Give Your Kids Some Back to School Protection: Spiritual Armor for the Body, Mind & Spirit


back to school protection

Going back to school marks the beginning of renewed projects, goals, and challenges our children are eager to undertake. Attracting good luck during this busy period is not a matter of chance, but rather of how aligned we are with a protective force.

The following stylish and thoughtful collection of healing crystals creates more good energy and keeps our children’s vibrational frequency high as they head back to school.

These sacred stones have unique properties that help to bring out kids’ natural talents while deflecting the heavy energy from their environment.

Make sure your loved one’s cosmic connection is strong as they navigate this new stage of their lives with these crystals for back to school.

The Best Back to School Protection

Healing crystals and ancient symbols of protection and strength arm children with enough confidence and spiritual strength to succeed in their studies and social interactions. 

Choose the piece that matches your child's personality to ensure their back to school protection and make this year one of the most fulfilling.

Crystals for Back to School

The following healing crystals offer strong spiritual protection for kids to invite luck, health, prosperity, and happiness into this new cycle.

They can easily tuck one of these crystals into their pocket or backpack to surround themselves with good karma and meaningful growth opportunities.

Luck & Success Crystals

The “Luck & Success” Mineral Intention Box contains Aventurine, Pyrite, Citrine, Tiger's Eye, and Clear Quartz. These sacred gemstones attract successful opportunities that allow us to showcase our natural talents with confidence and courage. 

Our children can embark on a new learning cycle with clarity and focus thanks to this special spark of back to school protection.

Cheerful Protection - Multi Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet

Cheerful Protection -  Evil Eye Bracelet
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Cheerful Protection - Evil Eye Bracelet
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Protection & Peace Crystals

If your child is ultra-sensitive and feels anxious when faced with new challenges, the “Protection & Peace” Mineral Intention Box is ideal for them.

Black Onyx and Amethyst lower stress levels, while Pyrite and Turquoise shield them from harmful energies so they can embrace new experiences while anchored in their inner center. Tourmaline helps us reflect on our experiences and feel supported by our spiritual masters as we navigate our everyday lives.

Protection Crystals

Love & Loyalty Crystals 

School is where we make our strongest friendships; the ones that often remain with us for a lifetime. Our children rely on their self-esteem and self-love to make their social interactions as meaningful and rewarding as possible.

The crystals in our “Love & Loyalty” Mineral Intention Box provides our children with back to school protection while healing their emotional traumas, spreading love and kindness in their surroundings.

Happiness & Confidence Crystals

Happiness and self-confidence are essential to attract success in this new stage of our children's education. Ensure your children find their inner bliss with the “Happiness & Confidence” Mineral Intention Box.

When united, Citrine, Red Jasper, Smoky Quartz, Tiger's Eye, and Lapis Lazuli boost kids’ vitality so they won't depend on outside approval to find their most authentic purpose.

Strength & Stability Crystals

Infusing our children's integrity with earthly energies will ensure they have back to school protection while keeping them grounded in their inner peace.

Our “Strength & Stability” Mineral Intention Box is composed of protective gemstones such as Black Onyx, Agate, Hematite, Red Jasper, and Amethyst to renew children's sense of focus when they start feeling lost. No challenge will throw them off balance once they develop a solid emotional foundation.

Strength Crystals

Spiritual Protection Jewelry for Kids

The following jewelry collection is meaningfully designed to bring back to school protection to our children.

Each piece features spiritual symbols and universal resonance that wards off harmful effects and shields children from negative energies. They also contain healing gemstones that support their inner peace and spiritual connection. 

Kids’ Red String Evil Eye Protection Bracelets

The “Joyous Youth” Evil Eye Red String Bracelet is a simple item made with love and gratitude that features a powerful symbol of spiritual protection. Wearing it will ensure your children have the back to school protection they need to explore, have fun, and learn without being affected by the negative energies around them.

Meanwhile, the “Courageous Wit” Triple Evil Eye Kids Red Bracelet will help them follow their intuition and open their minds without allowing negative self-talk to become part of their reality.

spiritual protection for kids

Pure Love - Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet
Pure Love - Evil Eye Pearl Bracelet
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Crystal Bracelets for Kids

Our delicate “Cheerful Protection” Multi Stone Evil Eye Kids Bracelet is designed to provide the most effective back to school protection to keep children's spirits up and playful at all times.

Another enticing piece is the “Persistent Protector” Matte Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet, which allows kids to stay focused and connected to their spiritual center while absorbing new knowledge.

crystals for back to school

Animal Totem Necklaces for Kids

The fish represent the eternal cheerfulness and flexibility to move between currents with dexterity and playfulness. Our “Forever Playful” Fish Kids Charm Necklace ensures that our childs have days filled with joy and contentment. 

And there’s a reason why children love ladybugs; this animal totem is a lucky charm that fuels children’s innocence and infinite curiosity. Our “Playful Imagination” Ladybug Evil Eye Necklace deflects negative energies from their environment, while its unique design makes them feel like they are in the company of their best friend.

Animal Totem Protection Necklaces for Kids

Spiritual Symbol Earrings for Kids

The most effective way for our children's souls to blossom is to make them feel protected and loved unconditionally. The “Enthusiastic Spirit” Evil Eye Stud Earrings ensure their safety as they explore new adventures in life.

And if you're looking for your kids to cultivate their dreams without restraint, the “Playful Protection” Hamsa Stud Earrings take all fear out of their hearts. Wearing this will make the impossible an easy milestone to reach. 

Playful Protection - Pink Enamel Hamsa Stud

Final Thoughts 

The infinite love we infuse in our children gives them enough confidence to embark on new journeys as their hearts brim with confidence.

But if you want extra spiritual protection for kids, our collection of sacred gemstones and ancient spiritual symbols will make this back-to-school season one of the most meaningful of their lives. Start Your Journey Here: Shop Our Kids Jewelry Collection

Kids Jewelry

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