Connecting This Capricorn Season With Your Significant Sign

Are you ready to OWN 2021? Connections and craving closeness will be the motivation for this Capricorn Season. It will affect ALL signs and you will want to raise your connection karma after you read this article.

Capricorn season will have you feeling snuggly and wanting to surround yourself with loved ones, looking for new loves, and creating all kinds of connections and bonds. Especially with yourself when it comes to money, exercise, and reaching new spiritual heights starting this month..

You may feel a bevy of mixed emotions in some cases and have socially-distancing ideas on how you can blend, bond, and believe in miracles and thanking the Universe for this crazy year, while making sure you leave it on a significant high note.

Capricorn season starts December 22, 2020, through January 19, 2021. Almost every sign with feeling the "self-improvement" vibe, especially with the New Year right around the corner and Capricorns amazing leadership energy.

Make sure to invest in your friendships from this day forward. If 2020 has proven anything, it is that we can band together and make a difference. Every sign should take advantage of this time.

How Does Capricorn Season Affect Your Sign?

Two planets—Jupiter and Saturn—are coming together in the sign of Aquarius, making you crave connections with people. Mercury, the planet of communication, is also in the mix, doubling down on the urge to talk to people who get you.

At the same time, you'll also crave acceptance for just being who you are in pretty much every area of your life. That means being far more expressive and speaking up about things you wish to be involved in and grow at work, while physically, all signs will feel the need for body improvements, New Years' resolutions, and all. 

Tips, hints, and horoscope predictions are ready for you on creating your joy throughout December and clear into January below. We've done an in depth reading for you :). 

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BTW: If you're wondering what to gift yourself (you know you wanna) or someone you love, adore, and cherish, we've worked that out for you based on the signs below. The best gift in the world is the one where their gemstones match their signs.

Bring in 2021 with your sign's powerful gemstones and manifest your dreams with our in depth readings below...

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Strengths: Courageous, Determined, Confident, Enthusiastic, Optimistic

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction on the cusp of Aquarius is bringing to light many aspect of your life which had stagnated or been shelved. This is a time when you glimpse the possible and yet here is something lurking, as if you are on the beach on a sunny day but you can feel a cool wind and you wonder whether the rain is coming.

You have to make sure you cross your bridges when and if you come to them, however you have this inclination to project your inner fears and worries onto external obstacles, be they people or circumstances and you can imbue these with greater significance than they warrant.

You must be sure you do not make obstacles bigger than they need to be in order to externalize an inner psychological obstacle that only you can deal with, with courage and inner knowledge.

An excellent month to achieve targets and earn rewards or recognition. You should keep the momentum going right up to Christmas Day as you can exceed all expectations.

This is an excellent time of year to start participating more in sports or physical training especially if it is designed to strengthen your physical body or increase endurance. Pilate machines can be very helpful for those of all ages and levels of strength who want to target areas of the body to improve strength i.e. core muscles or lower legs or upper arms.

More outgoing and spontaneous you will attract many new people often from a very different crowd to usual and that can lead to important new friendships which morph into love relationships. The most important feature in a new lover is someone who allows you to be yourself.

In marriages, Aries find it easier to approach the often sensitive subjects about intimate and personal matters this month; you have a matter of fact way of broaching them than can be reassuring and also non-confrontational.

Contentious sexual and also marital matters can be discussed and resolved with some rational and common sense. As long as conversation is possible, resolution on many matters is possible with some quite creative and pleasing outcomes.

This will prove to be a month of turning points in the most private parts of your marriage – the things that only you both know or talk about, the parts of the relationship that are strictly off limits to the wider world, not only sexually, but also financially, recreationally or ideologically.

This is a time to stand apart from the rest, it is better to show leadership even if it isolates you rather than clinging to the crowd and going along regardless just to be part of the team.

Your ability to get on with those in power or in bureaucratic highly structured and authoritarian environment is tested and you may have to modify your behavior and adopt you most serious and mature manner.

The moon waxes from the 14th, meaning that despite the late stage of the year it is still rip for profit and opportunity and so a great time for promotions, sending out enquiries or resumes. Do not check out mentally, you can get 2021 off to an amazing start by acting now.

You are lucky with receiving gifts and donations and so others can fill your Christmas stocking quite generously. A great time to promote yourself and publicize your achievements. You can really make an impression this December and make your mark in your profession or career.

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Strengths: Reliable, Patient, Practical, Devoted, Responsible, Stable

Taurus are both pleased about certain aspect of how 2020 worked out, but also very restless to get started again in 2021 to correct what you did wrong or to capitalize on the opportunities that you see emerging. It can be hard to hold yourself back and in certain respects you are sorry that it’s the end of year break as you want to get going.

You need to stay focused on current goals and to make sure you complete with aplomb as there is certain tendency to just lose interest and check out mentally, but this can mean you end up with an OK result when it could have been a brilliant result.

This may be an expensive month, often large outgoings are needed to generate income or it may be that you spend more on entertaining both family and for work purposes.

Sometimes you just have to grit your teeth and make payments, this can be uncomfortable as Taurus as naturally cautious, but this is one of those 'you have to spend money to make money times.' However, you have to be sure you made an effort on the cost benefit analysis and are not just spending on a wing and prayer.

You are in rather an idealistic mood over December and you suddenly see your life quite differently. Often we are so caught up in events we forget how we are actually evolving, but suddenly you are much more aware of how far you have come and what is still possible and this imbues you with great optimism and this boost your health.

You want to be appreciated in love and can be quite vulnerable to flattery. You enjoy being the belle of the ball and will be easily wooed by admirers who put you on a pedestal and who are highly attentive. You like very active romances that involve liveliness, i.e. you like attending events, sports activities, or dancing. You are not one to star for hours into your lover’s eye in a log cabin at over a candle light dinner; you want to hustle with your date and look for pleasure.

You understand the dynamics of your love life right now and you are less likely to become upset about superficial things. You have a strong desire to renew commitment either via a celebration or because you take time to have deep and meaningful conversations which affirm your strength of feeling.

You enjoy opening up to your partner and it's a great time to just say things you may not have time to the rest of the year. You do demand more one on one time with your partner and so make sure you have an oasis of calm at some point to connect in a satisfying way emotionally.

The year may end with a new job on the horizon and this new job can be quite a significant one in terms of your ambitions. If you are older, this is certainly a time when all the hard work and seeds sown appear to be bearing fruit as all the cards fall into place; if you are younger this may be the time when you nab that 'dream' job or ideal opportunity to get where you want to go.

The downside is that in order to make sure you get that opportunity there is no chance to slow down, in fact you may need to throw yourself into added work or take on extra responsibility. You may have little time to relax, but you will certainly be festive as there is much to celebrate.

The moon waxes from the 14th, meaning planned events and last minute shopping, deadlines etc. can be achieved after that. After the 14th is ideal for international travel and also for your promotion events and advertising campaigns. Christmas weddings are also favored.

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Strengths: Dualistic, Versatile, Curious, Optimistic

There can be many powerful and significant changes in your life right now, Gemini, and it's a fortunate time where you are lucky and serendipity plays a role. The changes that begin now are often for the best and they can be sweeping and even exciting.

This is certainly a month where you have the impetus to make your life more rewarding and in line with your deeper nature. You are more in tune with the psychological games others play and that you play yourself and you are more comfortable with them, you can even use them to your advantage.

This is a great time to apply for a loan or even crowd fund, it is easier to raise cash and you may even get a loan from a family member or perhaps they are willing to invest in your business. However it works out in practice, you will have the money available to expand your business or make an important purchase.

If you have recently gone through a period of psychological therapy or counseling especially in connection with stress and trauma, this can be a breakthrough time, when you feel that you are on top of your fears and inhibitions and can look forward with more confidence. You feel freer and less likely to let the negative voices in your head run riot.

You may even experience a 'conversion' where you adopt a new religion or perhaps a philosophy that helps give you strength and make sense of some experiences that have troubled you in the past.

You are bubbly, vivacious and outgoing when seeking love, and this is an ideal time to meet a new partner as you are so positive and are emitting good vibes which attract promising experiences in love. You have great prospects in romance, as long as you just listen more and are a smidgen more observant.

You are attracted to alpha personalities and find ambition and leadership very sexy in a potential partner.

This month is a time when you are ready for more commitment or renewed commitment; you take long term relationships very seriously and are willing to work at them.

Relationships are more demanding and can be quite energy sapping and also time consuming, there are no quick fixes. You may make a relationship resolution - a decision that will define how you intend to go forward. Your attitude in love is forward looking and positive and so whatever you decide, the only way is up.

This is a time of intense curiosity when you want to know more, especially about anything mysterious or hidden. You have to make sure that your desire to delve into things, which may not necessarily be your business, does not mean you learn something that is unhelpful, or even puts you in a moral dilemma. Not all information is useful in your hands, even though you can be obsessive about getting it.

The moon waxes from the 14th making this a time ripe for important actions and initiatives. An excellent time for new love affairs, relationships and sex. All human interactions are enhanced. A great time for team work and business partnership success. Long running legal affairs may come to head and be resolved in your favor; disputes can also be successfully settled.

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Strengths: Domestic, Sensitive, Emotional, Protective

There is a strong element of returning karma to this month for Cancer – good deeds done can result in assistance coming at an opportune time. However, if you have been a recipient of a good deed, it is now time for you to pay that favor back – either way it should be a positive experience of mutual cooperation. This month is one where a moment in time or a shared experience no matter how brief can tie your destiny to another for a long time.

A hands-on approach is needed to ensure that things run according to plan – it is not a time when you can take your eye off the ball or just leave things and people to get on with it – close monitoring and supervision and also doing check and data backups is important.

Money management and juggling finances is vital in your business – even if you do not inject new cash, you can make the money in your business work harder and go further by changing the way you spend, i.e. short versus long-term financing; outsourcing; making fixed costs variable where possible or maybe reducing time spent on activities with a low ROI.

You may want to think up new ways of charging clients or pricing strategies that draw clients in, i.e. loss leaders; freebies or loyalty discounts. You may get more clients by offering flexible payment terms.

Taking in enough water and getting iron are important this month. You need a very varied diet and should avoid stodgy, heavy meals.

Single Cancerians can be very lucky in love as potential partners may fall under your spell and be captivated by your charms and allure. The problem is that sometimes their attentions can be unhealthy in that they may become too dependent on you and maybe they want it to be more than you do.

So while you will have many admirers, you may not necessarily want to take it too far with any of them right now – you need freedom, and a full blown relationship may represent too much commitment, and you may feel it will hold you back.

Generosity of spirit in love and the ability to see beyond the trivial can increase understanding. You need to avoid self-deception as often lying to yourself about issues in your love life can be more of a problem than the other person. It really is you not them, as often problems in love are more to do with what is going on with you emotionally than the other person.

Information needs careful verification and checking, and in communications, less is more. There is this tendency to bombard clients or staff with memos, information, instructional material or even give lengthy pep talks – this can mean so much wasted time as people are not able to discern what is most important. You need to focus on what the core message is and make sure you ram that home rather than confusing the issues with much superfluous detail.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th indicating that this is a busy, productive and even hectic phase where you can make things happen and so no stepping off the gas just because Christmas is coming. A great time to get engaged or make an important relationship announcement.

This is also a wonderful month to resolve a conflict and settle legal problems. After the 14th is perfect for getting agreement and finalizing negotiations. After the 14th is not a good time to gamble or go for highly speculative investments.

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Strengths: Creative, Passionate, Generous, Warm-Hearted, Cheerful

December is very much about how you deal with, work with and interact with other people. You will meet both people you love, and hate and yet they all have something to teach you and they actually reflect the conflicting needs and desires within you.

It's easy to project any inner frustration, and see others as either holding you back or perhaps even as having all the answers, but that means you are giving too much power away and need to realize how much power you have to create the changes you want to see.

You never joke about money, well not right now anyway, decisions are made with deadly seriousness and you drive a hard bargain. You can be quite ruthless when it comes to getting the deal you want, not for financial gain, but because you feel an emotional attachment to the outcome.

It's very easy for you to be psychologically influenced right now and you may succumb to the influence of others, which while it can be useful in the short run, it should be seen for what it is i.e. a temporary crutch or support mechanism not a way of life.

Leo will bend over backwards for someone you fall for, but it might be too much too soon, and so be more cautious if this is a new relationship or if you are making up after a break up. Leos are eager to find security via romance and so in seeking love, or in the way you behave in romance, there is far more tied up in your decision making than just matters of the heart, which may encourage bad choices.

Leo needs to be able to take a step back and view the merits of a new romance on the basis of trust, mutual respect and love and you need to shut out the opinions of friends, family and also the superficial benefits of the relationship. No relationship is always better than a bad one and lingering in a bad or fading relationship is just wasting previous time.

Money, materialism and practical matters cause most conflict this month, however emotionally things can be very positive and so compromise and put your pride in your pocket and get on with the important stuff of loving. Often material issues are just excuses to argue, when there are more fundamental things that should be tackled and which can be tackled and so don't obfuscate, have that important heart to heart.

You have a huge appetite for love and romance, but you could come on too strong and so while being eager and positive in love is great, don't dominate, nag or force the issue. Create the right atmosphere, then be patient and let the shoes drop.

The Jupiter Saturn conjunction brings a great deal of reward from your work and you can achieve recognition in your workplace or in terms of kindness and generosity from clients. You feel appreciated and have high energy to achieve both financial targets and service related targets.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where gambles pay off and audacity brings success. You can have success in both entertainment and sporting ventures. Parties, opening nights and launches go extremely well. A great time to get out and reward yourself.

Stock market activities should be successful. Your management decisions pay off and so be bold. Health is favored and any procedures will have a quick recovery time. Careers involving animals are also favored.


Strengths: Loyal, Analytical, Kind, Hardworking, Practical

Home and family are a central theme and you may take more time off than you usually would in December to prepare for the holidays, get ready for family coming over or just enjoy home instead of going out as much. This year may be your turn to host the festive events, or you may plan a long trip back to your home country.

Virgo have a strong need to take control on the domestic front and you enjoy being the 'rock' or the go-to person in the family circle. You thrive on responsibility and you gain satisfaction from bringing a common sense perspective to emotional matters.

It's all work and then all play. You are very committed to achieving financial targets and getting the most from this season, but you know how to kick back and enjoy the fruits of your efforts one all the work is done.

A very good month for games of skill and sporting competition. Virgo can excel in individual sports, especially sports like tennis, squash, fencing, skiing, basketball, hockey and skating.

This is a wonderful month for a positive new start in love, new relationships that start in December are often linked to overseas travel. If you are in a new relationship, it can develop quickly and it can create a feeling of well-being and healing. This is a perfect time to get over heartbreak or lingering insecurities from a bad relationship in the past and to really move beyond that.

New relationships with Sagittarius, Leo and Aries are favored as you require the fire these signs offer, as love should be an adventure right now, something which expands your perspectives, opens up your life and encourages greater spontaneity and confidence.

It may be time to start a new chapter as a family, there is an acknowledgement of changes that have occurred and that perhaps your current arrangements are not suitable. It's important to assess and accept what isn't working and where you as a couple or family unit aren't coping and to look for ways to address that.

Sexually you are hot and passionate and especially in the last two weeks of December are lively and creative in bed. You enjoy action this month and get turned on by speed and you crave an adrenalin rush.

This is a pivotal month for the future of catering and hospitality businesses and you may have to contemplate a major change in the way you do business. You could be considering a major refit or perhaps a change in focus in order to appeal to a new demographic. Problems with your supplies could mean you have a rethink about the kind of service or product you offer.

Virgo have a big desire to finish what you start and you will be focused in December on trying up loose ends and nailing down any stray elements of a project. You are a 'neat freak' in that you cannot bear anything unresolved or vague, you aim for control and complete organization and you are a hard taskmaster who holds others to account and insists on a job well done and on time.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where gambles pay off and audacity brings success. You can have success in romance, sports, with hobbies and in terms of self-expressive art forms. You may also have good fortune when investing in stocks.

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Strengths: Cooperative, Diplomatic, Gracious, Fair-Minded, Social

There is a lot of thought and planning going into this month, Libra are in prime organizer mode. This is a very important month for family events and these may be more significant than usual. There is a great deal riding on you, but you are thriving under the pressure and you will achieve more than you expect to as long as you work in a systematic and linear fashion without getting ahead of yourself.

The theme of December is work hard, play hard as there are plenty of opportunities to let your hair down and razzle, however work is far from over and the last stretch needs focus and determination to keep everything on track.

You are quite impulsive, but also intuitive and you can make very good quick decisions about money matters. A decision made in haste need not be a bad one at all where business purchases and investment are concerned.

Cholesterol and bad fats are an issue this month. Use more olive and hemp oil and stay away from duck fat and lard. Avoid pates and eggnog. Definitely introduce fresh organic garlic whenever possible. Substitute dried fruit and nuts for crisps and pretzels, and use humus and guacamole as dips rather than mayonnaise based dips and cheesy dips. Sweet things are ok, but go easy on cream.

Jupiter enters Aquarius, signifying the start of a purple patch for romance and so be on the lookout, as a significant new relationship may be about to begin or maybe it has begun and it's getting ready for takeoff.

Libra are entering a brand new phase in terms of dating and love, you have more confidence and are at peace with your past relationships, this means you are open to fresh new experiences in love rather than repeats of negative patterns set up in the past. This is a more adventurous phase in love and so you won't be looking for quiet and predictable love, you seek adventure, expansion and a chance to grow within new relationships.

In marriage, it's been an eventful few months in love as Mars in Aries has brought contention, some anger, some passive aggression, some power plays and a desire to drive the relationship forward. The key question in December, is what have you learned and what has the past few months of argy bargy taught you?

It's really important as Mars packs his bags and heads out of Aries, that you understand the lessons of the past months and realize what was driving the conflict and what changes need to be worked on.

Hopefully, your relationship moved forward and imbalances were corrected, hopefully you used the chance to apply some creative change and inject new ideas into the marriage. If not, it's still not too late to start 2021 with a brand new attitude. So mull over the past few months and learn from them, no doubt some themes which you need reminding of will play out in the last three weeks of the year.

The yearend brings success and a sense of achieving a landmark to those who work from home, you don't have to be self-employed necessarily, there is luck for all who work predominantly from a home office.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where gambles pay off and audacity in marketing and promotion brings success. After the 14th is excellent for hosting events at your home, it’s also a good period for property in general i.e. purchases and investment in your home.

This is a good Christmas to Go GREEN and be more environmentally friendly as a selling point. Short journeys with friends to events and for sightseeing is favored. Relations with siblings can be rewarding. Not the best month for investment decisions.

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Strengths: Resourceful, Brave, Passionate, Stubborn, A True Friend

This is an enjoyable and relaxing December for Scorpio who tend to be able to coast a little and enjoy the season free from too much work and hassle. Scorpio will tend to have things under control and you can concentrate on both parties for your own pleasure and family events, however you may also do more business entertaining or special events to promote your business.

You may be closing a chapter this month: you may have completed a long project, you may have finished a renovation or moved somewhere new (this move could have been quite long winded), you may have retired or be changing career, but there is this sense of leaving something behind and starting something new and you may need a holiday to just provide a marker mentally and spiritually between both phases. I sense in some ways a sigh of relief from Scorpio and an eager anticipation.

You need to be money wise this month, decisions should be taken carefully and with due diligence. It is possible to make many sage long term decisions that can dramatically increase your income in a decade and so what you do now is all about the future and also about security.

You can make the best of any situation with pragmatism and optimism and you are actually on a Launchpad right now where you can sow seeds ambitiously and without the restraints that the dogma or shadow of the past can create.

Romance is still very much about curiosity and getting to know each other, it's not full of passion just yet, it's rather cautious and quite exciting as there is a sense of discovery. You can feel something is building up, however Scorpio may be too busy to develop love relationships in person right now, it tends to be via text and WhatsApp that you communicate. The real heat comes in the New Year, when fledgling romance becomes full blown love and sexual attraction.

This is a solid time in love and yet some seasonal tensions and raw nerves mean a few clashes especially if you are overtired. Family and respective in laws can cause aggravation and you may end up falling out over silly things like how to stuff the turkey.

The key is chill, let it go, it's not that important, just enjoy and let everyone muck in.

Scorpio may be looking to do business very differently next year and you are coming up with a whole new game plan. It's time for a root and branch review of all your business or work practices, from supply to distribution, to product lines to the associates you work with.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where you have excellent results financially, a year’s end bonus or acknowledgement or even a pay rise. A good time to get married or engaged. A fortunate time for negotiations and settling disputes. You may buy jewelry or art for investment and the aesthetic value. Charity and humanitarian work is successful. This month is ideal for all work involving the psychic sphere and work that needs great imagination and inspiration.

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Strengths: Generous, Idealistic, Great Sense of Humor

A huge amount can be achieved this month if you are purposeful and committed, there is no need to kick back and forget the year as the most important part of the year could get be to come and you may make very important decisions this month, or you may make a move which can open a whole new chapter of opportunities.

Things are coming together and you have your action plan and are ready to go. This period is rich in ideas and inspiration and you are getting ample support from others.

This is an excellent month for money and you may receive a bonus, prize or large donation. You should see healthy sales or orders and this is set to be a prosperous year end. Both monetary and non-monetary forms of appreciation come your way and you feel a boost of confidence.

This month is hectic, you are mentally alert, however you struggle to unwind and relax. Longer days tend to lead to long nights too as you accept invites or just chose to stay out, eating and delaying the trip home. It's an excellent time to gets things off your chest and allow thoughts to flow. You may be keener to keep a diary or journal and record your thoughts or what you feel are significant events. This can be quite therapeutic and it can help you feel in control.

This month, time for romance is limited by work and other commitments, yet you may meet up for sex as the desire level is high and even if the relationship is still relatively new, you are comfortable sexually.

Communication is much more open and frequent this month and you will tend to talk about yourself, your needs, your recent past and your interests, however most of this chatting is via WhatsApp or messenger rather than in person. It's often you who are doing the talking and your partner may not be revealing as much about them as you probably need to know, but you may not be noticing.

This month you seek security in marriage and you aim to make relationships that were shaky more solid. Sagittarians resolve to work hard at their relationships this festive season and you are taking nothing for granted. You may create goals or deadlines in your head and you are quite determined to adhere to these.

In good relationships, you are thinking about new levels of commitment i.e. marriage, more children, moving somewhere better etc., and in troubled relationships you are going to give it one last shot and try your very best and, if that doesn't yield results by a certain date, you are going to call it quits.

Sagittarius are projecting with vibrancy and enthusiasm, and you are pretty hard to ignore. You are more interested in pushing your views than listening to that of others; although at times you do give a wonderful impression of being ever so fascinated by someone else’s theories when you are hardly listening at all.

This is an excellent time for all learning whether you are training on the job or doing a course – what you learn now tends to be more relevant, and you will use the knowledge you acquire to advance key goals in your life.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where you have excellent results in terms of PR and publicity, it’s a fortunate time for negotiations and settling disputes. Journalists and writers can achieve recognition. Short distance travel for business and pleasure is favored. A fun and lucky time.

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Strengths: Responsible, Disciplined, Self-Control, Good Managers

his month is an excellent time for taking your creative projects off the drawing board and into the limelight.

December is ideal for playing around with ideas in your head and just seeing where they take you – imagination can be used to increase your optimism by envisioning positive outcomes. Time to break any unlucky streak by focusing on what you did right rather than wrong and building on that.

This month, money can be made by teaching. You do not have to be a teacher as such, you may have a specialist interest or skill, which would enable you to coach children or young people part-time. You may have done ballet or played piano to a high level, now may be the time to pass on those skills to others and make some cash.

Your health gets a boost and you have added energy to achieve the extra work you have right now. You should however take on extra nutrition, so make sure you eat more bananas, avocados, sweet potato and pumpkin.

Capricorn are in a very romantic mood in December and you are inspired by the higher, more spiritual aspects of love i.e. the willingness to sacrifice, seeing the person for what they are spiritually rather than materially, love despite the odds, love in the face of opposition.

In many ways, love is more exciting for Capricorn when there is opposition or a sense that you are saving someone, or being saved. Sometimes your attitudes to love are not very practical, in fact you are not motivated by logic and reason when you meet new people, you are motivated by feeling and raw emotion. You will also tend to be highly idealistic in love and have unusual romances which begin in extraordinary ways.

More freedom is what you need in your established unions: that freedom can be physical (i.e. spending more time on your hobbies) or mental (being more vocal about your opinions and sexual needs). You will crave spontaneity and so your partner needs to surprise you and go with the flow.

You will demand changes to relationships to improve understanding and also inject more novelty and excitement. Relationships where Capricorn are involved with someone very stubborn and set in their ways will suffer.

Positive changes in your life start with developing new long rage goals; goals that inspire you and make you want to get out of bed and make the best of whatever situation you find yourself in. The Jupiter Saturn conjunction on the eclipse is a highly fortuitous sign for Capricorn and heralds a year in 2021 of prosperity and fulfillment as well as success, so certainly a time to be optimistic and to think big.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where you have excellent results in terms of getting recognition, support and encouragement. You are lucky with anything last minute.

Discipline and systematic work pays off. Investment in emerging industries and science is favored. Philosophical activities, charity work and social work is favored. Long distance travel by sea is lucky, as are attending retreats and spas. Friends can be made out of enemies. Helping the under-privileged is successful.

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Strengths: Progressive, Original, Independent, Humanitarian

This month will test your ability to step up and you need to be well prepared and committed. Confidence is often called into question with Saturn entering your sign and you will have to sure up your approach and be thick skinned. Your commitment to goals is tested and anything peripheral has to fall by the way as you focus and commit to what is most important. However Jupiter also enters your sign heralding an excellent time to expand what has already been started and make strides towards your goals

Men and male authority figures can present you with problems and may be dismissive – you will need to work with them even if their authority is annoying. You can be very successful during this phase as the Saturn Jupiter conjunction is good for business and money matters as long as you are prudent and well-prepped.

Your own authority widens, but following rules and norms is important – you may need more knowledge of the law to make the most of the opportunities. The challenge is to embrace what you usually refuse to accept, look for deeper understanding in places you usually refuse to look and question your previously self-imposed limits.

This is a very energetic month for those of you who work for yourself especially if you work in building, construction or catering. It is a very busy time for anyone who makes things at home from those of you who make jams or cakes in their kitchen to crafts to pottery.

A month of abundance and positive experiences, although not necessarily all from the material world, you may get a boost internally with inner confidence or sense of well-being sustaining you no matter what circumstances demand.

It is a time when you are very romantic and not in a passive way, you like to make life come alive and you tend to believe that no matter what else has to be done there is time for some mischievousness and indulgence.

Emotional satisfaction and fulfillment are primary goals for you in love, and they are encouraging you to pay more attention to the family values of potential partners and their feelings, and you are forgetting about what society and those out there beyond your circle of friends think.

A broader perspective can help you get to grips with things you usually find annoying in love, you have a greater capacity to understand and forgive.

Aquarius are the ones to bring imagination and novelty into love – you are not keen to stick to routines or follow the same patterns, you are into surprises and shaking up the daily routine with trips that involve culture, movies and a little seasonal magic.

There is a deepening of all relationships right now – the power of a strong relationship to transform you and help you tackle your own limitations is also paramount.

Judgement and planning in all your personal goals and professional activities is essential. Material wealth can be earned via business skills, but there will be ups and downs and ebbs and flows this month and you need to make hay while the sun shines and know when to knuckle down and be conservative when things dip.

If you can recognize these flows and cycles and act accordingly you will do well; but if you press ahead and push too fast and far when you should be cutting back it can lead to major problems. You must play to your strengths always recognizing your weaknesses and catering for them.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where you have excellent results in terms of getting recognition, support and encouragement.


Strengths: Empathetic, Loving, Intuitive, Dreamy

This is an exciting month socially and you have renewed vigor to meet people whose support or influence can be professionally and personally advantageous in the future. New significant friendships can begin and you should make the most of the holiday season to renew acquaintances and show appreciation for those in your professional circles who have supported you.

An excellent time to get new goals off the ground and start brainstorming ideas for 2020. You are in the perfect frame of mind to recapture the dreams and hopes that had fallen by the wayside and to dust them off, put a more relevant spin on them, and start initiating.

Money can be raised via crowd funding and Pisces are more successful at earning money from subscriptions, donations and affiliate schemes.

Income should increase and Christmas bonuses or takings will be impressive. However, you are more inclined to give discounts and spend on entertaining and so not all income is in terms of cash immediately, however goodwill generated will see steady flows of increasing income in the New Year.

You are gutsy and determined right now and so you can achieve the dietary targets or fitness goals you set, however are these targets arbitrary? Make sure the health goals you set are actually good for you and avoid boom and bust i.e. cutting down dramatically, then binging.

Try to avoid extremes, both extreme eating and extreme emotions, what you need most is calm, so seek that out. You are putting yourself under so much pressure of late, let it go, but not with the help of alcohol.

Inner emotional confusion or intensity can be projected onto your romantic life, leading you to see drama or entanglement where there is none. Avoid seeking outright support and approval, you can be very demanding right now and this may exhaust a partner or drive then away. It's not as black and white as it seems right now. Cut your partner some slack, this is a very stressful season.

Pride needs to be acknowledged, it's the snake in the grass in relationships right now, always hissing in the background looking to make trouble.

Your interactions in love and marriage are often quite selfish, however as Pisces is such a malleable, people pleasing sign, this can be a good thing as you reassert your needs and your personality on the relationship, but you must do this constructively and for the better of the relationship as a whole.

A good month to have conversations about where the relationship is going and what you both want next. Time to clear away assumptions and get real answers.

This is an ideal month to talk about marriage, if you have been together for a long time and have yet to tie the knot or make a commitment.

Recommit to joint goals, but make sure you both have adequate enthusiasm for these goals, it's not a good month to say YES for the sake of, doing the right things for the wrong reasons won't cut it. Whatever goes on in relationships, both of your hearts have to be in it for it to work.

An all or nothing attitude as well as a desire to reach out over the usual boundaries means you can break new ground, however some bridges will get burnt as not everyone will be on board with what you are doing. Pisces are in a rather dramatic and fiery phase where you take risks and push down barriers. You think big and you take the leap, and most of the time optimism and chutzpah gets you through.

The moon waxes from the 14th to the 29th making this a proactive, prosperous and lucky phase where you can have great success in group endeavors, achieving bucket list items, holding big events and getting recognition from your peers. You may be successful in political endeavors. A great phase to get new goals off the ground. Leadership is favored as are management decisions. International travel and publishing are not favored after the 14th until the 29th.

We are all about compassion in action this holiday. A portion of every Red String Protection Bracelet and Feng Shui Tree Of Life proceeds goes to our charitable partner.

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