A Look Into Karma & Luck’s Sapphire Bracelet Collection

A Look Into Karma & Luck’s Sapphire Bracelet Collection

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Most commonly found in shades of deep blue, many people are surprised to find that this lovely stone can actually be found in a rainbow of hues. A spiritually-charged crystal, sapphire is far more than just the beauty it portrays. This stone is wonderful for balancing the chakras, heightening divine intuition, enhancing communication, and promoting wisdom. It is also a deeply protective stone, wrapping you in a shield of its loving light. 

As the birthstone of September, sapphire is particularly tuned to the energy and needs of those born in this particular month. However, anyone can benefit from the extraordinary properties it holds. Known as a stone of wisdom, sapphire has been a trusted source of guidance, shining a light on spiritual journeys

Hoping to learn more about sapphire and how it can improve your life? Read on to discover its many benefits, as well as a guide to our sapphire bracelet collection for both men and women.

How Sapphire Can Change Your Life

Curious about the many benefits of sapphire stones? Here are a few of our favorites:

Physical Benefits

  • Eases & cures insomnia 
  • Improves eyesight
  • Relieves migraines
  • Heals ear issues
  • Strengthens balance
  • Reverses fevers
  • Cures thyroid problems
  • Fights off diseases & infections

Emotional Benefits

  • Balances the emotions
  • Inspires more joy
  • Ignites your inner power
  • Reverse negative thinking patterns
  • Eases anxiety, worries, & stress
  • Improves the mind-body connection
  • Encourages fidelity & commitment

Metaphysical Benefits

  • Activates the throat chakra - improving communication & self expression
  • Balances the third eye chakra - allowing intuition and insight to flow
  • Assists in past life remembrance
  • Inspires dream work
  • Connects to higher consciousness
  • Makes astral projection possible
  • Helps connect with angels & guides

Sunny Temperament - Yellow & Orange Sapphire Wrap

9 Sapphire Bracelets for Women

These bracelets are designed with the spiritual woman in mind, the woman who shines love and light everywhere she goes. Check out our 9 favorite sapphire designs for women below:

 #1 Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Helping you to experience and express your emotions better, this sapphire bracelet empowers you to get out of your mind and into your soul. Your inner strength is greatly increased as your confidence skyrockets. 

Made with a mixture of multi-color sapphire stones, this bracelet sparkles in feminine hues. I bought this piece for my best friend as a symbol of gratitude for all that she has brought to my life. Each time she puts it on, I hope it reminds her of the love that I have for her, thus encouraging her to love herself more fully too. 

The added evil eye symbol works together with the sapphire stones to provide heightened protection, wisdom, and joy. The evil eye is a trusted symbol for deflecting negativity and harm.Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelet  -  Divine Brilliance - Black Sapphire Dragon Bangle
0% OFF
Sterling Silver Black Sapphire Rose Gold tone Dragon Bangle
Este ángulo de plata de 925 libras esterlinas está adornado por 2 cabezas de dragón de oro rosa. Los dragones son incrustados con acentos...
Precio habitual $369 Precio de oferta $265
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#2 Divine Bliss - Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Dark and light pink stones juxtapose on either side of this gold plated bracelet. Designed with pink sapphire, this piece inspires spiritual insight, protection, and love. A wonderful gift to give a wife or girlfriend, this bracelet is the perfect demonstration of affection. In fact, Ben, on our content team, gave this bracelet to his wife for her recent birthday. He said that she wears it each day, and has noticed a notable and positive shift in her energy.

Invoking bliss and joy, sapphire is a great way to make life feel more easy, breezy, and fulfilling. Connecting you to the divine, you opened up the infinite possibilities that lay before you.Divine Bliss - Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Sapphire stone helps balance the emotions. It brin...
Precio habitual $79
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#3 Divine Grace - Orange & Yellow Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Gleaming in delicate golds and yellows, this bracelet shines with bright and sunny energy. Not only do the yellow-hued stones and gold plated brass fill you with more positivity and happiness, but also reminds you of your inner power. Let the golden rays infuse your soul with the confidence needed to turn your dreams into reality. 

Orange sapphire, on one side of the bracelet, boosts energy, joy, and balance. Yellow sapphire stones, on the other side of this piece, promote spiritual wisdom, abundance, and prosperity. With the combination of these two stones and the evil eye symbol, you can expect nothing but good luck to flow endlessly into your life. 

When asked about this piece, our designers said, “This bracelet is intended to inspire bliss. We think that jewelry offers far more than just aesthetic appeal, and this piece reinforces that idea with its magnetizing sunny energy.”Divine Grace - Orange & Yellow Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
0% OFF
Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. The "Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wr...
Precio habitual $199 Precio de oferta $179
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#4 Divine Faithfulness - Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet

Colorful sapphire beads in an array of pinks and blues surround the wrist in loving energy in this stunning bracelet. Compassion is the key to living a heart-centered life, and this bracelet assists in bringing that feeling to the forefront for the wearer. They are filled with more compassion for others and for themselves. 

Showcasing a lotus flower, enlightenment is more easily accessed with the help of this bracelet. This sacred symbol also represents new beginnings, making it a wonderful addition for anyone going through big changes in life. I bought this bracelet for myself after a difficult break up. It symbolized the fresh start that was coming my way, helping to keep my perspective positive and hopeful. It’s also great, though, for change in careers, graduations, or a big move. Divine Faithfulness - Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet

Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet
Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet
In order to live a fulfilled life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony. Wonderful moments and spi...
Precio habitual $189
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#5 Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap 

This bracelet is a true ray of sunshine! Dotted with pink, yellow, and white stones, this piece adds a vibrant touch to any look. If you are in need of more positivity in your life, this colorful bracelet is sure to bring more joy into your days. 

Designed with Ethiopian opal, pink sapphire, ruby, and citrine, all of these stones work together to create a dreamy experience for the wearer. Opal heightens intuition, pink sapphire inspires love, ruby encourages confidence, and citrine promotes happiness. 

Designed in a wrap style, the wrist is comfortably surrounded by this powerhouse combination of crystals. Each time you glance down at your wrist, you are sure to smile. I bought this piece for my mom, as a symbol of love, even when we are apart. I live far away from her, but I know that each time she looks at her wrist she is reminded of the love I have for her. Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap

Pulsera Chapa de Oro Piedras Chakra Alineación Cuidadosa
Pulsera Chapa de Oro Piedras Chakra Alineación Cuidadosa
Alineados en mente, cuerpo y espíritu, le damos la bienvenida a la oportunidad de vivir nuestro verdadero propósito. Lleva este amuleto y...
Precio habitual $139
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#6 Colorful Dream - Sapphire Multi Symbol Wrap

A rainbow of sapphire stones make up this wrap style bracelet, designed for the woman who loves to dream. Inspiring creativity and imagination, this piece helps you see the world from a perspective of positivity and compassion. Each day you arise, you are reminded of the beauty of the world. 

The colorful sapphire stones not only provide aesthetic beauty, but also encourage a heightened intuition, spiritual growth, and greater balance. Paired with the lotus symbol - for new beginnings, the hamsa - for protection, the evil eye - for positivity, and the om symbol - for peace, this bracelet gives off the highest vibrations.https://www.karmaandluck.com/products/gentle-warmth-opal-pink-sapphire-ruby-citrine-wrap

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Energetic Punch- Bicycle Square Bracelet
Energetic Punch - Sapphire Chain Bracelet
Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all. The "Energetic Punch - Sapphire Silver Chain Bracelet" will...
Precio habitual $179
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#7 Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet

Red string bracelets have been a token of good luck and prosperity for many years. Used especially in Eastern cultures, wearing a red string bracelet is believed to bring success, abundance, and wealth into your life. 

This bracelet takes that traditional intention to a whole new level by adding in the seven colors of the chakras. Each chakra is represented by a different stone - carnelian, aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, citrine, and peridot. By wearing these sacred colors, you are aligning the energetic system of your body. Once in alignment, you are able to step more fully into your highest potential.Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet

Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Bracelet
0% OFF
Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Bracelet
Merge the virtues of loyalty, truth, and resilience with the fused power of Sapphire and Black Onyx working together. The "Wise Thoughts ...
Precio habitual $149 Precio de oferta $134
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#8 Supreme Guidance - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap

Designed in a wrap style, this multi color sapphire stone bracelet exudes beauty, elegance, and charm. In blues, pinks, yellows, and black, sapphire sparkles in its raw divinity. Wearing this stone is believed to strengthen your intuition and connect you to higher realms. 

With three golden evil eye charms, your protection is heightened, making your spiritual journey safer and more enjoyable. By deflecting negativity, this trustworthy amulet makes room for more positivity and light to enter your life. 

Serena, on the design team, said she “just had to make this bracelet a part of her everyday look.”. She goes on to say, “the intention of this piece is to call in communication with the divine, and it's really helped me to open up my channels and receive more angelic guidance.”. Supreme Guidance - Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

#9 Careful Alignment - Gold Plated 7 Stones Chakra Bracelet

Specially designed with the seven colors of the chakras, this unique bracelet includes the powers of amethyst, sapphire, Herkimer diamond, peridot, citrine, carnelian, and pink tourmaline. By wearing these distinctly-tuned colors, you are promoting the balance of energy within your mind, body, and soul. Once the chakras are aligned and activated, you are able to live life to its fullest potential, and access higher states of consciousness within. 

Our design team says they took extra special attention to pick out the highest-vibe stones for this piece. One team member said, “We wanted to keep the overall look of this piece really simple and subtle, letting the crystals be the true star of the show.”. Careful Alignment - Gold Plated 7 Stones Chakra Bracelet

2 Sapphire Bracelets for Men

#1 Energetic Punch - Sapphire Silver Chain Bracelet

This double chain bracelet exudes divine masculine energy. Made with oxidized 925 sterling silver and dark sapphire stones, the aesthetic design of this piece is all about strength and perseverance. Its subtle approach makes it a great option as an everyday bracelet for men. 

Promoting communication, endurance, and harmony, sapphire is great for balancing emotions and finding your way. This bracelet helps you to uncover your purpose in life, and to stay motivated on the journey towards your dreams. 

Give this bracelet to any guy who needs a boost of confidence in his life. Maybe he recently lost his job or is starting a new business venture, wherever he may be on his path, he can surely use a token of strength. Lisa, on our PR team, gave the “Energetic Punch” bracelet to her husband as a symbol of her pride in him. She explains, “He had recently quit his job to follow his passion for art and music, and although we knew it would be good, he was still nervous. I gave him this awesome bracelet to show him that I fully supported his choice and knew that he could do it.”Energetic Punch - Sapphire Chain Bracelet

#2 Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

Designed with large, dark blue sapphire stones this bracelet is a great subtle touch of color, perfectly suited to any guy’s personal style. Without being overbearing, the dark-hued stones create a unique look. Aside from appearances, this bracelet has a wealth of spiritual benefits to provide.  

The sapphire stones strengthen communication skills, increase endurance, and promote harmony, while the black onyx stones encourage grounding, peace, and protection. The mixture of these two natural forces creates a powerful opportunity for healing. 

Additionally, this bracelet showcases the protective powers of the evil eye. A sacred symbol, this all-seeing eye has been a trusted amulet for deflecting negativity, harm, and danger. Its loving presence encourages more positivity to flow into your life. Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Bracelet

Welcome Sapphire Into Your Life

Bursting with peaceful and positive energy, sapphire sparkles in its beauty and power. This stunning stone, available in an array of colors, makes the perfect addition to any jewelry design. Expect the blessings to effortlessly unfold as soon you place one of these bracelets around your wrist.

Ready to uplift your life? Visit our website and browse our full collection of high-vibrational gemstone jewelry.  Start your journey here: Women's Jewelry for Love & Harmony - K&Lhttps://www.karmaandluck.com/products/heavenly-bliss-ruby-pink-sapphire-iolite-lotus-wrap

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