Build a Life of Beauty with these 6 Pearl Jewels

Pearl Jewels

Ohe of the most beloved gemstones of all time, the pearl is elegance embodied. These stunning gemstones come in a wide variety of colors, such as blue pearls, black pearls, and most commonly - white.

Used for a variety of purposes, pearl stones can be found around the world as jewelry, accessories, decorations, and even attached to clothing. 

Pearl crystals have been used as decorative ornaments for ages. In fact, during the ancient Greek period, people believed that pearls were the tears of gods, while in ancient Egypt royals were buried with prized pearls.

The oldest pearl jewelry was found in the sarcophagus of a Persian princess who passed away in 520 BC. In the past, due to their rarity, pearls were largely reserved for only the most noble and rich citizens. 

When it comes to their formation, natural pearls have a unique and maritime history.

They are formed around a microscopic irritant that is in the bodies of different mollusks. White cultured pearls are formed due to the insertion of a bead or a little bit of tissue that the mollusk coats with nacre. 

Collar De Perla De Ensueño
Collar De Perla De Ensueño
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The pearl crystal comes with incredible metaphysical properties as well. It is believed that people turned to pearls centuries back to calm and center themselves and their minds, which they are still used for today.

Women also used to wear the gemstones to connect with their femininity, because the stone is linked to a woman's inner goddess. Apart from this, the stunning pearl can also provide many physical benefits.

They are said to help with digestive disorders, heart-related issues, eye ailments, and also improve one's skin. 

Pearls are also believed to help with fertility and ease a woman's pain during childbirth. The stones are known for assisting with the matrix of life and providing emotional, physical, and mental benefits.

Pearls are one of the world’s most revered stones because not only is it exceptionally beautiful, but also full of healing benefits.

Thinking about adding a powerful pearl jewelry item to your collection? Read on to discover our top six favorite pieces from the Karma & Luck collection.

Pearl Jewels

Our Six Favorite Pearl Jewelry Pieces 

Due to its subtle yet deeply elegant look, pearls have been worn in the form of jewelry for ages. Offering beauty and healing properties, all of these pieces can be treasured for a lifetime. Read on to uncover six options radiating with peaceful energy. 

Pearl Jewels

#1 Supreme Delight - Multi Color Enamel Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet

The stunning “Supreme Delight” bracelet, made with white pearls, is a sight for sore eyes. Helping you discover your true self, this alluring pearl bracelet leads you to a sense of courage, confidence, and self-love. With its radiant energy, it will swiftly freshen up your mind, body, and spirit.

Created within the depths of the sea, pearls offer the healing and purifying potency of water. They restore balance and tranquility in your life and help you stay connected to your truth. The pearl stone activates innocence, beauty, and foresight. 

This dazzling bracelet also features colorful evil eye charms that will deflect negativity. These powerful charms will keep you safe at all times, helping to pave the way for success and abundance.

The multicolor enamel charms, along with the shining white pearls make this piece truly stand out from the rest. Call in a life of luxury with this “Supreme Delight” bracelet.

Multi Color Enamel Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet

Supreme Delight - Multi Color Enamel Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet
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Supreme Delight - Multi Color Enamel Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet
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#2 Mindful Foresight - Hematite Pearl June Birthstone Necklace 

The pearl birthstone is for anybody born in the month of June. The “Mindful Foresight” pearl necklace is the perfect gift for any loved one born in this Summer month, or anyone who loves pearl jewelry. Pearl necklaces are the epitome of elegance and femininity.

Jewelry with pearls is never disappointing, and this dazzling necklace is no exception. The “Mindful Foresight” necklace helps you see the world from new perspectives and reminds you to stay positive even in the dark.

If you find yourself feeling down, the necklace will run a wave of peace, love, and compassion, and beauty through you. Its nurturing energy offers healing on all levels.

The pearl gemstone is also said to help in all matters of love, letting you reach new heights and go to new depths. Paired with hematite stones, this necklace will bring a sense of calmness, focus, and serenity. Gorgeous and powerful, this necklace will turn heads. 

Hematite Pearl June Birthstone Necklace

#3 Genuine Love - Gold Plated Pearl Necklace 

This chic and dynamic real pearl necklace is a stand-out piece. The combination of shining white pearls with the brilliant gold plated chain is nothing short of stunning.

Radiating with feminine energy and show stopping beauty, this necklace will surround any negative energy with pure white light, ultimately leading to deep healing of the energetic field. 

This pearl necklace for women will cleanse your aura so that you can shine bright and shine far.

Exuding goddess energy, it reminds you to stay firmly grounded in your power and rooted in your truth. The pearl stones represent love, innocence, loyalty, beauty, and foresight. 

This gorgeous 18K gold plated brass necklace comes with a lobster clasp closure making it easy to put on and take off. Boasting versatility, you can wear this necklace for a casual date night or a fancy cocktail event.

Gold Plated Pearl Necklace

#4 Peace & Love - Pearl Evil Eye Earrings 

Framing your face in a shining light, earrings are one of the best ways to showcase pearls.  Pearl earrings offer the stone’s timeless beauty, as well as their wealth of healing benefits.

Chic and elegant, these “Peace & Love” earrings are sure to bring quite a few compliments. Highly versatile, these earrings can be styled with a variety of different outfits. They will enhance any look, making your soul shine with beauty and grace.

The “Peace & Love” pearl earrings will help you to radiate with love and compassion as you move ahead in your life journey. These pearl earrings will also play a supportive role in healing your emotional wounds and filling your life with pure joy.

Reawakening your imagination, these pearl earrings make room for inspiration and opportunity to flourish. They help to keep you motivated, ensuring that you stay focused on the things that bring you joy, happiness, and pleasure. Perhaps the best part about pearl jewelry is that it assists you in looking at life through a more positive lens.

These lovely earrings also feature an evil eye charm that will work to deflect negativity. It will clear the negative energy of toxic people around you and keep you safe from harm.

Aside from its protective traits, the pearl stones will also help to improve your imagination and foresight and will add more love and beauty to your life. Handmade with love, these “Peace & Love” pearl earrings are durable, making them an item you can cherish forever.

Whether you are looking to spice up a casual everyday look or add a dash of elegance to nighttime attire, these earrings will do just the trick. 

Pearl Evil Eye Earrings

Inner Glow - Pearl Enamel Multi Symbol Bracelet
Inner Glow - Pearl Enamel Multi Symbol Bracelet
Each new journey allows us to begin with a balanced mind, body, and spirit so we may reach our highest potential. Our miraculous "Inner G...
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#5 Inner Glow - Pearl Enamel Multi Symbol Bracelet 

Featuring an array of sacred symbols, this bracelet is bursting with possibility. Its gentle strength will encourage you to move in the direction of your dreams.

Constantly reminding you to stay true to yourself, it will help you uncover the things that make you feel alive and awaken a sense of joy within you.

This gorgeous bracelet, shining with the light of pearls and accented with colorful charms, wil help you view life from a more optimistic and hopeful perspective. 

The pearls provide wisdom and imagination, the heart charm encourages compassion and love, the moon ignites intuition, and the star provides guidance.

The hamsa charm protects you from harm, the lotus inspires new beginnings, and the evil eye repels negativity. With these symbols combined together, this bracelet will serve as your ultimate companion through spiritual advancement.

 Pearl Enamel Multi Symbol Bracelet

#6 Iridescent Light - Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

Providing nurturing energy, this necklace urges you to connect with the energy of the heart. When we listen to our heart with a calm and trusting ear, we will never be led astray.

Reflecting the serene and purifying energy of the ocean, the stunning pearls will wash away any worries or fears you may have. By wearing this necklace, you are opening yourself up to love - letting it flourish and bloom in your life.

Not only will this piece help in matters of romantic love, but it will also assist you in giving more love to yourself. 

This gold chain necklace is suited with exquisite pearl beads, a golden heart charm, and the evil eye symbol, which all work in conjunction to provide you a blissful experience. Float on the waves of loving compassion with this gorgeous necklace kept close to the heart. 

Pearl Heart Charm Necklace

Find Your Pearl Jewelry

Pearl stones are truly one-of-a-kind treasures from the Earth. Worn for centuries around the world, these stones are cherished for their beauty and power.

Offering a wealth of healing benefits to both men and women, a pearl jewelry item should be added to every collection.

At Karma & Luck, you can find a variety of stunning pearl rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and anklets.

Coming in a range of exquisite colors, you can find dreamy black pearls to lovely pink pearls, and many more hues too! By wearing pearl jewelry, you can call in life full of bliss, love, and beauty. 

Did you find the perfect piece of pearl jewelry, or are you still looking? Visit our website and browse our full collection of pearl jewelry! You are sure to find something that steals your heart.  Start Your Journey Here: Browse Our Luck, Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

Success and Intention Jewelry Collections

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