Crystals for Spring: Connect with the Season of Growth & New Life

Crystals for Spring

Spring equinox is a perfect time to play, explore, instigate change within, and let our ideas sprout. After all, renewal and rebirth of nature symbolize new beginnings, inspire change, and offer fertile ground for personal growth.

One of the ways to harness spring energy and bring more of it into our lives is through nature and the beautiful, healing stones it has to offer. That’s why we love crystals for spring.

Árbol Feng Shui de Citrino Evocador de la Felicidad
Árbol Feng Shui de Citrino Evocador de la Felicidad
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9 Crystals for Spring

Spring is the time for fresh beginnings, renewal, and growth. Healing gemstones rejuvenate and restore inner balance and help us connect with nature in a mindful, soul-nurturing way.


Spring is a time for blossoming, inside and out. Citrine evokes joy, and it illuminates and brightens up the day. Its radiant energy is a potent catalyst for inner transformation.

Being a crystal for the Solar Plexus and Sacral Chakra, Citrine inspires and sparks imagination, helping us connect with the spirit of spring. It prompts us to start experimenting with what we’ve learned during the hibernation period of introspection and stillness, so we can confidently move out of our comfort zone and play.

Citrine is included in our Happiness & Confidence Mineral Intention Box, along with other crystals that help us connect with the fresh, positive energies around us.


Green Aventurine

Crystals for spring, such as Green Aventurine, bring about a true sense of calmness, helping us surrender to the Universe and manifest an open heart. That way, we can feel rejuvenated and ready for better things to come.

Green Aventurine energy brings optimism and faith in a better tomorrow, helping us gracefully flow with the currents of life. It is also an empowering force that can prompt us to start afresh, inspiring positive change and beneficial life choices.

Just like flowers bloom, Green Aventurine helps us open to receive Divine gifts and attracts abundance and prosperity our way, helping us bloom in all areas of life. It brings us good fortune and wealth and helps us get on the path to success and fulfillment.

Choose the Manifester Feng Shui Tree from our Feng Shui Tree collection to help you manifest your desires this spring!

Crystals for Spring Equinox

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Spring denotes change and is a perfect time to tap into our own power and get into a prosperous mindset. Incredibly grounding, earthy Pyrite strengthens willpower, inspiring a proactive approach to life.

A stone of inner strength, determination, and one of the best crystals for spring, Pyrite helps us establish firm foundations and sets a fertile ground for personal growth. It enhances focus and determination to persistently strive for what we deserve, opening doors to new possibilities.

Being a stone of good luck and prosperity, Pyrite helps actualize visualizations into the material realm, attracting wealth and abundance.

While nature awakens, Pyrite, together with the rest of the crystals in our Luck & Success Mineral Intention Box can awaken us to our truest potential, helping us step into the leading role as we design our reality.

Emotional Maturity - Pyrite Dragonfly Charm Bracelet

Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz offers the perfect assistance for clearing up the old and inviting fresh energy into our lives. It is a potent cleanser and is used to purify both the environment and the body, helping eliminate what no longer serves our growth. 

Like a breath of fresh air, Clear Quartz creates space for new experiences, inspiring a positive shift in perspective. Its energy brings the necessary illumination and wisdom we need to elevate to the next chapter of life.

By helping us connect with nature and inspiring us to be mindful of the subtle changes around us, this crystal prompts personal development, growth, and expansion in our consciousness.

Clear Quartz is one of the crystals for spring found in our Health & Balance Mineral Intention Box, helping us connect with the harmonious, healing energy of spring.

Soulful Substance - Clear Quartz Evil Eye Double Pointer Necklace

Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar
Gentle Sunshine - Multi Stone Pet Collar
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Both Jade and spring are associated with love, renewal, and rebirth. Incredibly healing and rejuvenating, Jade restores inner balance, promotes self-love, and helps us get in touch with our inner child in a playful, compassionate way. It is used to help strengthen the bond with Mother Earth, providing deep nourishment for both the body and the soul.

Jade helps us sow the seeds for creating an abundant life so that we can use the fertile energy of springtime to start new ventures. A gemstone of joy and abundance, Jade is also a powerful magnet for prosperity and love, helping us reach a point of true inner blissfulness.

The Jade beads on our Blessings of Success Mala Prayer Necklace offer a source of light and inspiration on our path to creating a life of abundance and wealth.

Serene Love - Jade Heart Diamond Evil Eye Necklace


A stone of youth and peace, Aquamarine brings calmness and serenity into any space it touches. Promoting mindfulness and helping to clear our thoughts, it assists us in connecting with natural elements and letting go of the fear of the unknown.

Aquamarine is one of the crystals for spring that revives, lightens, and cleanses our energy field, allowing the seed of inner growth to sprout. Just like spring, this stone awakens a youthful spirit and the cunningness to experience life, laugh, and dance barefoot, all while soothing and tranquilizing a worrisome mind. 

Our Relaxing Lullaby Feng Shui Tree includes Aquamarine leaves that provide the calmness and inspiration needed to harness all the benefits of spring.

Mother of Pearl

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EsES Collar de doble aguja lunar GP
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Mother of Pearl

Gentle yet powerful, Mother of Pearl instills inner transformation by helping us foster what needs to be cherished and releasing what is blocking our progress. One of the best crystals for spring and fresh beginnings, it clears the air of negative vibrations, helping us connect with pure positive energy and revitalization.

Mother of Pearl has a relaxing effect, both on our inner world and our physical vessel. It helps us see our sensitivity and intuition as something that can help us blossom and teaches us to go with the flow of life so that we can effortlessly embrace change.  

Our Harmonious Unity Mala includes Mother of Pearl beads, and this spring, it can be a powerful balancing presence to help you foster inner peace and joy.


Pink Tourmaline

Be kind to yourself and trust in the unfolding path ahead. Pink Tourmaline is a crystal of love, empathy, and compassion, making it a powerful gift from nature. With it, we can work on healing a wounded heart and opening to let in new, better things to come our way.

As one of the crystals for spring, it promotes inner healing and expansion. It brings calmness into the heart space, continuously introducing us to the unlimited power of self-compassion and trust in the Divine.

This spring, opt for the Protection & Peace Intention Box, which includes Pink Tourmaline, to help you cultivate self-love and take the first steps on your healing and self-discovery journey.

Spring Gemstones


Moonstone can help you embrace your soul’s calling and muster the courage to forge a new, better path. It is a crystal of new beginnings and hope. It offers incredible support in the face of change, promoting the gradual release of anything that weighs us down.

Like spring, Moonstone inspires us to start afresh and have faith in a better tomorrow. It teaches us to see the joy and find excitement in new experiences and to use them as an opportunity to elevate our consciousness.

A powerful intuition enhancer, Moonstone will strengthen your bond with your spirit guides and muster the courage to turn a new leaf in your life. 

Our Harmony & Hope Moonstone Ring can help you connect with the energy of calming, yet empowering Moonstone.

Soothing Warmth - Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Triple Summer Stack

Final Thoughts 

Spring is a time of renewal and growth; we can use it to help us step into what is new and unexplored. Crystals for spring can help utilize and promote that growth in a lighthearted way, bringing us peace, ease, and joy with every step we take. 

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