A Guide to the January Birthstones - Garnet & Emerald

Garnet & Emerald

Sharing the month, Capricorn and Aquarius are the ruling star signs of January. Quite opposite in their personality and traits, one thing two people born in this month do share is the same birthstones. There are twelve months in the year, meaning there are also twelve different zodiac signs - all with unique ruling planets and elements. Each of these signs, and each of the months, also comes paired with a birthstone.

Consistent, hardworking, and reliable, Capricorn dually rules January with creative, independent, and dreamy Aquarius. Capricorn is ruled by the Earth element, owing to their grounded and driven nature, while Aquarius is an air sign which explains their open-minded and innovative approach to life. 

The highly juxtaposed month of January is also home to two stunning birthstones - garnet and emerald. Garnet is a fiery stone that has been adored throughout the ages for its romantic and loving vibrations. Most commonly found in hues of red, the garnet stone can also be discovered more rarely as yellow, green, blue, pink, and brown, just to name a few of its colorways.

Emerald, another beloved stone, sparks visions of royalty with its rich green hues. Inspiring power, wealth, and love, the emerald stone shines its light extra brightly upon those born in January

Interested in learning more about these two wildly different birthstones of January? Keep reading to explore the captivating world of emerald and garnet.

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Which Birthstones are Associated with January?

January is blessed with the healing power of two super-charged crystals. Read on to find out which ones! 

Just as each of the twelve months of the year are mystically connected to the zodiac signs of the horoscope, they are also each connected to distinct stones and crystals. Generally, each month has a birthstone that is most popularly attached to the month, but many people are surprised to learn that each month actually has an array of aligned birthstones to choose from.

Among January’s birthstones are garnet, emerald, ruby, and agate, just to name a few. Emerald and agate, however, are the favored ones of the bunch, and are the stones January babies most typically relate to. 

With deep historical roots, reaching back to the ancient Greeks and maybe even further,  birthstones have been a long-standing tradition of humanity. It is believed that wearing the stones connected to your birth month or astrological sign can help tune your vibration to a higher frequency.

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These specific stones are said to bring equilibrium to your personality, helping you to be a more aligned, balanced, and all around better version of yourself. They help to heal the areas you may be hurting, while also uplifting the areas where you excel and shine.

Wearing birthstone jewelry attached to your birth month may just bring you the luck, love, and abundance you have been searching for! A simple and beautiful way to call in prosperity. 

Carefully picked according to their color, meaning, and powers, each birthstone is perfectly attuned to the needs and desires of your specific birth month and zodiac sign. This ancient practice has been nailed down and studied endlessly to ensure that each sign receives the benefits they need. According to astrology, each sign has its positive traits and its downfalls.

A birthstone works to enhance the positive, while patching up the negative. The stone attached to each month is generally charged with the energies that the star sign may be lacking. For instance, as people born in January, under the sign of Capricorn, tend to be extremely hardworking and disciplined, they may require a stone that encourages less rigidity and a bit more spontaneity in their life. All birthstones work in this beautiful way of balancing out our dynamic personalities.

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Two very different stones, the dark green emerald and the deep red garnet are the choice birthstones for all January babies. With variety in appearance and properties, each person born in this month is encouraged to tap into their own intuition to determine which stone best suits their intentions and aspirations. 

Garnet, the most famous of the January birthstones, is a stunning stone that was named for its similar appearance to a pomegranate seed. Bright and fiery garnet is popularly found and worn in shades of rich red.

This iconic glossy color radiates with royal energy - encouraging confidence and strength in all those who wear it. Although this deep red is the most common of the garnet hues, this birthstone actually comes in a variety of different colors including blue, green, yellow, pink, and more. 

January babies can have fun choosing the garnet crystal that sparks their soul. With more choices than just the classic red, also known as almandine, the options are endless. The rarest variety, known as the Tsavorite garnet, comes in a mesmerizing shade of green.

January Birthstones

Resembling the verdant hues of emeralds, this garnet crystal variety is not only the most rare, but also the most costly. The Spessartine garnet exudes solar energy. Shining in orangey-gold hues, this garnet type inspires creativity and ignites inner power. Another option is pyrope garnet, connected to the heart and root chakra; this variety is found in striking pinks. 

A stone of great protection and manifestation, garnet's abilities are highly sought-after. By enhancing courage and confidence, you are inspired to face any fears - not letting them rule you. This newfound self-assuredness, helps you to push past any obstacles or challenges that may be blocking you from your highest potential, thus opening you up to new levels of being.

Manifestation then becomes easier. The garnet stone supports you on the path to your dreams, keeping you tuned to the positive frequency of fruition. 

The other beloved birthstone of January, emerald, is equally-matched in its extensive powers and properties. The emerald crystal is easy to fall in love with for its rich and vibrant green hue, however its true magic lies within its spiritual vigor. 

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A beryl mineral, this distinctly green crystal has captivated the hearts of royalty, philosophers, and everyday people alike. The emerald meaning is attached to everlasting love. Connected to the heart chakra, this birthstone helps align the body, mind, and spirit, so that you are open and ready to receive the love you deserve.

Green is the universal color of growth, and emerald surely embodies this quality. The emerald stone’s calming presence is said to rejuvenate, revive, and refresh its wearer, allowing them to grow and thrive. 

Ruled by the planet Mercury, emeralds inspire intelligence and wisdom. While wearing emerald birthstone jewelry, you are encouraged to push creative boundaries, making this stone ideal for artists, or anyone seeking innovation.

Pushing intellectual limits, the enchanting emerald crystal has even been claimed to assist in predicting the future. Anyone looking to enhance their psychic skills can surely benefit from wearing emerald jewelry. 

Reminiscent of the color of money, another benefit of emerald is its ability to draw in wealth and riches. This deep green beauty attracts positivity to the wearer, showering them in success, prosperity, and abundance. Encouraging you to step into your power, you have no trouble accessing your highest, most aligned truth. 

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The History & Meaning of the January Birthstones 

Dying to learn more about these two dazzling birthstones? Keep reading to explore the history and meaning of emerald and garnet. 

The earliest evidence of birthstones being used comes all the way back to the 5th century. An ancient practice, the tradition is still alive and well today. Its deep rooted significance and meaning still rings true, and continues to bring balance and joy to peoples’ lives around the world. Connected to the twelves stones set upon Aaron’s breastplate.

Aaron, who was the older brother of Moses, was the original wearer of this holy garment. Worn over the high priest’s clothing, Aaron’s breastplate was believed to connect the wearer to divine knowledge, opening up communication channels with God. 

On the breastplate, lay twelve colored stones - relating to the twelve zodiac signs and the twelve months of the year. This sacred item is believed to be the inspiration behind the birthstones. Although there is argument over which gemstones were present in the original breastplate, one theory involves carnelian, peridot, garnet, emerald, quartz, lapis lazuli, agate, amethyst, yellow zircon, onyx, citrine, and jasper.

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As many historical texts are difficult to decipher and use ancient names for the stones, this may be one debate that is never truly put to rest. What we do know, though, is that these birthstones were highly revered for the powers and properties they provided.

For centuries, people looked to Aaron’s breastplate as inspiration. In fact, it was common practice for people to wear all twelve stones on belts, jewelry, and other adornments. As time went on, the traditions continued to evolve. Many people still collected all twelve stones, however, they would choose to wear just one at a time - generally based on the month they were in and the energies that were present.

By the sixteenth century, this ever-evolving practice turned into the birthstone tradition we now know and love today. The practice of wearing just one stone connected to your birth month is believed to have originated in either Poland or Germany, spreading its reach far and wide over time. 

Deeply steeped in ancient wisdom and tradition, birthstones were not formally decided upon until 1912. In this year, the National Association of Jewelers created the first standardized list of birthstones. Month by month, they designated a particular stone to each one. As the years go by, this list is often tweaked and amended, always adding more stones to the different months. 

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Said to be the only shining light on Noah’s Ark, garnet, the birthstone of January, holds its own historical and spiritual significance. This universal symbol of hope has been treasured by many throughout the centuries.

Noted in biblical texts and beyond, the garnet crystal’s history is also deeply connected to ancient Greek mythology. For instance, the garnet stone's meaning of courage and strength is associated with the story of Pespephone and Hades. 

According to legend, Persephone was deceived by Hades into eating a handful of vibrant, red pomegranate seeds. This delicious mistake trapped Persephone in the underworld and bound her to Hades. However, this goddess of sunshine needed sunlight and fresh air to thrive, and so she struck a deal with the greatly feared God of the underworld to share her time above and below.

This infamous deal is believed to be the origin of the seasons. Coming from the latin word, granatum, garnet was aptly named for the pomegranate seeds this crystal so resembles. Attached to the story of Persephone, the garnet birthstone inspires wit, intellect, positive thinking, and inner power. 

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The glowing green stone of emerald, the other birthstone of January, gets its name from the Sanskrit word, ‘Marakata’. Marakata translates to the “green of growing things”, which could not better describe the verdant shine of the emerald crystal. Inspiring rejuvenation and refreshment, this stunning stone waters our roots, encouraging us to keep going and keep growing. 

Deeply rooted in mythology and lore, the emerald has left a lasting impact on humanity. Spreading its reach far and wide, there is evidence of emerald stones being revered by cultures around the world.

Notable enthusiasts of emerald include Cleopatra, the queen of Egypt, and Aristotle, the legendary Greek philosopher. In Egypt, emeralds were seen as a stone of fertility and rebirth, and for this reason were often buried with the dead. They also thought emeralds could heal any physical ailments of the eyes. 

Ancient Greeks were also strong proponents of wearing emerald jewelry. The famous philosopher, Aristotle, believed fervently in the mystical healing properties of emerald crystals. He wrote about their benefits in detail, stating that not only do emeralds help improve communication and business skills, but he also agreed with the Egyptians that these stones also heal eye troubles.

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Emerald birthstones were also highly revered by the Incas and the Aztecs. Similar, again, to the Egyptians, these civilizations believed emeralds to be a symbol of eternal life. 

By some estimates, the oldest emerald specimens are believed to be a shocking three billion years old. However, it took humans until 330 BC to begin mining these natural treasures.

The first mining is believed to have taken place in Ancient Egypt, with Cleopatra leading the charge. Her obsession with these sparkling green stones makes her emerald collection one of the most impressive in the world. 

Both emerald and garnet are true treasures of history - January is lucky to call them the month’s prized birthstones. 

January Birthstones

Why Does January Have Two Birthstones?

Ever wondered why some months have more than one birthstone? Read on to find out why! 

As described earlier, the tradition of wearing birthstones began centuries ago, all thanks to Aaron’s breastplate and wisdom from the east. For many years, people began wearing just one particular birthstone correlating to their birth month. Then, in the year 1912, the National Jeweler’s Association made it all official by standardizing birthstones for each month.

They wrote out and clarified the associated stones in an effort to remove any confusion. This made the practice of wearing and using birthstone jewelry more widely popular. 

Although every month has a defining birthstone, most months actually have more than one. January is one of those lucky months, and is quite blessed to call two spectacular stones its own - garnet and emerald. A common theory for dual birthstones in a month is accessibility and affordability.

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Adding more birthstones to each month gave people more options, and it made it more realistic for them to purchase their special crystals. For instance, if the famous stone of their month is extraordinarily expensive, such as alexandrite for June, they can choose the less costly of the two. In the case of June, that would be moonstone.

When it comes to January’s lovely stones, garnet is actually quite affordable. In fact, depending on size, shape, and other factors, it can be one of the cheapest gemstones. That is not to say that all garnets are inexpensive, though, with some garnet specimens going for around seven thousand dollars per carat! 

If you are a January baby looking for affordable birthstone jewelry, then garnet is a good place to start. Browsing its many different colors and varieties, you can determine which stone calls to you and fits your budget. Some of the most valuable varieties are Tsavorite and Demantoid, while the almandine is generally the most cost efficient. 

Emeralds will be the pricier choice of the two, as these green stunners are renowned for high price tags. Known as the second most expensive gemstone in the world, emerald crystals can ring up to be a whopping eighteen thousand dollars a carat.

It is possible, however, to find specimens for around two hundred dollars a carat. For any big spenders searching for January jewelry, emerald birthstone jewelry is definitely the best bet. 

January Birthstones

On top of cost, two birthstones are offered for January as a way to call in different energies as well. As emerald birthstone jewelry and garnet birthstone jewelry supply different vibrations and effects, the choice in birthstones allows the wearer to decide which one is best for them. Based on the zodiac and astrological wisdom, we can learn a lot about a person.

For instance, many people born under the January star sign of Capricorn tend to have a lot of similarities, same with January's other sign of Aquarius. However, those are not definitive guides to a person.

Destinies and differing families and childhoods play a large role in the person we become, as well as the rest of our natal chart. For that reason, it is important to remember the uniqueness and individuality of your soul, despite the shared similarities you may have with your star sign. 

Once you familiarize yourself with your distinct role in this world - your purpose and your truth - you can better determine which stones are for you. With two different January birthstones to choose from, it is advised to consider which energies you are hoping to draw into your life and which of your characteristics you would like to enhance.

Based on this information, you can freely and joyfully choose between the manifesting effects of emerald or the courage-inducing power of garnet. With these two stunning stones as your choices, you really cannot go wrong! 

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What Are The Mythical Properties of These Stones 

Steeped in mysticism and mythology, both garnet and emerald are rich in spiritual significance. Offering different sets of healing properties, they are both highly-tuned to the positive frequency of love.

Vibrating with harmonizing energy, these two stones will instantly make the wearer feel an unshakeable sense of inner peace. Read on to dive deeper into the mythical properties of garnet birthstone jewelry and emerald birthstone jewelry. 

January Birthstones

  • Mystical Properties of Garnet

A stone of great courage, inner power, and positivity, the garnet stone reminds us to continuously step back into our truth. A deep sense of self-assuredness is attained, propelling you further and further towards your goals and dreams. With this fiery stone by your side, you can channel the Goddess Persephone, encouraging you to fight for the things you love and to always remain true to you. 

Most commonly found in hues of vibrant, sparkling red, garnet lights our inner fire. Zodiac babies of January, Capricorn, love garnet for its motivational energy - fanning their already determined flame. They are pushed to new internal heights, working tirelessly to achieve their goals.

Meanwhile, the other zodiac sign of January, Aquarius, benefits from garnet’s warming nature. As these Aquarian natives can sometimes come off as cold, garnet helps them to let down their barriers and open up to the people around them. 

A wonderful gemstone for travelers, garnet is ready to defend, protect, and direct on all of life’s adventures. Anyone who is setting off to explore the world, can greatly appreciate the gift of garnet by their side. Packed in a suitcase or worn as garnet jewelry, this stone keeps a watchful eye over you no matter where you go or how far you roam. 

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In deep shades of red, the garnet crystal connects you to the root chakra. Providing you with grounding, earth energy, this stone stabilizes the soul and calms the mind.

Even in times of transition, the garnet stone will make you feel right at home. It is also said to be a beneficial stone for aligning the heart chakra and the solar plexus chakra. 

Related to this stone’s distinct color, the garnet crystal is exceptional at inciting passion. Whether it's a romantic burn or creative flame, garnet is sure to spark it. Excitement reigns with this gorgeous gemstone by your side, keeping life interesting, fun, and full of beautiful surprises. 

This fearless birthstone is an excellent aid in facing your fears. Its protective powers keep you safe and sound, so that you can remain ambitious and driven. As you go about your day, know that a garnet ring or a garnet necklace worn on the body, is sure to surround you in its defensive light. Negativity is decreased, making way for positivity and exciting new opportunities. 

January Birthstones

  • Mystical Properties of Emerald 

Reflecting its rejuvenating light, the emerald sparkles with health, vitality, and pure joy. Reminiscent of the verdant colors of nature, this deep green beauty is all about growth.

If you are feeling stuck, or in need of a change, then emerald will lovingly shake things up for you. With a gentle nudge, the emerald crystal pushes you to evolve into higher states of being - guiding you towards your highest, most authentic self. 

Adored and revered by cultures around the world, the emerald holds a special place in the hearts of royalty. Dubbed the “King of Stones”, this green crystal is said to ignite one’s inner power.

The wearer is filled with the confidence and courage to take on any battle and overcome any obstacle. Leadership skills are swiftly blessed upon all who wear this sparkling stone. 

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A crystal of compassion, the emerald gemstone is ready to fill your heart with unconditional love and acceptance, not only for others but also for yourself. Connected to the heart chakra, this deep green stone aligns you with the pure and abundant energy of love.

From this loving vantage point, all things are possible. The Universe notices your shift in energy, and positively shifts the people and experiences you meet to match it. 

Healing for the mind, body, and spirit, this all-encompassing stone is deeply nourishing. Its life-giving nature is felt instantly upon placing it on the body, surrounding you in its loving light. From your deepest core to your highest stars, emerald birthstone jewelry waters your roots , showers you in sunlight, and feeds you in warmth. 

Emerald is believed to be a wonderful stone for manifestation. Similar to the color of money, this stone represents success, wealth, and abundance. Prosperity flows wherever this stone goes. 

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Healing Traits of the January Birthstones

Ready to dig a little deeper into these stones’ healing benefits and characteristics? Read on! 

  • Ignites Spirituality 

Imbued with passionate energy, garnet birthstone jewelry sparks the flame within you. Your soul yearns for freedom and flight, allowing garnet to take it to new heights within. 

  • Assists in Meditation

The garnet crystal can be a wonderful addition to any meditation practice. It is especially helpful when used in meditations for motivation, empowerment, and wealth accruement. The abundance of wise and creative energy this stone carries is swiftly passed onto you as you meditate. Simply hold it one hand or place it on your altar to feel its loving effect take hold. 

January Birthstones

  • Soothes the Nervous System

A powerful purifier, the garnet stone is a master at energizing the mind, body, and spirit. As this stone heals and aligns the chakras, you are then able to calm down and find your center. Revealing your truth to you, garnet makes your purpose clear and your path easy to follow, so that you can spend less time stressing and more time enjoying life. 

  • Enhances Heart Health

As a deep red stone, garnet is physically connected to the heart and blood. Purifying the whole body, it rejuvenates and revitalizes blood flow, while also keeping the heart beating. Connected to the heart chakra, a garnet stone kept close to the chest keeps your circulatory system functioning optimally. 

  • Grants Eternal Youth and Bliss

The garnet stone fills you with radiant confidence. Positive people and prosperous opportunities will be eternally drawn to your self-assured allure. With a garnet stone, you glow with a natural warmth, passion, and beauty. Your joy is contagious. 

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  • Revitalizes the Body & Clears Energy Blockages

In verdant green hues, the emerald stone fills the body with renewed energy - making you feel as vibrant as a spring day. As your physical body begins to repair, your spiritual body follows suit. Hope is renewed and inspiration abounds. 

  • Aligns the Chakras

Closely connected to the heart chakra, this rich green crystal tunes you to the positive frequency of love. You are able to view the world from a more compassionate and understanding lens. 

  • Allows Positive Energy to Flow

Positivity flows fluidly into your life with emerald jewelry worn on the body. Like a breath of fresh air, emerald reminds you to stay present and stay grateful for all that life brings you. As negativity is pushed aside, space is made for more goodness to enter. 

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  • Inspires Spirituality & Wisdom

A stone of intellect, inner power, and wisdom, emerald raises your consciousness to new and exciting levels. Enlightenment is at your fingertips with this crystal by your side. 

  • Creates Unity with the Divine

A beautiful and powerful stone, emerald is a great companion for meditation. It is believed to help break down the illusion of barriers separating you from the divine. Emerald heightens your intuition and enlivens your sense of unity with all beings

January Birthstones

What Influences Do These Stones Have On Us?

Wondering what feelings to expect when you start wearing emerald or garnet birthstone jewelry? Read on to explore. 

  • Provides Safety for Travelers

Commonly known as a “traveler’s stone”, garnet is often given to someone before they set off on a trip or adventure. This ever-watchful stone is believed to keep an eye over you while you wander the globe. It is especially useful in preventing travel-related accidents.

  • Increases Feelings of Harmony & Love  

Red and fiery, the garnet crystal aligns you to the energy of love. Not only reserved for romantic love, garnet heightens the affection between family members, friends, as well as the love for one’s self. 

January Birthstones

  • Creates Marital Bliss

Promoting compassion and understanding, a garnet crystal can be extremely beneficial in romantic partnerships. If your marriage is struggling, a striking garnet stone can help soothe the difficulties. The romance grows, while also increasing the trust you have in one another. 

  • Boosts the Immune System 

Energizing to the mind and purifying to the body, the garnet birthstone aligns the body in health. The immune system is strengthened, allowing it to fight back against any toxins or illnesses. 

  • Cures Stomach & Throat Ailments

Connected to the root chakra and the solar plexus, deep red garnet helps to heal any tummy issues you may be experiencing. 

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  • Inspires the Courage to Make Positive Changes

Transformation is the key when it comes to garnet. This inspiring stone reminds you that the only real constant in life is change. This stone helps us to embrace the changes with open and ready arms. 

  • Protects Against the Evil Eye

Providing positive vibrations to the wearer, an emerald stone shields you from negativity, danger, and ill will. Emerald is also believed to be an antidote to poison, which may explain its acknowledgement as a stone of protection. 

  • Increases Courage & Self-Defense

While wearing emerald birthstone jewelry, you are filled with a newfound sense of confidence and courage. With this brave attitude, you are able to take on all of life’s challenges with more ease and grace. 

  • Improves Mental Clarity

Emerald crystals provide clarity to the mind. You may notice that a deeper sense of purpose is discovered and the path to get there is revealed. 

January Birthstones

  • Revitalizes the Mind & Body

Thanks to its energizing green color, the emerald stone rejuvenates you. Promoting a feeling of eternal youth, you are refreshed and renewed each time you place your emerald jewelry on. 

  • Magnetizes Prosperity

Success and wealth are at your fingertips with a green emerald stone by your side. Its alluring energy attracts goodness right to you, while also filling you with the confidence to push for your dreams. 

  • Alleviates Postpartum Symptoms 

Connected to divine goddess energy, emerald stones are said to be excellent companions for new mothers. Their nurturing, healing vibration works to uplift her spirits, revitalize her whole body, and ease any ailments she may be experiencing. 

  • Heals Eye Problems

Still believed to this day, ancient wisdom says that emeralds can help with eye health. If you suffer from eye pain or any eye-related issues, an emerald stone placed upon the lids is said to alleviate the symptoms. 

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The Top Enchanting Qualities of These Two Stones

Here is a breakdown of our favorite qualities that these two stones provide. The benefits of both are truly endless!

  • Desirable Qualities of Garnet 

    • Inspires Compassion & Love
    • Develops Creativity 
    • Provides Hope to Those Who Feel Lost
    • Encourages Positive Thinking
    • Fills the Wearer with Strength & Courage
    • Treats Depression
    • Sparks Passion & Romance
  • Desirable qualities of Emerald 

    • Boosts Wisdom & Intellect
    • Assists with Eye Ailments
    • Increases Heart Health
    • Promotes Inner Healing and Growth
    • Encourages the Wearer to Step Into their Power
    • Refreshes & Rejuvenates the Mind, Body, & Soul
    • Enhances Loving Vibrations

January Birthstones

Where Are They Found?

Curious where in the world these stones are found and where to purchase them? Read on. 

  • Garnet 

Garnet stones are found around the world. As this stone comes in an array of varieties and colors, it can be discovered in many different places. The most popular variety, the red almandine garnet, is most commonly found in the United States, India, and Brazil. On the other hand, the rarest variety known as Tsavorite is found almost exclusively in Tanzania and Kenya. 

High-quality garnet birthstone jewelry can be found at Karma and Luck. We supply genuine gemstone jewelry, prioritizing unique designs and optimizing the benefits. Whether you are searching for garnet earrings, a garnet bracelet, or a garnet necklace, we have something for every style. 

January Birthstones

  • Emeralds 

Colombia, in South America, is world renowned for producing the highest quantity of emeralds, as well as the highest quality specimens. These stunning green gemstones can also be discovered in mines across Zambia, Brazil, Australia, and India. 

At Karma and Luck, you can explore our stunning collection of emerald jewelry. We source only genuine and authentic emeralds, guaranteed to provide you with optimal healing vibrations. This stone radiates with elegance and beauty. 

Green String Elephant Charm Bracelet

How To Properly Care for The January Birthstones

Picked out the perfect birthstone but now wondering how to care for it? Read on to learn how to keep your crystal jewelry looking shiny and new. 

  • Garnet Care & Maintenance

Garnet is fairly simple to maintain, but staying consistent with its care is key to its longevity. The best way to clean a garnet is with warm, soapy water. Using a soft toothbrush, clean the garnet’s nooks and crannies to remove any dirt or build up. Rinse again, and then dry with a gentle microfiber towel. As garnets are rather hard stones, it is advised to store them in a soft cloth. This prevents them from scratching your other stones and jewelry. 

  • Emerald Care & Maintenance

The ideal way to clean an emerald is with warm water and a mild soap. Simply fill a bowl with warm water, add a splash of mild dish soap, and then place your emerald jewelry in this bowl for about one minute. Using a soft-bristled toothbrush or a soft cloth, gently clean away any dirt or debris that has accumulated.

Be careful not to brush too hard, and always avoid brushing the top of the stone. After, submerge your jewelry in another bowl of clean warm water to remove any leftover soap. Using a microfiber towel, dry your jewelry before safely storing away for later wear. 

January Birthstones

Add a January Birthstone to Your Collection

Whether you were born in January or know somebody who was, emerald and garnet make wonderful gifts for all who have birthdays in this month. Perfectly balancing out the mental, spiritual, and physical traits of these zodiac natives, emerald and garnet were carefully chosen for these individuals’ needs.

Notably different in appearance and properties, emerald and garnet both have a wealth of benefits to share with the wearer. No matter which stone you choose, you are sure to feel its beautiful and potent energy take hold.

Healing is a guarantee with these two stones by your side. Using your intuition, let yourself be guided towards the right crystal for you and your unique soul. 

Ready to shop for January birthstones? Visit our website and browse our full collection of birthstone jewelry. 

January Birthstones

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