7 Blessings of Motherhood: How it Changes Us & Helps Us Grow

Blessings of Motherhood

In the past few years as we’ve faced a pandemic that kept most people at home, mothers played a huge part in creating normalcy, especially for children now having to attend school from home.

However, it affected many working moms. For example, in 2021, the percentage of moms actively working in the United States dropped from the previous year by 6.4 percent.

With so many obstacles facing moms, having children may seem daunting, so it’s important to remember the amazing blessings of motherhood we get to experience. No matter their ages, children challenge a mother as they grow, experience, and learn, bringing immense joy and connection, and at times aggravation and tears.

Taking on the role in nurturing and nourishing a human life into beautiful existence gives moms a tremendous purpose and allows them to make a huge impact.

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7 Blessings of Motherhood

There are so many priceless reasons why becoming a mom inspires and amplifies the meaning in a woman’s life…

A Mother Gets to Learn True Selflessness

Those early, sleepless nights teach new moms one of the greatest lessons to carry into the world – living in true selflessness. An infant’s cries in need of milk or a clean diaper are the pleas for survival. A mother knows the pangs of delivering her baby’s needs in life and naturally provides them.

As the birthday candles crowd a cake each year, a mother’s presence and guidance still takes up just as much room. Our children come to us for advice, for healing heartache, and – yes – sometimes for money. Through motherhood, we recognize the ease in which we give from ourselves in order to bring our children happiness.

In taking the time to recognize the selflessness motherhood provides, we are able to empathize and offer compassion to those beyond even our babies.


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A Mother Has a Special Bond With Her Child

Whether we seek a soulmate, a best friend, or a divine companion, we may not even realize the greatest connection we can experience until we receive the blessings of motherhood. The bond between mother and child cannot be replicated – no two people can tether themselves together the way the womb bridges a mother and baby.

Even if motherhood came to you through other means, the love and comfort that you selflessly give builds trust for the child that you mother. By being a refuge for your children, they see you as a fortress of protection no one else can ever offer them.

Strong Mother

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Mothers Have to Find Great Strength for Their Children

In all the ways we give to children as moms, we sometimes don’t realize how motherhood transforms women into resilient, unstoppable forces. Mothers can exemplify poise and calm in the face of difficulties to help their children get through with ease.

The inner strength we muster to always love and provide for our children is one of the greatest blessings of motherhood. Moms discover how much they can truly handle and overcome for the needs of their children.


We Grow as People When We Nurture & Guide Another

This blessing extends beyond motherhood to any relationship, but the dependence of a child on a mother illuminates how rewarding the process of caring for someone else is. As a parent, if we prioritize acceptance and love in how we relate to our children, we expand our own consciousness in the process.

One of the key tenets of motherhood rests in loving our child without judgment. The more we unconditionally embrace them, we gain the strength and fortitude to recognize when other people around us struggle, and we open ourselves to guiding and supporting others too.

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Watching Your Child Grow is a Source of Great Joy

Many moms may jokingly count the wrinkles and the grey hairs of the years of worrying over their children as a curse of motherhood. However, it’s far from that. In a way, the blessings of motherhood come as the fountain of youth. 

No, having children does not reverse the clock, but watching a child grow and discover their firsts in the world is a chance to relive the joy of innocence and childhood. Mothers get to witness the pure glee and inspiration that arises in a child when she sees a butterfly, tastes an ice cream, or recognizes the stars. 

It’s something we all experienced as a child but probably without memory. As moms, we can glimpse what that feeling is like when it happens for our child. 

Motherhood Teaches Us Unconditional Love

As we said above, nurturing and guiding a person happens best through acceptance and non-judgment. That’s how mothers come to know unconditional love.

Even if we created our beloved beings from our own bodies, we cannot control the choices and directions they will go. By guiding them, we hope they make smart decisions, but we also know humans make mistakes.

Mothers readily invite their children back with unconditional love when they do something wrong. It teaches our children how to be open, honest people in the world. 

Mothers Day

The Role of “Mother” is Forever

We cannot know what’s ahead in this life, but by holding on to the connection we make with our children, our job as mother will never end. The blessings of motherhood create an infinite knot so that even if we pass to another realm in the universe, the marks we’ve made in our children live on.

The lessons we share with our children continue eternally in their mind and spirit, a part of the universal ethos of nurturing femininity that every being needs to harness for true joy in existence.

Mothers Day Collection

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Final Thoughts

Although we’ve stopped at seven blessings of motherhood, the list could continue on and on. Every day of motherhood sets a new path of adventure in our lives.

Undoubtedly, motherhood places tests and obstacles along the way that we must learn to confront and surpass. When we do so with love and understanding for our children, we grow stronger in our spiritual drive to provide and nourish the budding humans they are becoming. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Jewelry Gifts for Mom

Mothers day

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