Crystals for Health & Balance: 9 Stones to Vitalize and Harmonize Your Life

Crystals for Health and Balance

Finding inner balance and living with meaning and purpose can be as simple as making health crystals part of our daily life. Our loving Earth provides us with various crystals for health that can help with our physical, mental, and spiritual struggles.

Karma and Luck’s Health & Balance Collection features beautiful and unique pieces containing health and balance crystals that will awaken a deeper awareness from within you.

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9 Crystals for Health & Balance

Since ancient times, our ancestors used the following crystals for health and balance to bring health, prosperity, and happiness into their lives.

Below is a brief description of their healing properties and how they can awaken greater awareness and purpose in our lives…


health stones

Besides enhancing our immune system, this is one of the best crystals for balance in the world. Amethyst helps us find our inner peace when going through stressful situations, while awakening our sixth sense.


Ruby health crystals

This beautiful health stone strengthens our heart and blood circulation while boosting our vitality. Wearing Ruby enhances our cosmic connection and helps us rekindle our passion and life force.

Clear Quartz

This is one of the most powerful crystals for health since it amplifies the effects of other health stones. Clear Quartz wards off harmful energies and deflects evil intentions. It also connects our physical, mental, and spiritual selves.


Garnet is one of the most ancient health crystals used by sailors and travelers before they embarked on new adventures. It boosts our spirit when we feel hopeless and surrounds us with good energy on the go.

Tiger’s Eye

This is one of the most powerful crystals for health, especially if you’re looking for peace, purpose, and meaning in the midst of your hectic modern life. Tiger’s Eye offers mental clarity and dispels fear and anxiety. It is a health stone that keeps our intense emotions from clouding our minds during challenging times. 


Pyrite balance crystals

Pyrite is one of the most mighty crystals for health and it infuses courage and clarity in anyone who wears it. This stone shields us from harmful vibrations and enhances our memory so we can recall meaningful information in our healing journey.

Black Onyx

This is one of the best crystals for health and is mostly used for recovery after battling a long physical or mental disease. Black Onyx prevents relapses and invites luck, health, and prosperity into our lives.

Green Jade

Green Jade for Health

This beautiful stone is connected with our heart chakra and restores our faith in love. Green Jade cleanses our environment and promotes a vital flow of energy through our heart. If you feel emotionally blocked, this is a balance crystal you should wear on a daily basis.


Hematite dispels negative energies, grounds us, and strengthens our connection with Mother Earth. It also directs the flow of positive energy directly into our lives while it helps us feel safe and stable.

Top Jewelry Containing Balance Crystals & Health Stones

Our Health & Balance Intention Collection features stylish and thoughtful jewelry that contains crystals for health and balance. It was designed to create good energy that helps you manifest your truest, most harmonious life.

“Divine Balance” Bracelet for Women

This beautiful and enticing bracelet awakens our soul’s essence and restores the balance in our lives. The Divine Balance Amethyst Hamsa Wrap Bracelet opens our third eye to navigate our experiences, aligning them with our transcendent self. The Hamsa Hand symbol deflects negative energies to ensure we are surrounded by good karma all the time. 

Crystals for Balance

“Inner Balance” Bracelet for Men

The Tiger's Eye Matte Onyx Bracelet guarantees clarity and serenity for a spirited-centered modern lifestyle. This unique peace wards off anxiety and gives us courage when facing new challenges. Wearing this bracelet helps us reach our potential without losing sight of our spiritual essence.

Women’s “Blessed Equilibrium” Bracelet

Materialize a peaceful and balanced lifestyle with the Blessed Equilibrium Amethyst Lotus Hematite Health Bracelet. This mystical piece is blessed with powerful intention to prevent negative thoughts from settling in our minds. The Lotus Charm fosters new beginnings while the crystals for health are delicately surrounding it to calm our energies and promote enlightened inspiration.

Men’s “Fulfillment of Potential” Bracelet

The Fulfillment of Potential Bracelet eliminates all obstacles and limiting beliefs that prevent us from living our lives to the fullest. We can embrace new opportunities with courage while protecting our inner balance with the Tiger’s Eye, Jade, and Matte Onyx stones. These mighty and mystical balance crystals infuse authenticity and deeper meaning in our lives. 

“Passionate Care” Necklace for Women

Ruby July Birthstone Evil Eye Charm Necklace

Let go of your negative mindset and limiting beliefs with our Passionate Care Ruby Evil Eye Necklace. This stylish and thoughtful jewelry fills our hearts with joy and happiness while shielding us from bad karma. The ruby stones boost our self-esteem and intuition to make every experience of our lives more meaningful.

“Outstanding Strength” Necklace for Men 

Tiger's Eye Evil Eye Slab Necklace

Our Outstanding Strength Tiger's Eye Evil Eye Necklace keeps the blaze of our hearts burning and our gaze focused on our most meaningful purposes. The Tiger Eye’s stone makes our most overwhelming challenges feel like exciting adventures. And the Evil Eye symbol deflects negativity while we embrace more ambitious milestones in our lives. 

Final Thoughts

These crystals for health not only balance our inner self and dispel anxiety. They also align our mind, body, and spirit to make modern life more meaningful.

Unlock your potential, draw courage from the depths of your being, materialize your dreams, and pursue the spiritual meaning behind each experience with our Health & Balance Intention Collection. 

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