A Full Guide to Karma & Luck’s Dreamy Sapphire Jewelry Collection

Sapphire Jewelry Collection

Sapphire, and any jewelry featuring this royal blue stone, continues its reign today as one of the most coveted accessories in the world. The timeless sophistication of the sapphire has a universal appeal, and any jewelry showcasing this beautiful, durable, and meaningful stone is sure to capture the hearts and attention of everyone around.

More than just a pretty face, this stone holds a wealth of benefits and healing powers. This gorgeous gemstone represents eminence, as well as being a stunning symbol of love, fidelity, and devotion. Sapphire is the birthstone of April and is associated with the zodiac sign of Aries.

It is believed that birthstones can help you and the people you care about to develop a more profound spiritual relationship, overcome anxiety and tension, and harmonize your zodiac sign with your personality.

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Sapphire, a natural mineral and the birthstone for people born under the zodiac sign of Aries, generally has a rich blue color, often symbolized as a color of wisdom and intelligence. Let the deep hues of this dreamy stone enrich your life with new vitality and grace by wearing jewelry adorned with sapphire. 

Today, we talked to our team’s spiritual advisor and gemstone expert, Tawny, to go over the benefits that each of our sapphire pieces provides. We hope her knowledge and insight gives you a better idea of what these jewelry designs can bring to your life. 

Intrigued by sparkling sapphire? Keep reading to discover our eight favorite jewelry pieces featuring this rich blue stone from Karma & Luck, plus the invaluable information from Tawny. 

Sapphire Jewelry Collection

How Sapphire Can Bring More Peace to your Life

Curious about the many benefits of sapphire jewelry? Here are some of the most notable:

Physical Benefits

  • Eases & cures insomnia 
  • Improves eyesight
  • Relieves migraines
  • Heals ear issues
  • Strengthens balance
  • Reverses fevers
  • Cures thyroid problems
  • Fights off diseases & infections

Emotional Benefits

  • Balances the emotions
  • Inspires more joy
  • Ignites your inner power
  • Reverse negative thinking patterns
  • Eases anxiety, worries, & stress
  • Improves the mind-body connection
  • Encourages fidelity & commitment

Metaphysical Benefits

  • Activates the throat chakra - improving communication & self expression
  • Balances the third eye chakra - allowing intuition and insight to flow
  • Assists in past life remembrance
  • Inspires dream work
  • Connects to higher consciousness
  • Makes astral projection possible
  • Helps connect with angels & guides

Sapphire Jewelry Collection

6 Sapphire Necklaces for Women

#1 Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Necklace

A stunning necklace, this piece features sapphire in shades of pinks and reds. When asked about the “Lively Appreciation” necklace, Tawny explains that “the colors are the perfect representation of the divine feminine, emboldening any woman to walk in her truth”.

The sacred hamsa symbol accents the sapphire stones, adding a layer of protection. Tawny says, “the hamsa is the perfect way to keep bad vibes at bay. Its all-seeing abilities keep you guarded on a physical level and spiritual.”

Tawny goes on to say, “Pink sapphire connects to the heart chakra, inspiring you to give more love to yourself and to others. It reminds you that the most important relationship you can have is the one with yourself. Ruby pairs perfectly with that sapphire energy, boosting compassion and strengthening intuition.” Paired together, these lovely crystals surround the wearer in peaceful light. 

Ruby Pink Sapphire

Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Medallion Necklace
Lively Appreciation - Ruby Pink Sapphire Iolite Hamsa Medallion Necklace
Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. Use the Hamsa Hand symbol to your advantage, lighting t...
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#2 Spiritual Wholeness - “The World” Tarot Card Necklace

A tarot card reader herself, Tawny says “this card and, in turn, this necklace, brings with it a message of success, and completion - that everything is in harmony and everything is in order”. She explains, “drawing this card assures you that you are walking on the right path, so keep going towards that place of pure contentment”.

If you know somebody in your life who has recently taken a big step in life or completed an achievement, this necklace would be a wonderful way to demonstrate your pride in them. 

Sparkling with the subtle light of sapphire stone and diamond chips, this piece calls in the energy of healing stones. “Sapphire is deeply calming to the physical body, but also really uplifting for the energetic body, helping to keep you balanced” says Tawny. A sign of support, this necklace lets your loved one know that you are celebrating their wins. 

The World" Tarot Card Necklace

Spiritual Wholeness - "The World" Tarot Card Necklace
0% OFF
Spiritual Wholeness - "The World" Tarot Card Necklace
Be proud of what you've learned, the progression you've made, and your achievements so far. In a general context, The World Tarot card si...
Precio habitual $199 Precio de oferta $143
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#3 Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Necklace

The “Divine Intervention” is designed as a choker style necklace. Featuring a variety of colorful stones, this necklace is for the unique individual. If you are unafraid to make a bit of a statement with your jewelry, without being over the top, then this one's for you.

Peridot and sapphire are the stars of the show, and each one provides its own set of unique characteristics. According to our gemstone wizard, Tawny, “peridot is a joyful stone that strengthens one’s divine connection. In heart chakra hues, it fills life with positivity and gratitude.”. As for sapphire, she explains, “this stone, regardless of color, brings calm and wise energy.” 

Sitting in the center of this necklace is the powerful evil eye symbol. Known for its ability to attract good vibrations, the evil eye is a trusted amulet. “Gazing out into your surroundings, this protective symbol is always on guard. Wearing the evil eye ensures that negativity and danger have no place in your life” explains Tawny. 

Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace

Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Pointer Necklace
Your soul is aware of your spiritual needs. The challenge is to address these needs. The “Divine Intervention - Evil Eye Multi Stone Poin...
Precio habitual $259
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#4 Spiritual Guidance - Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

This multi-color sapphire stone necklace, designed in a choker style, exudes with vibrancy and radiancy. Tawny says “this necklace is great for finding emotional balance, especially when you are feeling anxious or stressed. Sapphire is known for its ability to turn chaotic energy into something more peaceful and malleable.” 

Crafted with 18k gold plated brass, the “Spiritual Guidance” features sapphire stones. According to Tawny, “sapphire is the stone of wisdom - so that you can tune into your own innate wisdom, but also that from your angels and guides. When your intuition is aligned like this, you feel a much deeper sense of inner peace; allowing you to step into your highest self and potential.”

The evil eye symbol, placed in the center of the necklace, is constantly protecting you from harm and danger. “The evil eye is a total ninja - deflecting negativity left and right” says Tawny. 

Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace
Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace
Inner peace, harmony, and spirituality make life worth living. Make your existence meaningful and mindful with our "Protection & Wisd...
Precio habitual $199
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#5 Abundant Sunshine - Multi Stone Chakra Necklace

Featuring different colors, this multi stone necklace brings sunny, joyful vibrations. A personal favorite of Tawny, she says “an abundance mindset is the key to manifesting your dreams, and the combination of stones in this piece really helps you tune into that higher frequency”.  She explains, “I put this on, and I just feel so powerful! Like anything I dream of, can be mine”.

Using the colors of the chakras, sapphire, carnelian, citrine, peridot, aquamarine, and amethyst sparkle on this piece. “When you wear these colors, and put this piece on with intention, it's a great and easy way to keep your chakras aligned and balanced throughout the day. You may notice yourself feeling more at ease with whatever is thrown at you - spilled coffee? Late to work? With this piece, there's no worries!”

Uniquely designed in a collar style, and crafted with pointer crystals, this necklace is far from average. Tawny explains “putting this necklace on reminds you to shine your brightest and truest self”. 

Multi Stone Chakra Collar Necklace

Karma and Luck  Necklaces - Mens  -  Attract Success Positive Mantra Jade Heishi Necklace
0% OFF
Attract Success - Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace
There is endless success for the one who is brave and grateful. May you always find the way to unlimited success and positive karma throu...
Precio habitual $189 Precio de oferta $136
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#6 Protection & Wisdom - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

In a rainbow of colors, sapphire shines as the star of the show. This choker style necklace sits around the neck, allowing the sapphire to “easily connect to the throat chakra and the crown chakra for ultimate balance and alignment”, says Tawny. She also shares, “sapphire is a really loving stone. It wants to nurture your soul, so it will look inside your heart and decide what energies you need more of and then give you that”.

The all-seeing evil eye symbol is an integral part of the design as well. When asked about this amulet, Tawny said, “if you feel in need of spiritual, physical, or emotional protection, then an evil eye can really do wonders for your life”.

Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Necklace

Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet
The soul always knows what to do to heal itself. The challenge is to silence the mind. Sapphire stone helps balance the emotions. It brin...
Precio habitual $79
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3 Sapphire Necklaces for Men

#1 Power of Universe - Blue Sapphire Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace

This rosary style necklace for men was handcrafted in Bali, Indonesia. Its energy is powerful and strong. Tawny says, “The spiritual warrior is sure to feel seen and acknowledged as soon as he puts this amplifying necklace around his neck. I mean it’s all about that divine masculine energy”.

Tawny told us that this piece is perfect for “building self-confidence ,and releasing any self-limiting beliefs”. She says, “in this world, it’s easy to feel a little lost, a little down trodden, but this necklace helps to keep the spirits high and the emotions stable. This one really reminds you of your inner power”. 

Aligning the throat chakra, the sapphire stones shine in their deep blue hues. Tawny explains, “men can really benefit from the throat chakra-aligning properties of sapphire. It helps them to more effectively express their emotions, and be unafraid to be vulnerable”.

 Blue Sapphire Chinese Zodiac Rosary Necklace

Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
0% OFF
Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap
Count your blessings. You will be blessed the moment you realize you already are. The "Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wr...
Precio habitual $199 Precio de oferta $179
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#2 Attract Success - Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace

The “Attract Success” necklace reminds you that the Universe rewards those who seek gratitude. Tawny explains, “it seems that the more we give thanks, and the more we commit to seeing the good in all things, the more blessings we receive. Try having an attitude of gratitude, and man, just watch the miracles unfold”.

Blue sapphire, turquoise, snake skin jade, olive jade, and apatite are the featured stones in this men’s heishi style necklace. “What’s unique about this piece is not only the powerful combo of stones, but also that each one takes on a different shape and form. To me, that sparks creativity in the wearer - they are encouraged to think outside the box and expand their imagination” says Tawny. 

Multi Stone Positive Mantra Heishi Necklace

Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet
Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet
In order to live a fulfilled life, everything about who you are must be one, in alignment, and in pure harmony. Wonderful moments and spi...
Precio habitual $189
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#3 Divine Contemplation - Lapis Turquoise Agarwood Mala

Naturally healing agarwood and a variety of stones, make up this mala style necklace. Tawny tells us, “malas are exceptional tools for amplifying a mediation practice. By reciting prayer or mantra, you are able to coast to deeper levels of peace and soar a little closer to enlightenment”. 

A practitioner of yoga and meditation for many years, she says “Malas are excellent for meditation practices, yes, but are also great for just everyday wear. For instance, if you feel yourself being triggered or overwhelmed at work, the supermarket, or anywhere else, just grab for the mala and close your eyes for a quick moment of zen”.

Tawny says, “lapis lazuli is a strong stone, all about speaking your truth and staying firm in who you are. Agarwood is harmonizing, and really healing to the soul. Turquoise is wonderful for travelers and brings a really wise energy. Lastly, the sapphire stones are your stabilizer - the balancer”. She goes on to say, “Pair these stones together, like in this mala, and you have yourself a powerful conductor of peaceful energy”. 

Lapis Turquoise Agarwood Mala

Pulsera Chapa de Oro Piedras Chakra Alineación Cuidadosa
Pulsera Chapa de Oro Piedras Chakra Alineación Cuidadosa
Alineados en mente, cuerpo y espíritu, le damos la bienvenida a la oportunidad de vivir nuestro verdadero propósito. Lleva este amuleto y...
Precio habitual $139
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9 Sapphire Bracelets for Women

#1 Spiritual Power - Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

“You are way stronger than you realize, and this bracelet will work hard to remind you of your innate power each and everyday” says Tawny. She adds, “connected to the throat chakra, sapphire is really great at helping you effectively express yourself and deal with emotions. It encourages you to speak your truth. Plus, it’s really grounding, and I've found it helps humans get out of their thinking minds”.

Designed with different colored sapphire stones, this feminine bracelet emboldens the divine within you. “I think this bracelet can be so uplifting for any woman dealing with confidence issues, or even for someone who already is bold and confident, wherever they are in their energy, it helps keep them driven”. 

Pairing well with the sapphire stones, the evil eye symbol “protects and defends from any harm thrown your way. With this amulet worn on the body, you can expect more positivity to flow into your life”.  

Sapphire Mix Evil Eye Charm Bracelet

Karma and Luck  Bracelets - Mens  -  Energetic Punch- Bicycle Square Bracelet
Energetic Punch - Sapphire Chain Bracelet
Life is energy and, as such, it belongs to all, reaches all, and blesses all. The "Energetic Punch - Sapphire Silver Chain Bracelet" will...
Precio habitual $179
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#2 Divine Bliss - Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

This gold plated bracelet sparkles with the hues of dark and light pink stones. Promoting spiritual insight, protection, and love, pink sapphire is the star of this piece.

Tawny believes this to be a wonderful gift to give a spouse or partner, as she says “it is such a raw and genuine expression of love”. Adding on, she says, “pink sapphire is a really unique stone, something less traditional than say diamonds or emeralds”. 

Aside from boosting feelings of affection, compassion, and everlasting love, Tawny reminds us that “pinks sapphire is also great for connecting women to their intuition. With the help of this stone, she can more easily tune into the wisdom of her soul”.

Divine Bliss - Pink Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Bracelet
0% OFF
Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Bracelet
Merge the virtues of loyalty, truth, and resilience with the fused power of Sapphire and Black Onyx working together. The "Wise Thoughts ...
Precio habitual $149 Precio de oferta $134
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#3 Divine Grace - Orange & Yellow Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Shining with the light of the sun, this bracelet wows with yellow and gold vibes. These bright gemstones paired with the sparkling gold plated brass, make this bracelet the perfect piece for inviting more positivity into your days.

Tawny said, “these golden hues are so good for connecting to the solar plexus. When this energy body is activated, your inner power really has a chance to come out and be activated. From this place of greater confidence, your dreams become much easier to attain”. 

Promoting energy, bliss, and stability, orange sapphire makes up one half of the bracelet, while yellow sapphire makes up the other side. Yellow sapphire stones, are “little stones of pure sunshine. Think abundance, prosperity, and total joy!” says Tawny. She explains, “these two stones are bundles of happiness, and when combined with the protective evil eye, it ensures the flow of positivity”.

Orange & Yellow Sapphire Evil Eye Bracelet

Royal Protection - Diamond & Sapphire Ring
Royal Protection - Diamond & Sapphire Ring
Allow the Universe to inspire happiness; receive its blessings with gratitude. Our captivating "Royal Protection - Evil Eye Turquoise Ena...
Precio habitual $99
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#4 Divine Faithfulness - Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet

Pink and blue sapphire stones make up the soft and stunning design of the “Divine Faithfulness” bracelet. Tawny says, “if you need to find more compassion in your heart for others or for yourself, this bracelet could be really helpful. Its energy is all about finding more love in your heart and seeing the good in every situation”.

A sign of enlightenment and new beginnings, the lotus flower sits in the center of this piece. According to Tawny, “the lotus is a representation of how wonderful transformation can be. Yes, change can be really scary, but it's usually where the most blessings are found.

Dive into the unknown and find the treasures!”. She says, “this bracelet would be lovely for anyone going through a time of transition, whether that be a big move, a break up, a change in jobs, or anything else”.  

Lotus Diamond Sapphire Mix Bracelet

Endless Dreams - World Tarot Ring
0% OFF
Endless Dreams - World Tarot Ring
Having destiny dancing on your hands is an excellent way to keep the motivation towards your dreams ongoing. Endless Dreams - "The World"...
Precio habitual $99 Precio de oferta $71
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#5 Gentle Warmth - Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap 

Tawny calls this one “a wearable ray of sunshine”. In hues of vibrant pinks, yellows, and whites, this bracelet inspires joy. She says, “you can’t look at this piece without smiling.”

Dotted with pink sapphire, Ethiopian opal, ruby, and citrine, this bracelet is far more than just its stunning appearance. Tawny tells us, “inspiring compassion and romance, pink sapphire connects to the heart, while glimmering opal has this magical, mystical energy ideal for strengthening intuition. Lovely, deep red ruby urges you to be bold and confident, and lastly, citrine brings you this childlike wonder and joy”. 

Surrounding the wrist in a powerful combination of crystals, you are able to see the magic in each simple moment. 

Opal Pink Sapphire Ruby Citrine Wrap

Expression of Creativity - Multi Symbol Sapphire Drop Earrings
0% OFF
Expression of Creativity - Multi Symbol Sapphire Drop Earrings
Allow your imagination to take flight; let the Universe guide you to spiritual consciousness. The confidence that our "Expression of Crea...
Precio habitual $89 Precio de oferta $80
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#6 Colorful Dream - Sapphire Multi Symbol Wrap

Designed with multi-colored sapphire stones, this wrap style bracelet dares you to dream. Tawny explains, “this bracelet is a total booster for creativity. We all have different ways of expressing ourselves, but this piece helps you do that more artfully and more genuinely. Its positive energy helps you wake up each day and find the gratitude, the beauty, the magic in everything”.

Sparkling in a variety of hues, the sapphire stones “promote a stronger intuition, encourage growth in all facets of life, and improve emotional balance”. When asked about the symbols paired with sapphire on this bracelet, Tawny tells us, “the hamsa and the evil eye are your protective power duo - working together to fight away negativity. Then, the om symbol is the peacemaker - creating endless ripples of serenity, and the lotus inspires new beginnings”.  

Sapphire Multi Symbol Wrap

Spiritual Awakening - Dragonfly Sapphire Chain Earrings
0% OFF
Spiritual Awakening - Dragonfly Sapphire Chain Earrings
Each new journey allows us to begin with a balanced mind, body, and spirit so we may reach our highest potential. Our lovely "Spiritual A...
Precio habitual $79 Precio de oferta $71
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#7 Invigorated Growth - Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet

Throughout the East, red string bracelets have been a tried and true warden of prosperity and good luck. According to Tawny, “there are so many different styles of red string bracelets, but they all share the common benefit of bringing limitless abundance into the wearer’s life. They are all about good luck!”.

Adding to the significance of this piece are the different colored stones all correlating to the chakras. “Carnelian, aquamarine, garnet, amethyst, sapphire, citrine, and peridot are used to symbolize our seven chakras - helping to keep our energetic bodies aligned and well.”. She explains, “when you wear the colors of the chakras and really focus on aligning them, you are much better equipped to deal with whatever life throws at you. You feel confident in who you are and what you stand for.”.

Multi Stone Chakra Red String Bracelet

Spiritual Gifts - Evil Eye Multi Sapphire Chain Earrings
0% OFF
Spiritual Gifts - Evil Eye Multi Sapphire Chain Earrings
Follow your bliss, and the Universe will open doors where there were only walls. The guiding path is already there; our "Spiritual Gifts ...
Precio habitual $79 Precio de oferta $71
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#8 Supreme Guidance - Multi Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap

Blue, pink, yellow, and black sapphires dazzle in this wrap style bracelet. Feminine and elegant, this piece exudes inner and outer beauty. Tawny tells us, “sapphire is such a wonderful connector. It helps you to open your channels, acting as a sort of bridge between the spiritual realm and the physical". 

This piece also offers unparalleled protection, as it features not just one, but three golden evil eye charms. Tawny explains, “When you’re setting out on a spiritual journey, and working to open your intuition, it’s really important that you set clear boundaries. The evil eye is such a great way to do that, keeping you safe as you travel to new levels of consciousness”. 

Multi Color Sapphire Evil Eye Wrap Bracelet

#9 Careful Alignment - Gold Plated 7 Stones Chakra Bracelet

Simply unique, this bracelet uses the healing powers of amethyst, sapphire, Herkimer diamond, peridot, citrine, carnelian, and pink tourmaline to symbolize the seven chakras. “If you want to balance your chakras in a really easy and accessible way, I always tell people to start out by wearing the colors, and this bracelet makes that super easy!” says Tawny.

She goes on to say “from a place of energetic alignment, you’ll notice changes not just on a spiritual and emotional level, but also on a physical level - it’s pretty powerful.”

Gold Plated 7 Stones Chakra Bracelet

2 Sapphire Bracelets for Men

#1 Energetic Punch - Sapphire Silver Chain Bracelet

Representing powerful masculine energy, the “Energetic Punch” gives you the motivation needed to make your dreams a reality. Designed using dark and rich blue sapphire stones with oxidized 925 sterling silver, this piece is subtle, yet stylish, making it perfect for everyday wear. 

Tawny explains, “sapphire is one of the best stones for men because it really promotes expressive communication - helping them to not only get more in touch with their emotions, but also understanding the importance of sharing how they feel”. She adds, “sapphire is also great for achieving goals! Its energy is really driven and motivating”. 

We think this bracelet is a wonderful gift for any man who has lost sight of his path or purpose. “Sapphire does wonders in helping us rediscover our truth - helping us to uncover that thing that lights us up, and in turn brings us success”, says Tawny.

Sapphire Chain Bracelet

#2 Wise Thoughts - Sapphire Onyx Evil Eye Bracelet

Providing a subtle pop of color, this bracelet is crafted with bigger sapphire stone beads. It’s a great way to amp up personal style, without feeling too over the top. Tawny says, “sapphire is the number one stone I recommend men to wear as jewelry. Not only do the rich blue colors suit everyday style, but its energetic properties are conductors of powerful, peaceful, and empowering energy”. 

She adds, “sapphire is full of benefits! These stones connect to the throat chakra, resulting in more effective communication skills. They also heighten motivation and drive, while easing feelings of anxiety and stress.”. The “Wise Thoughts” bracelet also includes black onyx stones which “are awesome for grounding down, finding peace, and feeling protected” according to Tawny. 

The evil eye is set in the middle of this bracelet, too, giving it extraordinarily protective powers. Tawny explains, “this all-seeing eye has been used throughout the ages as a powerful way to deflect negative energy”. 

Sapphire Onyx Bracelet

4 Sapphire Rings for Women

#1 Royal Protection - Evil Eye Diamond Sapphire Ring

Beautifully designed with turquoise color enamel, this adjustable ring is the ideal accessory. While wearing this high-vibe ring, you can expect endless blessings to unfold. “Remember, the Universe is always conspiring in your favor - so trust that and make it known the things you wish for”, says Tawny. 

Studded with a diamond chip and a sapphire stone, this ring gives off that perfectly subtle sparkle. The blue sapphire stone ensures that you are always protected, while also inspiring divine wisdom to flow and calming energy to uplift you. 

Showcasing the evil eye, this symbol is here to guide the way towards light and love. Its powerful nature is able to drive away any negativity or danger that comes your way. 

Diamond & Sapphire Ring

#2 Endless Dreams - “The World” Tarot Ring

Matching our “The World” tarot necklace, this ring is for all the witchy women out there. If you are fascinated by the world of tarot, then this piece is sure to bring you joy. “Representing “The World” card, this ring symbolizes the completion of a cycle or a project. You have come so far on your journey, and you should be proud each day of the steps you have taken”, explains Tawny. 

One of our beloved marketing team members, Jane, bought this ring as a gift for her sister. She says, “I gave this ring to my little sister when she graduated from college.

I was so proud of her, and I wanted her to always have a reminder of that. It was to symbolize that after all her hard work, she now has the world at her fingertips. I hope this ring inspires her to go after all of her goals and dreams, knowing she is capable of anything and everything.”.

World Tarot Ring

#3 Practical & Kind - Virgo Constellation Ring

Studded with the birthstone of September, this ring is a wonderful choice for any Virgo ladies. “The Virgo lady is earthy, compassionate, practical, and kind, and she is truly one-of-a-kind. She deserves a piece of jewelry that is perfectly tuned to her vibration, and this ring is just that.”, says Tawny. 

Fully adjustable, this Virgo ring is designed with blue sapphire stones, green peridot stones, and little cz crystals for added sparkle. The sapphire speaks to her nature and her true self, inspiring more wisdom, harmony, and balance, while the peridot encourages a deeper connection to the divine. 

Virgo Constellation Ring

#4 Charming & Peaceful - Libra Constellation Ring

Designed with all the September Libra babies in mind, this women's ring is wonderful for this air sign of the zodiac. Tawny explains, “the Libra woman is charming, peaceful, and full of wit - she is a ray of sunshine to all that know her and love her. A ring, like this one, lets her know that she is appreciated and loved for all that she brings into life.”. 

Made with an adjustable band, this Libra ring includes blue sapphire stones, pink tourmaline stones, and little cz crystals for an added touch of shine. The sapphire stones resonate with her wise and soulful energy, and provide more balance, joy, and protection in her life. Tourmaline, on the other hand, inspires unconditional love and self-reflection.

Libra Constellation Ring

4 Sapphire Earrings

#1 Expression of Creativity - Multi Sapphire Drop Earrings

With the helping hand of these “Expression of Creativity'' earrings, you can look at life from a more positive and inspired perspective. Crafted with sapphire stones in a rainbow of hues, you feel a stronger zest for life. 

Tawny tells us, “sapphire is one of the best stones for connecting to divine wisdom. It opens your channels, so that you can more easily communicate with your angels and guides”. She adds, “these magical stones help strengthen intuition and enliven creativity”. 

Featuring the hamsa symbol, the evil eye, and the lotus, these earrings are designed in a drop style. “The evil eye and the hamsa pair perfectly together to surround you in unshakeable protection, while the lotus helps you surrender to the ever changing flow of life”. 

Multi Symbol Sapphire Drop Earrings

#2 Serene Happiness - Multi Symbol Sapphire Drop Earrings

In a stunning drop style, these “Serene Happiness” earrings sparkle with yellow, pink, and green sapphire stones. “Sapphires are really joyful stones. Their energy rubs off on us, encouraging more gratitude, optimism, and bliss”. 

Tawny adds, “if you are serious about your spiritual journey, I always recommend sapphire. It's very protective, helping you to set distinct boundaries and deflect any unwanted energies”. She adds that with this stone, “new levels of consciousness are possible. It taps you into those higher states, but keeps it monitored, ensuring you are safe and sound all the while”. 

The Buddha, the om, and the lotus are all sacred symbols set onto these earrings. Tawny elaborates on the meanings of each saying, “the Buddha encourages inner peace, the lotus inspires transformation, and the om symbol promotes harmony, resulting in a spiritually-profound pairing”.

Multi Symbol Sapphire Drop Earrings

#3 Spiritual Awakening - Dragonfly Sapphire Chain Earrings

These “Spiritual Awakening” earrings are made with gold plated brass, sapphire stones, and dragonfly charms. Exuding the loving and compassionate energy, this design reminds you to be kind to yourself. 

Yellow and green sapphire stones shine their sparkling light in this chain style earring design. Tawny tells us, “sapphire is a wonderful choice for spiritual and physical protection, but they are also great for promoting bliss, serenity, and wisdom”.

Dragonflies are a symbol of new beginnings. They inspire us to stay hopeful and patient, knowing that good things are always on the way. Tawny says, “Let the dragonfly be an inspiration to spread your wings and fly. You are the creator of your own destiny!”. 

Dragonfly Sapphire Chain Earrings

#4 Spiritual Gifts - Evil Eye Multi Sapphire Chain Earrings

According to Tawny and many spiritual advisors, “Each of us are born with unique gifts. Whether you are aware of them or not, subtle or obvious, we all have them - it’s what makes you you! And, what a disservice it would be to the world to not share your gifts. Be you and be true - the world needs more of that!”. These earrings remind you to stay true to yourself each day, being unafraid to be unapologetically yourself, and to never hide the gifts you have been given.

Designed with a variety of colorful sapphire stones, these earrings are almost as vibrant as you! “Sapphire is great for connecting you to your soul’s purpose. It helps shut down the noise of the outside world, so that you can tune into your innate energy and aura”. 

Paired with the evil eye symbol, these gold plated brass earrings are on constant guard. Tawny says, “Looking out into the world, the evil eye keeps the bad spirits and bad energy at bay, so that you can stay shiny and bright all day long.”.

Evil Eye Multi Sapphire Chain Earrings

Invite Sapphire Into Your Life

Providing innumerable benefits to our life, sapphire is one of the world’s most gorgeous stones. Found in an array of colors and hues, you can take your pick on which one best resonates with your soul. Whichever you choose, you can rest assured that life will become more joyful, balanced, and peaceful. 

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Sapphire Jewelry Collection

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