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Cyber Monday

The holiday season is upon us! Every year these whirlwind days seem to sneak up on us, but this year try to stay mindful and enjoy each second of these fun times.

Along with blissful quality time spent with family, friends, and loved ones, comes the great opportunity for some serious shopping to be done! With so much gift-giving, it is important to take advantage of the many sales and discounts available during the season.

Rather than waiting until the last minute, relieve some stress and get your holiday shopping done earlier this year. With shopping done and behind you in November, you can have more time to spend with loved ones all of December.

After awakening from the food coma of your Thanksgiving feast, comes the hectic holiday of Black Friday. However, rather than waiting in the crazy lines and battling with other customers, why not wait for the much less stressful Cyber Monday?

This year, on November 28th, you can shop our Cyber Monday jewelry deals from the comfort of your own home. With 40% off being offered sitewide, this is one sale you will definitely want to take advantage of this season. 

Our Karma and Luck cyber Monday jewelry sale will have all of our stunning pieces at an unbeatable price. Our jewelry, although offering extraordinary beauty, is so much more than just the aesthetic appeal of the design.

Charged with the healing energy of the Universe, each piece is handcrafted by our global artisan partners using high-quality materials, authentic stones and crystals, and the incorporation of sacred symbols.

Womens New Arrivals Collection

Not only will you shine from the outside, but will feel the blissful vibration throughout your whole being. 

With Cyber Monday jewelry sales this amazing, why not get all your shopping for others done and buy yourself a special gift as well? Treat yourself and your loved ones to the healing energy of our high vibrational jewelry this holiday season. 

Take a look below at some of our favorite pieces for men and women to take advantage of our Cyber Monday jewelry deals. 

Mens Bracelet Best Seller Collections

Cyber Week Jewelry Deals for Men

Looking for the top gifts for men? Shop our cyber week deals on jewelry and find the perfect piece for him!

  • Wise Purpose - Elephant Head Pendant Necklace

Incredibly loyal to their families, elephants demonstrate to us the power of determination and protection. These wise animals carry with them generations of sacred knowledge, and can be powerful animal totems.

Wearing this elephant pendant necklace instills a sense of compassion, commitment, wisdom, and strength within the wearer. Serving as a reminder of the wearer’s innate and true inner strength, they will be reminded of their ability to overcome any challenge or any obstacle.

This Cyber Week jewelry idea encourages the wearer to stay steadfast in their goals, allowing them to achieve great things. Made with black gold plated brass, this is one piece of jewelry that any man in your life will surely wear and cherish for a lifetime. 

Wise Purpose - Elephant Head Pendant Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklace  -  Wise Purpose - Elephant Head Pendant Necklace
0% OFF
Wise Purpose - Elephant Head Pendant Necklace
The more light you allow within you, the brighter the world you live in will be. Our meaningful "Wise Purpose - Elephant Head Pendant Nec...
Precio habitual $199 Precio de oferta $143
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  • Supreme Protection - Tiger’s Eye Hamsa Horus Double Medallion Necklace

Made with sterling silver, this double pendant necklace shines with protective energy. Fitted with tiger’s eye stones on one side of the chain, this stylish piece encourages self-confidence, inner strength, and fierce determination.

The Hamsa and the eye of Horus medallions work together to surround the wearer in loving, protective energy. They will never walk alone again with the power of these two symbols hanging close to their heart. Shop this piece in our Cyber Week jewelry deals. 

Supreme Protection - Tiger's Eye Hamsa Horus Double Medallion Necklace

  • Spiritual Grounding - Evil Eye Hematite Matte Onyx Bracelet

Take advantage of Cyber Week deals on jewelry with this stunning evil eye bracelet for men. Featuring an antique bronze evil eye charm, the wearer will be infused with protective energy.

This bracelet serves as a fearless guardian, keeping an ever watchful eye upon the wearer. They will be kept safe from harm’s way, while repelling negativity from their surroundings.

Positive energy is encouraged to flow and flourish. The hematite beads provide calming, grounding vibrations, allowing them to focus on their goals. The onyx beads promote serenity and stress reduction.

Black healing stones contrasted with the antique bronze charm gives this piece a unique and elegant vibe. This subtle bracelet is just the stylish touch he has been looking for in his wardrobe. 

Spiritual Grounding - Evil Eye Hematite Matte Onyx Bracelet

  • Inner Truth - Sterling Silver Lapis Mantra Ring

925 oxidized sterling silver shines with beautiful subtlety against the rich blue of the lapis lazuli stone. This stretch ring, made to conveniently fit a variety of ring sizes, offers the gift of balance.

By aligning the soul, it allows for abundance and good luck to flow freely into the wearer’s life. New doors of opportunity begin to open, as the universe works to conspire in their favor. Make the most of Cyber Week jewelry deals and give the gift of manifestation with this ring.

Lapis lazuli stones are not only beautiful for their deep blue color, reminiscent of dusk skies, but are also full of healing potential.

Lapis lazuli promotes awareness, truth, and wisdom, helping the wearer return to their true self. The mantra barrels, wrapping around the finger, encourage mind protection and spiritual growth. 

Inner Truth - Sterling Silver Lapis Mantra Ring

Karma and Luck  Men Ring  -  Inner Truth - Sterling Silver Lapis Mantra Ring
0% OFF
Inner Truth - Sterling Silver Lapis Mantra Ring Large
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is always in sync. The "Inner Truth - Sterling Silver Lapis Mantra Ring" balances the soul and brin...
Precio habitual $99 Precio de oferta $69
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Best Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals for Women

Now that you have seen some of the Cyber Monday men’s jewelry choices, it’s time to take a look at the options for ladies! Read on to discover a few of our epic Cyber Monday deals on jewelry for women. 

  • Glowing Spirit - Hamsa Pendant Necklace 

In glimmering gold and sparkling crystals, this Hamsa necklace is a true statement piece. Her inner power and strength will never be doubted or questioned with this high-vibrational piece worn close to the heart.

If you are looking for gold jewelry this Cyber Monday, then this is the piece for you. This 18k gold plated necklace encompasses beauty with the addition of striking cz crystals and sterling silver.

Luxurious and powerful, this necklace will wrap the wearer in protective energy. A sacred symbol, the Hamsa will keep her safe from harm’s way and repel any negativity from her life.

Positive energy is welcomed, and new opportunities are uncovered. With a normally high price tag, this absolute stunner of a necklace is one of the best Cyber Monday jewelry sales available. 

Glowing Spirit - Hamsa Pendant Necklace

  • Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi-Stone Pointer Necklace

Radiating with colorful bliss, this multi-stone necklace is a true delight. Made of multi-color sapphire stones and verdant peridot stones, this piece is not only absolutely gorgeous but also full of healing power to share with the wearer.

Sapphire provides calming energy, sacred wisdom, and unmatched protection, while the sparkling peridot encourages divine connection and powerful motivation.

Peridot is also said to amplify the energy of other stones, making the sapphire in this piece even more potent and nurturing. Featuring an evil eye symbol, this necklace wraps the wearer in its protective force. 

Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace

Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Your soul is aware of your spiritual needs. The challenge is to address these needs. The “Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Poin...
Precio habitual $259
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  • Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

Once aligned with our truth and our purpose, connection with the divine opens and flows in waves of abundant bliss. The evil eye charms dangling from this anklet allow the chakras to balance, therefore helping cleanse the wearer’s energy and guide them towards the correct path.

Self-doubt falls away as a deep sense of confidence and certainty fills the wearer’s spirit. This unique jewelry piece is fitted with a brilliant gold chain, as well as a red string.

The red string calls in good luck and prosperity. The evil eye charms work to deflect negativity from the wearer’s surroundings, as well as protect them from danger.

This is one of the best Cyber Monday jewelry deals, encouraging the wearer to try something new and make a bold fashion statement. 

Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet

Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet
Divine Alignment - Red String Enamel Chakra Evil Eye Anklet
When we align with our truth, we open ourselves to the Divine. Let your energy go with the flow and direction of each and every Chakra co...
Precio habitual $99
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  • Illuminated Path - Gold Plated Snake Stud Earrings

Made with 18k gold plated brass and sterling silver for the posts, these shiny snake stud earrings radiate with confident and bold energy. Filled with sacred wisdom, the snake has served as a symbol of spiritual power and healing light for centuries.

The snake allows for grounding, so that the wearer can feel stable and steady on their path towards enlightenment. The snake is also a mighty source of protection, guarding the wearer from any harm or danger that comes their way.

These animals of transformation remind us to grow with the changes, accepting each new and ever-evolving moment of life with grace and gratitude. Let confidence shine in these gold beauties. 

Illuminated Path - Gold Plated Snake Stud Earrings

Cyber Monday Sales for Pets

Our Cyber Monday fine jewelry sale includes more than just items for humans. Now that you have seen the top picks for Cyber Monday deals on women’s jewelry and men’s jewelry, let us not forget our furry friends!

These guys add so much joy to our lives, so show them your love and gratitude with these healing pieces for pets. 

  • Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar

Offering the healing power of seven different stones, this collar will allow the vibrant spirit of your pet to shine brightly and fully. Jade stone promotes abundance and prosperity, amethyst encourages healing and tranquility, garnet provides enthusiasm and energy, carnelian inspires confidence and creativity, sodalite creates harmony and trust, clear quartz invokes manifestation and clarity, and aventurine stimulates good luck and optimism.

Let the true nature of your pet unfold while wearing this colorful collar instilled with high vibrations. Shop our Cyber Monday sales on jewelry and add this piece for your pet to the cart as well! 

Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar

Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar
Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar
Let your pet’s aura shine and let him/her radiate from within. Our "Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar" contains 7 types of healing...
Precio habitual $39
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  • Cheerful Woof - Citrine Small Pet Collar

Invite the positive energy of citrine into your small pet’s life. Equipped with the healing light of the sun, citrine has a wealth of gifts to share with those who wear it.

This vibrant stone encourages positivity to flow, deflecting negative vibrations. Inspiring feelings of happiness, joy, and bliss, your pet will feel your loving warmth even when you are far apart from each other.

If your pet has seemed in need of a spiritual boost lately, then this cheerful collar should do just the trick! 

Cheerful Woof - Citrine Small Pet Collar

Cheerful Woof - Citrine Small Pet Collar
Cheerful Woof - Citrine Small Pet Collar
Gifting is a way of expressing your love and care. Make it unique and meaningful for your furry friend. Our "Cheerful Woof- Citrine Smal...
Precio habitual $34
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Shop Cyber Monday Jewelry Deals with Karma and Luck

Be sure to mark our Cyber Monday jewelry sale on the calendar! This is one holiday deal that you do not want to miss out on this year. With styles for every taste and prices for every budget, there is sure to be something for everyone on your holiday shopping list.

Once you are done shopping for others, be sure to think of yourself as well! During this often stressful time of the year, we all deserve a bit of joy and self-love.

Give yourself a sparkling gift this holiday season as a token of your appreciation for how far you have come. Each of us are blessed with a life of purpose - wear healing stones and awaken to yours. 

Ready to shop our stellar Cyber Week sales? Visit our website and get a headstart! 

Cyber Monday

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