Dive Into the Depths With Pisces - Personality, Career, Love, & More

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Ruled by the element of water, Pisces is dreamy, intuitive, creative, and emotional. These naturally spiritual souls are true inspirations when it comes to “going with the flow”. Gliding effortlessly through changing circumstances and transformation, Pisces gracefully shows us how it's done.

Represented by two fish swimming in opposite directions, this symbolism perfectly depicts the dueling worlds of Pisces. With a tendency to keep their feet on the ground but their heads in the clouds, these imaginative souls are constantly living in two realms - reality and fantasy. 

As the last sign of the zodiac wheel, Pisces has learned all of the hard lessons of every other sign. This emotional and intellectual burden weighs heavy on them at times, causing them to feel overwhelmed by emotions. Sensitive, to a fault at times, the Pisces individual is the most empathetic, compassionate, and psychic of all the zodiac signs.

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Pisces is ruled by the planet Neptune. Think of Neptune energy like diving deep into the ocean’s depths - magical and full of surprises and mystery. Neptune is the planet of inventiveness and dreams, blessing Pisces with a natural knack for artistry.

The dark side of Neptune, however, creates a hazy glow that can feel like living in a house of illusions and mirrors. Pisces must remember to stay grounded in order to see the light and remain in the concrete world. 

Intrigued by Pisces? Whether you are one of these dreamy fish, or have someone in your life who is, then read on to explore more about Pisces’ traits, compatibility, career, and more. 

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Distinct Pisces Sign Traits 

Having absorbed all of the heartache, trauma, and lessons - both good and bad - of all of the other signs, Pisces is a human sponge. They may feel a sense of overwhelm at times, due to their wealth of emotions.

Their extreme compassion and empathy makes it a struggle for Pisces to convey a strong sense of identity. Oftentimes, their personality changes based on who they are with and the energy around them.

It is not that they do not know who they are, they just prefer to exist in a realm beyond most peoples’ comprehension - observing and flowing with the changes.

Their aversion to distinct traits makes it more complex when trying to describe them. However, here are some general Pisces’ traits that can often be found in these unique souls:

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

  • Dreamy 

With their heads forever in the clouds, Pisces lives in a world of pure fantasy and imagination. Their minds are always busy daydreaming and veering off into other realms. 

  • Intuitive 

Blessed with psychic skills, one of Pisces traits is their innate intuition. These souls just seem to always know what is going to happen before anyone else. Their open channels allow them to more easily connect with the divine. 

  • Creative

Ruled by the planet Neptune, one of Pisces distinct personality traits is their exceptional creativity. Natural born artists, these zodiac natives are naturals at expressing themselves and their dreams through painting, pottery, poetry, and more. 

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  • Sensitive

As a water sign, sensitivity is one of the undeniable Pisces zodiac traits. Emotions rule their world, and these souls are known to shed a fair tear or two. In fact, it is not uncommon for crying to be Pisces way of dealing with their emotions - happiness, sadness, anger, and anything else unleashes itself as a waterfall of tears. 

  • Compassionate

Holding the weight of many lessons and lifetimes, Pisces is the most compassionate and empathetic soul you will ever meet. These zodiac natives just get you, and will feel for your every pain and hardship as if it were their own. Loving and kind, they will be there for you always. 

  • Selfless

Doing things for the greater good is Pisces top priority. These sweet souls are always sacrificing their own time, happiness, and needs in order to help others. 

  • Highly Adaptable

Fluid like water, this sign of the fish is always able to go with the flow. Their extreme empathy allows them to adapt to the energy of many different people, places, and events. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Secret Talents of Pisces

Creativity is one the supreme talents of Pisces. Each Pisces will have a unique way of demonstrating this natural-born skill, but many are artists in some form or other. Through poetry, dance, music, painting, or any other art form, the Pisces individual finds their freedom. Their incredible gift of expressing themselves through beauty and art is a blessing to the world. 

Pisces compassion and adaptability is a talent that surrounds these loving individuals with a wide range of friendships. Moving fluidly through life, Pisces is able to shapeshift depending on the energies they feel and the people they meet.

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For that reason, these sponge-like zodiac natives can make friends with people of all different backgrounds. It is not uncommon to meet a Pisces with various friend groups that are all unique. Their sweet sensitivity makes them wonderful friends who are highly valued and respected. 

Picking up on subtleties that other people may never even notice, Pisces superpower is their intuition. Naturally floating between different realms and worlds, Pisces have incredible psychic skills.

Whether they are channeling divine guidance, or simply feeling out a situation without needing words, Pisces is always impressing people with their gift of intuition

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Pisces Weakness

Pisces greatest weakness may be their own doing. These emotional souls are often quite drawn to the melancholy side of life. Pisces feels all the feels, and they like it that way. In fact, they seek out experiences that will bring an onslaught of emotions, such as reading sad books, watching upsetting movies, or putting themselves in toxic relationships.

Depth is where a Pisces wants to go, and they are entirely uninterested in all things shallow or without emotion. This water sign would rather be swallowed by sadness then left feeling nothing at all. 

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10 Career Ideas for Imaginative Pisces

Curious, dreamy, and intuitive, Pisces excels at a range of careers and hobbies. If you are a Pisces who does not feel aligned with the arts, worry not! There are many more job opportunities that are sure to light you up. Here are some of the top career choices for Pisces to really shine:

  • Holistic Healer

With their highly intuitive nature, Pisces is a true healer. Innately knowing what energies are off or where trauma lies, this is a gift that Pisces can share with the world. 

  • Art Dealer

With an eye for beauty, Pisces is drawn to the world of art. Using their people-person skills, as well as their creative side, Pisces finds a perfect career as an art dealer. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

  • Musician

Expression is key for Pisces and their wealth of emotions. Many Pisces have a gift for music, whether it be singing, playing an instrument, or djing, these water signs can thrive in any aspect of the music industry. 

  • Nurse or Doctor

Empathetic and caring, one of the best careers for Pisces is a doctor or a nurse. As this zodiac native is used to taking care of other people and putting others’ needs before their own, this job will come easily to them. 

  • Therapist

Highly in tune with their emotions, and aware of how to express them, Pisces makes a wonderful therapist or counselor. People just feel comfortable and at ease around them, making this a great Pisces career choice. 

  • Photographer

A Pisces photographer is a true gift to the world. With their dreamy eyes, we are able to get a glimpse into the rose-colored vision of a Pisces through their photos and art. 

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  • Fashion Designer

Always fashionable, Pisces makes a wonderful clothes designer. These zodiac natives often have a unique sense of style, and express their art through the clothes they choose to wear. 

  • Non-Profit or Charity Work

Constantly prioritizing the needs of others, Pisces is helpful and kind. They are always looking for ways to brighten up other peoples’ day and make the world a better place, which is why charity work is a great career for Pisces. 

  • Recruiter

This intuitive water sign understands people. Upon meeting someone, they can tell instinctively if they are a good fit for the company or the situation. This pisces career allows their top-notch people-person skills to really shine. 

  • Blogger/Influencer

Unafraid to be real, Pisces is a breath of fresh air. Their raw and unfiltered way of expressing themselves and their unique way of looking at the world will be wildly appreciated by their followers. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Pisces as a Friend

Finding it very easy to relate to people, Pisces is exceptional at making lasting friendships. Their ability to connect and communicate with people of all different walks of life ensures that they always have a loyal mate or two by their side.

It is very common for Pisces to have a wide range of friend groups that may seem completely different from one another. But that is just how Pisces is - able to float and flutter between worlds and identities. 

A Pisces friendship is all about loyalty and love. This sensitive sign is a sweet friend to have and one that should be deeply treasured. They are always there for you, whether you need a hug or a few words of wisdom.

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Do not be surprised if they show up at your door with homemade treats when you are feeling down - these natural-born caretakers will do anything to make sure you are okay. If you are going through heartache, illness, a lost job, or anything else, a Pisces friend is right by your side. Through thick and thin, these compassionate individuals never abandon their friends. 

Embarking in a Pisces friendship does mean that you must have patience. These zodiac natives are full of wonderful traits, however, they often let their own emotions get the best of them. Going through bouts of sadness and anxiety is quite common for Pisces, and they need loving friends to help pull them out of their funk. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Who is Pisces Soulmate?

Driven by fantasy and romance, Pisces is constantly struggling between what they crave and what they actually need - and their love life is no exception to this rule. Dreamy Pisces looks for the love you find in classic novels and rom coms; they want to drown in love. For these water signs, life should be moving poetry and they seek this in every relationship they enter.

However, these zodiac natives must be careful in creating boundaries. With a perceptibility to clinginess, they have to stay true to themselves and create an independent structure before inviting other peoples’ energy into their lives. 

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A Pisces soulmate is someone who knows how to ignite romance and passion, while still remaining grounded in reality. Pisces needs someone with deep roots and a stable footing to keep them from floating too far into the clouds. Pisces' best match for love is a person with an equal affinity for the arts and literature, and an ability to eloquently express their emotions.

If you want to make a Pisces fall in love with you, write them love letters, sing them a love song, or pull a John Cusack and stand outside their bedroom window blasting romantic music through your boombox. Any big show of love will go a long way with these watery souls. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

Pisces Compatibility With the Other Signs

Interested how Pisces matches up in love with the other signs of the zodiac? Read on to explore Pisces men and Pisces women love compatibility!

  • Pisces & Aries 

Aries, the first sign of the zodiac, and Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac, may make for a tricky pairing. These two have very different ways of viewing life, and an even more different way of going about things. Aries is a wildly independent sign that is always making the first move. Pisces, on the other hand, likes to go with the flow, standing back as others take the lead. These differing perspectives could cause them to clash, but if they work on learning from one another, it could blossom into something lasting. 

  • Pisces & Taurus 

Taurus, an earth sign, makes a wonderful love match for Pisces. These two signs are creatures of comfort, making their relationship all about sitting back and enjoying life. These two together do not feel the need to always be on the go, prioritizing instead the simple things. This duo is a  strong advocate for Netflix and chill.  

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  • Pisces & Gemini

A bit too similar in their “head in the clouds” nature, Gemini and Pisces can make for a complicated relationship. These two whimsical souls struggle with making decisions and sticking to plans, which can be incredibly difficult when trying to make a partnership work. They both need someone more grounded in their lives to keep them rooted in the material plane. 

  • Pisces & Cancer

Speaking the same language of the soul, Pisces and Cancer are one of the best love matches of the zodiac. Both water signs, these two will have no problem expressing their emotions and communicating in a healthy and open way. Pisces assists Cancer in tuning into their creative side, while Cancer helps Pisces make decisions and stay on course. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

  • Pisces & Leo

Fiery leo and ethereal Pisces are both susceptible to looking at life through an all too dreamy lens. Both will have to stay grounded and rooted in reality to determine if their relationship really is perfect, or if it is all just an illusion. These two signs do, however, have the ability to get along quite well, appreciating each other's love for the arts and creativity, as well as a mutual need for emotion. 

  • Pisces & Virgo

Pisces lies exactly opposite of Virgo on the astrological wheel, making them really quite different from each other. Virgo, a mutable Earth sign, is grounded, practical, and organized, while Pisces, a mutable water sign, is imaginative, spiritual, and dreamy. In this zodiac match-up, the adage saying “opposites attract” is actually fairly common for these two. The key for this partnership to work is making the effort to really understand each other, and appreciate their vast differences. 

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  • Pisces & Libra

There is definite potential between Pisces and Libra - potential to flourish or potential to break. Lying five signs apart, this is a somewhat awkward match-up, but it can work under the right circumstances. Both suckers for romance and art, these two zodiac signs may find their shared passions to be enough for their partnership to grow.

However, Pisces and Libra may struggle dealing with their many differences. For instance, empathetic Pisces tends towards quiet nights in and a touch of escapism, while charming libra is drawn to nights out on the town and being the center of attention. 

  • Pisces & Scorpio

One of Pisces best matches for love, Scorpio is equally unafraid to dive into the deepest and darkest depths. Holding hands, these two swim together in a partnership of expression, emotion, communication, and spirituality. This is a romance written for novels and movies, as their passion for one another grows and grows by the day. Scorpio helps Pisces to find direction and make a move, while Pisces encourages Scorpio to let loose and not be so rigid. 

Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

  • Pisces & Sagittarius

Sagittarius, a mutable fire sign, can make for a tense pairing with watery Pisces. Gentle and emotional Pisces may find themselves offended and hurt by the direct and blunt communication style of Sag, while Sag may be bored or completely bewildered by Pisces incredibly sensitive nature. These two signs just tend to butt heads, finding it difficult to relate to one another. 

  • Pisces & Capricorn 

Both easy-going in their own ways, Capricorn and Pisces have a strong compatibility. Capricorn, an Earth sign, is driven, ambitious, and organized, while Pisces, a water sign, is intuitive, imaginative, and changeable. Rather than being turned off by their differences, these two zodiac signs tend to learn and grow from one another, making for a beautiful and lasting relationship. 

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  • Pisces & Aquarius

Just one sign apart from each other, a Pisces and Aquarius relationship can be a little difficult. Both deeply humanitarian and full of imagination, these two have the potential to turn life into a wild and exciting fantasy. However, for this partnership to work, they must both be willing to put in the effort to understand one another.

Pisces is a total dreamer - always living in a world of imagination, whereas Aquarius, although eccentric too, is far more logical. These differences could instantly repel the fish and the water bearer, or it could be a magnetizing force of love. 

  • Pisces & Pisces

A Pisces and Pisces relationship equates to two incredibly imaginative souls living in love. Constantly daydreaming, these two are able to create a life that feels like a rom com movie.  Fueling eachother’s passion for the arts and spirituality, this is an exceptionally supportive and encouraging duo. Emotions are fluidly expressed and openly received. The only issue these two run into is a lack of grounding. For this partnership to be lasting and fulfilling for both parties, it helps if at least one of them has a bit more Earth in the rest of their chart. 

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Jump Into the Waters of Pisces

Gentle, compassionate, and creative, Pisces moves with the ever-changing flow of life. These soulful individuals look at life as a spiritual journey, and are ready to take you along for the ride. Their intuition reigns supreme, and they have a natural aptitude for psychicness. Deeply in touch with their emotions and the rhythm of the world around them, Pisces feels it all.

They are most comfortable when swimming in the depths, letting their feelings wash over them and engulf them in weight and substance. Constantly daydreaming, Pisces lives with their head forever in the clouds - giving them a unique perspective on life. Beauty and emotion are their driving forces, and they share that gift with the world through their varying art forms. 

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Dive Into the Depths With Pisces

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