Dive into the Meaning & Benefits of Emerald - Plus 8 Emerald Jewelry Must-Haves

Dive into the Meaning & Benefits of Emerald - Plus 8 Emerald Jewelry Must-Haves

Captivating hearts throughout the ages, emerald sparkles with an enchanting and mystifying light. This deep green stone, reminiscent of the natural world, soothes the soul and calms the mind with its loving vibrations. Connected to the heart chakra, emerald helps you to open up to the healing frequency of love, both accepting and receiving it more easily. 

Helping you to cruise at higher spiritual altitudes, emerald matches you to the vibration of manifestation and abundance. Exciting and new opportunities are readily at your fingertips with this rich verdant stone, and you are ready to step into your highest potential. With this green beauty by your side, nothing is impossible, as it washes away any self-limiting beliefs that have kept you stuck or stagnant. 

Beloved for its beauty, emerald is so much more than just its outward appearance. The spiritual, emotional, and physical benefits of this stone are limitless in their abilities to transform and renew.

Ready to learn more about emeralds? Read on to discover the meaning, benefits, and history of this stone, plus uncover our 8 favorite emerald jewelry designs from the collection. Vital Harmony - Emerald Agate May Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet

Vital Harmony - Emerald Agate May Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
Vital Harmony - Emerald Agate May Birthstone Evil Eye Bracelet
The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper. Our meaningful "Vital Harmony - Emerald Agate May Bi...
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Emerald’s Mystical Meaning

Renowned as the “jewel of kings”, the emerald stone is surely fit for royalty and regality. In fact, this gemstone has adorned the bodies of great rulers around the world, and was a personal favorite of the Egyptian queen, Cleopatra. Its unmatched beauty was a symbolism for the wearers’ wealth and imposed superiority. Although emerald was once only accessible to people of the highest status, its stunning qualities can now be harnessed by anyone. 

Deeply tied to all things heavenly and ethereal, emerald serves as a bridge between you and the spiritual world. This otherworldly stone has been used throughout the ages to heighten metaphysical powers, and tune into intuition and psychic skills. Emerald is believed to cut through all illusions and veils, helping the truth of any situation come to light and be more clearly seen. 

As with all green stones, emerald is connected to the heart chakra. Responsible for love in all of its many forms, the heart chakra when balanced, keeps you in a state of compassion, empathy, and loving awareness. Wearing an emerald helps you to not only love others with more depth, but also helps you to love yourself more fully and entirely. 

A color of wealth, this green stone has been widely used as an amulet for calling in abundance. The manifesting powers of emerald can help you to turn all of your dreams into reality, and achieve all of your greatest goals. With this stone by your side, nothing is too far out of your reach. Emerald’s Mystical Meaning

The Many Benefits of Emerald

Emerald is a stone of limitless properties and benefits. Here are just a few! 

Physical Benefits

  • Improves Eyesight
  • Cures Optic Ailments
  • Enhances Memory & Brain Function
  • Eases Problems With Speech & Communication
  • Boosts Immune System
  • Fights Off Infections
  • Promotes Heart, Lung, & Spine Health
  • Detoxifies the Liver

Emotional Benefits

  • Promotes Calming Energy
  • Releases Negativity
  • Washes Away Self-Limiting Beliefs
  • Encourages Compassion & Empathy for Others & Self
  • Provides More Joy & Inspiration
  • Eases Stress & Anxiety
  • Protects Against Depression

Spiritual Benefits

  • Boosts Manifestation Practices
  • Encourages the Flow of Abundance
  • Heightens Intuition
  • Encourages Divine Connection
  • Aligns & Activates the Heart Chakra
  • Clarifies a Higher Purpose
  • Inspires Transformation & Growth

Emerald Benefits

Emerald’s Enchanting History

One of the oldest and most beloved of all gemstones, emerald has been around for quite some time. In fact, some estimates state that the oldest emeralds are 2.97 billion years old! They were believed to be first mined around 33 BC in Egypt, where these gems were particularly treasured by the ancient queen, Cleopatra. She was said to adorn herself in these gems as a show of her significant wealth and status, and was even said to be buried with the gem for its helpful powers in the afterlife. 

Aside from the Egyptians, many other cultures around the world prized emerald stones, as well, including the Incan, Mayan, and Aztec civilizations. It is easy to see why these stones were so treasured, by their supreme beauty. These ancient civilizations, however, also adored emeralds for their properties such as eternal youth, fortune-telling, and love potions. 

Emeralds can be mined in a variety of regions around the world, but the most stunning specimens are believed to come from Colombia. Colombian emeralds are valued higher because of their smooth and crack-free surfaces and their deep and vibrant colors. This country provides so many exceptional emeralds, that it is said Colombian emeralds make up a whopping 70-90% of the emerald market. https://www.karmaandluck.com/collections/womens-bracelets

8 of our Favorite Emerald Jewelry Designs

Read on to find out our top eight most captivating emerald jewelry designs! 

#1 Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary 

Fashioned in the spiritual style of a rosary necklace, this transcendental piece of emerald jewelry invokes the transformative energy of the divine. A golden lotus charm sits as the focal piece of this design, and green emerald stones dot its chain with green hues. The “Blooming Vitality” necklace is all about growth and transformation, encouraging you to step into your highest power. An ancient symbol, the lotus flower represents renewal and refreshment. Paired with emerald, these two forces join together, helping you to blossom into the best version of you. 

When you put on this necklace, do not be surprised when expansive opportunities begin to present themselves in your life. Taking your energy and potential to new heights, the “Blooming Vitality” helps tune you to the frequency of manifestation and abundance. Everything you seek is already seeking you.

Featuring a sparkling diamond chip, the 20 mm lotus charm sits in the center of the 18k gold plated brass chain. Around the chain, sit 4 mm ombre green emerald stones, promoting love, success, and intuition. This emerald and lotus necklace measures between 18”-22”, and has an 4 extra inches of drop.Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary

Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
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Blooming Vitality - Ombre Emerald Lotus Rosary
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#2 Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

This ombre emerald bracelet is designed in a triple wrap style, circling the wrist in boundless energy. You are reminded that everything you desire is already within your reach, and that the Universe wants nothing more than to shower you in abundance. Upon believing more fully in yourself, the opportunities become limitless. Abundance, manifestation, and love become the center point of your life with the loving assistance of the “Renewed Optimism” emerald bracelet. 

Combining in a cosmically-tuned way, the ombre emerald stones and the evil eye charm assist you in floating in infinite optimism, hope, and joy. You are tuned to the magnetizing “attitude of gratitude”, showing the Universe that you are ready to receive all of its many blessings. Aligned with the frequency of unconditional love, compassion, and vitality, the ombre emerald stones promise you that sunny days are ahead. The additional evil eye charm ensures that your peace is always prioritized, deflecting any negativity that comes on your path. 

Made with 18k gold plated brass, this is a triple wrap bracelet that measures between 19” and 21”. The 5mm ombre emerald stones promote love and abundance, while the gleaming 5 x 10 mm evil eye charm defends against harm.Renewed Optimism - Ombre Emerald Evil Eye Wrap

Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet
Acknowledging the good that you already have in your life is the foundation for all abundance. Let your surrounding become imbued with ex...
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#3 Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

Exuding loving vibrations, this charm bracelet showcases emerald stones and a lotus flower. By opening your heart and activating your soul, the “Focused Serenity” keeps you floating on waves of infinite bliss. Each time you look down at this bracelet, you gain inspiration from the resilient lotus. Emerging from dark, deep, and murky depths, the lotus pushes against all obstacles, and blossoms into one of the world’s most beautiful flowers. Keep the faith that, no matter what you are going through, you too, can come out better than ever. You never know - your greatest challenges may just turn out to be your most beautiful blessings. 

In the “Focused Serenity”, the lotus flower charm and the ombre emerald stones create the perfect combination. The lotus, a sacred and beloved symbol, promotes transformative energy, fresh starts, and resiliency.The emerald stones inspire positive changes, as well, but also provide a dose of unconditional love, compassion, and success. 

This emerald bracelet measures between 6.5” to 8”, and is made with 18k gold plated brass. The convenient lobster clasp closure makes it easy to choose and change the right length for your wrist. 4 mm ombre emerald stones add a touch of green color to the piece, and the 7 mm evil eye charm is a wonderful accent of sparkle and shine.Focused Serenity - Ombre Emerald Lotus Charm Bracelet

Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace
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Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace
Your potential is infinite; your radiance is abundant. Allow our "Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace" to promote integrity...
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#4 Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

The “Steady Guidance” necklace is the perfect representation of the divine feminine, and is rich with powerful properties to share. Surrounded by stunning green emerald stones and an all-seeing evil eye charm, this potent necklace fills your soul with tranquility and bliss. A renowned amulet for protection, the evil eye serves as your forever bodyguard, deflecting any harm that comes your way. On the other hand, the green emerald stones promote manifestation, transformation, and unconditional love. 

Mystical emerald and the protective evil eye join together to boost your spiritual journey in this healing necklace. In deep verdant hues, emerald fills you with confidence and courage to go after your goals, while the evil eye keeps you always safe and protected. 

The “Steady Guidance” emerald necklace sits on a gold plated brass chain and measures 15” to 17”.  Adding a spark of electrifying green color, the piece is dotted in 4 mm ombre emerald stones, and calls in the protective energy of the 10 x 20 mm evil eye charm. Crafted with ultimate love and care, this piece is handmade by artisans in Jaipur, India.Steady Guidance - Emerald Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Nature does not hurry, yet everything is always perfectly balanced. The "Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace" will inspire you...
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#5 Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace

Get inspired by the cool, calm, and collected energy of the turtle with this “Steadfast Hope” necklace. Wearing this piece, you are encouraged to take each task slow and steady, and to stay ever on the path to your greatest goals. Turtles are masters at overcoming obstacles, and they use patience as their secret weapon

The golden turtle charm and the green emerald stone are the perfect match-up in energies. Soothing to the soul, emeralds provide true love and compassion, and assist in tuning you to the flow of divine wisdom. The turtle charm reminds you to stay hopeful, regardless of what obstacles or challenges you may face.  

Made by artisans in Jaipur, India, the “Steadfast Hope” is designed with an 18k gold plated brass chain. The bracelet measures 16” to 18”, and features a  20 mm golden turtle charm and an array of 2mm sparkling emerald stones. 

Steadfast Hope - Emerald Turtle Charm Necklace
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
There is only one place to find real peace and harmony. That place is within. Sensual by nature, our unique "Soothing Oasis - Opal Emeral...
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#6 Creative Wisdom - Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

Evoking regality and royalty, the “Creative Wisdom” bracelet calls on the power of the sturdy elephant and the balanced emerald stone. A true representation of earthy energy, elephants are a reminder to stay steady on the path towards your goals and dreams. These gentle giants also serve as inspiration for remaining strong, wise, and grounded. 

The green emerald stones and the elephant charm work together to assist you in letting go of any self-limiting beliefs that may be keeping you stuck in place. With this necklace, you are continuously reminded of your ability to achieve all that you desire, while also being showered in the motivation to help you get there. 

4mm ombre emerald stones surround the wrist in this bracelet, tuning you to the healing energy of love and abundance. The 7mm golden elephant charm serves as your source of balance, wisdom, and strength. Designed in a stretch style, the “Creative Wisdom” measures 6.5”. Creative Wisdom - Ombre Emerald Elephant Charm Bracelet

Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace
Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace
The divine power in you is capable of answering all the questions. All you need is little compassion and awareness in your life. Our "Dev...
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#7 Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

A constant source of positive and calming vibrations, this opal and emerald bracelet reminds you that you can always retreat to the sweetness and quietness of your own soul. Calling on the help of ethereal opal and divine emerald, this bracelet encourages you to step into your full power. The “Soothing Oasis” lovingly assists you in releasing any worries, fears, or anxieties that may be getting in your way.

White Ethiopian opal stones are paired with ombre green emerald stones in this high-vibrational bracelet, making it not only exceptionally beautiful, but also incredibly powerful. A perfectly-matched duo, opal and emerald combine to provide you an uplifting, spiritual experience. Encouraging abundance, unconditional love, and transformation, the emerald stones sparkle and shine, while the lovely opal stones enhance intuition and prioritize deep healing. Adding to this bracelet’s otherworldly benefits, the evil eye charm keeps you safe and protected, no matter where you go. 

The “Soothing Oasis” measures an adjustable 6.5” to 8” and is made with an 18k gold plated brass chain. 4mm Ethiopian opal stones and 4mm emerald stones surround the wrist in inspiring energy, and a sparkling 6mm evil eye charm deflects negativity. Soothing Oasis - Opal Emerald Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

#8 Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace

A stunning birthstone necklace, the “Devote & Achieve” was inspired by the refreshing and renewing energy of the bright and cheerful Spring month of May. For all those born in this month, the emerald is a highly energizing and activating stone. Clarifying your purpose, emerald fills your heart with the necessary motivation to turn your dreams into reality. Reminiscent of the hues and shades found in nature, emerald calls on that same soothing energy to uplift your soul and keep you forever calm. 

Each month of the year is represented by a particular gemstone, and in the case of May, that stone is emerald. It is said that by wearing emerald, anyone born in May will feel more aligned, balanced, and in touch with their truest selves. This rich green stone helps you to access new heights within yourself. 

Sitting on a double 18k gold plated brass and 925 sterling silver chain, is a beautiful emerald birthstone pendant. This necklace measures between 15” to 18” and the mystical green stone in the center measures 4.5 mm x 4.5 mm. Hidden away from sight, an evil eye symbol is etched into the underside of the charm, adding a protective layer to keep you safe from any harm, danger, or negativity.  Devote & Achieve - Emerald Evil Eye May Birthstone Necklace

Final Thoughts

Providing the same effect as walking into a lush, green forest, the verdant emerald stone provides calming, soothing, and peaceful energy. Its rich presence is electrifying to the soul, aligning you to the purest and highest version of yourself, and providing you with motivation to reach your dreams. Wearing emerald jewelry has a multitude of powerful benefits that can transform your life - so, are you ready to make a change?

Hoping to add a piece of emerald jewelry into your life? Visit our website to browse our full collection of beautiful, unique, and high-vibrational gemstone jewelry. 

Start your journey here: Women's Bracelets from Karma & LuckGemini Necklace

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