7 Ways to Use Crystal Singing Bowls for Health & Happiness

Crystal Singing Bowls

Crystal singing bowls are not a novelty, but they are rapidly becoming a favorite spiritual tool by many people who are on a spiritual path.

Used in the Far East and Tibet hundreds of years ago, these mystical objects generate equally mystical sounds that affect the body, mind, and soul on a profound level.

As we engage in our busy lives, these bowls can help us make the most of those precious moments we have for ourselves. Quite literally, they can rewire and restart our energetic system with sound.

Singing bowls are soothing, uplifting, and healing. As such, they are here to help us become more attuned to subtleties in our environment, and most importantly, to reconnect us with our purpose and our essence.

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Why Singing Bowls Are So Beneficial 

Singing bowls are much more than beautiful objects. They are holistic healing tools that use the power of sound to create vibration, which then elevates our frequency and rewires us on an energetic level. Let’s take a look at what makes them so unique…

They Produce Positive Vibrations

Crystal singing bowls create positive frequencies. Their unique design creates a particular sound resonance that impacts the energy around us. Making use of one as part of your spiritual ritual and practice can transform how you operate on an energetic level.

They Heal the Body

The high vibrations of the sounds from these bowls produce healing frequencies that benefit the body. Our body feels the effects of everyday stress, pressure, and worry, and singing bowls can help alleviate pain in different parts of the body, such as the head, stomach, muscles, or joints.

They Heal the Soul

While they do wonders for our physical body, singing bowls also heal the soul. They are holistic therapy tools, and the song they sing can stimulate awakening, increase awareness, and up-level the energetic body. Your soul will sing right along with them!

quartz crystal singing bowls

They Are Holistic Essentials

Whether for meditation, healing, or any other reason, crystal singing bowls are spiritual self-care essentials that can be powerfully utilized in endless ways. Used in various spiritual practices, the sound they produce influences how energy moves and transforms, making them a multi-purpose tool that can transform our lives on all levels.  

They Are Majestic 

High-quality singing bowls, such as those available at Karma and Luck, are mindfully designed and made of top-quality crystals, rubber, and wood. They are not only incredibly powerful but also a luxurious asset to any interior.

7 Ways to Use Crystal Singing Bowls

Made with special carving techniques, the shape of these bowls combined with the rubber mallet that is used to make their song produce sounds that calm, soothe, and help us receive the good things the Universe is sending our way.

To Destress

If you are under a lot of pressure and find it difficult to cope with stress, find crystal singing bowls for sale and discover what they can do for you. Frequently used in holistic anti-stress therapies, the sound they produce breaks down accumulated tension, washes away stress, worry, and anxiety, and calms the mind, which is the perfect remedy for a fast-paced, modern life. 

singing bowl

To Get Into a Meditative State

Singing bowls clear mental fog, preparing the mind for deep meditation. By shifting the focus from inner chatter to present stimuli (the sound they produce), they will help you dive into your meditation practice and stay in a meditative state for longer periods of time.

Use them as a part of a pre-meditation ritual for clearing the mind and getting into the right frequency for meditation.

To Cleanse Your Chakras

Use one of these bowls in your chakra balancing rituals to unblock and harmonize your energy centers. These tools help balance the energy in the body, stimulating the flow of prana through each of the energy centers from the Root Chakra upwards.

Whether you combine them with visualization or use them alone, you’re sure to notice a positive shift in your energy after a session with a crystal singing bowl. 

To Cleanse the Energy in Your Environment

Heavy energy can accumulate in the space we live in, and this reflects on our well-being. Because of their construction and resonance, singing bowls eliminate low-vibrations from our immediate environment. They banish anything that doesn’t serve us or slows our path to fulfillment and abundance. 

Use the bowl of your choice to sing away negativity and refresh your living space. You will love the newfound sense of freshness and positive energy in your environment. 

crystal singing bowls for sale

To Cleanse Your Crystals

Make the bowl sing, and you’ll have freshly charged gemstones ready for healing and attracting blessings into your life. Quartz crystal singing bowls are particularly effective in this way. Quartz is a healing gem in and of itself but is also used for recharging and amplifying the power of other crystals. Mixed with a healing sound, it can take crystal cleansing to a whole new level.

To Give Yourself a Healing Sound Bath

Like water for the body, sound is a powerful way to cleanse the energetic body. Singing bowls can be used to wash away stress, worry, and anxiety, removing toxicity from your energy field. Healers and practitioners use these for 30-minute sound bath sessions, and now you can make your own soothing and rejuvenating bath in your home with your bowl. 

As Part of a Daily Ritual

Create your own crystal singing bowl ritual by starting your day with a sound cleanse or including it in your bedtime routine for quality sleep. These spiritual tools are a great addition to prayers, manifestation, or healing rituals.They can be used prior, during, or after the ritual ceremony to refresh the energy or prepare you for the next phase in your practice.

Final Thoughts 

As we progress on our spiritual journey, we get more familiar with how frequencies work, and singing bowls are here to help us work with energy through the power of sound. They are handy objects to have on your spiritual journey and quite valuable assets for restoring balance and peace in highly-charged environments.

Remember, when the bowl sings, so will your soul!

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