Autumn Equinox & Libra Season: Love, Luxury & Liberty

Hello Libra, Goddess of Love, Luxury, and Liberty. 

Thank you for gracing us with your much-needed presence for the next month. While we're exiting down to earth Virgo and entering flirty and fun Libra, there are a few things to keep in mind over the next month that could help you manifest so much right now, and over the next few months to come.

What is that you may ask? Well, romance and partnerships for one and opening up to a more social environment if you're so inclined. This energy we will be feeling should bring about more happiness, peace, and balance. But it will also take some effort on your part to create these magical experiences ahead.

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Astrologically, we are aligning with the fall equinox, the first day of autumn, which will bring about equal daytime to nighttime hours. Pure and perfect balance, and boy, oh boy, do Libras love that. They are the scales, after all, needing both sides equal in all things, especially harmony and justice.

So let's keep that in mind as we discuss expanding and/or reducing your "friends" during Libra Season and well into Scorpio Season because her claws will be out and ready to conquer come October. 

What does all of this mean? First, if there ever is a time for change and transformation, this is it—the perfect time to make plans and start moving forward. You don't have to wait for New Year's eve and resolutions because your new beginnings can start right now.

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Cardinal, air sign Libra (Aries, Cancer, Capricorn) are a force of nature and ambitious leaders who love to keep moving. So how will your sign benefit from their Libran energy? Creative, restless, and always conjuring up new ideas, Libra's take care of business, and that is the energy all zodiac signs can tap into right now. So take advantage of Libra's need and desire for balance (hence the scales attached to Libra) by centering yourself and connecting to your base desires of what you need and want in both giving and receiving. 

One vital question to ask yourself is: Are my relationships benefiting me? The next question is: Are they in alignment with what I want and need? In truth, most of us don't set enough boundaries and give far more than we take. Libra's scales of justice begs you to answer those questions and either fix or omit what does not serve you now or in your foreseeable future. A wake-up call, if you will, of those whom you feel are supportive vs. those who are soaking up your much-needed self-care energy, aka, unsupportive energy suckers.

During Libra season, make the time to assess this situation. If you're into journaling, that's awesome, start right away. If you're not, then perhaps a few pieces of paper in a quiet environment will suffice. Whichever method you choose, make your list of friends and frenemies, and from there, you can decipher what you need to do, whom to omit, and/or have a heart-to-heart conversation with about moving forward.

Let loving Libra energy be the catalyst for "how" you approach everything this month. That is a sure-fire way of bringing liberty into play while you wipe the slate clean and start anew.

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Liberating Your Life Force Energy

Your life force, that extremely precious energy and the source connected to Mother Earth, needs to stay physically, spiritually, and emotionally vital. Meaning you come first right now and that is the priority.

Self-care tips to help you get aligned during Libra Season.

  • Connect With Earth Energy: Take advantage of the fresh autumn air and go outside. Soak in the vitamin D of the sun, take long walks, invite friends and family to join, and spend the time bonding. Recharging in nature is healing and can replenish your energy. Also, make sure you stay super duper hydrated.
  • Eat Healthier: You don't need to ditch all of your favorite junk foods; balance them with healthier alternatives and get your body clean and cleansed during Libra Season. Get those chemicals out of your body and bring on the fruits, vegetables, healthy oils, and clean proteins. Your mind, body, and soul's energy will be so grateful, and in return, you will have a brighter outlook, feel lighter, and your brain won't be foggy. OH, and your skin will LOVE you.
  • Meditate With Crystals: Nothing brings our "life force" energy into balance quicker than meditating with gemstones and crystals, especially if you're feeling depleted and sluggish. Whether you opt to hold your gemstones or wear them on your wrist or neck, incorporating their healing energies into meditation and breathing exercises will help you feel a hundred times more vibrant and stable. Try this in 10, 20, and eventually 30-minute increments. Like all exercises, it will get easier with time, and you will feel the need to practice frequently. Our Health & Balance Collection will keep you calm during meditations and stress-free the rest of the day.
  • Balance Your Chakras: The fastest way to dispel negative emotions and allow positivity to flow naturally is to balance your seven chakras. You will be utterly amazed at how calm, free, peaceful, and intuitive you become when you take a few minutes out of your day to make this happen. Here is a link you can come back to after reading the rest of this article that could help you learn more about your chakras
  • Unplug: A few other essential tips to remember right now during Libra Season's need for balance is to unplug from all of your devices. Move away from social media, TV, news, and all forms of electronics that keep you so tuned into the negative and disrupt your nervous system, which brings a bevy of issues along the way. Listen to your favorite music and try some new recipes. Read a good book or take a long bath. You will feel so much better.
  • Yoga can make you a Yogi: Soul inspiring exercises like Yoga will help you achieve your physical, mental, and spiritual goals all at once, and you don't have to dedicate an hour (hopefully you'll get there), but you can start with 10 minutes a day for starters. Breath and bodywork during Yoga will help you cleanse your mind, sweat out toxins, and afterward, you will like a brand new person.
  • More Zzzzz's: Let's get some sleep too, shall we? Libra's love their sleep, and you should take advantage of Libra Season by creating better nighttime rituals. A lot of what we've stated above will assist in exhausting you enough to get a good night's sleep. Crystals like Amethyst are also a fantastic way to connect your conscious to your subconscious and surround you with soothing energy. You may even begin to have vivid dreams. Click here for our Amethyst Collection.


Now that we've covered the essentials of liberating your life force energy and discussing ways to approach everything with love, let's talk about luxury. Most Librans have expensive tastes, and their preferences run on the pricey end, but they have an excellent eye to balance spending money because they also need harmony in their day-to-day lives. Of course, easier said than done for so many of us, but with some candles, luxurious smelling bath salts, and easy listening music, you will create paradise. 

Take that much-needed break this Libra Season, especially since we will be heading into Mercury Retrograde at the end of the month. Unplug (like above) and unwind. If you have a romantic interest in your life, this is the best month to put your love vibrations in motion and spoil each other. All the single ladies, tune into and turn on your "mingle" vibes because love is in the air, literally, and you don't want to miss it. 

Gratitude is an attitude to hone in and develop during Libra Season, especially before we head into Scorpio Season and life gets hectic. Learning to embrace what we have while working toward what we want is a gift and not to be taken lightly or wasted. Connect, connect, connect. Thanks to Libra’s ruler Venus, the planet of love, you will be craving more time socializing. Libras are the host with the most and will find ways to have a party in the middle of a blinding blizzard. So put on your party hats, stay safe and have fun. Somewhere in the mix, your future love may be waiting for you and the current cosmic energy will fully support you.

Here are some astrological dates to look out for during Libra Season 2021 that will influence all zodiac signs.

Sep 26: Mercury Retrograde begins. Mercury enters retrograde in the air sign of Libra. The element of air rules Mercury, so it feels robust in this sign. This strength can increase the energetic effects of Mercury Retrograde, which can make us feel a little more scattered or perhaps mentally foggy. However, we can make this work for us by tuning in and connecting with our intuition.

Mercury Retrograde is a powerful time for connecting with our subconscious mind and uncovering messages from our past. Secrets tend to be revealed, or we may even come into a greater understanding of events that have occurred in our lives over the last three to four months. Any mental unclarity we feel during this time is also vital to pause before moving ahead. However, if we remain patient and open to the messages Mercury sends our way, we can utilize this energy productively and positively.

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Sep 29: Sun trine Saturn Retrograde in Aquarius. Saturn's dynamic, productive influence makes us feel sure about what we want in life. This solid earth energy helps us plan and follow through on obligations. Great day to read, cook, or hang outside. Venus in Scorpio will also trine Neptune Retrograde in Pisces earlier in the day – a wonderful day to be had.

Oct 7: Sun conjunct Mars in Libra. Strange and powerful dreams. Deep sleep. This is also the first day of Venus in Sagittarius – another amazingly energetic day.

Oct 9: Sun conjunct Mercury Retrograde in Libra. This is the best day, during Mercury Rx, for signing contracts or buying that expensive gift you've been keeping your eye on. 

Oct 15: Sun trine Jupiter Retrograde in Aquarius. Hopeful, optimistic, yet restless and potentially reckless aspect. Great for talking about the future, not great for sleep or resolution. Jupiter's energy can be wild or scattered. Revelation's to be had on this day. May want to stay quiet and contemplative today.

Oct 17: Sun squares Pluto in Capricorn. This transit represents a powerful change point. New plans may be in order; the tricky part is managing the stress and anxiety. You might feel rushed or overwhelmed, but everything will work out. Complex karmic destinies are hatching when Pluto is involved, and we do not get to know the details until much later. This is also the last day of Jupiter Retrograde.

Have fun this Libra Season and don’t forget to tap into more love, imbibe on a bit more luxury and liberate yourself from those who do not share you future goals. Above all, smile every single day. 

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