Decorate your Home in Divine Protection

Home in Divine Protection

Your home is sacred. It is your place of comfort and stability - the place where you feel most free to be you. Protect that holiness with the power of the evil eye symbol.

Created thousands of years ago in ancient Mesopotamia, the evil eye was born as a way to repel the same-named curse of the evil eye. Repelling negative energy and defending against harm, the evil eye remains a powerful icon to this day.

Spotted in home decor, jewelry, clothing, and more, the evil eye is a timeless amulet that holds unmatched potential. 

Using evil eye home decor, you can harness the benefits of this powerful symbol while still staying true to your own unique aesthetic. Once only found made of dark blue glass, the evil eye can now be found in a variety of designs and styles, and in a range of colors.

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Gazing vigilantly back at danger, the evil eye serves as your home’s very own personal bodyguard. Keeping watch, an evil eye amulet never misses a beat. Negativity is booted right out, while positivity is welcomed to flow right on in. 

Your home and your family’s protection is prioritized by the all-seeing evil eye. Keep your loved ones safe and the vibrations in your home high with beautiful and powerful evil eye home decor.

Interested in learning more? Read on to discover some of our favorite evil eye decorations for the home. 

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  • Where Should I Put The Evil Eye In My House?

According to the principles of feng shui, an ancient Chinese practice, the evil eye is an excellent addition to any home. It is most commonly advised to place the evil eye near the front doorway.

As the prime entry point of all energy and people, this is believed to be the ideal location for this sacred symbol. Its watchful gaze is able to stand guard at the front of your home, assisting in blocking out any unwanted visitors. 

Based on feng shui philosophy, it is also a good idea to place an evil eye charm in an outdoor garden. Placed here, it invites new and refreshing energy into your home, while also promoting growth. 

In Turkey, and other places around the world, it is common practice to place the evil eye in children’s bedrooms. As children are said to be the most vulnerable to the evil eye curse, they can highly benefit from this form of evil eye home protection. 

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  • Is It Good Luck To Wear An Evil Eye?

As a tried and true symbol of many cultures and faiths, the evil eye is a proven token of good luck and prosperity. Used across the globe from Brazil to Greece to Ireland, and everywhere in between, the evil eye symbol was created to repel the bad luck brought from the curse. By dispelling bad luck, it in turn increases your chances of good luck. 

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  • What Happens When You Wear An Evil Eye?

As soon as you slip a piece of evil eye jewelry on, or begin decorating the home with an evil eye, you will surely feel a positive shift in energy. Set your intentions clearly with the symbol, and it will get right to work in protecting you and your surroundings.

You may notice small miracles beginning to take place and an upswing in your stroke of good luck. You may note a more amicable and loving environment in your home or workplace, as well as a more optimistic mindset. 

Home in Divine Protection

  • What Are The Benefits Of The Evil Eye?

The benefits of evil eye home decor are just about endless. By showering the home in its loving, peaceful, and protective light, it allows blessings to unfold. Your family and home life will be uplifted, making everyone get along better, trust each other more, and all in all enjoy each other's company fully.

The home has a welcoming energy that can be felt right when you walk in the front door, inviting positive experiences and people in, while repelling any negativity or danger. 

As the evil eye begins working its magic, you will feel a noticeable shift in your courage and self-confidence. Goals that once felt out of reach are now attainable and within your grasp. You are encouraged to take risks, leaping boldly and fearlessly into the unknown. 

Home in Divine Protection

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Using the Evil Eye for the Home & Workplace

Decorating your home or workplace with the evil eye can result in a serious upswing in positive energy. If you are feeling bogged down or burdened by negativity, evil eye home decor may be the answer to your problems.

By removing stress, fears, worries, and more, the evil eye lightens your heavy load. Adorn your home or work space in evil eye amulets and you are guaranteed to feel more free, comfortable, and supported in all that you do. 

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Evil Eye Home Protection 

  • Where To Place the Evil Eye in Your Home?

When deciding where to put your evil eye amulet, it is advised to consider your own family’s personal goals and intentions. The best bet is to place the evil eye charm in the space where the family gathers the most.

For the majority of people, this will be the living room. As this is the place everyone spends the most time together, it is a good idea to invite positive energy to flow here. By gazing back at any visitors, the evil eye ensures that any danger or negativity is swiftly neutralized. 

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  • Which Evil Eye is Good for the Home?

When it comes to evil eye decorations for the home, there is no right or wrong answer. Choose the option that speaks to your soul, trusting in your intuition to guide you towards the right one. With so many beautiful designs, you can mix and match evil eye amulets to complement your home’s unique aesthetic. 

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  • Rooms in the House for Optimal Evil Eye Protection

As mentioned above, the living room is a wonderful place to invite the energy of the evil eye to take hold. Placing it here will provide a gathering space that is warm, welcoming, and comforting for all. 

Bedrooms are another great choice for evil eye home decor. If you are prone to nightmares, this placement is especially recommended. The evil eye will watch over you through the night, ensuring that you get a restful and peaceful sleep. Not only a physical protector, the evil eye keeps evil spirits at bay. 

Children’s bedrooms are also perfect locations for an evil eye charm. Hang one on your baby’s crib or on your child’s wall, and ensure their safety. Kids are said to be the most susceptible to the evil eye curse, which makes them especially in need of an evil eye amulet for protection. 

Home in Divine Protection

  • Evil Eye Decor in the Workspace 

Work can be stressful. No matter if you love your job or not, there are always hurdles to face and obstacles to overcome. It can be easy to get burdened by the stress of it all and feel like you are breaking down.

Avoid burnout and keep your energy high with the power of an evil eye amulet. Placed on the desk, hanging from the wall, or decorating the door, the evil eye will keep your spirit uplifted no matter what happens during your work day.

Home in Divine Protection

Our Favorite Evil Eye Home & Workplace Decorations

  • Tree of life Evil Eye Decor

With strong connections to family life and the roots that bind us, the tree of life provides sensations of grounding. These pieces are best placed in areas of gathering - the kitchen, dining room, or living room. 

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  • Mindful Alignment - Copper Enamel Tree of Life Hamsa Wall Blessing

Bless your home with abundance, peace, and love with this copper evil eye amulet. Deeply grounding, the tree of life fills the home with comforting and supportive energy, while the evil eye watches over everyone’s safety. 

Mindful Alignment - Copper Enamel Tree of Life Hamsa Wall Blessing

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  • Spiritual Grounding - Ceramic Tree of Life Hamsa Plate

Featuring three sacred symbols - the evil eye, the tree of life, and the hamsa, this ceramic plate is an ideal home decoration. Not only is it beautiful, but provides unparalleled protection to the whole family. 

  • Conscious Life - Ceramic Hamsa Tree of Life Wall Blessing

In design-oriented hues of white and gold, this stunning wall hanging goes with just about any home aesthetic. This evil eye amulet wraps your home in warmth, ensuring that you stay safe, protected, and loved. 

Ceramic Hamsa Tree of Life Wall Blessing

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  • Evil Eye Wall Hangings

Serving as a pure blessing for your family, these evil eye amulets are decoratively hung from any wall in the home. They are perfect for the office, bedroom, or living room. 

  • Spiritual Awareness - Yoga Chakra Evil Eye Hamsa Blessing

Featuring a person sitting in deep meditation, this evil eye amulet reminds you to make time for mindful contemplation. Your personal life and family life is improved as you become a channel for divine wisdom. 

Yoga Chakra Evil Eye Hamsa Blessing

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  • Cosmic Optimism - Evil Eye Hamsa Ceramic Wall Blessing

Let your soul shine and your true purpose be illuminated. Your home is showered in inspiring and playful energy, encouraging you to open up to the limitless possibilities abound. 

  • Omen of Positivity - Copper Enamel Evil Eye Wall Blessing
  • Surrounded in stunning copper, this evil eye amulet hangs elegantly from the wall of any room in your home. Your space is surrounded by a shield of protection, and filled with an optimistic glow. 

    Omen of Positivity - Copper Enamel Evil Eye Wall Blessing

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    • Evil Eye Decorative Plates 

    Painted in colorful, vibrant hues, these ceramic plates add a beautiful touch to any space. They look especially great on a kitchen counter or a living room table. 

    • Omniscient Energy - Astro Hamsa Plate Yerba Santa White Sage Box

    This is the ultimate gift box for yourself or a loved one. The decorative evil eye plate is the perfect amulet for home protection, filling the space with loving warmth. The accompanied smudge kit with yerba santa and white sage assists you in kicking out any unwanted energy. 

    Omniscient Energy - Astro Hamsa Plate Yerba Santa White Sage Box

    • Budding Protection - Ceramic Lotus Hamsa Plate

    A yogi’s dream - this evil eye home decor is the perfect way to add a unique touch to any room in your home. Featuring the lotus flower, growth is promoted and new beginnings are welcomed. 

    • Cheerful Spirit - Ceramic Heart Hamsa Plate

    Welcome the healing energy of love into your home with this beautifully painted evil eye charm plate. Compassion and empathy flow, improving relationships and encouraging communication. 

    Cheerful Spirit - Ceramic Heart Hamsa Plate

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    Fill Your Home with Protective Bliss

    Let the good vibes flow freely and abundantly in your home by using the infinite power of evil eye decorations. In a variety of colors and styles, these stunning amulets add a touch of unique style to your home, while also surrounding it in a protective shield.

    Your family and friends will always feel safe with this all-seeing eye forever watching over your sacred space. 

    Ready to incorporate the evil eye into your home decor? Visit our website and browse our collection of ever-evolving designs. 

    Home in Divine Protection

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