10 Earth Day Gifts for Unity, Diversity & Spiritual Growth

Earth Day Gifts

We get to celebrate our time here on Mother Earth each and every day as we notice her beauty, cycles, and the life she supports.

From the birds' cheerful song each morning to the sunsets that delight us, to the sweet and nourishing variety of fruits she tickles our tastebuds with, we are truly blessed to have such an extraordinary place to call home.

Earth Day is an important reminder that we need to nurture our planet just as she nurtures us. It’s a time to reflect on what we can do to improve our sustainability efforts and ensure that we’re giving as much as we’re receiving from ever-giving Gaia.

Success - Feng Shui Jade Feng Shui Tree
Árbol Feng Shui de Piedra de Jade Éxito
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Earth Day Gift

Earth Day isn’t a typical gift-giving holiday, making it an even better way to delight and surprise the people in our lives (and celebrate the earth).

Whether you’re looking for earth day employee gift ideas, something special for your environmental friend, or even something to express your own love for Mother Gaia, a Feng Shui Tree (also called a Tree of Life) makes the perfect Earth Day gift.

Let’s look at some reasons why…

Genuine Renewal - Turtle Charm Green String Bracelet

Bring in the Energies That Support Their Intentions

A Feng Shui Tree will bless your recipient’s home with a multitude of positive vibrations. From the powerful energetic properties of the gemstone leaves to the tree of life symbol that begets balance and growth in every form, this home décor masterpiece is the missing link.

Handmade with pieces of the earth from every corner, you can choose the Earth Day gifts that support your recipient’s greatest desires and intentions. And that is further supported with the “Manifest Your Dreams Card” that they can place under the tree for amplification.

Tree of Life Earth Day Gift

Árbol Feng Shui de Citrino Evocador de la Felicidad
Árbol Feng Shui de Citrino Evocador de la Felicidad
Nunca se logró nada grande sin entusiasmo. Citrine, un poderoso cristal autodepurante, la estrella de nuestro vivaz árbol de la vida, est...
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A Gift That is Sustainable & Handmade

The beautiful round packaging is not only made with natural, recyclable materials, but it is a gift in and of itself. Your recipient will want to keep it and reuse it for years to come.

Every tree is also made of natural materials that come from the earth, including carefully placed authentic gemstones and hand-wrapped copper wire. And the fact that it is handmade further reduces its carbon footprint.

Your Purchase Gives Back & Promotes Unity

Karma and Luck is an international brand that is dedicated to uniting cultures around the world and promoting wellness for everyone. We stay true to our name and work to impart good karma by paying it forward, and that’s why we donate a portion of every Feng Shui Tree sale to our important charity partners.

Fiery Protection - Red String Men's Gift Box

10 Earth Day Gifts for Employees, Friends, or Yourself!

There are so many ways to augment unity while expressing our unique diversities in this world. Let’s look at all of the ways we can obtain personal growth and celebrate wholeness and individuality with Tree of Life Earth Day gifts

For Peace & Harmony

Bring the energy in your recipient’s home into harmonious balance with the Relaxing Lullaby Aquamarine Tree. The refreshing tropical blue leaves will work to wash away stress, fear, and inner turmoil.

Soothing Aquamarine will help them find a gentle peace within so that they can open their heart and find tranquility even during tumultuous times.

This crystalline energy arrangement of this piece will work to absorb the negative energies in their atmosphere that are holding them back so that they can go with the flow of life.

For Harmonious Love

Replace any dark emotions they may be experiencing with pure unconditional love when you give your recipient the Love Harmony Rose Quartz Tree. By infusing the environment with the frequencies of love, peace, and compassion, Rose Quartz is a gentle yet mighty releaser of negativity and emotional trauma.

It connects with the heart chakra, supporting your recipient with unconditional love, whether it’s romantic, familial, platonic, or self-love. Rose Quartz is a symbol of everlasting care for everyone and everything.

Love Harmony Tree of Life

Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
Árbol de Símbolo Feng Shui Chakra Fuerza y Crecimiento
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For Invigorating Energy

Branches of revitalizing, colorful stones, including Amethyst, Aventurine, Citrine, Tiger’s Eye, Carnelian, and Rose Quartz, work together to produce a calm yet uplifted state of being. This is the perfect state for living in the moment, manifesting desires, and overcoming challenges.

When we need a life force energy recharge, it calls for us to get out of our heads and into our body and soul. And that’s what the Invigorating Invigorate Multi-Stone Tree will do for the receiver of your Earth Day gifts.

Árbol de Piedra Turmalina Feng Shui Alta Conciencia
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For Success & Prosperity

Green Jade is a stone of abundance and prosperity. It cleanses the energy in its space and inspires growth and heart-felt forward movement. That’s what they get to enjoy when you give them a Success Feng Shui Jade Stone Tree.

The vibes from this gemstone inspire a calm, serene state of mind, one that can master the ability to be in control of our thoughts and emotions. Its energy feels like a weight being lifted, making our days less stressful and our obstacles less cumbersome.

Earth day employee gift ideas

For Abundant Blessings

If you want to impart the ability to tap into the limitless blessings that surround us with your gift, look no further than the Wise Counsel Red Tourmaline Tree. It matches the frequency of abundance, feeding the soul with gratitude and helping us to open up to receive more goodness.

Its Red Tourmaline leaves promote self-love, positivity, and aligned thought. It aims to strengthen our relationships and reminds us to practice unconditional self-love first and foremost.

The Citrine base further enhances the prosperous energy coming from this tree.

For Achieving Your Dreams

If we can achieve alignment between our inner and outer world, then anything is possible. By taking advantage of the cosmic energies that are at our disposal, we are more likely to accomplish that, and that’s what the Dream Fusion Jade Tree is here to do.

The Green Jade gemstones help us make the most of our lives and create the future we long to have. It works to unite the mind, body, and spirit so that we are attuned to the energy of abundance.

This Tree of Life is contained within a wooden base and glass casing, creating a world of possibility within itself.

For Creativity

If you want to give Earth Day gifts that will finely tune your recipient's creativity and invigorate their inner calling, the I Am Creative Carnelian Tree is the perfect solution.

By resonating with the sacral chakra, the Carnelian gemstone leaves on this piece invoke a higher sense of creativity, sensuality, and childlike playfulness. Its fiery colors serve as the inspiration needed to take action.

The combination of vibrant, sunny frequencies mounted above a white crystal base work to further connect your recipient with their capacity for creative expression and higher guidance.

Relaxing Lullaby - Aquamarine Feng Shui Tree
Árbol de Piedra Aguamarina Feng Shui Canción de Cuna Relajante
La tranquilidad es una opción. También la ansiedad. El mundo entero que nos rodea puede estar en agitación, pero si queremos, podemos log...
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For Strength & Growth

In order to grow and overcome the challenges we face in life, we need to bring harmony to all aspects of the self. Every single branch of the Strength & Growth Feng Shui Tree works together for the benefit of the whole.

The combined power of each authentic gemstone works in unison to strengthen its user in every way. And the colors of Clear Quartz, Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Sodalite, Aventurine, and Aquamarine produce a rainbow of inspiration.

Sitting atop an Agate base for further balance and stability, this piece is a muse for mindfulness and inner growth.

Colorful Bonsai Tree Earth Day Gift

For a Burst of Courage

Earth Day gifts like the Burst of Courage Feng Shui Tree offer up the forward-moving energies of vitality and valor. For the person who wishes to master themselves, cut through obstacles, and release the chains of fear that are tying them down, this unique Tree of Life is here to help them do it.

The Tiger’s Eye leaves impart the spirit of courage, self-confidence, and balance needed to reach and achieve the things they’ve always yearned for, with some added protection as well.

Whether you’re shopping for an employee, a friend, or even yourself, this tree can awaken the inner self to live with more joy and fearlessness.

For Confidence & Inspiration

To send your recipient on a path of self-discovery that leads to enhanced self-understanding and positive transformation, look to the Tourmaline Feng Shui Tree.

This piece contains a beautiful range of colors, displaying Tourmaline’s vast varieties and healing properties, including pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, white, and every shade in between. All seven chakras will be awakened from the frequencies of these gemstones.

Tourmaline is a stone of confidence, balance, and creativity. It works in concert with the white crystal base to open up channels of higher inspiration.

Final Thoughts

Making the perfect Earth Day gifts, these Tree of Life home décor pieces not only uphold the tenants of sustainability, they will also support your recipient in achieving their most important intentions. And they serve as a beautiful reminder of the magnificence of our Earth. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Tree of Life Collection Now!

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