Embrace the Beauty of Blue Bracelets for Summer (& Anklets Too!)

Blue Bracelets for Summer

Leisure time should be a must and not a convenience. Summer months are finally here, and with their arrival, we are getting more opportunities to soak up the sun and recharge our batteries.

Summertime is associated with warmth, freedom, leisure, and optimism. Ocean waves, walking barefoot, and light breezes all have a therapeutic effect on the body, mind, and spirit.

No matter where the road takes you this season, you can carry the spirit of summer with you by wearing authentic blue bracelets for summer.

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Why Do Blue Bracelets for Summer Just Feel Right? 

Blue gemstones like Turquoise, Aquamarine, and Lapis Lazuli have the ability to transport us to the tropics even if only in our minds. Their soothing frequency is linked with feeling tranquil, carefree, and at rest.

Thanks to their healing properties, these gemstones can make us feel like we are floating on tranquil waters, relaxed and away from everyday stress and chaos. Summer bracelets with these stones serve as a spiritual anchor and a potent source of positivity, replacing darkness and gloom with sunshine and bliss.

summer anklets

Wear Turquoise for the Ultimate Summer Bracelet

Turquoise reminds us of tropical islands, long beaches, and relaxation by the ocean. It promotes deep healing of the physical, emotional, and mental self and brings wisdom and peace, helping to create a deep sense of inner serenity and balance. 

Here are some of our favorite Turquoise bracelets…

“Blessed Tranquility” Turquoise Wrap

The Blessed Tranquility Wrap is a beautiful blue bracelet for summer with a tropical appeal. It incorporates the Hamsa Hand and OM symbol, ensuring spiritual protection while balancing our auric field. Turquoise stones provide healing and soothe the soul. They help to eliminate blockages from our path so we can peacefully move forward into a blissful new day.

“Iridescent Equilibrium” Turquoise Hamsa Heishi Bracelet

Connect with the healing energy of the sea even from the comfort of your own home, by adding the Iridescent Equilibrium Bracelet to your jewelry collection. Featuring a gold-plated Hamsa Hand, this bracelet repels negativity, allowing us to truly immerse in what calms our soul and feels nourishing.  Turquoise beads aim to regenerate, elevate our energy, and help us recharge, clearing up our mental space in the process.

Love Light Blue Bracelets? Wear Aquamarine

Aquamarine blends the power of the sea with spiritual healing to help us create a sanctuary of relaxation and harmony, no matter where we go. It is a stone that has been found to raise spiritual awareness, soothe an anxious mind, and alleviate stress and tension.

Let’s discover some of the best Aquamarine bracelets…

“Innate Wisdom” Aquamarine Labradorite Hamsa Bracelet

One of the most powerful blue bracelets for summer, the Innate Wisdom Bracelet combines Labradorite stones for illumination and enlightenment with the relaxing energy of Aquamarine. While Labradorite assists spiritual growth, cleansing our subconscious from fear and doubt, Aquamarine cleanses the aura, helping loosen up a tense mind and body.

Aquamarine Bracelet

“Tranquil Enjoyment” Agarwood Aquamarine Fish Bracelet

Grounding and soothing, the Tranquil Enjoyment Bracelet incorporates Agarwood beads with pale blue Aquamarine and sterling silver details. Calming  Aquamarine stones help us find meaning, motivation, and light in the darkness, so we can feel more connected to the Divine transport your mind to sandy beaches and palm trees in an instant.

Prefer Navy Blue Bracelets? Adorn Yourself in Lapis Lazuli 

Deep blue Lapis Lazuli is a bolder statement, great for summer nights and spiritual ascension.

As a stone of self-awareness, it emphasizes our connection with the Universe, heals the psyche, and offers psychic protection. Lapis Lazuli used in blue bracelets for summer soothes the nervous system, and calms the soul, empowering and awakening the wearer in the process.

Here are our favorites for this year…

“Bloom With Brilliance” Lapis Lazuli Lotus Bracelet

Our Bloom With Brilliance Bracelet brings us the soothing energy of the deep blue ocean so we can relax our senses and magnify our connection with the Universe. Lapis Lazuli beads instill a sense of peace, promoting soul-searching and bringing newfound wisdom when we’re searching for meaning and spiritual support. Combined with a Lotus charm, it will help you start anew, anytime you need a new beginning. 

“Wise Belief” Lapis Evil Eye Hamsa Wrap Bracelet

Freedom lies in the wisdom and the ability to let go of what doesn’t serve our highest good. The Wise Belief Bracelet is one of the blue bracelets for summer that will boost our intuition and motivate us to frame our life in a way that nourishes our whole being. Layered with Lapis Lazuli, golden details to create contrast, and spiritual symbols for protection, rest assured your aura will be safe from negativity and ill-will.

Lapis Lazuli blue bracelets

“Peaceful Heart” Lapis Lazuli Wrap Bracelet

Well-being and peace of mind should always be a priority, and the Peaceful Heart Bracelet is here to bring the freshness of summer and tranquility into your orb. A perfect combination of deep blue and gold, this peace contains a heart charm and Lapis stones so you can replace doubt with self-love. It will inspire you to always put yourself first and give yourself the permission to rest, recuperate, and recharge without questioning.

Combine Multiple Blue Stones With Stacking Bracelets

Wearing layered bracelets stacked together is one of the latest styles, and we love it because it allows us to mix and match multiple blue stones together. Blended with additional spiritual symbols, these stacked bracelets will not only elevate your style, but also level up your vibration.

“I Am Blessed” Aquamarine Turquoise Pyrite Moon Bracelet Stack

If you’re looking for blue bracelets for summer that can alleviate stress and lift up your spirit, the I Am Blessed Bracelet Stack is for you. It combines three healing gemstones for ultimate regeneration and healing. Soothing Aquamarine and Turquoise bring peace and serenity into our energetic space, while Pyrite invites blessings and makes us a magnet for Divine gifts and positive manifestations.

I am Thankful Summer Bracelets

“I Am Thankful” Lapis Turquoise Lotus Bracelet Stack

Gratitude paves the way for abundance and inner bliss. The I am Thankful Bracelet Stack includes authentic Turquoise and Lapis Lazuli crystals to bring a dose of summer light, hope, and optimism into our days. Fused with the energy of an inspiring Lotus charm and a mantra bar, it will serve as a reminder to celebrate life and dance with it like nobody is watching.

“Soothing Warmth” Labradorite Moonstone Aquamarine Bracelet Stack

This summer, bring the warmth and light of sun rays with you everywhere you go by wearing the soothing Soothing Warmth Bracelet Stack. Together with the Hamsa Hand, Evil Eye, Moonstone, and Labradorite stones, it will be your safe haven and a ray of hope in trying times. The heart charm will enrich your life with love and tenderness, and Aquamarine will calm your soul, profoundly supporting your wellbeing.

Bracelet Stack

Who Doesn’t Love Anklets for Summer?

Besides blue bracelets for summer, Anklets with sparkling blue gemstones and summer designs can be just as effective for elevating your style and your vibration. Ankles have the power to ground, balance, and harmonize energy, and they can be a source of unlimited spiritual support and bliss. 

Here are some blue anklets you won’t want to miss…

“Blessed Trinity” Turquoise Charm Anklet

A vacation on a tropical island can be at the reach of your hand (or foot) with the delicate and elegant Blessed Trinity Anklet. This anklet includes soothing Turquoise and three ancient good fortune charms; the Tree of Life encourages profound growth, the Evil Eye repels negativity, and the Lotus Flower inspires fresh beginnings.

“Precious Destiny” Turquoise Evil Eye Anklet

Our Precious Destiny Anklet is a minimal summer piece that encourages the release of the old, while awakening the creative spirit within. Summer anklets with Turquoise stones like this one will help align with your soul's purpose and show you the way forward, while the Evil Eye charm will ward off what doesn’t serve your highest good. 

“Unprecedented Protection” Mixed Blue Stone Evil Eye Anklet

Those who are protected never wander for long. Thanks to the Evil Eye charm and blue gemstones, the Unprecedented Protection Anklet offers guidance and protection, allowing only joy and love to come our way. Its blue stones will support spiritual evolution, paving the way for living a carefree, mindful life.

anklets for summer

Final Thoughts 

Blue gemstones are a fine addition to a summer look, but they offer more than just aesthetics.

Wear them to find enlightenment and overcome inner limitations so that you can truly let your hair down and go with the flow. With this kind of support, any day can feel like a summer vacation. 

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