Celebrate Singles’ Day with these 6 Jewelry Pieces for Men & Women

6 Jewelry Pieces for Men & Women

Single and ready to mingle? If you have never celebrated Singles’ Day before, then this is the year to start! Treat yourself this November 11th and celebrate your independence.

Singles’ Day, which started as an “anti-Valentine’s Day” in China, was created as a sort of defiance towards the holidays generally targeting couples. If you are still searching for that special someone, then this day is the perfect chance to embrace your current relationship status - and enjoy all that comes with the single life.

Also known as Bachelor’s Day, this holiday has been rapidly increasing in popularity and is now celebrated throughout the world. With Singles’ Day parties and events happening around the globe, you can meet other singles and have a fun day celebrating together.

There are also many Singles’ Day sales going on, especially on online website-based stores. Karma and Luck has a special Singles’ Day jewelry sale offering you a discount on some of our most beautiful and unique designs.

6 Jewelry Pieces for Men & Women

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Whether you want to add a touch of sparkle to your party outfit, look elegant for your next date, or go bold for your night out with friends, we have a piece of jewelry for every style and every taste. 

Singles’ Day, although not widely popular yet in the United States, is surely something worth celebrating! This fun idea is a chance to shake things up and remind yourself that it is okay to be single, no matter what the outside world tries to tell us.

Remember that self love is one of the most important gifts you can give yourself, and only when we are happy with ourselves can we begin to give and accept love from others.

So this Singles’ Day, embrace the Singles’ Day online sales available to you and show yourself ultimate self love. Our jewelry designs make the perfect gift for yourself or to give to your nearest and dearest friends. 

This Singles’ Day, let’s remember that all relationships are important - including friendships and the relationship we have with ourselves. Honor the different forms of love in your life by shopping our Singles’ Day jewelry sale! 

Read on to discover our top picks for Singles’ Day jewelry for both men and women.

3 Singles’ Day Gift Ideas for Women

Say, “Happy Singles’ Day!” with these 3 jewelry picks for women:

#1 Attract Love - Tourmaline Hamsa Earrings

Promoting patience, love, and security, the gorgeous watermelon tourmaline stones work to bring love into your life. This Singles’ Day, whether you are looking to bring romantic love into your life, find more self-love, or foster more compassion in your friendships, let these earrings guide and support you through it all.

Kindness and loving vibrations will flow freely into your life, ensuring that joy springs naturally into all that you do. With the help of the evil eye charms, any negativity will be swiftly repelled. 

Tourmaline Hamsa Earrings

Bracelet STring de color rojo del esmalte negro de la libra esterlina
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Bracelet STring de color rojo del esmalte negro de la libra esterlina
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#2 “Follow Your Dream” Pyrite Ruby Dove Bracelet Stack

Being single means ultimate freedom. In the midst of this freedom, your life is full of opportunities to follow your dreams. This bracelet serves as your gentle reminder to constantly return to the things that inspire you and the things that fill you with joy.

The stunning ruby stones will give you the necessary confidence and motivation to pursue your goals, while the pyrite stones will generate success in every venture. This bracelet is an ideal Singles’ Day gift for anyone in need of more self-love and self-confidence.

Pyrite Ruby Dove Bracelet Stack

Attract Love - Tourmaline Hamsa Earrings
Attract Love - Tourmaline Hamsa Earrings
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#3 Guided By Love - Watermelon Tourmaline Silver Hamsa Necklace

Exuding with confidence and adding a unique touch to any look, this necklace encourages you to open up to love. The watermelon tourmaline helps us to release any fears we may have regarding love, instead embracing it all with open arms.

Fear not, as the sacred hamsa symbol engraved in this pendant will keep your heart protected. This pointer crystal necklace is a perfect Singles’ Day gift idea for anybody struggling to get back in the dating world, especially if it is difficult to surpass past hurts or trauma. 

Watermelon Tourmaline Silver Hamsa Necklace

Karma and Luck  Men Ring  -  Healing Mantra - Gold Plated Ring
Healing Mantra - Gold Plated Ring
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3 Singles’ Day Gift Ideas for Men

Happy Singles’ Day! Celebrate this fun holiday with these 3 men’s picks from the Karma and Luck Collection. 

#1 Deep Peace - Lapis Lazuli Oxidized Silver Bracelet

All of the answers lie within you. This Singles’ Day remember that true happiness lies within you, and cannot be obtained from outside sources. The striking blue lapis lazuli stones will serve as protection on your road to true spiritual enlightenment.

Self-love will be found once you begin to fill yourself with confidence, which this bracelet can help you do. Not only is this piece deeply healing, but it also exudes the vibration of inner-strength and promotes the divine masculine. 

Lapis Lazuli Oxidized Silver Bracelet

#2 Self-Esteem Booster - Tiger’s Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace

With their fierce and bold energy, the gleaming tiger’s eye stone on this necklace will help you find the confidence you need to pursue your dreams. No goal will be out of reach with this necklace worn close to the heart.

While the tiger’s eye reminds you of your inner power, the dark onyx stones will repel negativity and keep you protected from harm. With this necklace, you can rest assured that you are never alone - the universe is always here and ready to support you. Celebrate Singles’ Day with a newfound confidence and inspiration. 

Tiger's Eye Onyx Zodiac Necklace

#3 Healing Mantra - Gold Plated Ring

Promoting deep inner-peace, this healing mantra ring will encourage you to find that place of calm that resides within all of us. Find the mantra that calls to your spirit and brings the energy you seek into your life. As Singles’ Day approaches, let it be motivation to find true love for yourself.

Once that love is found, you can push on towards your every goal - whether that is in relationships, career, or anything else. This 18 K gold plated ring adds a unique and stylish touch to any look.

Healing Mantra - Gold Plated Ring

Give Yourself Love this Singles’ Day with Jewelry from Karma & Luck

Remember that love comes in many forms, and the love you give yourself is the most important of them all. Singles’ Day gives us the perfect opportunity to celebrate the current, and ever-changing, status of our lives.

Nothing is permanent and as long as you stay open, life is full of loving opportunities to explore and experience. In your freedom from relationships, let yourself soar! This year, devote yourself to the things that bring you joy, knowing that the more joyful you are, the more magnetizing you become.

Shop the Karma & Luck jewelry collection and give yourself a beautiful symbol of self-love, or give a gift to the loving friends and family in your life! Visit our website and shop our stunning jewelry collection.

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