7 Daily Mindfulness Exercises for More Peace & Purpose

Daily Mindfulness

Being present is the key to living a purposeful, balanced life. So often, we find ourselves lost chasing what tomorrow brings, worrying, or dwelling on what doesn’t bring us joy. In the process of trying to give our best, we frequently lose track of what truly matters.

Daily mindfulness can help us disconnect from everyday havoc and stress and re-learn so we can thrive in and embrace the blessings of the present. These practices are a part of our design as human beings, as we are one with nature and feel our best when we are in sync with it. 

That’s why living mindfully and intentionally needs to become a part of our daily routine. 

mindfulness exercises

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Why Should You Practice Mindfulness Every Day?

Enjoying the simplicity of the present moment is a gift we are given every day. To use and benefit from this gift, however, we need to be aware of its beauty and immense potential and turning to mindfulness exercises can help us with that.

Here are some of our favorites…

Tranquility, Flow & Balance

While the past can’t be changed, and the future is yet to come, the present is always certain, and it is in the present moment where our power truly lies. In contrast to staying stuck in a loop and torn apart, mindfulness can help us develop a sense of wholeness and connectedness.

Practicing mindfulness activities is coming home to your senses and to yourself. It helps us embrace the cyclical nature of life and surrender to what we have no control over so we can live a more balanced, fulfilled life.

mindfulness activities

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These days, we are so frequently overwhelmed that we find it difficult to hear our inner voice. It is only when confusion and chaos are eliminated that we can truly see where our attention should flow. Daily mindfulness eliminates brain fog and calms the inner chatter.

By focusing on the present moment, we gain a higher perspective, a greater sense of purpose, and a better understanding of the direction we want to go. This allows us to see the potential in what we can do and what we can influence now, and utilize our strengths to make the most of what we are given – here and now.

Health & Wellness

Being disconnected from our reality, thoughts, and body creates an imbalance, and this can reflect on our mental or physical health. The practice of mindfulness eliminates stress and heaviness that drains our energy and is a necessary energetic detox tool that can help us recover from the consequences of our fast-paced life.

Connecting to the Beauty of Moment

In the end, mindfulness is the most powerful tool to help you actually live life, and not let the precious moments pass you by. Practicing daily mindfulness can help us learn to break free from the never-ending cycle of doing, and instead, just be. By being alert and connected to our surroundings and our inner guide, we enhance a sense of connectedness and become more open to receiving the blessings life has to offer.


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7 Daily Mindfulness Exercises to Start Today

Mindfulness as a daily practice is often undervalued, and yet it brings so much balance and offers so many benefits for wellbeing. These simple techniques can help you incorporate mindfulness into your routine with ease and reap all the rewards it brings… 

Take Deep Breathing Breaks

Mindful breathing has the power to help you get centered, clear your mind, detach from stressors, and become more aligned. Take a few minutes each day to tune into your breathing. Bring your focus to the circulation of air through your body and let thoughts and sensations pass through your mind without focusing on them as you breathe deeply from the belly.

Such simple daily mindfulness techniques will allow you to feel more in tune with your body and environment, and bring your focus to the beauty of the present moment.

Do One Task at a Time

Going from one task to another prevents us from appreciating the little rewards and the beauty of accomplishment. By tuning into what you are doing and quieting your mind, you create space to be truly illuminated to what genuinely requires your attention and effort, so that you can go after one goal wholeheartedly.

These mindfulness activities will allow you to prioritize and optimize your time in a way that supports both your wellness and your goals.

Mini Meditations

Do Mini Meditations With Crystals

Crystals are pieces of nature, and as such, they have a powerful grounding frequency. Meditating while holding a crystal and tuning into its healing properties, even for just a couple minutes, can bring inner peace, tranquility, and balance. 

When you are feeling disconnected and need assistance to come back to yourself, crystals can help you go inward, tune into your surroundings, and stabilize your energy. To find your perfect crystal for meditation and daily mindfulness, browse Karma & Luck Minerals Collection.

Tune Into Your Spiritual Jewelry While Drinking Your Coffee (or Tea)

Coffee time is a pause time and drinking coffee (or tea) is a ritual in itself. As you are taking a sip, allow yourself to enjoy the beauty of coffee time with all of your senses. Use the time while drinking your coffee to do something like this: 

  • Put a hand on your crystal necklace and tune into its properties.
  • Run your fingers over the spiritual symbols on your bracelet and think of their meaning in your life.
  • Put all your focus on the jewelry and try to evoke what being peaceful and connected feels like.

To find the right daily mindfulness piece for you, browse for jewelry that matches your vibration and soothes you.

Our Women’s Necklaces and Men’s Necklaces incorporate ancient symbolism that can help you bring about a sense of unity and greater connectedness.

If you prefer bracelets, browse Women’s Bracelets and Men’s Bracelets, both of which feature pieces enriched with meaningful charms that can help you feel grounded and comfortable in your body and your reality.

Rose Quartz

Really BE With Your Family

Memories with those we hold dear to our hearts are made in the NOW. Sometimes, even when we are with our partner or kids, we are often not fully in the moment and are unintentionally detached. Quality time with loved ones is a two-way energetic exchange, and it can help us recharge and be fully present in the moment.

Putting distractions aside and shifting attention to your conversations will not only help cherish the connections but also give more meaning to your day. Togetherness, as a form of daily mindfulness, will allow you to make the most of the moment you have. It will help you fully appreciate every chance to connect, become more in tune with the frequency of love, and be more in tune with yourself. 

Ask Yourself What Your Symptoms Mean

Most of us just reach for a painkiller when something is wrong in our bodies. However, because the mind and body are perfectly synchronized, the body reacts to what is going on within us. That’s why some of the best cures lie in understanding the cause of pain and understanding the psyche. Daily mindfulness starts with listening to your inner compass. 

Don’t be afraid to dig deeper and ask yourself what you could be repressing. What unpleasant or painful memory needs to be released? What negative feeling are you holding in? Your higher self or your inner self knows the root cause of your symptoms, so be willing to ask yourself what your body is trying to tell you. 

Practice Mindful Eating

Most of us eat really fast or focus on something else while having a meal, barely tasting the food. But mealtime is a chance to tune into your body and activate your senses to enjoy the simplicity of the moment. 

Instead, bite and chew your food longer and allow yourself to tune into the tastes and aroma. This will also help you to know when you’ve had enough, and you will be working in sync with your body, not against its limits. 

KARMA_1 (216)

Final Thoughts

A scattered mind isn’t anchored in reality. Living mindfully is a conscious choice that really makes a difference and inspires positive changes that allow us to wholeheartedly embrace all that life brings. By choosing to be present, you are always choosing you.

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