel when we hear an old song from childhood, the innocent way we connect within ourselves that makes our skin tingle and we have a sense of relief (like how we feel when we release something heartbreaking, or someone that has hurt us emotionally.)

The Emerald opens our heart chakra to find the best in people, the best in ourselves. It is a doorway that swings open so that we can see things as they are and find the positive within those situations. When we wear an Emerald, it almost allows for our masks to drop and our inhibitions to go away – even for a brief moment.

It is important to know that Emeralds help with circulation of our nervous system which directly affects our speech, allowing us to think quickly and to mostly, react on immediate response. Mercury is the planet of communication, and its gemstone is the Emerald. Brain activity, speech, reaction time all lead to the central nervous system which is activated when we wear an Emerald, or an Emerald is nearby our skin. It is said this is the precious gemstone that governs psychic ability for this reason. It is also said that Emeralds might help when one has a nervous studder, to calm the thoughts and connect a rhythm between mind and voice.Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

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Some of the most intimate psychic moments and clairvoyant visions or heightened intuition comes when there is complete balance and tranquility – which the Emerald gleefully promotes as a healing property. When we are calm, we can allow our minds to drift into a space or a vacuum of complete silence. It is here that we can connect to our inner consciousness and find messages, moments and visions that often lead us to a better understanding of self, divide wants and needs, and understand the hidden meanings within the Universe’ calling.

Emeralds promote such psychic ability. So even though they represent wealth (because of the rare nature of the stone), equality with its six-point prism cut and natural influences (imperfections that give it a sparkle) and cause a direct link to our cosmic thought-process. Emeralds spark our inner creativity.
Emeralds are key for metaphysical moments such as new moons and lunar eclipses timelines.

Emeralds should be worn while you are meditating, asking the Universe for guidance, and during New Moons – as a key to connect us to our higher source. During New Moon phases, it is best to manifest, write your goals, speak your wishes and reset your attitude and mindset to begin anew. It’s the best time to plant seeds (not plants, but the actual seeds) in the ground as they connect to Mother Gaia (Earth, our soil) which emits a certain type of linking to its nutrients, and the DNA of the seed – almost like the moment of conception.

Emeralds should be placed at your window during an Eclipses as a protectant and healing agent, as Eclipses tend to make us nervous and anxious, and the Emerald, known for being calming source to our central nervous system can offset some of those panic feelings.Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

There are various shades of Emeralds, and each connects differently to our outside aura (a distinctive lit effervescence that surrounds our being and self, as an energy exchange between what emit as our power in conjunction to the outside energetic field.) Emeralds help emit a certain vitality that connects us with outside spirit.

Bright Green or “Emerald” Green represents of birth, fertility, abundance, connectivity, inner-knowing, and healing.

Dark Green – Money, greed, prosperity and sometimes, cheating. It also showcases investments gone correct, a gambling win (by chance) and sometimes being trapped in your head going round-and-round when making a critical decision your life.

Muddy Green – Depicts jealousy, and sometimes a small window of feeling insecure about yourself. On the happier flip side, “Muddy Green” talks about redirecting yourself, furthering education, re-taking exams, or rebuilding yourself from a new (Emerald Green) attitude.

Emeralds are key healing for so many reasons and when worn around your neck as a necklace – help sooth the eyes and balance your breathing while opening your heart chakra. When worn around your wrist or ankle, balance out your blood flow, curb anxiety and depression, and sprinkle creativity in your thoughts.Creative Wisdom - Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

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