Dive Into Karma & Luck’s Collection of Sapphire Necklaces

Dive Into Karma & Luck’s Collection of Sapphire Necklaces

A stone of wisdom, sapphire has been revered for centuries. Beloved for far more than just its stunning outer appearance, this stone is all about the properties it provides. Connecting you to the divine, this stone, often found in rich blue hues, opens your channels and allows spiritual guidance to flow right in. It boosts intuition and helps you to trust more fully in yourself. 

Sapphire is also renowned for its joy-inducing nature. Anyone in need of a change in mood, can surely benefit from this blissful stone. By deflecting negative or harmful energy from your life, it creates more space for goodness to enter. Wear this stone around your neck, and watch as your life begins to fill with more prosperity, abundance, and love. 

Hoping to add a sapphire necklace to your collection? We sat down with one of our jewelry designers, Paige, to get a better glimpse into the meanings and intentions behind each of these pieces. Read on to discover our favorite picks, as well as a list of benefits this stone provides. Exuberant Vitality - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Mala

Learn How Sapphire Can Bring More Joy & Peace to Your Life

Exuding positive vibrations, sapphire has endless benefits to bring to your life. Here are just a few:

Physical Benefits

  • Eases & cures insomnia 
  • Improves eyesight
  • Relieves migraines
  • Heals ear issues
  • Strengthens balance
  • Reverses fevers
  • Cures thyroid problems
  • Fights off diseases & infections

Emotional Benefits

  • Balances the emotions
  • Inspires more joy
  • Ignites your inner power
  • Reverse negative thinking patterns
  • Eases anxiety, worries, & stress
  • Improves the mind-body connection
  • Encourages fidelity & commitment

Metaphysical Benefits

  • Activates the throat chakra - improving communication & self expression
  • Balances the third eye chakra - allowing intuition and insight to flow
  • Assists in past life remembrance
  • Inspires dream work
  • Connects to higher consciousness
  • Makes astral projection possible
  • Helps connect with angels & guides

Glittering Wisdom - Multi Color Sapphire Choker Necklace

6 Sapphire Necklaces for Women

Here are our top choices for sapphire necklaces for women:

#1 Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Necklace

A company-wide favorite, this stunning beaded necklace makes the perfect gift for girlfriends, daughters, wives, or for yourself. In feminine shades of pinks, reds, and purples, this piece is designed with pink sapphire, iolite, and ruby. 

Paige explains, “The colors of this necklace were intentionally chosen with care to embody that divine feminine energy. We want every woman who puts this on to feel like the true warrior and queen that she truly is.”.

In the middle of the chain sits a gleaming medallion featuring the sacred hamsa symbol. An ancient amulet for protection, the hamsa has been used for centuries to ward away negativity, harm, and danger. 

Pink sapphire inspires spiritual wisdom, protection, and love, while iolite promotes intuition and growth, and ruby brings a higher self-esteem and deeper insight. These three crystals not only look stunning together, but also creates a force of divine love that wraps you in its warmth.Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Medallion Necklace

Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Medallion Necklace
Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Medallion Necklace
Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. Use the Hamsa Hand symbol to your advantage, lighting t...
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#2 Spiritual Wholeness - “The World” Tarot Card Necklace

Representing “The World” tarot card, symbolizes harmony, success, and completion, helping to guide you on your journey towards a place of contentment and peace. Paige says this necklace is perfect to gift anyone who has recently achieved a goal or put their plans into motion - showing them that you are proud of them and celebrating their every win. “Think graduations, job promotions, or any accomplishments - that’s the idea behind this piece.”. 

Painted in multi-color enamel, this simple yet beautiful design is dotted with the subtle gleam of a sapphire stone and diamond chips. Sapphire brings a calm energy to the body, and also increases wisdom and protection. No matter where you, or your loved ones, are on your path, this necklace will surely be the support that is needed. Spiritual Wholeness - "The World" Tarot Card Necklace

Spiritual Wholeness - "The World" Tarot Card Necklace
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Spiritual Wholeness - "The World" Tarot Card Necklace
Be proud of what you've learned, the progression you've made, and your achievements so far. In a general context, The World Tarot card si...
Precio habitual $199 Precio de oferta $143
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#3 Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Necklace

A choker style necklace, the “Divine Intervention'' stands out from the pack with its multi-color design. This piece is “perfect for anyone who likes to make a bit of a statement with their jewelry, and is unafraid to stand out” explains Paige. 

Peridot and sapphire are the stars of the show, and each one provides its own set of unique characteristics. Peridot is wonderful for strengthening divine connection, improving concentration, and amplifying the effects of other stones. Sapphire, featured in multiple colors in this piece, brings calming energy, wisdom, and protection. 

Attracting only the best vibrations, the evil eye sits in the center of this necklace. Gazing out into the world, this ever-loving symbol always has your back. Used since ancient times, the evil eye is renowned for its ability to defend against negativity and danger. Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace

Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Your soul is aware of your spiritual needs. The challenge is to address these needs. The “Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Poin...
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#4 Spiritual Guidance - Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

Sparkling in an array of multi-color sapphire stones, this choker style necklace adds a vibrant touch to any look. Paige says, “whenever I feel in need of some balance in life, I always put this necklace on. It’s pretty amazing how quickly my chaotic energy shifts to more peace and alignment with the help of the powerful sapphire stones”. 

Made with 18k gold plated brass, the sapphire stones on this piece invoke more wisdom within you. These stones are also protective and calming. From this place of inner peace, you are able to reach all of your goals with more ease and grace. 

The additional evil eye symbol, set in the middle of the necklace, serves as your protective companion. Used since ancient times, the evil eye is a trusted amulet for defending against danger and negativity. Spiritual Guidance - Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace
Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace
Inner peace, harmony, and spirituality make life worth living. Make your existence meaningful and mindful with our "Protection & Wisd...
Precio habitual $199
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#5 Abundant Sunshine - Multi Stone Chakra Necklace

Exuding positive vibrations, this multi stone necklace is truly unique. A favorite of Sarah, on our marketing team, she says this necklace makes her feel bold, confident, and aligned. She goes on to say, “This necklace is my go-to power piece. The combo of colorful stones makes me feel radiant and unstoppable. Plus it always draws in lots of compliments!”.

Paige explains that the colors of the chakras are represented in this piece, and that it features sapphire, carnelian, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, and amethyst. She says, “By wearing these seven colors, you are encouraging the balance and activation of your chakras, helping you to feel like the best version of you.” 

Made in a collar style, and designed with pointer crystals, this necklace is really unique. Each time you put it on, you are reminded of the individual inside of you - ready to step out each day and shine. Abundant Sunshine - Multi Stone Chakra Collar Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Attract Success Positive Mantra Jade Heishi Necklace
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Attract Success - Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace
There is endless success for the one who is brave and grateful. May you always find the way to unlimited success and positive karma throu...
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#6 Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

A mixture of multi-colored sapphire brings this necklace to life in a rainbow of colors. Made in a choker style, it sits close to the neck, bringing alignment to the throat and heart chakra. The loving vibrations of sapphire are able to fill the soul with a sense of deep peace, exuberant joy, and endless positivity. 

Set in the middle of the necklace is the ubiquitous evil eye symbol. Paige is a big fan of evil eye designs, because she believes, “the all-seeing eye is a wonderful companion to have along for your spiritual journey.” Used for thousands of years, the evil eye ensures that any negativity is deflected from your path, while allowing positivity to flow right in. Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

3 Sapphire Necklaces for Men

For men, we are happy to offer these three stylish and strong choices:

#1 Power of Universe - Blue Sapphire Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace

Handmade in Bali, this rosary style necklace for men is a powerful force of energy. Showcasing a Chinese zodiac medallion pendant, you or your guy is sure to feel like a spiritual warrior. 

According to Paige, “it was created with the intention of boosting self-confidence and self-assuredness.” She says, “Any man who is feeling down or feeling lost can benefit greatly from this super-charged rosary. Just by putting it on, they should feel an immediate bolt of inner power.” 

The blue sapphire stones boldly gleaming on this piece are perfect for activating the throat chakra. You are encouraged to speak up for yourself, and be unafraid to express your emotions, needs, thoughts, and ideas. The sapphire stones are also great for boosting wisdom, harmony, and perseverance. Power of Universe - Blue Sapphire Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace

#2 Attract Success - Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace

Through a mindset of gratitude and abundance, all things are possible. WIth the help of this “Attract Success” necklace you will be forever reminded to look for the good in all things. With this change in perspective, you will find that opportunities present themselves to you in an effortless way. 

Designed with multiple stones, this necklace features blue sapphire, turquoise, snake skin jade, olive jade, and apatite. Each stone is also shaped into a unique form to give the whole piece a unique and eccentric look. Our designer, Paige, says that this necklace was crafted to inspire individualism and a change in perspective - “by incorporating different shapes, forms, and colors, we hoped to boost creativity and imagination in all who put this piece around their neck.”Attract Success - Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace

#3 Divine Contemplation - Lapis Turquoise Agarwood Mala

Through mantra and prayer, you can more easily access higher realms and higher levels of consciousness. Designed with stunning agarwood and a variety of stones, this mala takes your spiritual journey to new heights. 

The resident yogi on our sales team, Dan, says “This mala necklace is my lifeline. I use it in my meditation practices, but also as a way to access more peace throughout my day. When things get hectic or busy, I close my eyes and tune into the energy of the stones to help me find my center.”.

Paige explains that “the agarwood beads promote healing and harmony, the lapis lazuli beads inspire truth and awareness, the turquoise beads invoke balance and prosperity, and the sapphire beads encourage joy and protection. When combined, these stones create a shield of light around the wearer.”Divine Contemplation - Lapis Turquoise Agarwood Mala

Invite Sapphire To Brighten Your Life

 A powerhouse of spiritual benefits and properties, sapphire should be a part of every jewelry collection. Although it is most commonly found in rich blue hues, you can actually choose from a variety of different colors when it comes to this stone. Choose the one that speaks to your soul, and you will surely notice a positive impact in your life. 

Ready to uplift your life? Visit our website and browse our full collection of stunning gemstone jewelry. 

Start your journey here: Men's Jewelry for Protection & Peace from Karma & LuckSapphire necklace

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