Elephant Symbolism & Spiritual Meaning and Elephant Spirit Animal Symbol Jewelry

elephant symbolism

Elephant animal totems have played a significant role in carving the path of humanity and elevating consciousness. In Africa, they are regarded as symbols of nobility and are associated with rulers, strength, and victoriousness, while in China they are seen as symbols of brilliance and good fortune.

Their importance in spiritual development continues to carve our paths even nowadays. Many people use elephant symbolism to change the vibration of their space in feng shui, to find inspiration, or to connect with higher intelligence when seeking answers and guidance.


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Elephant Symbolism Meaning

The elephant spirit totem played an important role in the spiritual lives and routines of our ancestors. They were seen as omens of good luck and act as magnets for blessings in multiple life areas. 

Let’s discover the essence of their symbolism…

Wisdom & Intelligence as Elephant Symbolism

The elephant symbol is connected to Divine intelligence. As a representation of awareness and mental abilities, it is associated with higher knowledge, insight, and discernment. It blends spiritual and mental, inviting clarity, opening the mind to discover the truth, helping us to rise above and see beyond what is presented before us.

Elephants are symbols of inner knowing, and as such, they are associated with illumination, alertness, and brilliance of the mind.

Good Fortune with Elephant Symbolism

Elephant symbolism represents enthusiasm and grace. They are associated with property and are powerful charms for attracting blessings. Being symbols of fertility and abundance, their meaning is closely linked with creation, both in the material realm and in the realm of ideas.

They are associated with virtues, such as compassion, love, and kindness, and are used for inspiration and to attract good energy.

Strength and Perseverance Elephant Meaning Spiritual

As a totem or a good luck charm, elephant symbol meaning of elephant concurrently links the power of the mind with physical endurance and vitality. While they are satiated with grace, gentleness, and nurturing, elephants are also symbols of inner strength and resilience. 

Elephant symbolism represents elevated personal power, diligence, and perseverance in all aspects of being – physical, mental, and spiritual.

Elephant Necklace

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Elephant Meaning Throughout History

The elephant is an ancient symbol of wisdom and good fortune. It was used throughout history as a good luck talisman in several ancient cultures across the globe, from India and China to Africa and Europe.

Elephant Spirit Animal India

In Ancient India, What do elephants represent were symbols of fertility, abundance, and strength, both mental and physical. Their metaphysical meaning was associated with endurance and majesty, and they were associated with intelligence and fertility, often used in worshiping and prayer rituals.

Elephants were associated with Lord Ganesha, a deity with a head of an elephant, and a Hindu god of prosperity and wisdom. 

China Elephant Symbolism

In Chinese culture, elephant symbolism was linked with good luck, wisdom, and high vibration. According to the ancient Chinese philosophy of feng shui, elephants promote the accumulation of good chi. As such, they were, and still are, used for protection from harmful energy and as a magnet for blessings.

Elephant Symbol Meaning Africa

In Africa, the elephant was associated with status, grace, and nobility. Due to its size and intelligence, elephant meaning brought victory and was believed to be an omen of triumph and mental prowess. It was used as a talisman for overcoming difficulties and outsmarting opponents. 

Additionally, elephants were highly respected for their intelligence and were often seen as symbols of vitality and cooperation.

Christianity Elephant Symbolism

Elephants in Christian history represented patience, wisdom, and perseverance. It was a symbol of grace and poise and was associated with the virtue of temperance. Although big, their gentle nature was linked with mercy; therefore, they were often depicted as symbols of empathy and compassion.

Animal Symbolism

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3 Ways to Use the Elephant Symbol in Your Everyday Life

One of the most powerful ways to integrate the positivity and high vibration associated with the elephant into your routine is to wear authentic spiritual accessories.

You can browse Karma and Luck’s Elephant Collection, containing elephant charms, healing gemstones, and symbols to support your spiritual journey. Let’s look at some of the pieces in more detail…

Wear Elephant Charm Jewelry

Jewelry containing elephant symbol meaning attracts positive energy and inspires profound learning and spiritual growth. To align with its high vibration and open to its intellectual and spiritual aspects, try elephant charm jewelry for her and him.

Our Auspicious Fortune Necklace features a white enamel elephant head with an OM symbol to assist your manifestation and help you set the intention for attracting the blessings that are in   alignment with your desires. It will help you find the inner truth and establish an inner equilibrium, inspiring you to strive for more and carve a path that resonates with your soul’s calling.

Elephant Pendant Necklace

Auspicious Fortune - White Enamel Diamond Elephant Head Pendant Necklace
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The Creative Wisdom Bracelet incorporates Ombre Emerald gemstones and elephant symbolism to bring peace and opulence your way. Emeralds will elevate your vibration by helping you connect with the resonance of love, while the elephant charm will serve as a motivating, yet gentle force that will spark your enthusiasm and inspire you to create.

Our Ultimate Wisdom Red String Bracelet includes three mighty spiritual elements – the crimson string and the Hamsa Hand for energetic protection, and an elephant charm for illumination and clarity. Together, these symbols instigate a rise in awareness, allowing us to tap into the realm of higher knowledge and redefine our unique perspective.

elephant symbol bracelet

Joyful Future - Elephant Charm Necklace
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Joyful Future - Elephant Charm Necklace
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With an authentic handcrafted elephant head pendant, the Wise Purpose Necklace exudes manliness and style. Its elephant symbol meaning will strengthen your willpower, helping you feel empowered and become a conscious creator of your destiny. It will spark determination and perseverance, allowing you to tackle challenges with discipline and courage.

Wear an Elephant Spiritual Wisdom Scarf

A blend of fine satin and powerful symbolism, the Spiritual Wisdom Scarf is not only a fashion detail, but also a reminder that gratitude, love, and gentleness can conquer all.

With elephant, OM symbol, and buddha symbols, it can be your fashionable nudge for practicing mindfulness. Every time you wear it, the elephant symbolism will shed light on how important it is to appreciate your blessings so that more of them can come to you.

elephant symbol meaning

Let Your Kids Join On Fun of Elephants Symbolize

The vibration of the elephant resonates with everyone, especially our youngest. They are in the throws of embarking on the journey of discovery and learning, and the symbol of wisdom, strength, and enthusiasm is a perfect match for their keen spirit.

Inspire your youngest to explore the world around them, with our Joyful Future Necklace. A symbol of knowledge and enthusiasm, the elephant symbol will serve as spiritual assistance and a source of inspiration for new adventures. It will inspire them to play, seek, and explore, while offering them guidance and protection every step along the way.

Our Pure Curiosity Earrings bring lighthearted fun and laughter into their orb, illuminating their path and blessing them with unlimited joy. These white enamel earnings with elephant symbolism can be a source of inspiration and a powerful support to their prodigious curiosity.  

Shower your kids with limitless compassion, love, and kindness by ensuring they are spiritually protected, by charging the Glowing Wisdom Earrings with your unconditional love. They will lift their spirits, strengthen their will, and keep them in the never-ending process of growing and learning.

Elephant Spiritual Meaning Final Thoughts

Tuning into the spiritual side of things opens the doors to personal evolution and illumination and is a precursor for living a blissful life. Elephant spirit symbols offer us assistance that will light our way to wisdom and prosperity, allowing us to effortlessly tap into the realm of universal truth and knowledge.

Elephant Charm


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